Two Girls:- Nikkie and Mel part 2

Info Nikkijanes
06 Jul. '18

As my phone rang, I looked at the number display, it was Mel. It had been nearly a week since that fateful, beautiful, day when we had taken the “forbidden step” and made love together, oh such beautiful love making, but neither of us had contacted the other since. This was much too long, we are such good friends we normally talk every day. Was it guilt, or shame, Mel after-all  had cheated on her husband?

Shaking with apprehension I answered, ‘High Doll, you ok?’ I managed to stammer in a worried breathless voice.

‘Nikkie, why haven’t you phoned me! Are you upset. Do you regret what we did?’ Mel blurted out straight away.

‘OH God Mel no, no, no, I was worried that you would regret it and would want to break our friendship. I was worried that we had gone to far.’

‘Well we did go too far,’ Mel said, ‘but I don’t regret it, I loved everything you did to me. Look can I come round and see you, please, please,’ she begged. ‘We need to talk.’

‘Of course, are you coming over now?’

‘Two mins.’ She replied.

In about a minute and a half the doorbell rang and I opened it to Mel. ‘Took your time getting here,’ I laughed as we kissed cheeks, just like old friends, not new lovers.

Mel followed me into the lounge, looking stunning as always, dressed in a short, blue, summer dress, that showed off her figure and long, shapely, sexy, legs to perfection. No cleavage on show, all figure and legs. Blonde hair done in a simple ponytail, it’s a style that suites her and I’ve told her that numerous times. Had she done it that way for me?

 In contrast I was in scruffy denim shorts and an old T-shirt, I’d planned the day to slob out after doing a few jobs around the house.

I joined her sitting on the sofa.

‘Nikkie, we need to talk. Talk about what we’ve done, and where it’s going, if anywhere,’ she finally said.

‘Mel, honey, what we did was great, I’ve no regrets at all, I loved every minute, I wish it could have lasted longer.’ I assured her. ‘And I want it to go further, as far as you want.’

‘Oh thank God for that, I thought you’d regretted it and didn’t want to see me again. I just don’t know what I would have done if you had said that.’

‘Mel, I love you as a friend to much to let that come between us, apart from the fact that I loved it all so much. I could put what we did to one side and still be your friend. I was worried that you didn’t want to see me, that I had upset you. The only question I have to ask is, was it a one off? Do you want to do more, and how? Do you want to tell John?’

‘Oh God Nikkie, I don’t know. I want to do it again, and again, and again,’ she laughed at me. ‘But I don’t know how to play it. I love John and don’t want to leave him or anything like that. I just know I can’t go on without having sex with you. It was so good, so different than anything I’ve done before, I want to do it again. I was worried that you wouldn’t.’

‘Well let’s just do it, when we want, no big deal, we’re two adult women, old enough to know what we want. And I want you now.’

Mel looked at me with relief and bent to kiss me, but stopped before she did, then stunned me by saying, ‘Will you strip for me, a proper, sexy strip?’

I looked at her in astonishment at what she had asked, Mel knows that despite my short stature and slender frame I’m immensely proud of my body  and she also knows that I have “play stripped” for my boyfriends in the past. I’m a good dancer and can move. In fact if I had been taller dance would have been an option for me as a career.

 ‘You sexy, perverted minx, if I do what’s in it for me?’

‘Me, all hot and horny,’ she replied breathlessly.

‘No, not worth the effort,’ I teased her, her face fell in disappointment. ‘Of course I will.

‘I need to change into something I can tease you with,’ I said, ‘now go and get us a drink, there’s a good Malbec if you want red or a Chenin Blanc for white in the kitchen, and don’t mess about with one bottle, this afternoon is going to be long and dirtily sexy.’ With that I went upstairs to get ready, my mind in a whirl.

I’d wanted to have sex with Mel again so much, but had been frightened that on reflection she had been revolted by what we had done, I was so relieved that she wasn’t. Now to get ready and tempt, what I had an idea was my new and hopefully to be long-time female lover.

