The Workout

The Workout

Just getting into town and traveling for work, I head to a gym to get my workout in. Across town is a gym I have been wanting to try. Entering workout mode mentally. Playing my music loud and fast. Planning to lose myself in strenuous activity for the next few hours.

Arriving, I throw my headphones on and proceed inside. I'm greeted by the front desk and take care of the daily rate, noticing the gym is busy. Looking at the layout to get my bearings and find locations where I can begin my workout. Seeing a rowing machine, I head there. Cranking my tunes and stretching as I sit down and begin my row. I keep my head straight and focus on every push and pull with precision.

In front of me, a few machines away working out with weights is one of the most attractive women I have ever laid eyes on. Trying not to be that creepy guy that stares, I focus on other parts of the gym. However, you have thrown me off my game. My eyes wander back to your routines time and time again. Your beautiful face, perfectly shaped body and beautiful, long dark hair captivate me. I am drawn into your smooth and very strong body movements. Oh, but it is your eyes that hold me in place. I'm staring a little too long and catch you staring back with a slight smirk.

Knowing I’ve been caught staring, I kind of laugh a little out loud. There is something in your eyes that say all I need to know as you turn back to your routine. Still laughing thinking, “so I'm not the creepy guy at the gym.”

I continue to watch as you go through your routine, both of us stealing glances but not fully committing to locked eyes. The workout of rowing not registering, but you are resonating through me. You do something that throws me off-guard. Turning and facing me with a barbell, you begin to do core bends while your eyes lock with mine.

As you bend, the smirk on your face tells me you know exactly what you’re doing. I'm starting to lose myself in this game we are playing. Becoming very aroused by the look on your face and the view of the shapely curves inside your tank.

You up the intensity a level and turn the opposite way. Bending so that there is no imagination to the shape of your round ass. You continue to tease me, stretching and bending in ways that you know excite me. I see this as a chance to surprise you. Quickly ending my rowing, I move fast in your direction. Brushing across your ass as I walk by. –just enough to get your attention but weak enough it could have passed as an accident.

That surprises you for a second. At first, you had the look like you wanted to see who had taken their free touch on your ass. You notice I am not rowing anymore but see me taking a seat on a bench next to you. I see the realization as to who touched you on your face, as I grab some free weights. I sit down and act as though I did nothing, beginning work on my chest.  This was my mistake. When I sit up again you are gone.

Looking around the room for you I finally spot you in the very back running on a treadmill. Noticing that your laughing when I finally see you. Realizing you had been watching me, seeing if I would search for you. Yes, I had given you your satisfaction of teasing me yet again. It is my turn. Standing up and walking to the front desk. You see me say something to the guys at the front desk and then I walk out the door. Hoping to fool you into believing I am already leaving.

Waiting a few minutes, I proceed to re-enter the gym. Coming through the door It looks like your finishing up. Walking over to you making sure you don't see me yet. I touch your arm and introduce myself. Hoping for the startled look you gave me and responding to my introduction you tell me your name.

I'm going for daring and bold and do not want to miss out on an opportunity with you. Asking if you would like to be a little bit crazy. You look at me with raised eyebrows. Taking that as proceed as I say.

“Yes or no. that’s your 2 choices. Yes, means you’re in and about to see what crazy is. No means you’re out and I guess you'll never know.”

I see the wheels spinning but as soon as the smile starts to form I know what the answer is.

“Ok, yes.”

I take your hand and pull you across the gym, giving the guys a nod at the front desk and one of them starts to move.

We walk right up to the guy's locker room and I start to pull you inside with me. Starting to laugh and saying,

“We are going to get into trouble!”

Responding with, “Planning on it.”

You notice the employee coming out of the locker room with a cleaning sign in his hands. As he looks at me he places it in front of the guy's locker room and walks away. Turning back to you I say,

“Looks like it is closed come on.”

Taking your hand once more I lead you back into the locker room. Our bodies glistening from the sweat of the recent workouts. Moving across to the Showers. Not wanting to waste time. I pull you to me ready to taste your very full salty lips. You respond by passionately sucking on my bottom lip. Our hands hungrily begin to follow the lines of our bodies. We are desperate for the want and need that begins to develop. The chaos of passion starts to take over our every being.

Lifting you on to my hips, you wrap your legs around me still embracing and kissing with hunger and desire. Tongues reaching searching exploring creating heat. I begin to move toward the shower only a few steps away. Reaching with one hand I turn the knob and water starts to flow. Trying to concentrate enough to get the temperature right. My head is swimming and can barely maintain control.

