A Neighborly Affair, Part 2

Info silverhawk
09 Jun. '18

Jim and Elaine came over on Saturday for dinner, and it turned out to be a really  interesting evening.  Jenny and Elaine had decided that since we were going to do some dancing later, we should dress up a little.  I guess “just a little” means different things to men and women.  I put on cotton slacks instead of jeans and figured that was dressed up enough.  Jenny went the whole nine yards with lacy thong panties, a push-up bra, a low-cut, short dress and black pantyhose.

When Elaine and Jim arrived, I saw they’d had the same difference of opinion.  Jim was dressed as casual as I was, but Elaine had on a really short skirt, a really tight sparkly top with no bra, and black stockings.  I knew they were stockings because if she moved just right, I could see the lace tops.  Jim and I were going to spend the evening in the company of two very sexy looking women.

Jenny hadn’t been around Jim that much, but I could see they hit it off right away.  Maybe it was because he whistled at her when she opened the door.  She blushed bright pink and told him he needed glasses, but I could tell she loved it.  All through dinner, he made conversation with all of us, but he spent a lot of time looking at Jenny.  She was doing a lot of looking at Jim, too.  

After dinner, we took our wineglasses into the family room and I started the music.  I danced with Jenny for a couple dances, and then felt Jim tap my shoulder.  Jenny turned bright pink again, but settled easily into his arms.  I turned and almost ran into Elaine.  She moved up against me and I could feel her stiff nipples through my shirt.  We danced a few more dances and then Elaine excused herself to use the bathroom.  When she came back, Elaine asked if I’d ever finished up the barn I was building.

I had, but only because Elaine had found a job and hadn’t been around all week.  In fact, I’d even had time to finish the loft, and I now had my own little retreat complete with a TV, a desk, and a couch in case I wanted to take a nap.  I told her all this, and she said she just had to see it.  She asked Jim if he wanted to see it too, but he said he’d rather stay there and dance with Jenny.  We took our glasses and walked out on the deck.

Elaine slipped her arm in mine and we walked out to the barn.  When I flipped on the light, she laughed.

“All I see are tools and garden stuff.  Where’s your hideout?”

I led her up the stairway and through the door.

“Oh, this is nice.  You could almost live out here.”

“Yeah, I figured when Jenny’s pissed at me, it’s a place to go until she cools off.”

“Sam, I need to be cooled off.”


“Yeah.  Watching Jim and Jenny at dinner, and then dancing with you got me so hot I was ready to explode.  I went to the bathroom to get myself off, not to pee.”

Elaine sat on the couch and spread her thighs.  She wasn’t wearing any panties.  All I saw was long slender legs and the tanned strip of satin skin between the lace tops of her stockings and her bare pussy.  Her voice was low and sultry when she stroked her pussy lips.

“It helped, but I really need to feel a cock inside me.  Know where I might find one?”

“Won’t Jim and Jenny expect us back.”

“I don’t think they’ll miss us for an hour or so, at least if they’re doing what I think they’re doing.”  

When she pulled the top over her head, her breasts were lifted and then slipped free.  They bounced gently a couple of times, and Elaine began to caress herself.  “This couch is really comfortable.  How about joining me?”

As soon as I sat down, she pushed me back and kissed me.  I felt her hands fumbling with my belt buckle, and as soon as she had it undone, she unzipped them and pulled them to my knees.  She said “ummm”, when she closed her fingers on my hard cock, and I started to play with her nipples.  Elaine’s answer was to stand up.

“I’m too far gone for foreplay, Honey.  I need to be fucked now.  Lay down.”

Elaine lifted her short skirt and straddled me.  She grabbed my cock and rubbed it between her lips a couple times.  She was wet almost to the point of dripping.  Without any more teasing, she impaled herself on my cock.

“Oh, fuck, I need this so bad.”

I really couldn’t do much more than lay there.  Elaine started riding me for all she was worth.  Every so often, she’d rock her pelvis to rake her clit along my shaft and when she did this, her whole body shuddered.  I tried to do my part by gently tugging her nipples, but I don’t think it would have mattered.  Like she said, she was ready to explode, and she did just that after only a couple of minutes.  She cried out so loud I figured they had to hear her in the house.  Elaine stopped moving, put her hands on my chest, and grinned down at me.

