Two Girls - Nikkie and Mel

Info Nikkijanes
07 Jun. '18

Hi, my name is Nikkie, I’m twenty-nine years old, five foot two and a half inches tall, brown haired cut in a pixie style to complement my elfin face, green eyes with a petite figure that although small is very well proportioned, with 32B boobs, that because of my small frame appear much larger than they are, boyish hips but firm arse and slim shapely legs.

My best friend Mel is the total opposite to me in looks, she towers over me at five feet seven inches has a gorgeous 36C-23-35 figure, blonde hair cut long to her shoulders and pale blue eyes.

We’ve been friends for over ten years now ever since we started working at the same office when we were both eighteen, Mel is happily married to John, whilst I’m just coming out of a mid length relationship that wasn’t good for me,  and I’ve taken it hard, but now I’m getting over it. We do so much together and tell each other everything, and I mean everything.

Now this is where the classic girl on girl scenario comes in, it seems that every story I’ve read has the two girls having a glass or two of wine and then getting into some action, well for me and Mel it was no different.

It was one of those rare English summers when it had been hot and sunny for weeks now and Manchester was melting in a heatwave, so I’d taken a week off work to finally get over Paul and work on my tan. I was laying on a lounger in the sun, contemplating a glass of cool wine to accompany the light salad I was planning on having for lunch when the door bell rang and there was Mel, she had come over for a chat. Mel went through to the  garden and I opened a bottle of wine and took two glasses out for us.

When I joined Mel, she’d picked up the book I was reading, it was an old battered paperback copy of “Women on Top” that I had picked up at a bookstall a few weeks ago. I was skimming my way through it in no particular order, but today it was open at the section “Women with Women.”

“Didn’t know you were into girls?” Mel said in a teasing voice.

“I’m not.” I said blushing a deep red, as some of the stories had got my juices flowing and created an interest in me. “I’m just skimming and that was the section I opened this morning.” I tried to explain.

“Oh yeah...” Mel went looking at me funnily “It’s okay to admit it, you won’t shock me.”

“Why not?”

Now it was my time to be shocked by her next comment.

“Well I have been interested in trying  a girl for a while now. Just for a change, something new.”

That was a bolt out of the blue as she had said nothing about this before and as I said we share everything with each other.

“Oh, what are you interested in and aren’t you and John happy?” I asked my curiosity peaked but in some ways fearing the answer she may give me.

“Nothing in particular, and everything, I’ve no ideas really, just an inkling that it would be fun to be with an other woman, and John and I are fine. It’s just a sexy idea and a fantasy.”

“You really mean that?” I asked her.

“Well every girl has at some stage, hasn’t she, it’s natural, like having a schoolgirl crush on that sexy teacher, or your friends dad, or something like that.”

“There were no sexy teachers at my school.” I replied, “hang on do you mean male or female teachers?”

“Either or both.”

By this time we’d finished the wine, well we’re both northern girls so tend not to sip our drinks, so I went into the kitchen to get another bottle. It was ok as Mel only lived a few doors from me and had walked over. In fact it was Mel and John who had told me about this house at the end of the Cul-de-Sac and I was really lucky to get it. It had needed some renovation, and that was where I met my builder and ex, Paul, he’d done a great job on the renovation and an even better job on dismantling me.

When I got back to the garden, Mel had stripped her top off and was lying on a rug, in her bra and short shorts the cheeks of her arse were clearly in view, I have to say she looked good from the angle I was looking at. She’d picked up the book again and was reading a passage intently.

“If you look at that book any harder your eyes are going to pop out.” I teased her.

“Hey it’s your book, but some of these stories are pretty hot.”

I looked at Mel and could see she was getting worked up from what she was reading, some of the stories had had the same effect on me.

I joined Mel on the rug and we each had another glass of wine, and as I say northern girls, big glasses,  all the time reading passages from the book aloud to each-other. Both of us were getting turned on as we were both squirming when we reached a passage that excited or stimulated us. We were getting more and more skin contact, I was in a new black bikini, that was very miniscule, I don’t think I would have worn it on the beach, only in the privacy of my garden which is not overlooked and totally private.

As I said we were constantly making contact with each other when Mel turned to me and said, “I’m horny do you want to try it together?” Looking deeply into my eyes.

