A Night on the Couch :)

During the evening we’d been edging closer, drawing near from separate ends of the couch. An invisible rope between us shortening, inch by inch.

Sipping from our beers, conversing. Each burst of laughter drawing us closer. My gaze lingers on your striking blue eyes. You mutter something. I only catch the last few words and manage just a nod, still taken by the swirling hues.

What were we talking about?

Wait, that’s right.... some bitch from your childhood soccer team.

I imagine a disgruntled, defiant Julia during a youth soccer game. Pretty funny actually.

As you sip, my gaze wavers, travelling down the curve of your neck, pausing where your blouse ends. Desire pushes inside. My eyes meet yours.

Do you see the fire burning in my eyes?

We’re inching towards each other again.

But Wait….

Bitch. You still haven’t finished your beer!

Quick to defend yourself, you assert you’ll finish it. I can’t help but smirk. We both know the truth.

 My hand is on your leg now, running along your jeans. Mischievously, my finger draws on your leg, tracing all kinds of shapes. While I’m distracted you try to pawn off your beer by raising it to my lips. Too wise for your tricks, I dodge this act of desperation.

Instead, I bargain to split the beer. You agree and take a final “sip”.

But almost nothing leaves the bottle.

You fucker.

As you giggle and hand the bottle to me, I have no choice but to smile in the face of your highway robbery. Tilting the bottle upward, I finish the rest and push aside the empty beer.

We face each other and laugh nonsensically.  No doubt trying to cover our anxious excitement. My finger traces along your leg. Skirts across your thigh. Its curving now, moving up and in, getting closer.

My eyes swim over your body. I lean inwards. Our shoulders are brushing. The pace of my finger slows. We’re getting closer.


Your warm breath reaches the edge of my mouth. My lips part and I angle towards you.

Finally, our lips meet. Your mouth melts into mine and my heartbeat fades to the background. Eventually, the ebb of the first kiss begins to subside. Receding like a wave on a sandy shore. But desire is still building. A new wave surges. We keep kissing.

I need more.

Your hot breath. Your wet lips. Baby it’s so good.

My mouth rushes to meet yours, waves of desire bursting forth. I hold your face as we make out. Pulling it into me. Your hands wrap around my jawline, tightening.  Passion growing. Hot breath between us. Sounds from each kiss fill the room.

Part way through a kiss, my tongue meets yours. Steamy circles. I groan. Your tongue drips and dances around mine.

I’m aching for you

I rub your chest. Massage and fondle your tits through your blouse. Slipping in just a little.  Your head bends back as you ache.

I keep working on your tits underneath your blouse. Knot you up.  Run my finger around them until they swell up and I can see their outline pressing through.

Again, our tongues meet, circling.


Each pull.

Each twist.

You’re moaning.

I’m winding you up. Making you tight. Making you ache.

Your hand fumbles along my pants, finding my cock. It’s already hard. You stroke it up and down while we kiss.

With each stroke I’m getting harder. I think about the things I want you to do to my cock. With your hand. With your mouth. With your pussy. I want to fill you up.

 You unbuckle my belt. Pull my pants open. Rub me through my underwear. Pull back my waistband. Your hand is on my cock.


You’re kissing me. Passionate. Steamy. My mouth submits to you. You slide your tongue all the way in. Twisting in every direction. Leaving your taste in every inch of my mouth. I claw at your shoulders. You’re driving me crazy. I fucking love it.

Turning my body, I press my weight against you and mount you. Our hips are rocking up and down. Hands run all over Tingling. Aching. I want more. I need more.

Your leg lifts and wraps around me, hips arching. I flex my pelvis down. You tilt and moan as my cock pushes hard against your clit. Your thighs clench me as my cock rubs back and forth. My legs are thrusting hard. Grinding my cock on your pussy. You seize my back, sinking your fingers in. Moan in my ear. Bite. It almost hurts but I don’t care because you feel so good.

My hand is moving down now. Rubbing you through your jeans, pressing on your pussy. Rubbing your clit. Feeling the space between your legs.

Your blouse straps are around your shoulders. Your bra falls loose. Tits exposed. I rip off my own shirt and press my bare chest against you while we make out. We’re breathing loud. Frenzied. Pulling. Grasping. Your hand runs through my hair while I kiss you. I pull at the back of your neck as your teeth tease my lip.

