A Neighborly Affair, Part 3

Our vacation to Ontario with Elaine and Jim, our neighbors, had turned out to be a fantastic experience.   Jenny and I got along well with Elaine and Jim.  Just being with our friends for two weeks would have been great in itself, but our relationship had become much closer than just that of good friends.  The last week, Jenny and Elaine rarely wore clothes around the cabin, and needless to say, Jim and I didn’t get much fishing done.  Instead, we spent our time either locked between the thighs of one or both of our wives, or just watching while the girls pleasured each other.  All too soon, that second week passed and we were on our way home.  

It was good to be back, actually, but things had changed a little.  While we were in Ontario, Jim and Elaine had decided to start a family.  Elaine and I had to be careful until she was sure she was pregnant.  We spent the next three months watching Jenny and Jim locked together and writhing out their orgasms. Elaine took care of me well with her hands and mouth, and we used a condom when we had actual sex.  As had become usual for her after a night with Jim and Elaine, Jenny would fuck me silly after they left and sometimes the next morning too.

Our kids couldn’t come home that Christmas because of work, so Jim and Elaine came over on Christmas Eve.  Jenny fixed a great meal and afterwards, we went into the family room to exchange gifts.  I had a big fire in the fireplace so we didn’t turn on the lights.  The Christmas tree lights and the fire gave the room a nice warm glow that was light enough.

We exchanged the typical Christmas gifts.  Jim liked his golf balls and I loved the fishing lures he got me.  Elaine hugged Jenny when she opened the sweater, and Jenny hugged her back over the satin robe.  We talked for a while about our plans for Christmas Day, and what we would do on New Years.  Then, Jenny asked Jim if he could help her with dessert.

After they’d left, Elaine snuggled up to me and locked her lips on mine.  When I started to gasp for breath, she let me go and giggled.

“That was for being so patient with me.”

“Patient?  I don’t think I understand.”

“I went to the doctor today.  I’m pregnant.”

“Does Jim know?”

“Of course he does.  He knew before I went.  He says I feel different, you know, inside.”

It had been a long time, but I did know, and the memories had me hard in a second.

“I’m happy for you, Elaine.”

“Well, I’m horny as hell, Sam.  Want to see what Jim was talking about?”

“Do we have time before Jim and Elaine bring back dessert?”

“Sam, you sweet thing, Jenny and I are the dessert.  We worked it all out yesterday.”

Elaine stood up and unzipped her black velvet slacks.  The soft material slithered down her tanned legs and pooled up over her black heels.  She lifted the sweater over her head and dropped it to her side.  Her black bra was next, and Elaine rubbed her breasts sensuously when they slipped from the cups.  

“I wish we were still at that cabin.  This bra itches.  Come to think of it, so do these panties.  Wanna give me a little scratch?”

I cupped Elaine’s soft lips through the thin mesh fabric and massaged gently.  A damp spot quickly developed on my fingertips.  I pushed in gently and my fingers got wetter.  Elaine purred.

“Mmmm, see what I mean?  I have this really bad itch.”

I rolled the panties down her hips, pulled gently when they caught in the little hollow between her thighs, and finally slipped them over her heels.  My hands found her hips and I inhaled the scent of ripe womanhood needing sex.  As always, Elaine was intoxicating.  Without thinking, I buried my face in her shaved lips and slipped my tongue over her clit.  Elaine shuddered and pushed my face into her tighter.

I slipped one finger into her passage and curled it up.  Elaine groaned and a flood of warmth coated my hand.  I licked her clit slowly and firmly until she gasped that she was going to fall down.  I helped her down to the rug and slipped out of my clothes.

Her nipples were stiff and rubbery when I sucked one between my lips.  Elaine arched her back and forced her breast into my face.

“Oh God, Sam.  You know how much I love that.”

I slipped my hand over her soft belly and down to her swollen sex.  Elaine was as wet as she could be and my fingertip slipped easily inside her.  She gasped and arched into me again.

“Oh, fuck.  I’ve worked myself up for this since I got back from the doctor’s office.  I’m so hot.  Don’t make me wait.”

I wanted this to be Christmas she would remember, so I did make her wait, and she loved it.  After she reached the brink the third time and I let her slip back down, Elaine started pulling on my cock.  I gave up and settled between her thighs.  Her slender hand guided me to her wet, parted lips and rubbed the head of my cock against her clit.  Elaine moaned and pushed it down to her opening.  I slowly entered her, just a little, and then pulled back out.  She grabbed my hips and scooted beneath me to push me inside her.  I pushed inside her a little further, then bent down and pinched her right nipple between my lips.  Elaine rocked her hips to drive me deeper into her body.

