A Neighborly Affair, Part 1

Jenny and I bought our house in the country to have some peace and quiet, but wouldn’t you know a developer would buy the land next to us and subdivide it.  At least he made the lots three acres in size so the other houses wouldn’t be right on top of us, and he didn’t cut down all the trees.  At that time, only one house had been built.  A pretty brunette named Elaine and her husband, Jim, moved into that house in June, and we went over to say hello.  They seemed like a nice couple, although we didn’t seem to have much in common.  They were in their mid-thirties. I was fifty-seven at the time; Jenny was fifty-five.

I’ve always liked building things, but never had the time until that year.  I’d saved up a couple of weeks of vacation and decided to take it all at once.   My mower and tools were filling up the garage, and I needed a small workshop.  I found plans for a small barn that I could build by myself, and had a contractor put in the foundation and slab on Saturday.  The lumberyard delivered all the stuff the next Monday morning.  I was happy doing what I like to do – building something.

It was just after lunch that I saw Elaine come out of their house.  I remember because I hit my thumb instead of the nail I was starting.  She wore a tiny little bikini and was carrying a blanket and a wicker basket.  The bikini was having a hard time holding in her breasts, and the thong….  Well, even though I was a ways away at the time, the cameltoe was obvious.  Elaine waved at me and walked back to where I was working.  An opening there in the big oak trees let in the sun.  I watched as she spread out the blanket, sat down cross-legged facing me, and pulled a bottle of sunscreen out of her basket.  My thumb quit hurting somewhere between the time she put the sunscreen on her chest and when she smoothed it on the inside of her thighs.  I didn’t hit my thumb again that afternoon, because I didn’t get much carpentry done.  It’s hard to work with a boner in your pants.  Jenny and I had a good time that night.

On Tuesday, I was up early, and got the other two walls of the barn up just before noon.  I ate lunch and went back out to start on the roof.  Just like the day before, Elaine came out with her blanket and basket and walked back beside my barn.  It’s a good thing I had on my tool belt or she’d have seen my cock starting to stand at attention.  I was hoping Jenny would be in a good mood again that night.

Well, somehow I got a few of the rafters up that afternoon, although it was hard to keep from staring at Elaine all the time.  She caught me a couple of times, but she just smiled and waved.  Yep, Jenny was going to wonder what happened.  Once a week is normal for us, but I was going to be in bad shape by dinnertime.

The rest of that week was the same, except that by Thursday, Jenny said she had to get some sleep or she’d be a zombie at work.  She gave me a quick hand-job before kissing me goodnight.

Evidently Elaine and Jim went somewhere that weekend, because I didn’t see her again until Monday.  I was putting on siding when she came out to the shed and spread out her blanket.  I said “Hi” and went back to nailing.  It wasn’t until I turned around for another piece of siding that I saw what she’d done.  She’d taken off her bikini top and was rubbing sunscreen over her breasts.

I couldn’t keep from staring, even though Elaine looked up at me.  She just smiled and squeezed her left breast.  The soft, glistening globe slipped through her fingers until she was holding only the nipple between her thumb and finger.  As I watched, she stretched the nipple out and then closed her eyes as it slipped from her grasp.  She looked up at me again, and did the same to the right breast. I started putting on siding again, but after one sheet, I had to stop.  Elaine was putting more sunscreen on her breasts, and it was obvious it wasn’t because she was worried about a sunburn.  She was enjoying it too much.  All I could think about was how those slippery breasts and rock hard nipples would feel in my hands instead of in hers.  

She didn’t stop with her breasts.  She squirted some more sunscreen on her hand and started down her rounded belly. I knew she was exciting herself when her hand slipped under the tiny patch of her bikini.  Elaine’s fingers worked beneath the shiny material for a while, and then she casually slipped the little triangle down her thighs and over her feet.   Her fingers went back to the perfectly shaved lips and disappeared inside.

Now, there’s only so much a man can take, you know, and I had to do something.  I started to go inside my barn to jack-off when she spoke to me.

“Sam, don’t go.  Aren’t you enjoying this?”

“Uh, well yes, it’s not that.  I have to, uh, I have to go get some more nails.”

“No you don’t.  I know what you were going to do.  Do it here so I can watch.”

Well, they say there’s no fool like an old fool.  I pulled out my cock and started stroking as I watched Elaine rubbing her clit.  Just after I grunted a couple times and blew my load into the grass, Elaine gasped and arched off the blanket.  She fell back, pulled her fingers to her mouth, licked them, and closed her eyes.  In a few minutes, she stood up, picked up her blanket and basket, and walked over to me.