Gently, I bite your ear. Lightly brush with my tongue. You curl into me.

 I take your bra off, leaving you fully exposed. My forefinger and thumb sweep over your breast, narrowing to your tit. Moving back and forth.  Teasing over it. Your tit rises up and swells as you knot up inside.

I wrap around you. Topless. Kisses. Steamy and wet. Its so good. I’m so hard.

I can’t resist anymore.

I need to suck them.

Need to put them in my mouth.

My breath glides over your skin as my head moves.

My tongue reaches out and presses against the tip. It swirls in circles. Pushing your tit back and forth, left and right. Your tit rises into my mouth.

Slow sucking. Quick light licks. Slow sucking. Circles. Your tits are so fucking good. You sigh. Moan. Flex your body. Groan.  Beg me to fuck you. To take the ache away.

We’re making out again. Passion growing. It’s so hot. So steamy.  Tongues swirling back and forth. You kiss my neck. Start sucking. Pulling. Biting.

Uggggg its good. I clench up around you. I cant take it. Can’t concentrate. Like that. I’m moaning. The only word I can manage is your name.

I need your pussy so bad.

Your jeans are getting wet. Your pussy must be aching.

I slip inside your pants. Rub your wet underwear. Walk my finger over your clit. Feel the soaked spot between your legs. Pull your pants off.

Rub over your thong. Push it up and down as I work on your clit. Feel your pussy dripping with desire.

I grind you more. I’m so hard. My ass and hips contract with each thrust, rubbing my cock up and down as you hold me tight. Steam pools between our mouths.  Our tongues circle while I grab your ass.

I want you in me. Want your taste all over my fucking mouth. My mouth softens, opening as your tongue climbs all over it. Curling and twisting in every direction. Baby make my mouth dirty. I fucking love it.

I pull down on your thong. Strip it from your pussy. It’s so wet, it sticks as I pull it off down below your knees.

My hand is on your pussy now. Flush against the lips. Wet skin and hairs. Stroking up and down. Brushing. Sweeping. Focusing on your clit. Long strokes. Dipping down the crevice between your legs to feel the wetness. Teasing the soft flesh. I can feel you tightening up. Your body bracing around me while I make you ache. My other hand rubs your tits. Pulling. Rubbing.  The strokes are rhythmic now. My finger straight. Each stroke lightly grazing your clit.

 I’m going faster now. Putting my mouth to your tit.

You Sigh.


Your breath shortens. Bite my shoulder. Moan so fucking loud.  You’re close. 

 “Oh fuck” Oh fuck” “Oh my fucking god I’m gonna cum” “I’m gonna fucking cum”  Ohhhh my god” “Fuuuuuuk”

Aching. Arching. Grasping the couch. Ass and pussy shaking. Whole body pulsing. A rush surging through you.  

The rhythm of my hand slows, letting your senses return.

I massage your pussy with my hand. It’s still shaking. Water drips from between your legs. My hand tightens around yours.

Looking at you intently.



I run my hands all over your body. Your pussy is so tight. Still aching

I slide over your clit again. This time, I travel down farther. Tease you at the entrance. Pushing. your flesh. Circling where you’re hot and wet. Testing how tight you are.

Your tilt your neck. Close your eyes. Sigh.

I know what you want.

What you need.

For me to be inside you. For me to open you up. To pull you apart.

I guide my finger in. Your pussy is so tight. Feel you drip all over my finger.  It feels amazing.

I curl my finger up and back. Winding you up. Pulling the breath out of you. Twisting you up inside.  My finger slides deeper. Entering your pussy all the way.

I start to slide my finger out. Wetness trailing behind. Rotating against your walls. Coaxing the breath out of you. I curl on last time and slip out. Let you tighten back up.

You want more. The ache almost hurts. You need it.

I guide my finger in again.  Pushing your pussy apart. Circling inside you. My thumb brushes your clit as my finger works inside you. Pulling you apart in every direction. Wet friction. It feels so good.



Your hips angle up.

The base of my hand is rubbing against you pussy. I’m so deep.