I quickly stripped off my old clothes and had a very quick shower. As I dried off and planned my outfit I shouted down to Mel, ‘Mel, sweetie, bring me a glass of red please, but leave it outside the bedroom door, you can’t see me yet.’

I was now dressing quickly but with one thought in mind, to tantalise and tease Mel. First, dark sheer stockings obviously, held up by a scarlet garter belt, white semi-transparent panties, cut high on the hip, and matching platform bra, to showcase my boobs, apart form my arse my best body part. Dress, or skirt and blouse? Skirt and blouse, she want’s to see me strip, then I’ll make it last longer. So a silky black skirt cut tight on the hips, but loose fitting  after that, that swayed with me, it was just above knee high in length. A deep red silk blouse with lots and lots of buttons that would take ages to undo!!!!

To finish my outfit I put on my highest heeled shoes, six inch Jimmy Choo’s in shiny deep red, in keeping with the colour pallet I was using, I actually call them my stripper heels, and Mel loves them, she can’t understand how I can walk in them at times, especially when I’m drunk.

I’d finished the wine before I had finished dressing so shouted down to Mel to get me another glass, and to put some sexy music on and get ready to have her mind blown. She had asked me to strip for her and I was gong to give her the strip of her life.

We are so close as friends that we know where everything is in each-others houses so my request was not out of the usual.

As the music burst out of the stereo a pounding bass filled the air, complementing a high pitched lead guitar solo,  I slinked down the stairs eventually standing at the bottom, thrusting my hip out provocatively.

‘Ready honey?’ I asked Mel, all she could do was nod.

I then started to perform one of the sexiest strip teases any one could ever have done, I was in the moment mentally, in a way I was offering Mel, my lover, my body, but tempting her at the same time.

First, I danced around her, swaying my hips, thrusting them out and nearly into her face as she sat mesmerised on the sofa, before bending over so he got a view of my arse, sheathed in that black skirt, so firm and round. Then, swaying before her, I slowly, starting at the top, undid all those buttons on my blouse, pulling it from out of the waist of my skirt and letting it hang, she had a view of my boobs, but only a glance as I moved around. Keeping my blouse on I reached for the zip at the back of my skirt, then turned round and made Mel unzip it.

When the zip was open as far as it would go I pulled away from Mel, pushed the skirt to the floor in one quick movement, stepped out of it and bent over, pushing my arse, sheathed in those white panties almost into her face.

‘Oh Nikkie,’ she breathed, ‘Oh my God.’

‘I’ve only got my skirt off, what is she going to be like when I get fully naked, if I do?’ I thought.

As I stood up fully I whipped my blouse off and turning to face her thrust and ground my hips inches from her face, I could feel her hot breath panting on my belly.

I danced round the room, in bra, panties and stockings, boobs pushed high, provocatively resting on their support, swaying my hips. Wishing I had a pole I could use, I improvised by using a chair for support as I slowly squatted opening my legs and rubbing my pussy through the fabric of my panties. Mel’s eyes were wide in wonderment.

Time for Mel to do some work I thought, as I advanced to her and sat in her lap facing her. I pushed my boobs in her face and held them there letting Mel play, kissing my cleavage, as I squeezed my boobs together round her face. I guided her hands to the clasp of my bra and let her undo it. As the straps fell off my shoulders, I pulled back and let the bra slip off my body, letting Mel see my boobs for an instant before, pushing her lips to my right boob, letting her suck and play with it for a brief fraction of time, before standing up again. I wanted to tease her, giving her the smallest moments of intimate contact between us, as I stripped for her eyes, and her eyes only.

As I stood up I pulled Mel’s skirt high on her thighs, right up to her hips so I could see her panties, I could see a very large damp stain on them, she was so excited and turned on!