“Sam, how about showing me the inside of your barn, or whatever it is?”

Now, I had to be neighborly, so I showed her through the door and inside.  Elaine walked over and looked through the holes where the windows would be.

“Gee, from here, you can see my bedroom and bathroom windows.  I’ll have to remember that.”

“Oh, I won’t be looking there, I promise.”

Elaine was still naked and glistening from the sunscreen.  She walked up to me and put her hand on my chest.  

“I want you to look.  I have this thing about older men, older women too, actually.  Your wife - does she like to play?”

“I don’t know about that.  Jenny’s kind of shy.  Besides, what about your husband?”

“Oh, Jim likes older women, too.  He the one who taught me how nice they can be.  He could show Jenny just how much he likes them, if she's willing.”

“I wouldn’t even know how to ask her that.”

“Well, we’ll worry about that later.  Right now, I want to get to know you a whole lot better.  Neighbors should be really good friends, don’t you think?”  Elaine slipped her hand down to my crotch and grinned.  “It feels like you want to be my friend.  Why don’t you get rid of that tool belt so we can introduce ourselves?”

Some folks would call me stupid, but what would you do if you were in the same situation?  Her hand was soft as silk and she knew how to use it.  She had me standing tall and humping her fist in no time.  I thought she might leave it at that, but Elaine dropped to her knees and sucked me into her mouth.  She was pretty good at that, too.  After a couple minutes of those lips and tongue, I was ready to explode.  Just as the wave hit me, she diverted my cock to her chest and I came all over her soft breasts.

“My turn”, was all she said before she spread the blanket on the floor and lay down on her back.  She beckoned me with opened thighs and outstretched arms.  

“Elaine, it’s going to be a while before I can do anything again.  I’m not eighteen anymore.”

“That’s OK.  There are other ways to play.  You ever give Jenny some really special kisses?”

She tasted a little like sunscreen and a whole lot like ripe woman, and I loved it.  As my tongue rippled over the satin folds of her inner lips, I was wondering what Jenny was going to think.  I kind of forgot about that, though, when Elaine groaned and pushed her hips up into my face.

“Damn, you’re good at this.  I’ll have to send Jim over to have a talk with you.”

I slipped my hands around her thighs and up to her breasts.  Her nipples were extended and stiff, and she moaned when I gently twisted them between my thumb and finger.  Her clit had come out to play and I wrapped my lips around it and sucked in.  She bucked so hard she almost threw me off her.  I sucked again and rubbed my tongue over the sensitive little bud.  Elaine started to babble.

“Oh damn, damn, damn.  I wanted this…. mmmm….wanted it to last….damn, now, now, Oh fuck, now.”

Elaine pushed my face into her crotch and her hips jerked.  I let her rest a few seconds and then started slowly licking from her opening up to her clit and then side to side.  That always worked with Jenny, and Elaine was no exception.  I tugged on her nipples and she bucked into my face and cried out again.

I started in again after her belly stopped shaking, but she giggled and pushed me gently away.

“If I do that again, I won’t be able to walk.  There’ll be other days, Honey.”

Elaine put on her suit and gathered her things.

“Oh, I have to look for a job the rest of this week, but I think I’ll come over and have coffee with Jenny on Saturday.  You’ll stay out here, won’t you, at least until we come out?  It’s going to be a girl thing.”

With that, she kissed me and walked back to her house.  I picked up my tool belt and tried to remember where I’d left off, but I kept thinking about Saturday.  I had an idea of what she and Jenny might talk about, and I could hardly wait.

Well, I’d just started roofing my barn on Saturday when I saw Elaine walk over to our back door and knock.  Jenny let her in.  I went back to roofing with a smile on my face.

I was pretty sure that Elaine wasn’t going to just go over the local gossip.  She’d asked me if Jenny liked to play.  Now, Jenny’s no prude, but she’s a little shy about sex.  She’d once said something about one of her friends and her husband being swingers and wondered what that would be like, but I couldn’t see her jumping into bed with Elaine’s husband or Elaine either.  I’d just have to wait and see what happened.

I was into the third bundle of shingles when they came out to join me.  Elaine had on a conservative two-piece swimsuit and Jenny wore one of the one-piece suits she’d favored since she had our kids.  I’ve been telling her for years her stretch marks aren’t bad, but she won’t believe me.  

Jenny laughed when I asked her what she was doing.

“Elaine said she was going to get some sun and asked if I’d join her.  I told her with my red hair, I just burn, but she said she has some sunscreen that’s really great.  I’d like to get a tan, so I said I’d try once more.  Oh, we brought some wine coolers for us and some beer for you if you’re interested.

