A Welcome Surprise

On any other night, Jeremy would’ve rued his decision to park so far from the venue but after the excellent concert he had just witnessed, a walk through the city to the out-of-sight multi-story didn’t seem so bad. It was the middle of July and thus the chill in the air was more of a pleasant one than one that necessitated a jacket. He breathed deeper; contented and feeling safe. It was now very early on a Saturday morning but on the outskirts of town things were as quiet and still as he felt inside.

Jeremy took the final few drags of his cigarette as he turned a corner into yet another empty road dimly lit by streetlights and scored by the distant drone of traffic and drunken hollers. Echoing around the barren streets he heard the laughter of twenty-somethings and the distinctive sound of stumbling feet that only grew louder the closer he got to a small alleyway that cut the block in two.

A glance down it showed him a couple, man and woman, standing close. His hands lay on her hips and his head was thrown back in laughter; a long, singular note of what appeared to be disbelief, it’s only retort the childish stamping of her feet and some wordless whimper.  Jeremy smiled to himself, shaking his head. Drunk lovers: a tale as old as time.

“Excuse me?” A voice came bouncing off the bricks to his ears. “Have you got a lighter?” He turned to find the girl making her way into the light of the streetlamp that he stood under. It did nothing to mask her precarious footing but it did allow Jeremy to peruse her finer features. She was petite, slim but her features were strong and proud. Behind her dazed eyelids he saw green meadows that clashed rather expertly with dyed scarlet hair; some display of rebellion that was backed up by her tight-fitting outfit. She wore a black tanktop emblazoned with the cheeky grin of a skull and black mini-skirt to match.

“Sure,” Jay smiled, handing it over and watching her light up. She was pretty, he had no qualms about admitting that, but there was something in her confidence that kept him attentive to the way that she moved. She was at least fifteen years younger than him but had more conviction in her stature than most women his age. There was silence for a moment whilst she inhaled, looking him up and down. She flipped his lighter between her fingers, blowing the smoke into the dusk air. Then finally, she spoke again.

“Weird question.” She looked back at her boyfriend for a moment, exchanging looks that Jeremy couldn’t decipher, not least because his face was obscured by the dark. “Are you… pretty big?” Jeremy looked her over, trying to understand what on Earth that could possibly mean. Was it some kind of prank, or just drunk nonsense? She was tipsy, to be sure, but not too far gone to realise he stood nearly a foot taller than her. When he struggled to answer, she persisted. “Do you have a big dick?”

As lost as he was before, this did nothing for him. The girl wasn’t shy, that much was obvious and her constant eye contact with Jay told him that she was being totally straight. Somewhere in the stillness of the moment she had begun to smile but it was a smirk that played across her face so slowly he hadn’t even seen the transition. He realised his mouth was agape and tried to centre himself by cautiously but playfully responding.

“I’ve never had any complaints.” He shrugged and this time he saw it; her smile grew somehow wider.

“We’re trying to settle a bet.” A voice came from further down the street; her assumed boyfriend who was standing with his hands in his pockets and his legs far apart. “How deep can she go.”

Jeremy would’ve been all but convinced it was still a prank if not for the fact she was suddenly upon him. In one quick stride she had closed the distance between them and in her free hand she now held the scruff of his jeans; pulling at the top button eagerly. She hadn’t broken eye contact and without missing a beat took another drag on her smoke as her fingers slipped underneath the elastic of his boxers, brushing his skin on their way downwards.

Her skin was softer than he could’ve anticipated but she had all the expertise he could’ve hoped for as her gentle, ivory digits snaked a grip around his member. He involuntarily let out a soft sigh and like a game of question and answer she responded with an approving hum. He couldn’t help but check to see if the road they were standing in was still as quiet as it had been two minutes previous but he got the feeling that wasn’t this girl’s most pressing concern.

As her fingers explored down to his tip and back up again, he felt himself began to stiffen which filled out the crotch of his jeans handily. She watched him through squinted eyes, measuring him via the length of her slow, steady strokes. “You’ll do perfectly.” She concluded, taking one final inhale of smoke before handing it to him and sinking to her knees.

