The Hot, Hot, Hot Wife Next Door

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30 May. '18

Tennessee has a reputation for being hot in summer, and it’s well deserved.  Usually it isn’t only the actual temperature that makes it feel hot.  It’s the combination of the heat and humidity that does.  If the humidity is high, your sweat can’t evaporate very fast and help cool you off.

That July would have been hot even with low humidity, but the humidity was pretty high as well because it rained about once every ten days and then the sun boiled the moisture out of the ground for the other nine.  Daytime temperatures were ninety eight plus and it cooled off to a relatively cool eighty five at night.  A couple of days, the temperature peaked at just over a hundred and one.

It was hot enough for the old saying “you can fry eggs on the pavement” to be true.  The nightly news did a two minute segment on that complete with a video clip of the eggs sizzling away on the asphalt outside the TV station.

Like everybody else in the subdivision, I was staying inside as much as possible.  Then only problem with doing that was the rain.  Grass that has water doesn’t seem to know when it’s too hot to mow, and the rains we got kept it green and growing.  That made the lawns look good, but it also meant my neighbors and I had to keep mowing our grass.

I said I live in a subdivision and that’s how it’s classified by zoning, but when the lots were being sold, they were billed as “mini farms”.  The lots are about five acres each, so mowing one takes a while.  I don’t think my new neighbors realized that because they bought the house in February.  It wasn’t until the spring rains started the grass growing they figured it out.  Jim mowed the first time with his little thirty six inch rider.  It took him a week of evenings and one Saturday, and once he was done, he had to start over again.  That’s when he bought a sixty inch, zero turn mower like I have.

I’d met Jim’s wife, Nancy, when they first moved in, and I’d seen her several times that spring planting flowers around the yard.  Once it got hot, she stayed inside.  I thought that was a real shame.  

That spring, she’d always worn jeans and a long sleeve shirt because the days were pretty cool.  I didn’t walk over to talk with her because I didn’t know Jim well enough to know if he’d approve, but even from a distance I could tell she had a nice ass.  Nancy liked her jeans tight, and her round ass did some wonderful things when she moved around her flowerbeds on her hands and knees.  The shirts she wore must have been Jim’s, because they didn’t fit tight at all.

I was mowing one evening and when I made the turn at the property line between my house and Jim’s, he waved me down.  I disengaged the blades and drove over to where he stood, then shut off the mower.

“Hey Jim, hot enough for you?”

“Yeah.  When I got done mowing this afternoon, everything I had on was soaked with sweat.  I stood under a cold shower for half an hour before I started to get cooled out.”

“I expect I’ll do the same and then hop in the pool with a few beers after dinner.”

“That’s one thing I wish this place had – a pool.  Nancy likes to swim, so I’m gonna put one in next spring.”

“Well, she’ll love it.  Even on a day like today, the water feels cooler than the air.  How come you flagged me down?”

“Oh, I just wanted to tell you I have to go to Minnesota for three weeks.  They’ve got some problem up there with some of our equipment and I have to go fix it and then stick around for a while to make sure it’s fixed.  Nancy’ll probably be all right, but she might ask you to help her with something or other.  I’d appreciate it if you did whatever you can for her.”

I finished mowing and didn’t think much about what Jim had said until the next Saturday.  It had rained on Wednesday, and by then the grass had grown another inch.  I started at eight because I thought it might be cooler then.  It wasn’t.  

By nine, I was soaked with sweat.  By ten, I had to stop and go refill my thermos jug with water and ice.  I took a little break then, well, until after lunch.  It took that long to let the air conditioning pull all the heat out of me.  At one, I fired up the mower again and started on the yard beside the house.  I got one round in before I had to stop again.  I had to stop because Nancy was mowing their yard too.

It was hot as hell by then, and Nancy had almost dressed in order to cope with it.  All the woman had on was a little bikini bra that was struggling to hold in her breasts and little shorts with no legs in them.  Other than the big floppy hat on her head and the sandals on her feet, that was it.  When she turned the mower, I saw the same long, blond ponytail hanging from under the hat and down her back.

