The Doorbell Rang Once More

The doorbell rang.

"Hello there, Penelope. It's been a while."

"Oh, yes it has, Peter. I thought I should stop by. I know Esther wanted to talk about something. I hope I haven't missed her?"

"Of course you missed her. She's on her way to her mother's house. Surely she told you that."

"Well, yes. I suppose she did. I get so forgetful. But, how are you, Peter?"

We had walked through the foyer and into the front room. Penny was wearing a black dress accentuated by pearls around her neck, and black pumps that effectively displayed her calves. She walked in front of me, allowing me the view of her plump butt cheeks. She glanced over her shoulder and smiled tentatively.

"You know I'm great, Penny. What I want to know is why it's taken you so long to drop by. I'm sure you know you should have been here days ago."

"Yes. Yes, I should have. I really should have. Please, Peter. What must I do, Sir?"

"What you must do is get rid of those clothes. I think you know what I have to do now, don't you?"

I could see her whole body trembling. She dropped her purse on the sofa, and began slowly taking off her dress, after slipping the pumps off of her little feet. Her head was downcast as she got rid of the bra, freeing her breasts. The nipples were hard and red. She pushed her panties down, showing me her trimmed pussy. I reached out and slid my middle finger up her slit. It was moist. As always. She shivered.

Only her pearl necklace remained on her body. She was standing before me. I sat on the sofa and motioned for her to come to me. I was wearing sweatpants and a tee-shirt. My feet were bare. I took her hand, twisted her around, and laid her down across my lap. Her blond hair fell around her face and her arms dangled down, along with her tits pressing against my thigh. I caressed her back and down over her rounded buttocks. She had goosebumps. I smiled.

With the first crashing strike of my hand on her ass she cried out. I let my hand linger for a moment, feeling her reddening derrière, and touching her wet lips. Nice, but she needed more. Much more. My hand rose and began descending over and over. Slowly at first, letting her anticipate the next stroke. Then, faster. Faster and more forceful, causing her ass to glow with the scarlet palm prints.

She was crying now, with tears falling I knew, as I heard her sniffling. But also, I could hear her moans. And the little tremors that passed through her soft body with each slap against her flesh. My cock was now hard and pressing upward into her tummy. She could feel that, surely. Yes, I knew she felt me. I stopped and began rubbing her ass, then fingered her dripping pussy.

"You needed that, didn't you, little one?"

"Yes, Sir. I did, Sir. I promise to do better."

Her head was twisted to look up at me. I smiled at her. I handed her a tissue. "Wipe your nose. Now I think you should get a little reward for promising to be good. Do you want that, Penny?"

"Oh, yes Sir. Please, Sir. If it'll make you feel good, too?"

"Sweet Penny. You know you always make me feel good. Now get up and help me strip. Let's get these pants and shirt off, now."

Standing up, I quickly shed my clothes, releasing the prick that was straining against my pants. Her hand gripped it as she looked into my eyes. I smiled and she did, too, rubbing my boner. I leaned in and kissed her scarlet lips, probing with my tongue. She moaned with need.

"Get on the floor. On your hands and knees. You know what we both need now."

She dropped down eagerly, and presented her ass to me. She was leaning forward on her elbows, ready for me. I knelt behind her and slapped her pussy lips with my hardness. Her ass was still red and her wet lips were swollen. She was now whimpering and begging me to use her. Gripping my cock with one hand I reached forward with the other, grasping her lockets of hair, and pulled her head abruptly backwards. Then I slipped my prick into her pussy and rammed it deep in one thrust.

"God! Oh, fuck. Aww! Peter, Peter. Fuck me, Sir."

She could barely speak as I pulled harder on her tresses and jammed my cock deep into that pussy. Harder now. So fucking hard, because I needed this pussy. This was my fucking pussy. And she grunted with each hump of my hips feeding my thick prick into her juicy, sticky pussy.

Rutting like an animal now. Taking what I wanted. And giving. Giving her what she had begged for so many times before. Jesus, she was a grand little fuck. The best. I had trained her well.

Screwing her honey pot with my hardness, I was loving this. I kept fucking steady and deep. Rougher and rougher, using all of the energy I had stored up, waiting for my little pet to get here. Needing this pussy and loving it. My fucking pussy. She knew that and kept coming back for more. Like the perfect sub that she was.

I let up on my grip on her hair.

"Sir, oh Sir. I keep cumming. I can't stop. Oh shit, fuck, fuck. Oh god. Magic cock. Magic man. My man!"

"You tell me, baby girl. You tell me when you want it. Do you want this cock? Do you want me to cum for you little one? Damn, girl. I'm gonna fill you with spunk. Tell me. Beg me now."

She was begging and moaning. I grabbed her hips with both hands now, pulling my prick back, almost out of her pussy, then slamming it back in, over and over. I could feel it was close now. She wanted it. I wanted to give it to her.

I was squirting over and over now. Grimacing as I fucked my little one. My little sub. Such a good girl. I was feeling it spilling out of her pussy. Spreading over my cock and her pussy. Her honey and my milk blending and smearing. Such a good fuck. I slowed now. Slowed and then leaned down onto her back. Kissing the back of her neck.

I slipped my spent cock out of her still dripping pussy. She scrambled around and took it into her mouth. She knew I loved that. I loved how she praised my prick with her tongue and lips. Tasting me and herself. I stroked her blond hair and told her she was a good girl. She smiled around my cock, then licked my balls too. I was nice and clean.

Ten minutes later she was dressed, with her eyes and pearls sparkling, and her hair freshly brushed.

"I must remember to come back more often. Tell Esther I called in, won't you, Peter?"

"I surely will, Penelope. And you give Edgar my best. Take care."

She went down the steps of the porch as I closed the door. I smiled and went back to my computer.