On the third stroke, I thrust all the way inside her, and into a sensation I’d almost forgotten.  Elaine was so wet and….  Well, it’s hard to describe how a pregnant woman feels around your cock.  It isn’t the right word, but “sticky” is all I can think of.  It felt like her body was trying to keep me inside her each time I pulled out.  Her pussy sort of sucked on my cock with each stroke.  I groaned and began to stroke in and out of her slowly to enjoy the feeling.  Elaine was enjoying it too.

“Oh, fuck, that feels good.  Yeahhh, just like that, Honey.”

Over the pounding in my ears, I heard Jenny in the kitchen begging Jim to go faster.  Since that night when Jim took her leaning over the pool table, Jenny has loved doing it that way.  I could almost picture her bent over the kitchen table with Jim pumping in and out of her.  I could only think for a second, though.  Elaine jabbed her nails into my ass and started rocking her hips into my thrusts.

“God, Honey, Yes.  I’m almost there.”

I sped up until I was matching the press of her nails into my ass, and the fantastic sucking sensation increased.  It was a good thing Elaine came just then, because there was no way I could hold on any longer.  She groaned and arched into me just as my cock spurted into her rippling passage.  I stopped moving after three more spurts and leaned into my arms until I could breathe normally again. Elaine’s eyes were closed and she was smiling. She pulled my face down and kissed me, then whispered, “Like your dessert, Honey?”

“Best dessert I’ve had in a long time, Elaine.”

“I thought so, too”, she whispered, and then kissed me again.

They spent the night with us, and we spent Christmas day just being together as friends.  I think Jenny and Jim did slip away during one of the Christmas parades on TV.  Elaine and I didn’t miss them for a while.  We were, uh, rather occupied with each other at the moment.

Things returned to normal, or what had become normal for us, anyway, until Elaine reached her seventh month.  Her doctor cautioned her about sex until after the baby was born, so our playtime changed a little.  Jim and Jenny continued to enjoy each other like always.  I felt a little like a teenager again, you know, doing everything but the dirty deed itself.  Elaine was very talented with her mouth and hands, so I never felt left out.  I returned the favor and I think she was satisfied, too.

Little Charity was born that May, and Jenny and I were almost as happy as we had been with our first grandchild.  Jim was as proud as he could be.  Elaine was both overjoyed and also a little worried that she wouldn’t know what to do.  Jenny soon calmed her fears and started teaching Elaine all the things we’d learned with our kids.  After they brought Charity home, Jenny spent almost as much time at Elaine and Jim’s as with me.  I knew some of that time was with Jim, but she more than made up for it every night.

About two months later, Elaine and Jim invited us over for dinner.  We usually spent at least a couple of Saturday nights with each other, so it didn’t seem unusual.  Elaine fixed a fantastic chicken dinner.  After we ate, we all went into their family room to have a drink and some talk.

Just out of the blue, Jenny asked Jim if she could see his new workbench.  I was surprised at that request, because Jenny isn’t much for stuff like that.  As soon as the door to the garage closed, Elaine giggled.  

“I have a surprise for you.  It’s something Jenny said you’d love.”

“OK, you two have been plotting again, haven’t you?”

“Well, yes.  See, Jenny was thinking about when you used to make love in your old car, and uh, well, she and Jim are going to see if it’s still the same.”

“And what are we going to do?”

“Just be quiet and watch.”

Elaine unbuttoned her loose blouse and slipped it off her shoulders.  Her bra was filled to overflowing, a fact I’d not missed.  She’d gained at least one cup size during her late stages of pregnancy, and her areolas had turned the most gorgeous dark color.  

“Help me with my bra, would you?”

Elaine turned around while I undid the clasp, then slipped the straps off her shoulders and let the bra fall to the floor.  She cupped her breasts and turned around to face me.  I saw a dark swollen nipple between her fingers, and then a thin stream of liquid gently sprayed my face.  Elaine giggled again.

“I’ve been practicing all day to get that right.”

It was like one of those things you’ve forgotten, and then suddenly, a slight scent or some word brings it all back.  Instantly I remembered when our kids were born and Jenny was nursing.  When we made love, I’d suckle her breasts and be rewarded with a little milk.   

“I’ve been thinking about this all day long, and it’s caused me to leak all over myself.  I need some help, Honey.  Think you’re up to the job?”

“I hate to take Charity’s breakfast.”

“Don’t worry about that.  I have to pump myself out every day or I swell up like crazy.  I can’t tell you how many bras I’ve soaked through.  Every time Jim and I mess around, I drip all over his chest.”  Elaine drew a line on my chest with her finger.  “Besides, we want Charity to have a very fresh breakfast, don’t we?”