I started mowing again, but I wasn’t mowing very straight.  The contractor who’d built their house hadn’t done a very good job of leveling out their yard, so Nancy’s mower kept bouncing up and down.  Every time it bounced, so did her breasts.

She waved when she saw me watching, and then the mower bounced.  Since her arm was up in the air, the breast on that side was higher too, and the bounce jiggled it out of the bra.  Nancy just grinned at me, stopped her mower, and pushed her breast back inside the bikini bra.

I finished mowing an hour later, but stayed in my yard tinkering with the mower so I had an excuse to watch Nancy.  She was getting closer to our property line with each round, and when she had only a few more left to finish I noticed something else.

Nancy had her legs spread wide, I suppose to be able to see in front of the mower.  Since the shorts she wore had no legs, every time she approached me, I could see her red panties peeking around the thin strip that served as the crotch of the shorts.

Nancy finished her yard and then pulled her mower up beside me.

“Did you break something, Jerry?”

If I didn’t count the bend in my stiff cock, I hadn’t, but I didn’t tell Nancy that.

“No, I’m just doing some cleaning so I won’t have to before I mow the next time.”

Nancy took off her hat and wiped her forehead on her arm.

“I’d have been back inside in the air conditioning if I was you.  It’s hot out here.”

“Yeah, but it won’t be any cooler next week, so I might as well do it now.”

Nancy got off her mower, walked over beside me, and stooped down to see what I was doing.

“What do you clean?  Jim didn’t show me that”

What Nancy was showing me made it hard to answer at first.  She had spread her thighs apart when she squatted down, and I was looking at a very soft, very smooth inner thigh.  It looked like the shorts had sort of pulled up between her pussy lips too, because on each side of the narrow crotch was a red lace covered bulge.

Her bikini bra wasn’t helping either.  From a distance, I could see that it wasn’t really big enough to cover her breasts.  Up close, it wasn’t able to cover her nipple beds either.  The darker pink circles welled up above the cups and I knew her nipples were just under the rim.  My cock was starting to hurt from being bent double but there wasn’t much I could do about it right then.

“Oh, I just make sure all the grass is off the mower deck and out of the wheels.  It’s wet and it’ll eventually take off the paint and cause them to rust.”

Nancy grinned.

“Since it’s so hot, I think I’ll wait until later to clean mine. I think I’ve sweat clear through my shorts and top and they feel icky.”

Well, there wasn’t much of either for Nancy to sweat through, but she was right.  I could see droplets of sweat in her cleavage, and there was a dark sweat stain on the front of her shorts.

“Yeah, me too.  After I finish up, I’m gonna eat a sandwich and then soak in my pool for a while.”

She sighed.

“You’re lucky that you have a pool.  All I can do is stand under the shower to cool off.”

“Jim said you’re going to put on in next year.”

“Yeah, but that doesn’t help me this summer.”

I thought for a few seconds.  Jim had asked me to help out Nancy if she needed it.  Letting her use my pool wouldn’t exactly be helping her, but it sounded like she was asking.  

“I suppose you could use mine if you want.”

Nancy looked at me and smiled.

“You sure?  I mean, I wouldn’t want to impose.”

“You won’t be.  Just come over when you’re ready.  I’ll leave the gate open so you can get in if I’m not out there.”

When Nancy walked away to put up her mower I could see that her ass did some even better things in shorts than it did in jeans.  The shorts didn’t come down enough to cover her ass cheeks, and they did a little up and down dance when she walked.

I put my mower up then, took a shower, and then fixed my sandwich.  An hour later, I was standing up to my neck in my pool and letting the cooler water relax me.  I figured I might as well be neighborly if Nancy was coming over, so I’d filled a cooler with ice and half a dozen beers.  It was sitting at the edge of the pool at the shallow end.  

Once I’d cooled off a little, I opened one and took a long pull.  The icy beer started cooling me off on the inside too, and I started feeling a whole lot better.

Half an hour later Nancy walked across the yard and waved at me.  She let herself in through the gate.  It’s good that she did, because I’d have embarrassed myself if I’d had to get out of the water.

She had on a bikini top again, a green one this time, and matching bottom.  I guess her bikini bottom could be called a bottom, although there wasn’t much to it.  The straps over each of her round hips dipped so low the strip of material that covered her pussy wasn’t high enough to cover all of her mound.  I could see the rise below her sexy, rounded tummy.