“Sorry, Sam.  I couldn’t wait.  I’ll make it up to you.”

She sat still, but I could feel my cock being squeezed by her pelvic muscles.  After a couple of minutes, she started to move again, but this time she went slower and worked my cock with her hips.  Her muscles were still squeezing me, too.  Elaine knew exactly how to light my fires.  It wasn’t long before I was close, and to my amazement, so was she.  She pulled one of my hands to her left breast, and pushed the other between us.  

I started fondling her breast and tugging at the nipple with one hand, and with the other, I found her swollen clit and gently rubbed.  Elaine started to gasp and her hips rocked more.  With each stroke, my cock bumped against something hot and soft, and it was more than I could control.  Just as I started to spurt, Elaine’s body shook and her hips rocked against me furiously.  She cried out when I shot the first time.

“Oh, fuck, yes, yes, yes.”

She kept shaking and moaning long after I was done.  When she finally stopped moving, she opened her eyes and smiled at me.

“Now this is a place I could get to like.  It’s very, uh, relaxing, isn’t it?”

We got dressed and started back to the house.  When we stepped onto the deck, Elaine pulled me toward the family room windows.  She stopped beside the picnic table.

“We ought to see what’s going on first, don’t you think?”

She peeked through the window, and said, “Yep, just what I figured.  Have a look.”

Jenny was bent over the pool table.  Her panty hose and panties were on the floor next to her, and her dress was pulled up over her ass.  Jim stood behind her rubbing his hands over her soft cheeks and down between her open thighs to her red-fringed pussy.  He spread her swollen lips once, and they stayed open and ready.  Jenny’s top was pulled down, her bra was off, and she was fondling her breast with her free hand.  Elaine gasped when Jenny pulled her nipple hard and stretched her large breast out.

“Damn, that’s erotic.  See why I love older women?”

Jenny started to squirm every time Jim’s hands slipped between her thighs, and then began pushing her hips back at him.  Jim quickly dropped his pants, and guided his cock into the little hollow between Jenny’s thighs.  Even through the window’s we could hear her gasp when Jim buried himself inside her.  I heard a second gasp and looked at Elaine.  She’d pulled up her top and was pinching her nipples with one hand.  The other was rubbing quickly between her thighs.  She looked up at me with eyes that could only mean one thing.

“Honey, they got me going again.  Fuck me right here, just like they’re doing it.”

Elaine bent over the picnic table with her face turned toward the window.   She was tugging on her nipple just like Jenny.  I dropped my pants, flipped her skirt over her back, and slipped my cock between her thighs.  She was so wet from what we’d done earlier I slid home with no effort.  Elaine immediately clamped down on my cock with her pelvic muscles and started pushing herself back to meet my thrusts.  

Jenny’s moans were coming through the window.  When I looked over, Jim had one hand around her thigh and was fingering her clit.  I did the same to Elaine and she started to wiggle her ass with every stroke.  I wasn’t going to last long at this rate.  Elaine groaned and pulled on her nipple, stretching her breast into a long cone.  She twisted her fingers and cried out.  

“Oh, God, I’m gonna cum.”

It looked like Jenny was about ready too.  Her hips were pushing back at Jim with every thrust and her mouth was opened in a silent moan.  I saw her lips twitch once, then again, and she arched her back to drive Jim in deeper.  I don’t know what happened to her after that, because Elaine started to whimper, the whimper became a low moan, and the moan turned into a loud groan.

“Now, Sam.  I’m gonna cum now.  Cum inside me, Honey.  Oh, fuck, yes.”

Elaine arched her back, just like Jenny had done, and squeezed me tight.  I spurted inside her three times and kept rubbing her clit.  She rocked against my cock on her own until the ripples in her passage slowed down, and then slowly let out her breath.

“Wow.  That was fantastic.  How’s our other couple doing?”

Jenny was still bent over the pool table, and her chest was heaving.  Jim was still slowly stroking in and out of her, but it was obvious they’d both cum.  As we watched, Jim let himself slip from inside Jenny, helped her to stand, and kissed her.  Then they started to get dressed.