With your legs still wrapped around me, we bump into the wall next to the shower. I hold you in place and move my hands to your workout top. pulling it up and over your head revealing a nice grey sports bra that is quickly discarded. Revealing two very perfect round succulent breasts. My lips finding each breast in turn and proceed to use my tongue to explore your nipples. You pull off my shirt as you kiss my neck and chest.

Lowering you from my hips, I take your workout shorts in my hands, sliding them down. Feeling every inch of you as my hands follow the shape of your legs. Following my lead, you slide my shorts and remaining clothing off.

Standing there inches apart. breathless, I pause and admire the full beauty that is before me. Moving you into the shower, we let the warm water run over our bodies. Adding to the enticement that is emanating between us.

My lips trail down the side of your neck and down your body pausing only to enjoy your nipples. Licking, sucking and tugging my lips and tongue follow the contours of your breasts. Water pools around your nipples as it runs down your body. Drops of water looking like rain on your skin.

Moving from your breasts to your hips kissing and tasting as I move lower. My eyes taking in every inch of you. My lips finding the prize as I find the folds of flesh before me as I part you. Very delicately parting you with my tongue, taking in your taste.

Using my tongue, I slide it across the soft pink moist skin. Finding a nice hard round knob of flesh. I flick, circle, and suck, making the little knob grow and become harder. Paying special attention to what makes you move and groan in ways that excite me. Enjoying your every movement as you groan in pleasure.

Sliding my fingers between your legs. I use the water as a lubricant to open you. Moving them inside you deep, probing, penetrating, and exploring your inner self. My tongue increasing the intensity at which I lick. My satisfaction is to make you squirm and writhe with pleasure. Feeling cum release on my tongue and it ups the intensity at which I am turned on. I follow your torso all the way back up to your mouth using my lips and tongues.

I turn you with desire, as I put you up against the wall. My hands caressing your breasts. My mouth moves to the back of your neck as my hard cock rests on your nice round ass. You grab me and move me between your legs. I want you now. I need to have you.

Placing myself at your opening I notice the water as it runs down your body. Warm water flows over your beautiful ass and then down across my hard shaft. With extreme intensity, I thrust myself deep into you. The action causes you to arch your back and move in a way that takes me into you deeper. Sliding my hands down your body to your hips pulling you to me.

Leaning against the wall water trickling down us. We hear a noise and look up to see someone in the locker room. It is one of the employees who walks by and stops when he sees us. Looking back at him then to each other smiling and proceeding, not caring that we have an audience. Pulling your hips into me and with urgency. I search for that perfect rhythm to make your toes curl, your back arch, and to hear the moans that excite me.

Turning you to face me. I use the soap provided with the showers and apply it across your skin. Feeling the smoothness as it runs across your body. We realize that the employee has a friend and they are enjoying the show.

I say, “What the hell let’s give them a show!”

Besides these are the guys I paid to put up the cleaning sign. It was the least we could do. Using the soap, we explore each other’s bodies. Teasing the employees as much as each other as we lather up.

Leaning in to kiss you again. I can't get enough of your kisses. I want more, I need more. Taking your hand, we move from the shower into the locker area. The employees had placed some towels on a bench for us.

Taking turns, we dry each other off teasing each other. With the two employees watching. We sit down on the bench and I pull you to me. Making you straddle me in reverse cowgirl looking at the two employees.

You smirk, knowing I’m giving the 2 employees full view of you. You start to slide up and down on my shaft. Your completely in control of the rhythm. Placing my hands on your ass, rocking you as you continue to slide up the length of my shaft. Wanting and desiring to see your beautiful face and your eyes staring back into mine I turn you so that you face me.

Now in the cowgirl position, still in control. Your breasts bouncing in my face. Wanting and needing to have those beautiful mounds of flesh in my mouth. Reaching my hands out I cup your breasts. Loosing myself I caress, then twist your nipples. My hands then move your breast to my mouth. I suck as though I need the fullness of your flesh to survive. Our rhythm increasing in intensity.

I look you right in the eyes, calling out your name and say,

“FUCK ME!!!”

I start to feel you slide into uncontrollable ecstasy. I allow myself to do the same so that we convulse together in intense pleasure. Collapsing on to me we lay there for a few minutes panting.

Employees move on knowing the show is over for now. We both laugh and start to get dressed.

As we are getting dressed, you lean over to me and say,

“You’re such a guy! “

“The guy's locker room!”

“Next time I get to pick our role play!”