Her nipple was as large and as firm as a strawberry, and I tasted a fond memory as soon as my lips closed around it.  I sucked, gently, and felt the warm fluid trickle into my mouth.  Elaine ran her fingers over my cheek.

“Oh, God, Honey.  That feels soooo good.”

I sucked in again, a little harder this time, and looked up at her.  Elaine’s eyes were closed and her mouth was pursed into a little “O” shape.  Her other nipple was dripping, so I moved to it and sucked in again.

“Oh, yeah, Honey.  Do that again.”

Her breasts were both swelled taut with milk, and it was my intention to relieve most of that pressure.  I started to suck in a slow rhythm that soon had Elaine moaning.  She put her hands on my shoulders to steady herself, then slipped one hand beneath the waistband of her loose shorts.  She was fingering herself.  

Now, I’m not one to let a woman do something I can do for her, so I slowly slipped my hand up the inside of her thigh until I felt her fingers gently rubbing her clit.  I was a little surprised when I moved my hand inside the leg of her shorts and discovered the little minx wasn’t wearing any panties.  Elaine withdrew her hand just as I touched her soaking lips.  She groaned when I slipped my finger into the wet folds of her pussy.

“Ummm, I was hoping you’d do that pretty soon.  I’m on fire.”

I changed breasts, but didn’t get to stay there long.  After about a minute or so, Elaine quickly pulled back, yanked down her shorts and pushed me down on the carpet.

“I need you now, Honey.  Oh, God, fuck me now before I explode.”

It took a while to slip out of my jeans, mostly because Elaine was rubbing all over me and kept poking one nipple or the other into my mouth.  My cock sprang up as I pulled my shorts down to my knees, and Elaine immediately reached for it.  She lowered herself until she could rub her clit with my cock head, and then sank over my length in one smooth stroke.  

Elaine rode me for all she was worth, but kept both nipples where I could reach them.  For a while, I thought I’d smother because she kept crushing her swollen breasts into my face.  I fixed that by finding her clit with my finger and giving it a quick rub.  Elaine arched her back, pulling her nipple from my mouth with a little smack, and cried out.  Her body slammed down on my belly and I felt her start to go rigid.  A couple more little rubs to her wet clit, and she gasped, shook, and her pussy clenched my cock.  With a little shriek, Elaine collapsed on top of me.  I felt a warm flood on my cock.

“Wow, Honey that was great.  Did you like your surprise.”

I lifted her breast to my mouth and said, “Don’t know.  I didn’t have it all yet.”  When my lips closed over her nipple and sucked, I thought Elaine was going to pound me into the floor.  Her hips started writhing at the same time as she rocked back and forth over my cock, and she was squeezing her other nipple with one hand and rubbing her clit with the other.  

It would take a better man than I to hold back while sucking on a nice full nipple and watching what I was seeing.  The surge started building and I sucked harder.  Elaine moaned and pushed back further, driving my cock deeper into her slippery passage.  I sucked again, and she started over the edge.  Her fingers fluttered furiously over her clit, and she squeezed her breast hard.  My cock erupted just as the stream of milk hit my chest.  Seed surged through my cock and deep into her belly.  Elaine moaned again, and the second wave surged out of me.  With a final little cry, Elaine fell back onto my chest and lay there panting.  I made a couple more thrusts and spurts before I relaxed.

It was nice to have her weight on me again after so long, to just lie there with her warm body enveloping my softening cock and her full breasts mashed into my chest.  After a couple minutes, she kissed me, and then chuckled.

“Well, was it like you remember?”

“Oh, yeah.  That was fantastic.”

“Which, me or my leaky boobs?”

“Both, Elaine, both.  You’re always great, and the milk… well, I didn’t think that would ever happen again.”

Elaine drew her fingernail gently over my lips.

“Well, the way I figure it, I’ll be nursing for at least a year, and I’ve been reading that I can keep it going until I want to stop.  All I need is a way to keep them pumped out and they’ll keep making milk.  Any ideas about how I might do that?”

“Well, I can think of a couple.”

“Oh, and what might they be?”

“Well, this might be a good start.”  I closed my lips around her dark swollen nipple and gently pinched.  Elaine sucked in her breath, and then whispered, “I can hardly wait to get to the end and then try the second one.”

The summer was great for us all.  Jenny had a new baby to help with, as well as Jim to entertain her, and Elaine and I made up for lost time.  Now, it’s fall again, and we’re getting ready for the holiday season.  Jenny and Elaine have been having coffee together a lot, so I imagine Jim and I are in for some more surprises.  Those surprises would probably bother us if it wasn’t so much fun finding out what they’ve been up to.  Whatever they’re dreaming up, Jim and I will just have to grin and play along, not that it’s all that difficult a thing to do.