“We’d better get dressed again, too”, chuckled Elaine.  “They’ll start to miss us if we’re gone much longer.”  

She stood up and pressed her breasts into my chest.

“Thanks, Sam.  That was great.”

She kissed me and then pulled down her top while I pulled my pants back up for the second time that night.  When we walked back into the family room, Jenny and Jim were sitting on the couch and talking as if nothing had happened, but Jenny had forgotten to put her pantyhose back on.  They were still on the floor by the pool table, and Elaine walked over, picked them up, and looked at Jenny.

“Looks like you two did some serious dancing while we were gone.”

I thought Jenny would die.  She turned beet-red and started to stammer.

“We…. We were dancing and….  Well, Jim was holding me and…. I got carried away and – “

Elaine giggled.

“Jenny, I’m kidding.  It’s all right.  That’s what was supposed to happen tonight.  What do you think we were doing out in the barn?”

We sat down and talked about how things had turned out.  Jenny was still embarrassed, and she didn’t say anything until Elaine asked her if she liked it when Jim made love to her.  Her answer was what I’d been feeling since my first time with Elaine, but hadn’t been able to put into words.

“Well, Sam, you remember our first time, there in the front seat of your old car?  It was new, and exciting, and I felt like something changed inside me when it happened.  I didn’t even cum that time, but I still felt it.  Well, when I was with Elaine, it was that way.  Don’t tell me you didn’t know about that.  I know you were watching us, and that just made it all the more exciting.  It was that way again tonight, too.  Sam, I love you more than anything, but tonight was just beautiful.”

Jim and Elaine stayed in the guestroom that night, and we heard them making love the next morning.  We did too.  I thought Jenny was never going to stop.  She came three times before she decided it was time to get up.  She only let me cum once.  She said I ought to save something for Elaine.  That happened after lunch, and again after dinner.  About ten, Elaine and Jim went home, and Jenny dragged me off to bed again.  It’s a good thing I had some personal time coming, because I’d have never made it to work the next morning.  

The Sunday night after our little party, when Jim and Elaine had gone home, Jenny told me she hadn’t dreamed she could ever feel like she did.  I asked if she liked Jim more than me, and she just laughed.

“God, no, Sam.  You’re my life, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything, but even a good steak sometimes tastes better with a little salt, doesn’t it?  How do you feel about Elaine?  She’s a lot younger than I am, and a lot sexier.”

Well, when I thought about it, there wasn’t anybody much sexier than Jenny when she wanted to be.  Elaine could trip my trigger, that was for sure, but like Jenny said, Elaine was more like a little seasoning in our sex life.  That’s what I told her.

She stripped off her jeans and shirt and turned around in front of me.  

“So you’re saying you like this body better?”

“Well, yes, but it’s the person inside I love.”

Jenny took off her bra and panties and laid down on the bed.  She spread her legs and slowly stroked up the insides of her thighs until she got to her pussy.  With her soft fingers, she started rubbing herself there, and then slipped one hand up to her heavy right breast.  She closed her eyes when she tugged on her nipple, moaned, and then looked up at me.  Her eyes said “come fuck me”, and her voice was low and sexy.

“Then hadn’t you better show me?”

It had been the same since that Sunday, and I was loving it.  Oh, we saw Jim and Elaine a lot over the next month, but after the first couple weeks, we didn’t have sex every time.  Jim and Elaine were interesting, friendly people without the sex, and we grew to love them as close friends as well as sex partners.  That’s when Elaine and Jenny decided we should take a vacation together.

The plan was to rent a cabin on a private stretch of beach somewhere and spend a couple weeks taking in the sun, the water, and each other.  Jenny found the cabin.  It was on Lake of the Woods, in Ontario, and was owned by a doctor who didn’t have time to use it.  He rented it out as a private vacation cabin.  The pictures he sent didn’t show much of a beach, but there was some sand and the area looked beautiful.  Jim and Elaine loved it, and so did I.  