Dancing around I got my boobs swaying, as I say they are only a “B” cup but because of my slender figure look so much more, their dark nipples standing hard and firm. I took my time, even having a drink from my wine, deciding what to do next to tease Mel.

What’s next to come off, stockings or panties? Got to be panties, then she could do some more work.

I stood directly in-front of Mel, hips thrust forward, legs spread slightly, I looked deep into her eyes, licking my lips, pouting and biting my lower lip, I mouthed at her ‘want to see some more?’ Oh course she did, she wanted to see everything, all of me.

I placed the thumbs of both hands into the top of my panties and, easing them away from my hips, pushed them down, so they were just at the top of my pubic hair, moving them away from my body I gave Mel a brief tantalising glance of what was waiting for her, them pulled them back up fully, before rubbing my pussy outside the fabric, I tormented Mel like this for four or five times, getting the panties lower each time, until finally with a flourish, I whipped them off in one final quick movement. I was stood there naked for Mel to see, well not quite naked I still had my shoes and stockings on!!!

I glanced in the mirror in my lounge to see me standing in-front of Mel in just killer heeled shoes and sheer stocking, my tight firm arse sitting above them. Boobs standing proud. Even I had to agree it looked sexy as hell.

I placed one leg on the arm of the sofa, offering Mel a close view of my glistening pussy, which she was staring at intently, a look of longing and lust in her eyes. Keeping this pose, I slowly unclipped the stocking from the garter belt, then taking Mels hand had her roll it down my leg and take it off, but she had to replace my shoe after the stocking was off. Taking the stocking off her I wrapped it round her neck and using it pulled her face nearer to my pussy, but stopping her just when I could feel her hot breath panting on me. Then I pushed her away.

As we repeated the process with my other leg, Mel, driven by lust, and my temping reached a hand out to touch my pussy, I slapped it away, hard.

‘No touching.’ I told her in a stern voice, but how she had managed not to try anything before was a mystery to me. I was as horny as hell and I was doing the strip, if Mel had been doing the same teasing thing to me, I think I would have ripped her clothes off long before now, I had to admire her self-restraint.

She had asked me to strip for her but I don’t think she realised how provocative I would be, sexy yes, but teasing and provocative no.

‘Oh My God, Nikkie, I know I asked you to strip for me, but I never expected anything as sexy as that.’

Again I sat in her lap but this time as her skirt was high there was the feeling of hot bare flesh touching hot bare flesh as our legs touched. And then I attacked her, the build up of passion I had aroused in myself as I stripped bursting forth.

I kissed her with passion, my tongue forcing it’s way between her lips to find hers, wrestling with each-other for dominance. As we kissed I grabbed her boobs and played with them outside her dress, thank God she didn’t have a bra on, I could feel her nipples standing hard and proud, a match for my own.

My pussy was dripping on Mels leg, leaving a damp sticky patch on her thigh. Mel at last got to touch me as she wanted, immediately pushing two fingers deep into my responsive and unprotesting pussy, fingering me hard, pushing her fingers deep into me, at the same time latching her lips onto my boobs, I held her head tight to them, moaning and sighing, ‘Oh Mel, Oh Mel, that is so nice.’

I was trying to unzip Mels dress and was having trouble, in my passionate state I hadn’t realised it had buttons, just like my blouse. I undid each one as quickly as I could, fumbling with them at times,  in contrast to the slow teasing way I had undone my own buttons. Getting the last one undone I pulled the top of her dress from her shoulders and got a view of her beautiful, full, breasts, big and round and firm. I took them gently in my hands and they overflowed them, I bent to kiss them and stayed there playing with them for what seemed like forever.

Eventually Mel forced me to stop, pushed me off her, stood up from the sofa, and looking intently at me with such love I had never seen before, shrugged the dress to the floor and stepped out of it, she quickly removed her panties, which because they were so wet were now useless, they were hiding nothing from my view they had become transparent.

