My Guitar Teacher

You could say that I'm in love with Aaron Lewis from Staind, I don't know why, it's a little weird to me honestly. I'm Annie and I play acoustic guitar. I'm only 24, but I'd like to imagine going out on tour sooner or later just playing gigs. It probably won't happen, but a girl can dream, can't she? Even if I only made 10, I'd still love it. Anyway, I'm 5'5 and I have brown hair and eyes. I recently started taking guitar lessons with a man named Russel. He is 6'1 and has reddish hair. It's like orange and red mixed. Anyway, I've had five lessons so far, and I think I'm getting better, but I'm a long way from Aaron. It was Tuesday and I met Russel at his house for my 6th lesson. He had a nice thing going for himself, just giving lessons privately.


“Hello Annie, how have you been?” Russel asked as he was playing his acoustic guitar.


“I'm good, and how are you?” I asked I as sat down with him.


“I'm good too, did you practice your chords?” Russel asked.


“Yes, four hours a day,” I replied.


“No shit, pardon my language,” Russel said.


“I don't give a shit, fuck, I'll curse all day long,” I replied.


“OK then, well, let's get started,” Russel said.


I was sitting on a chair across from him and we both had our guitar books out. I took out my guitar out of it's case and we got started. We had a nice lesson for an hour and talked a little bit as well. It was really obvious that we had chemistry with each other, but I never really looked at him that way. I had c-cup boobs and I noticed him checking them out a few times, but I just let it go, it was a compliment after all. Once the guitar lesson was over, I put my guitar back in it's case, but as I looked over at him, and I noticed he had a hard on. Honestly, I was just curious about it.


“Russel, do you have a hard on going on down there?” I asked.


He looked down and saw it, and of course he was embarrassed to say the least.


“Oh I'm sorry, I didn't mean for you to see that,” Russel replied.


I just smirked and chuckled a little bit, I couldn't help it.


“It's OK, I take it as a compliment coming from an older guy,” I said.


“I'm only 29,” Russel replied as he got up and sat on his couch.


Then I came over to him and sat next to him.


“Well, it's normal to get a hard on, it's nothing to be embarrassed about,” I said in a sexy tone.


He seemed a little tense, so I slowly caressed his leg.


“Do you like me, Russel?” I asked.


His cock got even harder and it became incredibly noticeable.


“I take that as a yes then,” I said.


 After that, I gave him a kiss.


“Well, I like you too,” I said.


We began making out for a minute. He put his hands on my face and he seemed to really like it, obviously he had a strong attraction to me.


“So, you really do like me,” I said.


I looked down and sure enough his cock was as hard as ever, so I grabbed onto it through his pants.


“Do you like that?” I asked.


He was still silent, he just looked at me as I looked right back at him. We kissed again and he took my other hand. He brought me to his bedroom, I laid down on the bed first and he got on top of me. We made out for about ten minutes straight and he broke the kiss.


“Well, you don't have to be anywhere, do you?” Russel asked.


“Nope, do you have any more students today?” I asked.


“Nah, you are my last one today,” Russel replied.


“Good, I may have you tied up for awhile now,” I said.


We made out for a few more minutes with our arms wrapped around each other. A couple minutes later, his hands went south and he began undoing my shorts, exposing my panties.


“Pink, I'm not too sure Aaron would wear pink panties,” Russel said.


“Well, you never know,” I replied.


He pulled off my shorts completely and threw them on the floor.


“You aren't a virgin, are you?” Russel asked.


“Hell no, why, are you a virgin?” I asked.


“Hell no,” Russel replied.


He climbed back to me and gave me another kiss. He slowly took off my shirt as well exposing my matching bra that went with my panties. I saw his pants and his cock was still extremely hard, you'd have to be blind not to notice it.


“Wow, Annie you have some body, how old are you?” Russel asked.


“24, but you wanted to know if I was a virgin first?” I asked.


“I guess,” Russel replied.


His cock may have been very hard, but my panties were soaked though. I guess he hadn't noticed just yet, but then his hands went down south once again and felt my pussy.


“Are you OK with this?” Russel asked.


“I'm pretty sure I would have screamed by now if it wasn't OK,” I replied.


“Just making sure, usually I take a lady out to dinner first, before we have sex,” Russel said.


“Well maybe you can after we're done here,” I replied.


“It's a date,” Russel said.


He took off his shirt, of course my panties just got a little wetter. I had sex with a handful of guys before, but he was by far the sexiest. That might have been because he played the guitar, it was certainly sexy to me.


“You like what you see?” Russel asked.


“Yes,” I replied as I purred once.


He laid next to me and took off his pants as well. His cock poked through his boxers and I finally got a look. I know I grabbed onto it a few minutes earlier, but I wanted to see it, and it was a good size. It was probably seven and a half inches long and a little thick too. So it made 'sexy radar' go off the charts.


“Wow, you are packing some heat there,” I said.


I took off my panties and he got out a condom. I watched him put it on and then got on top of me.


“And you are responsible too, so you get an 'A' in my book,” I said.


“I'm glad you like that,” Russel replied as he inserted his cock into me.


He put it all in there and I felt like it was the first time I had sex again. You always remember the first time you do it, and I knew this was gonna be remembered for a long time.


“I said you were packing heat, but that was bullshit, you are packing hot lava down there, Russel,” I said.


Then he leaned his head down and kissed me once. We both held each other tightly and my c-cup boobs were squished, even though my bra, but he quickly made sure he'd feel the skin though.


“Let's get your bra off, I've been wondering what you've been packing under your shirts for weeks now,” Russel said.


“Why didn't you tell me you wanted to see them?” I asked.