Her top was about like the one that afternoon.  I couldn’t really see her nipple beds with this one, but the material was thin enough I could make out the two bumps her nipples made.

Nancy was carrying a big towel, and when she turned around to put it on my chaise lounge, I was in the middle of another drink and choked.  There was no ass to the bikini bottoms.  There was just a thin strap that went from the bulge of her pussy lips up between her tight ass cheeks to join with the strap around her waist.

Nancy waded into the water and closed her eyes when it covered her breasts.

“Oh wow….this feels great.”

I wasn’t feeling great.  Well, I was, but I shouldn’t have been.  My cock was starting to get stiff after seeing her bare ass cheeks and what had happened to her nipples.  As soon as they touched the water, those bumps on her top had gotten longer and bigger around.  That would have been great if Nancy hadn’t been a married woman.  I turned and walked over to the pool apron to put down my beer.  In the process, I rearranged my cock so it wasn’t pushing out the front of my trunks.  Nancy noticed.

“You aren’t leaving are you?”

“No, I just wanted to set my beer down. Would you like one?”

“I just thought maybe you didn’t like being in the pool with me.  I’d love a beer.”

After pulling one from the cooler and popping the cap, I walked back and handed it to Nancy.  She tipped up the bottle and took a couple small swallows.

“Mmm…That hits the spot.  Between that and the water, I feel cooler already.  I”ll be glad when we get our pool put in.  I’m probably keeping you from having a girlfriend over tonight, aren’t I?”

“No.  I don’t really have a girlfriend.”

Nancy’s eyes opened wide.

“You don’t?   Why not?  You’re a good looking guy.  You’re not gay, are you?”

 I had to chuckle at that.  If she’d seen what she was doing to my cock, she wouldn’t have had to ask.

“No, I’m not gay.  Between working and keeping up this place, I don’t have a lot of spare time.  I just got used to being by myself, I guess.”

“You wouldn’t want a woman for company?”

“Well, eventually, I suppose, but I’m not ready for what that means.”

“And what does that mean?”

“Well, you know…the whole marriage thing…changing how I live, kids, all that stuff.”

“Oh, I see.  I thought there were women who didn’t really want to get married.  They just need a man sometimes.  Don’t you know any of those women?  I thought most guys did, you know, the friends with benefits thing.”

I chuckled.

“Well, that might be fun, but I’ve never found one.  They all seem to want things to be permanent.”

“I’d bet you know at least one or two.  Most women I know wouldn’t just come right out and say they just want a man to sleep with once in a while.  It isn’t that they wouldn’t be willing, it’s just that they’d feel like a slut if they said that and the man didn’t agree.  Either that, or they’d believe the guy didn’t think they were sexy enough to sleep with.”

Nancy grinned.

“Don’t tell me you haven’t thought about it with at least one of the women you know.  Jim says all men do.  I know he still does.  Every time we go somewhere together, he’s looks at all the women, and he tells me which ones he thinks are hot.”

It was a bit of a surprise hearing that from a married woman.  I mean, I figured since she and Jim were married, she wouldn’t like hearing him say something like that.

“That doesn’t bother you, that he looks at other women?  I thought once a woman was married, she was pretty jealous if her husband looked.”

“Nah…he’s just having fun.  Sometimes I can’t see what he does, I guess, because I don’t think some of the women he thinks are sexy really are.  He likes big boobs and a wide butt.”

Nancy chuckled.

“I guess that’s why he married me.  Some of them though, well, I guess I don’t see it because I don’t get turned on by women.  I keep asking him why he likes this one or that one, but he just laughs and says I wouldn’t understand.  Are you the same way?”

“What way?”

“Well, how do you decide if you’d like to, you know, take a woman to bed?”

I thought he conversation was getting a little personal to be between me and a married woman I didn’t really know yet.  I needed to change the subject.

“Nancy, you ready for another beer?”

She held the bottle up to the setting sun, then tipped it up and drained it.

“I’d love another.”