The girls spent lots of time finding just the right clothes, and Jim and I cleaned up our fishing tackle. The cabin came with a boat, and Jim and I were determined we’d do a little fishing while we were there.  On the sixth of July, we packed up the rented minivan and headed North.

We stopped in town for fishing licenses and some groceries, and then went to the realtor’s office to get directions and the key.  It’s a good thing he drove out with us or we’d have missed the gravel drive.  It looked more like just an old trail, but the minivan made it to the cabin easily.

The cabin was great and so was everything else.  It wasn’t big, just an area for sitting and eating with a kitchen to one side and a couple of bedrooms.  There was also a tiny bathroom with a shower, sink and toilet.  The realtor turned on the electricity and made sure the water pump, refrigerator and stove were working before he left.

Jim and I went to check out the boat while the girls put away the groceries.  After about half an hour, they came out of the cabin and walked onto the boat dock.  Jim saw them first and whistled.  When I turned around, I saw why.  I’d seen Elaine’s tiny bikinis before, but I’d never have believed Jenny would try one.  The black material, what there was of it, contrasted wonderfully with her pale skin, and there was a lot of her skin showing.  The bottoms had a thong back, just like Elaine’s and Jenny’s full hips were swaying naked in the breeze.  The top only just managed to cover the dark pink circles around her nipples.  The rest of her heavy breasts were exposed.

“Damn”, said Jim.  “You two look good enough to eat.”

Jenny blushed and flirted back.  “That’s the general idea, guys.  We’re going for a swim.  Want to join us?”

It took about three minutes to get out of our clothes and into our trunks.  We’d have been faster, but it’s hard to get trunks on over an erection.  Jenny and Elaine were already in the water and hanging on to the dock when we came out of the cabin.

“Come on in.  The water’s great”, yelled Elaine.

Jim and I ran to the end of the dock and dived in.  I heard Jenny giggle just before I hit the water.  I wondered what was so funny.

I didn’t wonder much longer.  I’ve had cocktails that were warmer than that water.  I popped back to the surface and gasped for breath.  A second or so later, Jim did the same.  The girls were laughing their asses off.

“Fuck, it’s cold”, coughed Jim.

“It gets better once you’re in for a while”, laughed Jenny.  “It even feels pretty good.”

“I can’t feel anything except my teeth chattering.”

“Come over here, guys”, said Elaine.  “We’ll warm you up.”

We swam over to the dock where we could stand on the bottom.  Jenny snuggled up to me and wrapped her arms around me.

“There, that better?”

Well, it was a lot better.  Her nipples were boring into my chest and they were hard as rocks.

“Looks like you’re happy to see me.”  I brushed my thumb over the erect little bump on her top.

“Oh, I am, and I’m gonna show you just how much.”  Jenny reached into my trunks and felt for my cock.

“Where’d it go?  Oh, there it is.”  Jenny giggled.  “Funny, I seem to remember it being a lot bigger.”

“It will be if I get out of this ice water.”

Elaine and Jim were already on shore and spreading out a couple of blankets.  Jenny kissed me and led me out of the water.

We plopped down on our blanket and watched Elaine helping Jim out of his trunks.  He was as shriveled as I was, but not for long.  He laid on the blanket and Elaine wrapped her lips around the head of his cock.  She cradled his balls in her hand and gently closed her fingers around them.

“Umm, that’s better”, groaned Jim when she pushed her mouth down over him.  I felt Jenny’s hand tugging on the waistband of my trunks.  When I lifted my hips, she slipped them down over my ankles.  I felt her warm mouth on my balls and her tongue licked up my shaft.  Jim was right.  It did feel better.  It wasn’t long before Jenny had me standing tall and ready for some action.  She was getting turned on too.  She stopped for a moment, untied the strings of her top, and let it fall to the blanket.  Jenny closed her eyes, her fingers touched her erect nipples and squeezed gently, and her mouth formed a silent little moan.  

I slipped my hand inside the bottom of her suit and cupped her pussy. Jenny was warm and swollen and dampness coated my fingers when I slipped them between the folds of her lips.  She rolled on her back and looked up at me with half closed eyes.  I didn’t need to ask what she meant.  I slipped the bottom of her suit down over her legs and gently spread her thighs.  Jenny opened them wide and used her fingers to open herself for me.