“What about John?” I asked.

“He’s not going to know, and it’s not like I’m having an affair or a quick fling with another man. He’ll not mind, any man gets turned on by the thought of his wife having sex with another sexy female, standard Male fantasy number one.”

“Yeah and then he finds out and want’s us to put on a show for him or  join in.” I retorted. “Male fantasies two and three.”

“We’ll have to make sure he doesn’t find out then wont we.” With that Mel kissed me.

A long slow gentle placing of her lips on mine, I stiffened with shock and apprehension at first, then relaxed and began to kiss her back. Her kisses tasted sweet, I got just a trace of the wine we were drinking and her pink lipstick. Finally Mel broke the kiss, I didn’t want to, looked at me and smiled. “Oh God that was nice, why don’t men kiss like girls?”

I didn’t answer Mel with words just drew her head to me and kissed her again, this time with more force and dominance, I pushed my tongue between her lips, she responded by twirling her tongue with mine so that in the end they seemed to be fighting with each other for dominance and control.

I broke the kiss this time and pushed Mel onto her back and knelt up beside her and began to run my hands over her body, I’d made a decision in my mind the moment Mel had kissed me, we were going to make love! I wasn’t tentative with her I pushed my hands under her bra and began to play with her boobs at once. As I cupped them I felt her nipples stiffen, so I pulled on them and rolled them in my fingers. A soft moan escaped from Mels’ mouth.

“Oh that feels good.”

I lifted her up from the rug just enough to get her bra off and allow me to play with her tits more, I pushed her down onto her back again, and returned to kissing her, this time more gently but I was still playing with her boobs, teasing her nipples with my fingers. With all this playing with Mels boobs I felt myself, getting wet and she hadn’t even touched me yet.

I started to drop my kisses down her body, but first I’d kissed her ear and nibbled gently on it, from her response she liked that just as much as I do. I ran my kisses down her neck, stopping to lick at the junction of her neck and shoulder before continuing down her shoulders and top of her breast until I reached her left boob.

I licked all round it kissing it occasionally as I went, then I took the nipple into my mouth, sucking gently on it, then quickly increasing the pressure and rolling my tongue over it. My other hand was firmly kneading Mels right boob. She was going wild, moaning and groaning. As I switched boobs so that my mouth was on the right one and my hand playing with the left, I thought, if she’s this excited with just a few kisses and playing with her boobs what will it be like when I got to her pussy!

Then it hit me, I was going to have sex with Mel and I was going to lick and touch her pussy, I’d never had thoughts of doing that with any woman before.

Mel looked up at me with glazed eyes but alarmed at my sudden stopping.

“What’s up, why have you stopped?”

“I’ve just realised what we are doing and where it leads.” I replied.

“Do you want to stop, please don’t say yes, I couldn’t stand that.”

“I’m not stopping I want to see this through now.” I said.

“Oh thank God for that, do you want to go inside?” asked Mel.

“No I want to stay out here, no one can see us.” With that answer Mel pulled me to her again and we began kissing again. Mel flipped us over so that now she was on top and got my bikini top off exposing my small but perky boobs to her view, “those are so nice,” she said, which whilst true was unexpected as we had seen each others boobs before when trying on clothes and she’d never commented on them before.

Mel didn’t tease me with kisses she just latched her lips firmly onto my right nipple and began to suck it into her mouth really hard and deeply as if she were suckling on me. The sensation was unbelievable, I knew I was wet before but I was really sopping now. Mel repeated what she had done on my right boob and that sent me even higher, then she started to kiss down my body, featherlight touches, tickling and teasing all way. Down and down, not stopping until she reached my bikini bottom which was little more than a scrap of cloth just covering my mound. As she undid the tie strings at the side I arched my back so that she could slid the whole thing off.

My lightly furred pussy, with dark obviously swollen outer lips was exposed to her view. Mel stopped, and didn’t do anything, she was simply staring at my most intimate part, the first time a woman has done that.

Mel moved off me slightly and got out of her shorts and sexy little panties, I was disappointed as I’d wanted to strip them off her. Mel regained her position on top of me but this time her legs were straddling mine and I could feel her hot, wet pussy rubbing gently on my thigh.

