Cleo the Dominant

Cleo the Dominant

She was a force to be reckoned with. She was bold. She was fierce. She was dominant. She wasn't afraid to speak her mind. Finding a man for Cleo wasn't easy. Most men wanted to be dominant but Cleo was different. Cleo wanted to step outside the box of the norms of society and take control. She believed that the world should be female dominated and men should do what women say for a change. Cleo was a beautiful curvy woman with dark long hair, brown almond shaped eyes, and medium skin. Her breasts were large at a 42DD and she had shapely legs. She loved to dress stylish. Cleo began a group at the community center which she began to coach other women to be dominant. Cleo's group was a great success and many women's lives improved once they began to take control and use her techniques. The women were coached to never ever bow down to any man nor let any man disrespect them. They were taught how to properly punish a misbehaving husband or boyfriend. "As we wrap up today's lesson, don't forget about the pull-away maneuver. You can use this maneuver if your man has not sexually pleased you, he's trying to be selfish and/or lazy or he needs a punishment. What you want to do is to begin giving him a handjob. Once you have him close near to an orgasm, quickly pull your hand away. Let his balls stay full of that cum and roll over quickly falling asleep. That wraps today's lessons up class is dismissed". The women grabbed their notebooks which they took notes and left class having learned much from Cleo.

Cleo packed up her group materials and headed to her Lexus SUV. She had lived by the beach so she had a little bit of a drive to go. Cleo was a successful woman and her group was a big success. It was about 4pm. Cleo kicked her shoes off and relaxed on her white leather couch. She had a luxurious beach home neatly decorated with seashells and beach decor. Everything matched, was neatly organized and had a place. She had large windows with a stunning view of the ocean and could see the sun getting ready to set in a few hours. It was the perfect palace for a queen. Cleo was just getting ready to get an early start to dinner after relaxing when the cell phone rang surprising her. "Hello" she replied. "Cleo this is John. I suppose it's about time that we had a little sit down about your group" a voice replied in a timid yet stern manner. She leaned back against the couch. He was the first man to ever try to challenge her. He wanted Cleo's group to be knocked off the list at the community center so he could take the time slot and begin his group which would be teaching men how to keep a woman in line. "You really got some balls John. You really do. Come over at 6pm sharp and we will have a sit down. I'll text you the address". She hung up the phone.

He thought he could question her authority and he needed to be taught a lesson. She had two hours to prepare a dinner for the sit down. She had two pieces of fine quality lamb marinating in a mixture of lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, and marjoram, oregano, thyme from the garden. She fired up the grill and threw them on. She pulled some heirloom lettuce out of the garden and gave it a good wash. She prepared a salad with cucumbers and a Tahini dressing. She Also prepared some herb roasted potatoes for a side if that was preferred. She had a bottle of fine aged pinot grigio chilling to pair alongside the dinner. The table was elegantly set. The plates looked delicious. No music played because she wanted to make sure he understood her. She was going to exert her dominance and make sure he was obedient. The doorbell rang. She was dressed in a beautiful blue long sleeve dress with white print. At the door he stood he was about 6'5 and she was 5'5. He came close to her stood over her and she looked him not phased. They glanced at each other for a minute. John had salt and pepper hair and sometimes wore glasses. He was dressed in a white T-shirt and a pair of blue jeans.

"Come in and take a seat" she said. He took a seat. "Would you like a glass of wine" "Sure, why not" he mentioned. He stared at her large breasts as she poured the glass of wine. As she turned around to fix their plates he is hypnotized by her gorgeous ass. She had a fierce reputation as a dominant woman and John did as a dominant man. They sat to eat and have a chat. The lights were dim and nothing but silence hit the dining room other than the sound of the fork and knives scraping the plate as they cut into their lamb. "Cleo, you know that your group is changing the women of this town. I have had men making complaints to me about their wives and girlfriends. Us men aren't going to take this much longer and we demand our own group" he pleaded staring at her with his deep blue eyes. She continued eating and sipping her wine without saying a word. He barely had touched his food. He just stared at her eating. The lamb was grilled to perfection and the salad was absolutely crisp and delectable. "So your not going to even say a word? That's it? Are you kidding me?" He was annoyed now. She finished the last bite of her meal and now the sound of the fork hitting the plate was all which was heard. She stood up with her eyes locked on John and took a seat on her leather couch. "Come sit on the couch across from me John and we will talk" she said. He sat.