That always means “lick me”, so that’s what I did.  After thirty-seven years of practice, I’ve learned her sensitive spots, and I hit each one with either my fingertips or my tongue or both.  It didn’t take long before Jenny was writhing on the blanket under my face and moaning.  I glanced up and saw that she was squeezing her nipples with both hands.  Her face was beautiful.  Jenny opened her mouth in another little moan, then reached down and pulled me to her face.  As I kissed her open mouth, she slipped her hand between us and guided my cock inside her.

At my first stroke, Jenny wrapped her legs around my back.  I got to my knees and stroked slowly in and out of her throbbing body.  Jenny was trying to pull me to kiss her and to tug her nipples at the same time.  I heard Elaine’s voice whisper, “Honey, let me do that for you.”  Elaine’s slender fingers closed on Jennys right breast and gently squeezed.  She then took Jenny’s nipple between her lips and sucked gently.  Jenny bucked beneath me and groaned.

I heard Elaine groan too.  She had gotten on her knees and elbows so she could help with Jenny, and Jim had entered her from behind.  He was slowly stroking in and out of her, and his hand was fingering her clit.  From time to time, she had to stop to catch her breath, and after a while, she was gasping and groaning as hard as Jenny.

Jenny pulled Elaine to her face and kissed her.  I saw Jenny’s fingers close on Elaine’s nipple and pull down hard enough that Elaine shuddered. They broke the kiss, but their tongues still played together.  Elaine did the same to Jenny’s nipple and Jenny murmured, “God, Sweetie, again.”  

Elaine pulled on her nipple again and Jenny arched her back off the blanket and drove me deep inside her.  Just as I pulled back, Jenny pushed her hand between us and started rubbing her clit.  She was starting to go, and I wasn’t far behind.  I felt the walls of her passage start to ripple around my cock, and then she clenched my cock with her pelvic muscles.  Elaine rolled her nipple between her fingers and that was enough.  

Jenny arched against me again, and cried out, “Now, oh God now, now.”  I felt a warmth flood over my cock and shot my load inside her as her hips humped rapidly into me.  We fell to the blanket gasping.  

I looked at Elaine.  She had that look in her eyes, that look of a woman about to cum.  She had her back arched down so Jim could penetrate as deeply as possible and he was doing his best to do just that.  Jenny still had her breast in her palm and was gently squeezing and rubbing.  She kissed Elaine again, and pulled down on her nipple.  Elaine gasped and then made a low moaning sound deep in her chest.  The moan got louder and louder until she jerked her ass back into Jim and babbled “Now, now, oh fuck, Baby, now.”   Jim pushed deep inside her and his hips jerked quickly as he came.

We stayed that way until our breathing had returned to something close to normal, and then went back in the lake.  It didn’t seem quite so cold the second time.  Elaine asked Jenny what she thought of her “helping hand”.  All Jenny did was smile and say, “We have to do this again, really soon.  Maybe the next time, Sam and I can help you and Jim.”  Jenny grinned wickedly.  “That would be a four-some, wouldn’t it?  I have a few ideas that might be fun if we all did it together.”

The whole two weeks went like that.  Sometimes it was just couples together, sometimes it was three, and sometimes it was all of us.  All I know is we grew to love Jim and Elaine a lot during that vacation.  They said they felt the same way about us, and they also told us something else.  On our last night, we built a fire on the beach and sat naked under the stars.  Elaine whispered to me that things had to change for a while.  I asked what that meant, and she said I’d have to start using a condom when we fucked.  I asked why, and she said she and Jim had decided to start a family.  She was going to stop taking her birth control when we got back.

“Now, don’t look all sad, Honey.  It won’t be forever.  Just until I’m pregnant.  After that, we can go back to like now.  I hope you understand.”

I did, and I knew it would be worth the wait.  Jenny was incredibly sexy when she was pregnant, and I thought I’d never get to experience that again.  Now I was going to, and I got a hardon just thinking about it.  Elaine saw it.

“Gee, did I do that?  I’ll have to fix that right now.”

And she did.