Mel dropped her head and for the first time in my life I felt a woman’s tongue on my most intimate part, at first she licked just outside my pussy, teasing me and building my anticipation, then she worked her mouth nearer and licked me from bottom to top and then back down again on my outer lips, she kept doing this for what seemed forever. Then her tongue extended and pushed deep into my pussy, going as deep as she could running up and down my slit as before, she opened my pussy with her fingers so that my hole was available for her and sunk her fiery hot tongue deep into me, it felt heavenly. So deep and intimate.

She swirled her tongue deep in my pussy. “OH GOD” I screamed. As I grabbed hold of Mels lustrous blond locks and pinned her face on my pussy, forcing her to lick me even harder than she had been doing, I kept her pinned there for what seemed like an eternity and felt my orgasm begin to build, I didn’t want to cum yet, so pushed Mel away from me.

I pulled Mel up my body by her hair, I was gripping it so tightly she had no other choice but to do what I wanted, when we were face to face I kissed her hard, tasting my own juices on her lips. Nice! Now I wanted to taste her.

I told her to straddle my chest and sit her pussy onto my face. She got her legs either side of my shoulders so her pussy was directly in-front of my eager lips  and opening herself so I could see the delicate coral pink of her core slowly, temptingly pushed her cunt onto me. My first taste of pussy, and from the taste and feel I hoped it wouldn’t be the last; at least not of Mels.

As Mel had done with me I started by slowly licking her with light gentle strokes running up and down the length of her lips, then pushed my tongue into her, running it deep, deep as I could. Surprisingly Mel hadn’t found my clit when she was pleasing me, maybe I had stopped her before she could, but I had no trouble finding hers, it was protruding from her lips hard and pink and engorged, I sucked it into my mouth in one lustful motion. This time it was Mels turn to scream, I’m glad my house isn’t overlooked!!!

Mel had one hand on her exquisite boobs and had got the other behind her to play with my smaller offering, she had found my nipple and was pinching it hard, she was really hurting me, but somehow it was pleasurable and was turning me on again.

I continued to suck on Mels clit for a while all the time feeling her excitement build, I wasn’t going to let her cum that quickly, I wanted just a bit more. So I stopped licking her and we changed positions again. We got into my favourite position, sixty-nine, well it is the best position for oral sex, with me on top. As we did so, we smiled at each other and said “no stopping now, we’re going to finish.”

We got into a nice natural rhythm teasing each-other building the intensity and then easing it back, I inserted a finger into Mels wet and accepting pussy and felt her clench down tight as I moved it around, rotating it in her. “Oh God John doesn’t do that, its fantastic, so simple but oh GOD.” Moaned Mel and I knew she was near to cumming.

My own orgasm was building as I felt a warm glow spread from deep in the core of my being, I pushed my pussy hard onto Mels mouth, not wanting love now just hard sex as I reached my climax, at the same time I fingered Mel even harder and sucked her clit deep into my mouth, flicking it with my tongue where I could. Mel shuddered, spasemed and came on my face and hand, her sweet, sweet juices flooding my mouth. It was such a beautiful moment. So pure in its being.

Mel to her credit didn’t stop pleasuring me as she came but seemed to increase her licking of me, but she still hadn’t touched my clit, then wow, she stuck her tongue out and flicked it once, a jolt of electricity shot through me as though I had been plugged into the mains, one touch on my clit was all it took and I hit the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had. I ground my hips hard against Mels face as she put her hands on my arse and pulled me onto her holding me tight and drinking my flowing juices deep, not spilling a drop.

We were both spent and sated, I got off Mel and slowly crawled up so that we were face to face and we kissed, just gently in that post coital glow we were enjoying, We lay down next to each other in the hot sun and fell asleep.

We slept for two hours, well the wine and that beautiful sex had taken their toll, if anyone could have seen us it would have been a glorious sight two naked, sexy women, lying together.

After we woke we went to my bathroom and had a long warm shower together, soaping each others bodies gently, no intimate touching, just loving caresses. As I kissed her under the running water I asked her, “what now, was that a one off, do we do this again?” dreading the answer either way.

“I don’t know” she replied.


thanks to cubs1014 for giving me inspiration to finally write this story, especially leaving the ending as it is.