A second finger inches near. I pull you wide and push it in. You clutch the couch as I flex my fingers. It feels so good. So big. Like a whole fucking cock is inside you. I motion with my fingers. Play with the inside of your pussy. Flexing up and in. Rubbing you inside. I hear the wetness asking to be let out.

I straighten my fingers. Start sliding in and out. Fucking you with my fingers. Hitting deep inside.  Settling into a rhythm. I suck your neck while my fingers penetrate you.  My wrist hits your pussy with each thrust. My fingers are forcing you apart. Every second the full length of my fingers slide in and out three times. Fast. Hard. Driving into your pussy. Shaking your ass with each fuck. Your body is going crazy, Bending. Panting. Losing your breath.

“Fuck Oh fuck”

“Oh my fucking god oh my god oh my god”.



Legs tense. Your fingers sink into my back. Your pussy contracts and hugs my hand. Your body shakes uncontrollably.


Rubbing you. Feeling your pussy as it calms. Gently sliding back and forth.

Withdrawing my fingers. The walls closing. A river flowing out your pussy. My fingers are soaked. I look at you and raise one to my mouth. Suck on your juices. Taste you.

 You taste so good baby.

We’re totally naked now. Skin on skin. Making out. Feeling your tits. Rubbing my cock on you. Grinding with my bare cock. Sliding it along your wet pussy. Tongues circling.  Biting your Ear.  Sucking your tits. Running my hands all over your body. Aching.

I fucking need you Julia.

I need your pussy.

I’m mounting you. Angling my dick between your legs. The shaft running up and down the entrance. Your thighs are tightening around me. You look at me with anticipation.



Will I do it?

The tip is pressing against you now. You’re so tight. So wet. Grasping at me. Clutching. My hips are pushing forward. I’m guiding it in. Pushing harder now. Pulling you apart. You let out a high-pitched moan. You’ve never been stretched this wide. You hold your breath. Fuck. It’s sliding in.

Its pulling your pussy apart.

Baby you’re so tight. Your pussy feels so fucking good. So fucking good. Its squeezing my hard cock. It feels so good it almost hurts.

I work the tip inside you. Nothing between us. Run my hands along your thighs and start to pull myself deeper. My cock forces your pussy open way inside. Is so fucking big. You’re moaning. Going crazy. Arching your back. Grasping at the arm rest overhead. I’m fucking you harder. Deep forceful thrusts. You wrap your arms around my back and neck. Clutching. I grab your ass with my hands as I fuck you. Pull your hips towards me so I can pound you deeper. My tongue is dripping. I suck on your tits as I flex the shaft of my cock inside you. You claw at my hair. Moan my name. I don’t stop until I’ve sucked you good. 

Fuck it’s so good.

You bite my ear and knot your legs and arms around me. Lock me in so my cock can’t ever leave your pussy.  I can’t believe how wet and tight you are. How loud your pussy is while I fuck it. How good it feels when my balls slam into your pussy while I fuck you. Your whole body rocks. Tits bouncing.  I slap your ass hard.  I’m pulling your pussy apart again and again, and again, with my big hard cock.

 The whole couch is rocking as my cock penetrates every inch of you. Your legs cling to me pulling me in.  Urging me to go deeper. Harder.

You’re close. I’m getting so hard. Your nails are digging into my back. Moaning loudly. Breathing heavy. Tingling all over You’re almost yelling. Your pussy tightens and throbs around my cock.

“Fuck”. “Oh Fuck”





You come all over my cock. Shake uncontrollably. I’ve never heard you like this. Losing your fucking mind. I can’t take it. My cock is aching. Pulsing. My mind goes blank. I can’t hold off.

I cum hard inside your pussy. Shooting all my cum into you. I empty my load in your pussy. Hot. Sticky. It just keeps coming. Every last drop spills out into you, filling up every inch of your pussy. There’s so much that my cum starts to drip out your pussy and around my cock, running down your legs.

Fucccckk it’s sexy.

Your pussy feels so good. All hot and wet. I lay there with you. Kiss you with my cock still inside your cum filled pussy. Circling around your tongue. Steam building between our mouths. Slowly, I slide my cock out. Let it start to flow out your pussy. Pull back the lips so you can see my cum still dripping out of you. Babe you were so fucking amazing.