The Queen of LA

Info Miss_Majestic
07 Jun. '18
The backyard had a pool and a Jacuzzi. A waterfall fountains off into the pool. She was a queen who lived in luxury. She laid in her palanquin. This was the bed which she would be served in and carried to the destinations which she pleased. It was pink with bling and beautifully decorated. The pillows were made of the finest pink silk. She was also robed in a pink silk robe, gold earrings and necklaces. Her name was Aphrodite. She had smooth cocoa colored complexion, a curvaceous body and long curly black hair. She had small almond shaped eyes with looked beautiful with her cat eyeliner. She looked like a goddess. She had four men whom would serve her and she treated them very well. The four men were all well over 6ft with chiselled bodies. They were very strong, well built and handsome. Two men stood on each side of her palanquin fanning her with the finest palm tree leaves of the whole city of LA. The third man sat at her feet which he pedicured after massaging them with a fresh mint foot scrub. The fourth man was fetching some grapes fresh from the grapevine which Aphrodite grew. He returned to hand feed her several grapes. You could hear two hands clap together. "Take me to the beach my loves" she said. "Yes your majesty" each replied in sync. Each man picked up the palanquin from the four corners and they were off to the beach. Many people stopped to photograph the queen as she was carried through the town to the beach by the handsome hunks. They were very strong and they carried her through the sand barefoot. She clapped both hands again. "Stop, right here is perfect" she said happily. There were many other beach goers and they were sitting enjoying the hot day chilling with their umbrellas. Aphrodite was close to the water. She loved the beach and she fought to always keep it protected. The ocean was sacred to her. "Go on now my loves, enjoy yourselves. It's a beautiful day" she said. All four men took off their clothes and ran into the ocean to swim. They bodysurfed and had a great time. Aphrodite clapped both hands once again which opened a curtain at the roof of her palanquin allowing the sun to shine on her beautiful ebony skin and gold jewelry. She took a deep breath inhaling the mist of the ocean waves which crashed upon the shore. Aphrodite slowly disrobed and walked up to the water immersing her feet in the crystal blue water. She walked a little closer and dove right in. She swam as far as she pleased and got a good look of the fish and coral reefs. She could stay underwater for a very long time and she loved the feel of the cool water. She swam with dolphins that passed by for a bit. She emerged to the surface her long wet curly hair dripping. She stayed in the water for a bit longer. Meanwhile a man was walking along the beach. He had a backpack and had been walking for hours. He was from a different state. His name was Chris and he had brown hair which was tangled and in a bun, glasses, jeans and a black T-shirt. He was about 6'2 and he liked to get into trouble. He spent and wasted all his money and had no hotel to stay at. He was exhausted and was going to sleep on the bare sand until he saw Aphrodite's palanquin. He knew he would be risking alot by just plopping onto someone else's property but he didn't care. He was an asshole and didn't care. Chris set his backpack right near the palanquin and took his shoes off setting them nearby. He got under the silk sheets and was very comfortable soon falling asleep in Aphrodite's palanquin. Aphrodite began to swim back to shore. She was shocked when she saw the man laying in her palanquin! This was something that would surely have dire consequences. Who did this man think he was to insult the queen? Her face had the look of anger. She clapped her hands. "My loves! Come here this instant please!" She yelled out to the four men. They quickly swam back to shore. "We have a serious problem. We have a man here whom thinks he can insult the queen and trespass her property. He is napping on my palanquin. Two of you grab him by each arm and two of you grab each of his legs spreading them apart" she said furiously. "Yes your majesty" the four men said. They quickly grabbed the disheveled man out of the bed shocking him out of his nap. He freaked out. "Let me go, what the fuck!" he said. "Yeah, what the fuck asshole? What the fuck were you thinking getting onto the queens throne!" She yelled. The crowd at the beach gasped. People began to gather around in a circle and watch as this commotion began. The queen was preparing to publicly humiliate this man with a punishment. The four men were strong and kept a good grip of Chris as he tried to fight and break away. "Look I'm sorry OK, I just was trying to take a quick nap and I don't have any blankets or pillows. I spent my money gambling and I can't afford a hotel anymore. I came here from Ohio. Just please let me go, I won't do it again" he pleaded. He stared at the queen she was naked and water droplets covered her from the sea. They dropped down her breasts and her chocolate nipples. Her pussy was nicely shaved and smooth. "Too bad. I don't want to hear excuses. Your getting punished. You knew this throne belonged to a queen and you decided to ignore it" The crowd was going wild with excitement. People left the shade of their beach umbrellas and put their sandwiches aside to see what was going to happen. "My loves, please remove his pants. His punishment shall be three swift kicks to the balls with no mercy whatsoever" she said in a cool, calm and collected manner. "Yes your majesty" the men replied. They tried to get his pants off and he put up a fight. "Fuck no! Your not taking my pants off or busting my goddamned balls bitch!" He yelled and tried to keep his pants from being pulled down. The men were strong and easily overpowered Chris. He soon had his pants off and his his legs were spread with both men holding each leg and both holding one of his arms. The crowd gasped as his cock was on display for everyone to see now. He wasn't hard, so he was about 3 inches. His ballsack was the size of two jumbo eggs from the supermarket. Some women were laughing and began to take out their mobile phones to record everything. Aphrodite had her hands on her hips. She was going to give this man the punishment of a lifetime. "Hold him as still as you can my loves" she said. Aphrodite had very strong muscular legs. She had been swimming since childhood and took pride in it. She ran up slowly in about 3 steps and gave him a straight swift kick to the balls "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhoooffffffff!!!!" He screamed. The crowd gasped in shock. He his head went down to the ground and fell in the sand. The four men picked him back up and put stood him straight. His head tilted sideways. The pain that surged through his cock felt like electricity almost. He didn't know how he would handle another two kicks. She was going to completely bust his balls! Women were rooting Aphrodite on. The cell phone video cameras were rolling. Chris was terrified. Aphrodite quickly ran up again giving an even more powerful kick to his balls. You could hear the smack of his balls and he screamed again "AHHHHOOOOOFFFFFFFFFF" he fell again. He couldn't even catch his breath. He was in extreme pain now. He heard a pop and thought he could literally feel his ball break. His eyes were tearing up at this point and he was so humiliated. He now had to beg this queen to stop. "Please" he said huffing, "please have mercy" he cried tears now streaming from his eyes. With that Aphrodite landed a swift and final kick to his balls. She wanted the last kick to be the most painful so she jump kicked him in the balls. She hit that shit like she was Bruce Lee and it looked damned good on video. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF" he screamed so loud he could be heard through the whole beach. He sounded like he was screaming bloody murder. The four men let go of him and allowed him to drop to the ground. The pain pierced thru his balls. He was in so much pain his balls were on fire and he threw up in a pile on the sand. Other Men at the beach watched the fate of this man getting his balls busted and held their cocks dearly so lucky it wasn't them. He lie on the sand out of breath, dazed and completely humiliated. Women shared the video all over social media and laughed amongst each other. A guy helped Chris off the sand and took him to lunch cause he felt so bad for him. With the clap of Aphrodite's hands the four men carried her back home on her palanquin. She had been carried around the streets of the town followed by many fans. "We love you Aphrodite!" The townsfolk cheered. She was a ball busting legacy and a very well respected woman. She began a trend and soon had a club of other fellow ballbusters.