Oh My Aching Back

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06 Jun. '18

"Oh, my aching back," said Mike as he helped his coworker Bob put a copier in the back of the van.  

"Why don't you do something about that back," replied Bob.  

"No back surgery for me," answered Mike

Bob chuckled.  "Not surgery.  Go get a massage.  It will help.  Make you feel awesome."  

"I've thought about it," said Mike, "but I wouldn't know who to go to."

Bob replied, "Go see my guy Clay.  He is good with his hands an will give you a massage that you will not soon forget.  He will relieve all your stress."

"Is it expensive?  Does he offer different kinds of massages?" asked Mike

"No, he's very reasonable.  Ninety minutes for sixty dollars.  Tell him that Bob sent you and that you want the exact massage that I get."    Bob then wrote the address and phone number for Clay.

Mike pulled out his cell phone and called.  "Hi my name is Mike and you come highly recommended from my friend Bob.  He said that you should give me the exact same massage that you give him."  There was a pause.  "Really!  That's great.  I'll be there."  

"He is going to get me in at 5 pm today and I can't wait."  

Bob smiled and said, "Just let go and enjoy the experience."  

Mike was forty-three years old, married with two children.  He had worked with the small accounting firm for almost ten years.  Mike had dark hair and eyes, a mustache, was six foot one inch and weighed one hundred-ninety-three pounds.  He and Bob became fast friends at the accounting firm and Mike really appreciated the older man's wisdom and words of encouragement.  

He arrived a few minutes before five and walked in.  He stood at the desk for a few moments and finally a blonde hair, blue eyed man in his early thirties came out.  "Are you Mike?

Mike nodded and Clary replied, "I'm Clay.  That will be sixty dollars for the ninety minute full body massage."

Mike handed over the money and walked through a door, down a hall and into a massage room.  The room was only illuminated by candles, there was the scent of lavender in the air, and soft harp music played in the background.  

The massage table was a standard massage table with a donut shaped head support at one end.  Clay asked Mike if there was any area that need special attention.  Mike said his lower back was giving him fits but he wanted the same massage that Bob always received.  

Clay said, "Ok.  Get undressed, lie face down on the table and I will be right back."

Mike was about to ask for a towel to cover himself but he didn't want to act like a prude.

He undressed and lay down on the table.  Soon the door opened and Clay came in.   Mike felt something being dripped on his feet and then he felt Clay's  hands.  He worked on each foot and Mike could not get over how good it felt to have his feet massaged.  

Clay then moved around and poured oil on Mike's back.  He began to massage his shoulders and along his spine.  Mike just relaxed.  The flickering candles, the scent of lavender, and the soft music put him in almost a trans like state.  Clay worked his back, shoulders, and neck and Mike could just feel the tension running out of his body like sand through an hour glass.  

Clay then moved down and began to work on his lower back.  Mike became a it self-conscious but relaxed once again.  He felt the stress and tension leaving his lowering back.  It was wonderful relief.  Muscles long taut were now relaxed and if the massage had ended right there Mike would have been happy.  

Clay moved down and began to work on Mike's legs.  Alternately legs he began and the ankles and slowly worked his way up.  His legs began to feel like Jell-O.  He was so relaxed.  From ankles he moved to calves and worked them over.  Then to the knees and the thighs.  

Clay worked the thighs and then began long strokes, pressing down on the thighs from the knees to the butt.  Mike felt awkward because occasionally a fingertip would lightly touch the area just behind Mike's balls.  It felt good and Mike's breathing quickened each time Clay's fingertips came near.

Then Clay began to work on Mike's glutes.  Strong hands worked the tired muscles.  And Mike became more and more comfortable with a man's hands on his glutes.  Then Clay placed a hand on each glute and began to press down with a circular motion.  Each time he rotated his hands, Mike's anus was exposed.  Mike felt a bit unsettled with that but he remembered Bob's words, "Just relax and enjoy."

He noticed a shift in the positioning of Clay's hands.  Now as he rotated the glutes he began to feel that Clay's thumbs had repositioned themselves in the anal valley.  He was taken aback for a moment but then began to feel how good those thumbs felt.  Mike was taking his friend Bob's advice and was totally enjoying the experience.  Soon a fingertip was rimming Mike's anus.  He felt uncomfortable for a moment and then relaxed.  He was feeling good and then he noticed that he was becoming erect.  

How could this be he thought.  I'm not attracted to men.  Men do nothing for me sexually.  I've never been with a man.  As Mike's head whirled with these thoughts suddenly he relizied that Clay had inserted a finger in his anus and was gently fucking his asshole with a finger.  Mike was about to protest but the uninvited intruder suddenly began to bring him great pleasure.  His erection became even firmer while the rest of his body just lie their limp.  