Jay looked down in absolute disbelief as this young lady unzipped his jeans and pulled down the front of his underwear without another word. She unveiled him to the summer air of the small, residential street; his stiff shaft bouncing upon release. In the distance, her boyfriend’s stance hadn’t changed at all. He didn’t seem in the least bit put-off by this. In fact, when he identified the apprehension in Jeremy’s eyes he raised a brief thumbs-up; the go-ahead to enjoy his girlfriend’s mouth.         

            Though he breathed out a shivering moan at the realisation of the situation, he was barely prepared for the soft plumpness of the mystery girl’s lips upon him.  She handled him delicately, oddly lovingly in fact, as if he was an old friend. She took the head between her lips and Jay felt her tongue laying flat inside of her as he journeyed beyond the borders of her mouth and over the limp muscle.  She was warm, wet and she gracefully found her way halfway down his shaft in her first motion.

            Placing index finger and thumb at the base of his cock, she drew back before approaching again. Her runway now slick with saliva, she slid further and did so faster. With every back and forth movement she achieved better results and Jeremy, though a part of his brain wanted to cackle at the idea he was receiving fellatio from a stranger on the street, began to relax.

Jay took a puff of the crumbling cigarette in his hand, contentedly watching himself disappear into her mouth. The girl’s shocking red hair shook with every action and shimmered in the light. Every time her lips rose back to his tip she looked up towards him; the emerald maw of her eyes hungry for his approval. What an incredible, confident young lady.

“You’re amazing.” He said, gritting his teeth as she began to massage his balls. He saw the edge of her lips, stuffed though they were with his column, twist into an unmistakable smile. She appreciated his forwardness, and so he reached towards her with his spare hand and weaved his fingers through her crimson mane. “Time to prove your boyfriend wrong.”

            Her stifled moan was cut somewhat short as she was forced by his own hand to begin to swallow his cock. Using a light touch against the back of her head, he escorted her further than she had yet explored by herself. There was a wet click as the tip of his manhood thrust against the back of her throat which simultaneously caused the girl’s eyes to water. She watched him push her deeper and her eyes looked no less hungry.

            Jeremy relaxed his grip somewhat, a sign that she could exhale and start anew but her lips stayed fixed around his member. Breathing sharply through her nose and holding her progress between them, she seemed to wait for him. Internally shrugging, Jay grabbed her hair harder this time and pushed rather than guided.  The tight cavern of the red head’s gullet squeezed at the end of his cock and he grunted as he watched her slide centimetre by centimetre until her nose finally touched his navel.

            She had proven her point but he wasn’t done with her, using the palm full of hair he had a grip on as a handle to pull her back along the throbbing meat she had just swallowed. She rose, at his whim, to the tip and then was sent racing back down to his pubic bone. He watched her young face collide with his body and heard her gag. In the dark distance, her boyfriend swore. Not an angry curse, more of an impressed whistling. If he didn’t know better then he could’ve sworn all three of them were enjoying this equally.

            A few more trips back to the top of the tower before coming crashing back down and the mystery girl had no problems swallowing every last inch of his shaft. His body seized with every new journey; his bones creaking against themselves as he held himself steady. As the redhead’s speed increased, so too did his desire and soon he was at the brink of orgasm.

            His shallow breaths gave him away and through hazy eyes he saw the girl watching him, expectantly. His hand was on her head for balance more than anything by this point and she refused to stop the motions that he had taught her and she had so ravenously adopted. Blurred vision had caused her to become a red mist bobbing up and down on his cock but through it all he saw those green eyes staring into him.

            Thick ropes of orgasm pooled into the back of her throat and she choked, slowing pace in order to concentrate on swallowing every last drop. Jeremy’s loud moan bounced back to him off the brickwork and emptiness around them and he was sure that he woke at least one neighbour. The girl sucked him until his legs stopped shaking, cleaning up any last bit of pearly mess that sprung from his throbbing column.

            Jeremy tried to catch his breath. The stranger rose to her feet, smiling appreciatively and pulling a lighter from her bra. From the intensity of the last thirty seconds, let alone the last five minutes, it took him a moment to connect the dots. Upon doing up the button of his jeans, he reached out to take back the tool that had started all of this and then at the last second changed his mind.

            “You know what. You keep that.” He smirked at her and she gripped it tightly in her hand before turning away without another word.