“We can discuss that over dinner,” Russel replied.


Even with my bra still on, I thought he was about to go blind. So he really liked what he saw as he took off my bra and threw it on the floor along with my shirt. He took another really good look at my boobs and began drooling.


“Watch it,” I said.


He began thrusting his cock in and out of me very slowly. I immediately let out a few moans and my heart rate just shot up through the roof. It was like a magic act, I couldn't believe it honestly, as I said I never really look at him as a possible boyfriend. He was thrusting his cock slowly, but I wanted more, a lot more.


“Oh Russel, you could teach a sex class, so show me some of your skills for me now, thrust that cock like you never have before,” I said.


He cracked a smile and began thrusting in and out a little faster. I saw him getting a little sweaty, and truth be told, I wondered how much he really wanted it. I put my hands on his butt and spanked him a few times.


“A feisty young lady, that's always a turn on,” Russel said.


I felt his cock going in and out of me like mad, it felt so wonderful to have sex with someone I actually had chemistry with, it was perfect. We both looked at each other with some really lusty eyes and he leaned down to give me another kiss. After that, he leaned his head down towards my boobs. Once again I thought he was about to go blind, he was just staring at them as if they were the best boobs he had ever seen in his life. He stuck his tongue out and very gently licked my right nipple.


“Oh my Russel, don't stop there, keep going,” I said.


He began licking my nipples nonstop as if he couldn't get enough of them. I just looked down at him and he had both of my boobs in his hands. With one in each hand, he was set. With each lick, my pussy got a little wetter. He stopped thrusting for a minute as he licked my nipples, but I didn't mind though. He was just busy titillating me to no end. I put my hands on his head, then he sped up his licking just a little, and began going back and forth between my nipples.


“Oh yes Russel, make this student feel really fucking good,” I said.


He began just sucking on my right nipple. He put his lips right on it and began sucking on it like mad. I never had anyone do that before, but it was beyond kinky and erotic as well. I began breathing in and out rather quickly as a result of all the pleasure I was receiving.


“Oh fuck, you are the best teacher I ever had in my life, hands down, Russel,” I said as I moaned.


“And you are the best student too, let me tell you, Annie,” Russel replied.


He leaned his head up and kissed me once again. We kissed for about two minutes straight as he was thrusting his cock very slowly. I felt my boobs pressing up against him once again. I put my hands back on his butt once again and I spanked him rather hard.


“Well, I'll give an 'A' for kinkiness,” Russel said.


We switched positions rather quickly to cowgirl style. I was on top of him and he had his hands on my hips as I had mine on my boobs. We were both really sweaty and excited to say the least. I was bouncing up and down as he was trying to keep his cool. I think he was ready to shoot his load, but he was doing his best to hold off for as long as he could. Then he rubbed his right hand right over my pussy as it was just absolutely soaked. As his hand was drenched of my juices, I took it and I licked it clean. That was just too much for him.


“Oh mother of god,” Russel said as he began moaning really loudly.


I saw it coming, so I got off him and laid next to him to rip off the condom. I grabbed onto his cock and stroked it fiercely for a few seconds and of course he shot his load everywhere all over the bed and us.


“Wow, that was a lot,” I said.


“No kidding, and thank you,” Russel replied.


“For letting you fuck me?” I asked.


“Yes,” Russel replied.


I grinned for a minute, as if this was just for me.


“It was my pleasure,” I said as I leaned down to kiss him.


We made out for a few minutes as I kept stroking his cock slowly. He put his hands back onto my boobs and he gave them a nice squeeze. We both got on our sides to make out passionately for a minute before we both wrapped our arms around each other.


“You are a fantastic lover Russel, the rest of the guys I had sex with, would just have sex with me and go to sleep or just leave suddenly. With them, I had no emotional connection,” I said.


“No shit?” Russel asked.


“No shit,” I replied.


“Did any of your boyfriends ever eat you out?” Russel asked.


“Maybe once or twice,” I replied.


He climbed down and put his face right over my pussy. He leaned in and gave my pussy a fast lick. It tickled quite a bit.


“That tickled,” I said.


He licked my pussy mercilessly and I immediately let out more than a few more moans. I was really worked up again as he spread out my pussy lips and stuck his tongue in there deep.


“I was dead serious when I said you could teach this Russel, you'd make a shit load of ladies really happy without even fucking them,” I said as I moaned.


I moaned really loudly, as he moved his tongue around in there and made me just flat out scream.


“Fuck!” I scream.


“Do you like that Annie?” Russel asked.


“Oh fuck yes I do, now put that tongue back in there already,” I replied.


I put my hands back onto my boobs and pinched my nipples hard. I just felt so damn good with his tongue moving around in my pussy. I think he was just searching for that one special spot. The all important g-spot, and I knew he'd find it.


“Yes, show this student how to cum,” I said.


And he did just that, when he hit my g-spot with flying colors. I came all over his face, and it was completely drenched with all of my cum.


“Holy shit Annie, do you have a cum pump in there, that was a shit load of cum,” Russel said.


“Well, I'm glad you liked it,” I replied.


He came up and laid with me. We cuddled for a few minutes in absolute pleasure.


“Well, I don't think I ever had a lesson where I felt this good afterwards,” I said.


“Well, this was the best lesson I think I ever gave a student,” Russel replied.


We kissed again and just laid there for a few minutes, after that he actually took me to dinner. We had a nice date, but still had sex afterwards at his place. I spent the night and then the next day we talked. He wasn't too sure that he could be my boyfriend and my guitar teacher. He knew that I was really serious about being a good guitar player, so he referred me to someone to else for guitar lessons, but I think we're both still teaching each other in the bedroom though.