The more Clay moved and wiggled his finger the more absorbed in the pleasure Mike became.  Suddenly he felt Clay slide a second finger in and it felt just wonderful.  His breathing was becoming ragged and his erection was so hard it was actually uncomfortable.  Just when Mike thought he couldn't stand the pleasure much longer, Clay side his fingers out and told Mike to roll over.

Mike hesitated trying to wish, to will his erection away, but it stood firm.  As if reading his mind Clay said, "Don't be embarrassed an erection is vey normal and shows I'm doing things right."  Mike was slightly reassured as he rolled over.  His six inch cock jutting out from his closely trimmed public hair.  

Clay began at his feet and Mike just closed his eyes.  As he was being massaged he was struck with the facts that one, he was very relaxed, two, that his erection was very intense, and three, that he did not feel uncomfortable lying naked with a hard on in front of another man.  He looked at Clay as Clay looked up and he smiled at Mike.  Mike felt reassured so he just lay back and closed his eyes.  

Clay worked up to Mike's knees and when when Clay topped and moved around to Mike's soldiers Mike was disappointed.  He was hoping for a few inadvertant touches to his cock and balls.  Too much to hope for he thought and then as Clay began on his shoulder he caught himself and said, "Why would I want a man touching my "junk."  

The shoulder massage felt great.  But then as Clay moved down Mike's chest, the touch changed.  He became lighter.  Mike felt oil being poured on his nipples.  Soon Clay was lightly caressing Mike's nipples.  As he started Mike let out an audible sigh in spite of himself.   Caress his nipples and he is yours.  Clay kept it up and Mike was getting lost in a world of erotic pleasure that he never gave serious thought too.  

Then while one hand circled his nipples the other worked down Mike's ribs to his stomach.  He was very happy that he had listened to Bob and set this appointment.  Then Clay began to massage Mike's left thigh.  Deep tissue massages alternated with light caresses had Mike in a quandry.  Suddenly Clays fingertips lightly caressed Mike's balls.  The touch was so light that he never wanted it to stop.  

Clay lifted Mike's balls and Clay's light fingertips worked the area just behind the balls and in front of the asshole.  Mike moaned in spite of himself.  This was getting intense and Clay hadn't even touched Mike's cock.

Clay now moved around the table and began working on Mike's right thigh.  Soon Clay was  pouring oil on Mike's cock and balls.  Clay began to gently stroke Mike's cock while gentely caressing Mike's balls with the other hand.  So, this is why Bob talked so highly about the massage.  Mike wondered how far Clay would go.  Would he make him cum or just go so far.  

Clay lightly massage the little triangle on the under side of Mike's cock just behind the head.  Mike moaned again and then Clay went back to stroking.  It was an amazing experience and it had been a long time since he was this aroused.  Mike felt himself getting close to cuming when Clay stopped and put Mike's right leg up on his shoulder.  He went back to stroking Mike's cock with his left hand and then gently inserting two fingers on his right hand into Mike's asshole.  

Mike just moaned at the pleasure he was experiencing.  Clay moved his fingers in him gently and the stroke on his cock was just wonderful.  As Clay continued and Mike moaned more, Clay said, "Everything all right."  

"Better than all right," said Mike.

Clay smiled and said, "Cum when you want to."

MIke smiled and closed his eyes.  If you had told him when he left the house this morning that he would end the day being fingered and stroked by a man he would have laughed and said, "In  your dreams."

It was then that Mike felt his balls tighten.  Clay's fingering and stroking increased.  Mike was moaning loudly and the pleasure he was experiencing and then suddenly he went over.  A drop of cum appeared at the eye of his cock.  Then out came the first pearly white stream landing on Mike's chest.  The second stream landed an inch shorter than the first.  

Oh Fuck," was all Mike could say and his cum squirted out of the end of his cock.  Clay kept stroking squeezing every pearly drop.  The feeling was so intense Mike felt like he was going to faint.  

Clay lowered his leg wiped with a cloth and let him lie for a while recovering.  Clay then cleaned Mike up and then helped Mike sit up.  He handed Mike a bottle of water.  Mike sipped from the bottle.  Clay straightened up the room and Mike finally got enough of his senses back that he could get dressed.  

"I recommend, this massage at least once every two weeks to my customers.  More often if they'd like to.  Repeat customers are charged on fifty dollars for ninety minutes," said Clay.  

Mike looked at the calendar on his phone and said, "How about a week from tomorrow."  

Clay put the appointment down in his book.  The two men shook and Mike went out into the evening feeling so much better.