The first time I masturbated to nude ladies

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17 Jun. '18

My name is Whitney, and I think I might be bi-curious. I say that, because last Saturday night, I masturbated to naked women. I'm seventeen, and my brother, Alex, spent the night at a friend's house. My parents were home, but in bed. I had thought about confronting these feelings a few weeks before, but I guess I just buried them. As I said, it was Saturday night, and I was alone in the living room. I was just flipping through the channels, and somehow I came across an adult channel.

I didn't get to see anything interesting though, it just had a message that I needed to subscribe to the channel. I found myself disappointed, I wanted to see some tits. Although, one word from that message gave me an idea. The word was, 'subscribe.' I knew Alex had a few subscriptions to adult magazines like, Playboy, and Penthouse. Well, if I craved to see some boobs, maybe paper would be better. Sense Alex was gone, I decided to sneak into his room. I tip toed over there, and opened the door. I closed the door, and then turned on the light.

He actually had more than I thought, but I was just looking for anything that had showed tits, and maybe some pussy too. I just picked up his latest issue of Cherri, and slowly went over to his bed. I didn't think he'd mind if I didn't tell him, anyway. I just got on his bed, and made myself comfortable. I got a little excited, truth be told, and then I just slowly opened the magazine up. I first saw some ads and a few select topless ladies too. Eventually, I made it to a pictorial with two ladies together. They weren't gorgeous, but they were certainly hot.

"This is interesting," I whispered.

I took a look at the whole thing, and I certainly liked what I saw. I knew that, because I felt my pussy getting wet. It was a new found sensation, not that I never had a wet pussy before, I just never got one from nude women. I saw the two ladies using a double headed dildo on each other, eating one another out, and licking each others nipples too. I almost wanted to start looking for his DVD collection to get a better view, but I settled for the magazine for the time being. Then I couldn't resist, I put my right hand into my panties. I began rubbing my pussy, and I felt the juice coming out rather quickly. So, I definitely knew there was something there I liked.

"These chicks are hot," I muttered.

I began to breathe a little heavily, and then I put my fingers up into my pussy. I actually began masturbating to a couple of hot ladies having some fun. My hand was drenched, and already getting a little tired. I wasn't going to stop until I was satisfied though. I put my other hand onto my left boob, and squeezed it firmly. I let out a few soft moans, and even closed my eyes for a couple of minutes. I began liking it more, and more by the second. Eventually, I got a little more comfortable, and lay flat on my back. I held the magazine up on my stomach, and I really began rubbing my pussy.

"Oh, yeah," I let out.

I broke a sweat, and then I decided to push my shorts, and panties down. My pussy was showing, but that meant that I'd probably get his sheets wet. Well, I thought I could always just wash them if I had to. I began thrusting my fingers in and out of my pussy, and I was taking some juice out with every thrust. I was eyeballing this one page for a few minutes, and I got really worked up. After that, I didn't even need the magazine. I just imagined those two women actually fucking each other, with one on her back, as the other ate her pussy.

"Oh, you love her pussy, don't you?" I moaned.

Then I put my other hand on my pussy, and rubbed it like mad. I was moaning heavily, and sweating up a big storm. I knew the big orgasm coming, would definitely warrant washing the sheets. In no time at all, I couldn't hold it anymore. I was gonna explode, and certainly love the thing.

"Shit," I moaned.

I graced his bedsheets with a lot of my lady juices, and it was definitely noticeable. Just as I thought, I was going to definitely have to wash them. Luckily, I didn't get it on his magazine. After I came, I just lay there with my pussy showing for a few more minutes. I had to relax, but it was very satisfying though. After that, I wondered if I really was bi-curious. So, I put the magazine back, and went searching for one his DVDs. I found a lot of them, and borrowed a few. I took them back to my room, and checked them out. I masturbated to quite a few of them, and I must say, he had some very tasteful porn. That was a few days ago, and I never gave them back. He still hasn't said anything about his missing DVDs, but, until then, I'll be enjoying them.