She laid back against the couch and spread her legs open the same way a dominant man would manspread his legs. John could see her white lacy G-string. Her dress was sexy and really boosted her curvaceous body. He couldn't fight the fact he was getting hard. She pulled a cigar box out of the armrest of the couch and began smoking a Cuban cigar right infront of him. He watched her lips as she silently took a drag. She puckered her lips to blow the smoke out as he watched. "You see John, I have a serious problem with you questioning my authority. What makes you think a woman is incapable of being in control?" He rolled his head around "Oh come on Cleo! You know how history is. Men have been in control for centuries. That is the way it is suppose to be. Women should be serving a man" he replied. This man had some nerve. Cleo was about ready to teach him a lesson. Cleo twisted her lips to the side and raised one eyebrow. Cleo sighed. "What's that look for? It's true!" He said. Cleo shook her head from side to side and laughed lightly. She put out her cigar and would finish it later. She stood up and walked up close to him while he sat on the couch looking up at her. Her breasts were right in his face. His face turned red. For some reason he was feeling turned on even as much as he wanted to take control he felt he was powerless. Who is this bitch? He thought to himself. It was as though he was under a trance. He was the most dominant man In town and couldn't believe what this woman was doing to him. She chuckled in a devious way and said "your cock is hard, isn't it?". He was speechless. He turned even redder. He couldn't believe that he was and he didn't know what to say. "Umm, I guess so" he replied in a slow manner. "Well, well, now we have a prime example of proof that a female most certainly does have control over men" she said in a confident manner. "It doesn't mean a damn thing. Your not going to win Cleo" he said. "Oh is that so?" She replied.

The next thing you know Cleo was buck naked after taking all her clothes off. What the hell was she doing? He thought to himself. John was going crazy. His cock was even harder now and it was hurting rising up against his boxers. He desperately needed to take it out. "Ouch" he said and wiggled around in his seat. "Alright enough games. Take your cock out of your pants" she demanded. He just sat there with his mouth gaping open in shock. "What the f*ck did I say? Unbuckle your belt and undress, don't make me say it again" she was getting agitated now. He stood up standing over her. She was ready to teach him a lesson. "Look Cleo, I'm not some little bitch beta male who you are going to push around" he said looking down at her. "Ah I see, so I've got a smart-ass on my hands" she said looking up at him. Next thing you know Cleo grabbed his belt with one hand and it slid out of the belt loops within 2 seconds dropping his pants and boxers right to the ground. His hard 8 inch cock was exposed and dangling. She laughed again. He was turned on and she knew it. "Take your shoes off" she replied. "NOW" she yelled. He quickly took his shoes off. "So umm are we going to have fun?" He smiled replying. She smiled. She took one of his socks he was wearing and slid it over his hard throbbing manhood. It looked funny just seeing a sock over his cock. He never had a woman dominate him before. He couldn't believe what she was doing. He felt a tinge of intimidation and the fear made his cock throb even more. "I don't understand you. Why don't you just let a man take control of things. Why humiliate us?" He moaned. He couldn't stand losing control even as turned on as he was now by this dominant female. "Well let's see so far how things have gone with men being in control. Us females are sick of the same shit John. We come home, take care of the kids, the bills, the house, etc. All in turn for you guys to play games, cheat and not sexually satisfy us. You should hear the stories of the women that come in John. The tables are turning and we no longer will put up with this bulls*it! It's a new age John and it's time for change!" she said. "Look. I'll make a deal with you. You can have an hour slot for your group but you will have to teach what I tell you to teach". "What? Are you crazy!?" he replied in resistance. "Let me teach you, come to the bedroom now" she said. He followed behind her his cock even harder now but still covered by his own sock. "Can I take the sock off now" he asked. "NO! Leave it on! Come over here" she demanded.

The bedroom had amazing ambiance. It was embedded with more beach decor along with white silk sheets, fluffy pillows and a lamp. All from the best shops in town which Cleo shopped for. He came over to her as she sit upon the edge of the bed. "Eat my pussy" she said. He had so much going through his mind. Was he going to really submit to a woman? This was something he never thought would happen. He always was in control. Even since highschool where girls would be on their knees sucking his cock at parties or behind the gym. He had a known reputation as a womanizer and many notches to his belt. Most men wanted their cock sucked and to do nothing in return. Cleo was a chick who made sure to get her pleasure and taught women at the group to never suck a man's cock until he eats you out first and makes you squirt all over his face. He decided to take the chance he began to lick her slowly and she quivered. He could feel the heat coming from her. She tasted sweet and he was horny tasting her. She was slippery wet and turned on by the way she was making this dominant male submit. He realized he was loving this as he lapped his tongue and in out of her hole. She was shaking and twisting at this point. John's cock was growing harder under the sock. "Suck my clit now" she moaned. He sucked her clit and she was ready to explode. She screamed and came all over his face. It was dripping down his chin. She laid down for a minute to catch her breath. He laid down waiting for her to suck his cock. John usually made it a point for a woman to serve him first. She made him wait 10 minutes. She was going to assert her dominance and make him wait. He grew impatient. "Can you suck my cock now?" He asked.

