A One Time Event V

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30 May. '18

Carol and Lisa showered together.  The hot water cascading over their bodies felt wonderful and refreshing after their morning tryst.  They took turns soaping each other's backs.  And as they showered they giggled like school girls and kissed like impassioned lovers.  Carol turned the water off opened the door reached out and brought in towels for each of them.  They dried each other off.  Stepped out, did their hair, brushed their teeth, put on make-up, and got dressed.  

They gathered the tray from the night stand and walked out to the kitchen, They had another cup of coffee and chatted about the weather, their husbands, and their relationship  They were both committed to the relationship they shared.  It was sweet, gentle, caring, and passionate.  The women were both shocked at how wonderful they felt about what was developing between them

"You know Lisa, I have been married for twenty-six years and I am still uncomfortable being naked around Pete.  I just have never felt really comfortable making love to him with no cuddling after," said Carol.

"I don't know why, you have very sexy  body.  It's a hard thing to realize that after marriages over twenty years old.  Maybe we never communicated enough with our husbands, maybe we were, dare I say it, bi sexual or lesbians all along.  But I agree it was just never as fulfilling as it is with you," continued Lisa.

Carol reached out and touched Lisa's hand, " I really think it has to do with how this all started.  That TV show which talked about the Greeks and understanding that no one knows what a woman needs better than another woman.  I mean I am always telling Pete to slow down or speed up.  To touch there and not there.  I feel like a mom having to tell her three year old what to do.  And once he is finished, well that's the end of it whether I have cum or not."

Lisa smiled, "I know what you mean.  I feel the same way about Mike.  Oh he tries hard but he has never made me feel the way you make me feel when we are making love.  He is a bit reluctant to go down on me, but you, we have no trouble at all going down on each other.  Do we?"

Carol patted Lisa's thigh, "Darling, I love going down on you.  You scent is so erotic and your taste is simply amazing.  I am quickly becoming addicted to your pussy, to all of you."

Lisa leaned over and gave Carol a kiss.  "I love you so much and I am so thankful that we both had the courage to make love that first day and then the courage to continue.  My life would be much less if we had not become lovers on top of our friendship," said Lisa.  

Carol smiled, "Well, do you really want to go to one of those adult novelty shops?"

Lisa smiled with a devlish grin "I'd love to.  You know there is a place that caters just to women.  It is like going to a nice boutique.  It has lingerie, dvds, massage oils, and from what I seen advertised a very large assortment of sexual toys."

"How do you know so much about this place?  Have you been there before?" asked Carol.

"One night I was up late, flipping around the channels on TV and there was an informercial.  The store is just one of a chain and they cater to women, men aren't even allowed, unless they are with women.  No perverts or guys hitting on you.  Just nice relaxing shopping experience.," replied Lisa.  

"Sounds great.  Guess I'll have to get out some of the mad money I keep squirreled away," said Carol

"I got my own personal credit card.  Mike doesn't even know I have it.  Shall we go?"

The women put on their sandals, grabbed their purses and got into Lisa's car.  

It was a beautiful day.  Sunny and warm but with a cool gentle breeze.  

They arrived at the boutique and just decided that they would get things they both thought would be fun.  They walked in and were amazed at the size and scope of the store.  There were racks of sexy lingerie, perfumes, massage oils, dvds, and of course the walls were filled with toys.  

They made their way to the toys and started browsing.  As they looked, a smartly dressed woman came over and said, "Hi, I'm Anne.  May I help you find anything?"  Anne was in her early twenties, with lustrous red hair and green eyes.  She had a very nice figure and was full of smiles .

Carol smiled and said, "There is so much to take in."

"Are you looking for things to use with your husbands or boyfriends or with each other?' asked Anne.

Carol and Lisa both blushed and Lisa whispered, "Each other."

Anne smiled, "We have more and more women who are looking for toys to use with each other.  Let me show you to that area of the shop."

They followed Anne and when she got them to the right area she said, "Take your time.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask."

Before she left Lisa asked, "Any suggestions?"

Anne smiled and pointed to a package.  It contained a strap on dildo, which had a reverse piece so that penetration would be available for both women.  It also had three vibrating speeds, was water proof and was a soft, smooth material that felt very nice.  

Lisa grabbed that.  

Anne asked. "Are you two into anal stimulation?"

Carol blushed and blurted out, "Yes we are."  All three women giggled.  Anne showed them several different size vibrating butt plugs made of the same material as the strap on.  "As you can see," said Anne, "they are all different lengths and diameters and all have a base that will keep the plug from going all the way in."  

Carol and Lisa both nodded their approval.  They picked out a couple and moved on.  

"Of course," said Anne, "I just love my 'rabbit" vibrator.  The tip moves around, hitting the g'spot, and there is a portion that is raised with bumps and then of course the vibrating rabbit ears that stimulate your clit at the same time."

Carol grabbed one immediately.  

Lisa thanked Anne and then looked at Carol."  "Well, what do you think?  Have we done enough damage today?"

"I think these will keep us busy for a day or two," said Carol.  All three women laughed.  

Anne told them she would up front at the register.  As she turned and walked away the two women watched her.  

"She has a luscious ass," said Lisa.

"Hmmmm three could be a fun number," replied Carol.

They made their purchase and decided to stop for a quick lunch.  

They chatted a while and both were excited about the toys and trying them out.  "The nice thing," said Carol, "is that we have all day and night to try them out.  I don't pick Pete up until 11:40 a.m."

"Sounds wonderful to me,"  Replied Lisa.  Lisa continued, "I'm sorry I made that comment about Anne's ass.  You are my one and only."

Carol smiled and patted her hand.  "I know that.  I know it will always be just you and me, but if we both felt comfortable with adding another female to the mix on occasion, I don't see any harm.  Do you?"

"As long as do it together it would be just fine.  We both agree on the woman," said Lisa

"Totally," said Carol.

"Well, sweetheart if you are done should we head home and pretend it's Christmas morning and open our toys and see what fun we can have?"

"I thought you'd never ask," replied Carol.  They paid the bill, left the tip, and headed back to Carol's.