She started walking toward the shallow end of the pool and I followed her.  I was glad I’d sat the cooler right beside the pool because I didn’t have to actually stand all the way up to open it.  Although my cock was standing up, it still pushed out my trunks enough Nancy would have seen it.

I pulled two longnecks from the ice, uncapped them and handed one to Nancy.  She sat down on the bottom of the pool beside me and stretched out her legs.  I watched her tip up the bottle and then watched her swallow three times.  She lowered the bottle and sighed.

“That cools off the inside too.  I’m starting to feel human again.”

“Yeah, a long soak in the pool and a couple of beers makes everything OK again.”

Nancy looked at me and grinned.

“You aren’t gonna answer my question, are you?”

“What question.”

“How you decide if you’d like to sleep with a woman.”

I’d hoped she’d forgotten that, but she hadn’t.  I did my best to give her an answer that wasn’t an answer.

“I suppose it depends on the woman.”

“And what would that depend on?  I thought guys either thought a woman was hot or she wasn’t?  That’s how Jim is.”

I took a long pull my beer to have some time to think.  Nancy was making me more than a little uncomfortable.  She seemed to keep steering the conversation to sex and that and her little bikini left only one option.  I didn’t think I wanted any part of that option.  While I’d had a few fantasies while watching her mow and now when she was in my pool, I couldn’t see any way acting on them would do anything but cause trouble.

“I haven’t really thought about it, I guess.  Damn, was that a mosquito?  Yeah it was.  It’s probably time to get inside before they carry us off.”

Nancy smiled.

“Well, I feel like a normal person again, and I need to do a couple of things before bed.  Uh…could I use your pool again tomorrow afternoon?”

“Sure, anytime.  If I’m not here, just make yourself at home.

Nancy finished her beer, then got out of the pool, picked up her towel, and left.  I waited until she’d gone through the gate before getting out because my cock was still pushing out the front of my trunks.  After picking up the empties and my cooler, I went inside.  

Since I’d finished mowing on Saturday, I had all day Sunday to relax and do absolutely nothing.  I slept in until about eight, then sat on the couch in my undershorts until noon.  I did get dressed then, but only because I had to use the kitchen to make my lunch and the kitchen has a bay window that’s visible from Jim and Nancy’s house.

When I looked out that window, Nancy was riding her mower again.  She’d done the front and about half the back on Saturday.  Today she was finishing up the rest of the back yard, about three acres if it was the same as mine.  She’d be mowing until four, five if she took an hour for lunch.

I plopped back down on the couch with my sandwich, bag of chips, and a beer and started watching a movie on TV.  Sometime between finishing my sandwich and finishing my beer, I fell asleep.  

It was a little after three when I woke up.  Well, I didn’t actually just wake up.  The movie after the one I’d started was one of those with a bunch of supposedly teen-age girls running around in little bikinis while some giant alligator or shark chases them.  It was the screams from those girls that woke me up.

I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and stretched.  That’s when I heard the mower running.

Nancy was almost finished, and a few minutes later, she put the mower in their garden shed and started walking back to their house.  She was soaked with sweat again, but this time the effect was pretty fun.  Her suit was white, and the sweat had turned it almost transparent.  I could see the dark circles of her nipple bed and a faint line in the shorts where her slit would have been.

I backed away from the window as she went in her back door, and then went back to my couch and changed the station.  The movie I found lasted until almost five, and during the credits I tossed a frozen dinner in the microwave.  

At about six, I put on my trunks and went back to the pool.  I didn’t know if Nancy would be over again, but in case she did, I put half a dozen cold beers in my cooler and covered them with ice.  Fifteen minutes later I was sitting on the bottom in the shallow end and sucking down a beer.

My pool gate opened a little later, and Nancy waved as she walked in.

“I watched until you came out.  I’d feel just awful using your pool by myself.  It’d seem a little like stealing.”

I laughed,

“I said you could use it any time you wanted, so I wouldn’t have minded.”

She beamed me a smile.

“I’m glad of that.  I think it was hotter today than it was yesterday.  At least I’m done until next weekend.  You wouldn’t have another beer in that cooler, would you?”