They spread out Elaine’s blanket and started to put on the sunscreen. Elaine seemed to be very helpful.  She took great pains to make sure Jenny had sunscreen on her back and shoulders.  I knew Jenny was enjoying that part.  She’ll do anything for a backrub, and I knew from experience just how soft Elaine’s hands were.  Once they were thoroughly basted, they each opened a wine cooler, laid on their stomachs, and started to talk.  I went on roofing, although I kept watching and listening.

After they opened the second wine cooler, Jenny started to relax, but she was far from drunk.  Even though she’s very small, Jenny can hold her liquor.  She was just really enjoying herself.  Elaine was enjoying herself too.  She glanced up at me and winked.  Then she told Jenny it was time to turn over.  As soon as Jenny was on her back, Elaine started smoothing sunscreen over her shoulders.

“Jenny, Honey, I better put some under your straps.  Oh, hell, let me just slip them off your shoulders.  You don’t want to have those big wide tan lines anyway.”

Elaine slipped the straps over Jenny’s shoulders and down over her arms.  Jenny wasn’t about to show anything.  She had one hand keeping the suit over her breasts all the time.  That didn’t seem to bother Elaine.  She smoothed the sunscreen down the swell of Jenny’s breasts, but didn’t try to get under the suit.  When she finished with Jenny’s top, she moved to her legs.

Jenny has great legs, and I could see that Elaine appreciated them.  She started at Jenny’s feet and slowly smoothed the sunscreen up her calves, over her knees, and then up her thighs.  Although she stopped the first time before she touched Jenny’s crotch, she kept going higher and higher with each stroke.   Jenny had her legs closed, and Elaine reminded her that the sun couldn’t get to the inside if she didn’t open them.  Jenny smiled and spread her thighs.  Now, Elaine went almost to the edge of the suit with every stroke.

This was about the hottest thing I’d ever seen in my life.  I couldn’t believe Jenny was actually letting another woman touch her so much.  I also couldn’t believe it when Jenny put her hand over her left breast.  The little squeeze was so small it was hard to see, but it was there.  Elaine saw it too, and slipped her hand up to lightly touch Jenny’s pussy lips.  

Elaine started on the Jenny’s other leg, and this time, she made no attempt at staying away from Jenny’s crotch.  She lightly brushed it with every stroke.  Jenny was enjoying it a lot.  She squeezed her breast again, and then rubbed her palm over the bump that her swollen nipple made.

“Oops, I missed a spot on your shoulder,” said Elaine.  She squirted some sunscreen on her palm and started rubbing it over Jenny’s chest.  I noticed her other hand was still softly stroking Jenny’s inner thigh. Jenny lifted her hips slightly when Elaine’s hand touched her pussy.  There was no doubt about it, Jenny was getting hot.

Elaine rubbed down over the swell of Jenny’s right breast, and her fingertips slipped just under the cup of the suit.  Jenny didn’t budge.  Elaine slipped her fingers back out, and then pushed them in deeper.  The cup of the suit lifted up, and I caught a glimpse of Jenny’s stiff nipple just before Elaine’s finger brushed it.  Jenny caught her breath and grabbed Elaine’s hand.

“Please, don’t.”

“It’s all right, Jenny.  Didn’t you like it?”

“Yes.  That’s the problem.”

I saw Elaine push a little harder on Jenny’s crotch and gently rubbed.  Jenny’s hips rocked up just a little.

“Do you like that, too?”


Elaine pushed her fingertip back over Jenny’s swollen nipple and gently rubbed the rigid tip.  “Then, what’s wrong with this?”

“But….  What about Sam?”

Elaine lied.  “He’s on the other side of the roof and he can’t see us.”


Elaine leaned over and brushed her lips over Jenny’s forehead.  I saw her slip one finger under the leg of Jenny’s suit and make little rubbing motions.  Jenny’s mouth fell open as she sighed.  Elaine pulled the top of Jenny’s suit down and exposed her breasts.

“Oh, I knew they’d be beautiful.”  

She leaned down and kissed Jenny’s left nipple and then licked the tip.  Jenny groaned.

“Yes, it feels good, doesn’t it?  It takes another woman to know how to do it right.”

Elaine kissed Jenny’s other nipple, then sucked it gently between her lips and lifted it.  I heard a wet, sucking sound as the nipple slipped from Elaine’s mouth.  Jenny sighed again and put her arm around Elaine’s waist.  I saw her gently caressing the bare skin between Elaine’s top and bottom.  She probably did it without thinking, but it was erotic as hell to see my wife caressing another woman.