"Give me a minute" she replied. She wanted to be lazy and take her time. "You see John, you and your men can learn simply. The key is If you really want to have some control with a female, you need to please her and be 100% obedient to her demands. It's about compromise and balance John." She explained. "What do you mean?" He asked. "This is what I mean" and with that she pulled the sock off of his cock. It was hard and throbbing. She began to stroke, lick and suck it. He moaned. She put all 8 inches into her throat and made him feel so hot. He liked blowjobs slippery and wet. She gripped both balls into her hand remembering that way he spoke to her earlier. "Yeeouch that's a bit too rough" he moaned. She laughed. She continued the blowjob until he came. Bouncing her head up and down, sucking it in like a vacuum cleaner. Once he came she let all his cum drip out of her mouth onto his balls. "Turn around. Get on your stomach now!" she said. He didn't know what was coming next but he was in for a shocker when she took her hand and began spanking him. His ass was turning red after each slap. He couldn't believe what was happening. He had this woman completely dominating him. She was punishing him for how he spoke to her earlier. She was so dominant she didn't need any paddles, toys or props. She used just her bare hands as a dominant. She stuck a finger with a condom into his asshole and them jammed in 2 fingers. The lubrication from the condom felt good to him. He couldn't even believe this was happening.

She now began slapping his balls with her other hand from behind. "Whack, whack, whack!!" He moaned and pleaded "Cleo please!!" He cried. "I'm sorry John but I need to be sure we have an understanding and you know who I am" she said. She was in full dominant mode. She continued quickly ramming her fingers with a condom on it in and out of his ass and slapping his balls. "OK, Cleo! Please stop I understand now. I give up control, please stop Cleo". He really felt so good and didn't want her to stop. He felt a rush of ecstasy within his ballsack and couldn't believe this woman was doing this. John was ready to climax as his whole body convulsed as she rammed her fingers in so hard it hit his gspot and with that he came all over the bed. His balls were now drained dry. He was panting and trying to catch his breath. "Flip back over!" She added. He slowly flipped over as he was weak at the knees and dazed. Now with his balls drained dry he was fully submissive with his now flaccid cock he had no choice yet to succumb to her demands. Cleo sat on his face and felt his tongue lick all over while she moaned and squeezed her large breasts. He licked and sucked her clit so she was feeling the ultimate pleasure. He sat with his cock flaccid hoping he would be able to get hard again.

Then fears set in and his mind raced. He remembered the story of Cleo and his friend Mark. Mark was a middle aged man, about 6'3 and one of John's best friends. He would wear a baseball cap and Jersey. Everyone knows that Mark went out with Cleo one night but Mark would never speak about it. Even during a guy's night out with some great beers couldn't get it out of him. Rumor has it that Cleo chewed him up and spit him out. Apparently he and Cleo went to dinner and afterwards she stopped at his place. Mark got horny and decided to pull out his cock and could only get it semihard at most. She jerked off his flaccid cock for a good hour while she had her hand on his cock and rubbed his shoulder smiling at him. He was so humiliated. She thought she should do the pull-away method because he was trying to be selfish but she felt so sorry for him she let him cum all over the floor after jerking his little wiggly impotent cock. After the encounter she would never hear a word from him again. John continued eating her and she was almost ready to cum and would soon see his cock limp and drained. He was nervous. He couldn't handle cumming again. This woman wore him out. He wasn't a machine and surely couldn't handle more. This was all Something he had never experienced before. He never relinquished control for any woman. He sucked on her clit while tonguing her hole at the same time. She now was cumming and came all over his mouth. She went to lay down next to him. The moonlight beautifully penetrated the room allowing some light in the room. She noticed he was exhausted and his cock very well drained. She smiled. He was so drained he drifted off to sleep. Cleo covered them both with the silk sheets and gave him a kiss on the forehead. He was going to spend the night now that he was so tired. Cleo made sure to pull the sheets off of him in the middle of the night several times and hog the covers. He had to wake up to ask her to give him some covers when it got cold. In the morning John woke as a new man. A man who understood. He was able to get his 1 hr. group time slot at the community center and teach men. He taught everything he learned from Cleo.