I uncapped one as Nancy tossed her towel on my chaise lounge and then stepped into the pool.  Her suit covered a little more than the others had, but she was still raising my cock.  That was because her suit was one of those knitted things with all the holes.  I was pretty sure I saw her nipples poking out from those holes, and when she got closer I was positive.  The suit was a dark brown, but her dimpled nipple tips were enough lighter in color they showed.  I willed my cock to stay down as Nancy sat down beside me.

It wouldn’t stay down no matter how much I tried to make it and I had another problem that just made things worse.  When Nancy sat down, she sat down facing me and her bikini top sat just at the edge of the water.  I suppose it was the cooler water, but her nipples began to swell and were soon sticking out through the holes in the suit.  There was no doubt about what they were.  I couldn’t stop looking at them.  Nancy noticed.

“Like my suit?”

I tore my eyes from her chest to look at her.  She was grinning.

“Well, yes.  It goes very well with your tan.”

“And you like the way my nipples stick out too, don’t you?”

I didn’t know what to say, so I didn’t say anything.  Nancy just giggled.

“It’s OK.  You don’t have to tell me.  I know that’s what you’ve been looking at.  Jim likes it too.  He bought this suit for me.  There’s only on problem with it.  When my nipples poke through like this it makes them get all itchy and stiff.  I can’t wear it for very long.”

While I watched, Nancy sat her beer on the edge of the pool, untied the string around the back of her neck and pulled the top down, then turned it around and untied the string around her chest.  She tossed it over by the chaise lounge and then sighed.

“Ah…that’s better.  Now I don’t itch.”

My cock was threatening to rip out the front of my trunks, but with Nancy facing me, there wasn’t much I could do about it.  Nancy apparently decided she could.

She scooted closer and started rubbing my thigh.

“Remember yesterday when I asked you what made a girl hot and you wouldn’t answer?”

“Yeah, I remember.”

“Well, am I hot or not?”

I figured it was time to stop this before it got out of hand.

“Nancy, I don’t think this is a good idea.  You’re married and –“

She put her finger across my lips.

“Didn’t Jim ask you to help me while he was gone?  He said he did.”

“Yes, he did, but I don’t think this is what he had in mind.”

Nancy laughed.

“You need to understand something about Jim and I.  Before he got transferred to Nashville, we used to go to a club in Chicago…a special type of club.  When we got married, we both agreed that being just with each other would get too common after a couple of years.  At the club, people could do as much or as little as they wanted.  Jim and I enjoyed having other partners and it just made sex with each other that much better.

“He’s been to Minneapolis before and sometimes I went with him.  There’s a similar club there, and Jim texted me yesterday that he’d been there and found a couple we met on one of his trips.  He’s spending his nights fucking Beth while Art watches.  They seem to like it that way, although Art was more than ready to fuck me.  He has a really great tongue.  His cock isn’t very big, but his tongue is great.

Jim also asked me if I’d found anybody.  I texted back that you were looking but I hadn’t sold you on the idea yet.  This afternoon, I’m going to convince you.”

I felt her hand close around my rigid cock through my trunks.  She giggled as she stroked my shaft.

“It feels like you don’t need much convincing.  Maybe I should make sure though.”

Nancy stood up and pulled the bikini bottom down over her ass and then thighs, and finally stepped out of it.  When she spread her legs, I saw two very puffy, very smooth shaved pussy lips.  Nancy slipped a finger between them, then held the finger to my nose.

“See, I’m all convinced this is something I want to do.  Aren’t you convinced by now?”

“You’re sure Jim won’t mind?”

“Well, he’s probably got either his tongue or his cock stuck in Beth right now, so if I text to ask him, he’ll get really pissed at me.  I’ll call him tonight and tell him what happened.  He’ll want me to play with myself while he jacks off and listens to me.  That’s what he always does.  Does that answer your question?”

Nancy didn’t wait for me to answer.  She just moved closer and pushed her small hand down the front of my trunks.  When her fingers closed around my cock she giggled again.

“I guess this means I convinced you.  Come on, get out of the pool and out of those trunks.  I’m going to lay on the chaise lounge while you lick my pussy until I cum.  Then I want to be fucked at least once, twice if you’re up to it, so to speak.”

