A One Time Event IV

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29 May. '18

The sun was peaking through the curtains and the streak of light hit Carol right in the face.  She blinked a few times and wondered if all that had happened was real or just an amazing dream.  As she thought about it she smiled when she realized that she had gone to sleep in the nude.  She knew then, that it was no dream, but reality.  She turned ever so slightly and saw her blonde best friend and lover Lisa still asleep.  Carol  rose quietly, tip toed down the hall and relieved herself.  

She went to the kitchen and made a pot of coffee.  She pulled out a couple of bagels, some strawberries, blue berries, cantaloupe , and banana.  She toasted the bagels and made a fruit salad,  As she moved around the kitchen she could hardly wait to get back to Lisa.  

Once everything was done she put it all on a serving tray and took it back to the bedroom.  She set the tray down, sat next to Lisa, leaned over, and gave her a sweet kiss.  Lisa opened her eyes and it took her a few seconds to realize where she was.  She looked around and then back at Carol.  She took a hand from underneath the covers and lightly stroked Carol's thigh.

"Good morning, darling," said Carol.  And she kissed Lisa again.  

"Oh sweetheart for a minute there I thought it was all a dream," said Lisa.

"Are you worried that it wasn't a dream?"

Lisa sat up and kissed Carol's shoulder.  "I was afraid it wasn't real.  Last night was one of the most wonderful nights of my life.  I never dreamed that two women could give each other so much pleasure."

As Lisa talked Carol poured the coffee and set the tray on the bed.  She climbed in carefully  on the other side.  

"Since I was a teen I thought it was only a man who could give a woman pleasure and vice versa.  But then we had lunch and it was like I was reborn."

They sipped coffee, ate bagels, fruit and chatted.  

Once finished they put the tray aside, sat together in bed and chatted.  Finally Carol brought the subject back to their new found relationship.  "Lisa, I love my husband and would never leave him but I am in love with you.  And I don't want to ever lose what we have going for us right now.  I only hope it can continue to grow and bloom."

"Carol, my love, I was just thinking the same thing.  I would never leave Mike, but you and I fill a void that our husbands just don't fill, partly because they are gone so much and partly because they just don't know what a woman desires nor do they even ask what we desire."

Carol's hand moved across the sheets and took hold of Lisa's hand as they talked.  "You are a very special woman, Carol, and I never want to lose you."

Carol gave Lisa a quick kiss on the cheek and then said, "You won't.  I am afraid  you are stuck  with me.  When does Mike come back?"

"Uhh what's today?" asked Lisa

It's Wednesday," replied Carol

"He won't be home until Friday night," replied Lisa

"I have to pick Pete up at the airport Friday morning."

They both just smiled at each other quietly considering the possibilities.  

Then Carol spoke up, "Have you and Mike ever done a 69?"

Lisa, looked at her and got a naughty grin on her face.  "No, have you and Pete?"

"No.  are you interested?" asked Carol

"What a wonderful way to start the day," answered Lisa.  

The women slid down until they were on their backs.  They turned, embraced, and began to kiss.  It was a long, passionate kiss.  Their tongues moving in each other's mouths.  Taking turns sucking each other's tongues.  As they kissed their hands moved across each other's bodies.  They were light, very light caresses.  The kissing and the caresses drove each other to take their morning love making to the next step.  Lisa pushed Carol, gently on her back and began to kiss her eyes, nose, lips. and ears.  Little kisses, moist and warm.  Carol just sighed at the attention she was getting from the blonde.

As she kissed and nibbled on Carol's ear she whispered, "I love you."  Carol  swooned and Lisa kissed her neck and shoulders.  She pushed Carol's arms above her head and licked and kissed Carol's underarms.  Then she moved to Carol's breasts.  She placed a soft kiss on each nipple.  Then she took turns running her tongue around each of Carol's nipples.  

Carol lowered her right arm and caressed Lisa's neck and she took turns sucking on each of Carol's nipples.  "You are a devil" said Carol.  "Such a temptress."

Lisa giggled, "I know and I hope it's working."

"Oh," said Carol, "I gave in to you when you told me you loved me."  They kissed and Lisa turned around and now she looked directly at Carol's pussy in the early morning light.

Carol looked at Lisa's blonde pussy and just marveled at how beautiful it was.  Like a lovely, delicate flower.  The moist hair protecting the flower from unwanted advances.  The blonde curls holding Lisa's scent and early morning dew.  The inner and outer lips like beautiful petals on a flower.  Then the lovely bud of her flower.  Pink and glistening in the early morning light.

As she looked she felt Lisa give her pussy a sweet kiss.  Each other lifted her upper leg and the women moved their heads in between each other's legs.  Their heads pillowed on each other's thighs they inhaled.  The scent was strong and erotic.  The scent aroused both women and they tentatively began to kiss each other's pussies.  

The kissed and then began to lick.  Pressing their tongues into each other's sacred openings.  Tongues swirled round and round inside each other.  They moved together as a choreographed dance.  They licked and ran each other's tongues around each other's sweet rosebuds.  Then they went to gently sucking on each others clits.  Both women were in heaven but their pleasure only increased as each woman reached behind the other and inserted a finger into the other's assholes.  It was hard to tell who was moaning more.  

While they fingered each other's rosebuds they licked each other's pussy.  Circling each other's swollen clits.  Between the heat of their bodies, the scent of their pussies, the gentle probing of their assholes, and the licking of clits both women raced to orgasm.  They enjoyed each other fully, each one giving the other one sublime and blissful pleasure.  As they grew closer to their goal each women became more aggressive in their pleasurable pursuits.  The scent of pussy grew stronger, honey was flowing, and each asshole was taking a finger deeper each time.  

Each women was torn between wanting the pleasure to continue and wanting to cum.  It was a wonderful place to be and neither one rushed to the finish, but both wanted to be there.  There moved together in perfect harmony.  Bodies glistening with sweet summer sweat and moans filling the room.  Then Lisa felt herself getting ready to go over the edge.  She licked harder so that Carol would join her and then suddenly Lisa stiffened.  She had reached that exquisite moment when the orgasm was beginning just before the thrashing began.  She hung there for a moment.  She licked Carol.  Her tongue moving at great speed and then Carol joined her.  The women pumped their hips as they came.  They could bearly catch their breaths as one orgasmic spasm after another coursed through their bodies.  And then they both floated gently back to down earth.  They didnt move but just placed soft gentle kisses into the dewy covered flowers.  Finally they rolled over on their backs, eyes closed, holding hands.  

"That was the most beautiful experience I have ever had," whispered Carol.  

"Many, many more to come, sweetheart."  

After a few moments Carol said, "A nice hot shower would be simply wonderful."

Lisa whispered, "Yes."

"And after that?" asked Carol

"I have an idea.  You ever been to adult book store?"  The two women raised their heads and began to giggle.