Elaine had given up any pretense of applying sunscreen.  She brushed Jenny’s parted lips with her own, and then kissed her full on the mouth.  Jenny returned the kiss, and even put her other hand on Elaine’s back.  I very quietly adjusted my position on the roof so I could unzip my pants and reach my stiff cock.  I couldn’t take much more of this.

Elaine slipped her fingers out of the leg of Jenny’s suit while they were still kissing.  She used both hands to ease the suit down over Jenny’s body, and I smiled when Jenny raised up her hips.  It was soon just a soft mound of fabric on the blanket.  Elaine unfastened her own top and let her breasts fall free.  I stroked a little faster when Jenny reached up and cupped one in her hand and squeezed gently.
Elaine didn’t waste any more time.  She slowly slipped her hand down Jenny’s belly and over the soft red curls on her mound.  Her fingers cupped Jenny’s pussy and then one disappeared between the swollen lips.  Jenny tightened her embrace to pull Elaine closer, and when their nipples touched, Jenny groaned.  Elaine moved her body slightly, and their nipples brushed again.  Her fingers moved in and out of Jenny a couple times, and then began making little circles over Jenny’s clit.  Jenny started rocking her hips up and down and her little moans kept getting louder.  She reached up and pinched her own nipple, then squeezed her breast.  

Elaine broke their kiss, and nuzzled her way down over Jenny’s breasts.  She sucked a nipple between her lips, and I could see her rolling it.  I thought Jenny was going to jump straight up in the air.  Her hips thrust up and she pulled Elaine’s mouth tighter to her nipple.  Elaine slipped two fingers into Jenny, moved them in and out a few strokes, and then went back to her little circles over Jenny’s clit.  

Jenny’s mouth was open and her head was rolling back and forth on the blanket.  Every few seconds, her hips would thrust up against Elaine’s hand and she’d moan.  Elaine’s fingers looked wet as they fluttered over Jenny’s clit, and every time Jenny rocked her hips up, Elain pushed two fingers deep inside Jenny and moved them in and out.  I heard Jenny start the little “Ah, Ah, Ah” sound she makes just before she comes.  

Elaine pinched the nipple in her mouth and quickly rubbed Jenny’s clit.  Jenny cried out and her hips began to rock up and down.  She cried out again, then again, and arched off the blanket as she came.  She stayed like that, her mouth open and moaning, and finally grabbed Elaine’s hand to stop her rubbing.  When she fell back to the blanket, Elaine kissed her again, and then lay down beside her and took her in her arms.

Well, I’d shot my load way before Jenny got there, so I sat there and enjoyed the end.  I liked watching them lay on the blanket together, too.  In a few minutes, they separated.  Elaine looked up at me and mouthed “Come down”.  I waited until Jenny had her suit back on, and then walked around my barn to join them.

“Well, I think I’ve had about enough for today.  What say we go in the house where it’s cooler?”

Elaine said she had to go home, and we’d have to do without her.  Actually, it turned out to be a pretty good afternoon.  As soon as we got in the house, Jenny said she was going to take a shower and asked me if I’d like to join her.  She was still so hot she was all over me while we showered.  We ended up making love and had to take another shower afterwards, but it was great.  Over dinner that night, Jenny asked me if I liked Elaine.  I said I did and asked her why.  

“Oh, she just seems like a person I’d like to have as a friend.  You wouldn’t mind if she and Jim came over some evening to watch TV or something, would you?  You guys could always stay in the family room with the big TV if you don’t like what we’re watching.  Elaine and I could watch the one in the bedroom.”

“Of course I’d like them to come over, if you want them to.  I’m sure Jim and I can find something to do.  I wonder if he likes to play pool?”

Well, they came over the next Saturday.  I grilled some steaks for dinner and we had some nice conversation.  Afterward, the girls went upstairs while Jim and I went to shoot a little pool.  Jim knew what was going on, so we got to have a nice talk, too.  

Jenny didn’t tell me what she and Elaine did, but at breakfast on Sunday, she asked me if I still thought she was sexy.  When I said I did, she told me Jim thought so too.  I figured Elaine must have told her that the night before, and I knew why.  That afternoon, Jenny said she’d invited Elaine and Jim for dinner again on Saturday.  She even had the evening planned.  I don’t know how they dreamed it up, but she and Elaine had decided we should do some dancing. I wasn’t sure how the evening would end, but I figured it would be fun finding out.  I spent the week picking songs and burning them onto CD’s so nobody would have to play DJ.