Nancy was on the chaise lounge by the time I got my trunks off over my stiff cock.  She spread her legs wide and used her fingers to open her pussy lips.

“Let’s see how good your tongue is.”

She never did tell me if I had a good tongue or not, but if the way she arched into my face when she came is any indication, she thought I was pretty good.  Of course, it took a while.  I love the taste of a woman, and when that woman also likes having her nipples pinched, rolled, and pulled, and loves having her clit sucked just before she cums, I tend to stretch things out a little.  I took her to the edge a couple of times before locking my lips around her stiff clit and then sucking.  Nancy screeched once, then groaned, then almost knocked me on my ass when she arched up off the chaise lounge.

I stopped sucking her clit when she gently pushed my head, but I kept licking her slender inner lips.  I liked the way her pussy sort of pulled up inside her and then pushed back out when I did that.  

Nancy had a dreamy look in her eyes when she pulled me up on top of her.  

“I need you to fuck me now…from the back while I bend over.”

After I stood up, Nancy got up and walked over to the ladder to the deep end of the pool.  She put one hand on each handrail, bent over, and then let her back sag a little.  I’d followed her, and as soon as she did that, her swollen pussy lips peeked out from the hollow between her thighs.  As I put one hand on each of her soft, round hips, Nancy looked back at me.

“Do me fast and do me hard…and play with my tits.”

She was so wet from already cumming my cock slipped inside her on the first stroke.  Nancy moaned and pushed back at me.

“That’s right, now fast and hard.”

I was soon slamming my belly into her hips hard enough they jiggled.  Nancy seemed to like that because she kept pushing back into my strokes.  When I grabbed her swinging left breast and squeezed, she caught her breath and I felt her pussy tighten around my cock.

I was surprised when she gasped, “Oh God, don’t stop.  I’m cumming.”, because I was just getting started.  She did cum though, a minute later.  All I could do was hold on until her hips stopped rocking.

“Keep going”, she panted, so I started slamming my cock in her again.  Nancy gasped at the first deep stroke, then started to moan with about every other one.  She gasped when I pinched her left nipple and then pulled it down.

“Yes…harder…the other one too.”

I was holding on to both her thick, swollen nipples when the end came for both of us.  I was hoping she was there, because I was and there wasn’t anything I could do to stop it.  I felt the surge building, rammed my cock in deep and pulled hard on Nancy’s nipples.  She cried out, pushed her body back, and her hips started rocking up and down.  It was hard to tell how many times my cock throbbed and spurted inside her because all that rocking was pretty overpowering.

She was still rocking her pussy over my cock when I knew I’d shot my last for an hour or so.  I didn’t pull out though, because it felt absolutely fabulous to feel all the little contractions that pulled at my cock when she moved her hips.  Nancy was still breathing hard when she moved a little too much and my cock slipped out.  I watched as a white flow spilled out of her gaping pussy and onto the apron of my pool.

Nancy stood up slowly and stroked her breasts and hips.

“God, I needed that.  It was great.  Jim will think so too when I tell him about it tonight.”

“You’re really going to tell him?”

Nancy grinned.

“Oh yeah, every detail.  He’ll love hearing it.  He’ll love hearing about tomorrow night too.”

“Tomorrow night?”

Nancy grinned.

“You didn’t think this would be the only time, did you?  It’s hot outside, I’m hot inside, and I hope you think I’m hot too.”

She giggled.

“I’m just a hot, hot, hot wife with a neighbor who cools her off.  I’ll need cooling off  every day until Jim comes back, and probably a couple times a week after that.  Jim will want to watch us together.  He’s not bi or anything like that.  He just gets a kick out of watching another man fuck me.  Once we’re by ourselves he’ll ask me how it felt, and then he’ll fuck me again.  Would that bother you?”

Well, Jim is due back tomorrow.  Nancy say’s he already asked her if he can watch.  I’m still a little hesitant.  I mean, what if his cock is bigger than mine or something like that?  I’ll probably go along though.  Nancy has the tightest little pussy and last night she laid me on the pool apron and rode my cock.  It’s amazing how deep inside her my cock went.  I need to feel that again, and more than just once.  If Jim wants to watch, it’ll be worth it.