Mel was now naked before me, and I just had on a pair of killer heels and a garter belt, two hot, sexy, women, looking at each other in lust and longing, knowing what each other wanted and needed.

No words were exchanged as Mel took me by the hand and led me silently up the stairs to my bedroom.

We stood facing each-other at the side of the bed, hands on resting on the others hips. Staring into each-others eyes, we collapsed onto the bed in a tangle of arms and legs, kissing and fondling, hands flying everywhere, no place or touch off limits or unwanted, we both wanted the other in everyway we could and were, that afternoon, willing to give ourselves however the other wanted. At that moment I felt a shift in our emotional state, we were in love with each-other. Mel and I. I and Mel.

All through the afternoon we caressed and touched each other bringing the other to orgasm after orgasm, sometimes at the same time, others just one of us hit our peak. We used our mouths, our hands, our fingers, even our legs, one of us rubbing the others mound with her thigh, we were so excited that that simple touch had us squirming in passion.

We used every position we could, one minute I was between Mel’s legs, licking her deeply, pushing my tongue into her, bring her to a shuddering climax with my mouth, her hands twined in my hair holding me in-place. Next we were sixty-nine, me underneath, unprotestingly pinned in-place as Mel, drove me to such a passionate climax, using her mouth and hands on and in my pussy.

At first we had started by having hard, lust filled sex, that morphed through the afternoon into making soft, gentle, love, then as evening approached we returned to the lustful state as we realised that we would have to finish soon. Mel needed to go home to her husband John.

After our last passionate time I was lying in Mel’s arms, looking lovingly into her face, I said, ‘Mel, friend, lover, oh sweet lover, what happens next, where do we go. Are we Lesbians now, and what about your marriage, what about poor John?’

‘I don’t know about Lesbians, probably are, but I have never wanted to try that before, I don’t want any other woman, I just wanted, and want you.

‘My marriage is still my marriage, I love John, so deeply, this is something else, I love you as well, but will never leave John. Can you accept that, can we go on  like this.’

‘Mel, I will have you on any terms you want. I think we have just fallen in love as women can. I’m not jealous of John, envious maybe, but your marriage is something else. I don’t want to wreck that, if we can get together at times then that will be great for me.

‘I still want men in my life, but I also want you as a lover, I must be greedy.’

We agreed that John must not know about us at present, and that we were now committed as lovers. Lovers only, for sex, but a different kind of loving sex, a sex that neither of us had experienced before, and a sex that we both realised we loved and couldn’t do without. I think the whole ten plus years of our friendship had been leading to this point.

Mel was having a shower getting ready to go home when her phone rang, it was John, I answered the phone.

‘Hi John, Mels just having a shower, we’ve been in the garden all day and she’s hot and sticky,’ I told him. Well she was hot and sticky but not from being in the garden!

As I said this Mel came back into the bedroom, and I got evil. ‘John, Mels told me that she’s feeling horny for you and will give you anything, anything  you want tonight, all you have to do is ask!!!’ With that I hung up. John wouldn’t be shocked or surprised at what I had told him, he knows Mel and I discuss everything.

Mel looked at me in astonishment at what I had just told John, ‘Why did you say that, you know what he’ll ask for now don’t you.?’

‘Yep, and you’re going to give it to him, think about it, he deserves it the way you’ve just cheated on him with me.’

‘You, devious bitch, you’re making me have guilt sex with John, aren’t you?’

‘Yep, but I will love it tomorrow when you tell me all about it. Tomorrow, when we are in my bed. I’m going to play with myself tonight imagining you and John.’

We kissed again then, showing the gentle love we had just discovered that we had for each-other.

Mel told me she rocked John’s world that night, giving him more than he even asked for, she was so turned on, lucky John.

That was the start of a long, beautiful love affair between Mel and I. We were exclusive as female lovers, I was still looking for a man and think I have found one, a good friend on John’s who is kind, considerate, and as a bonus a good lover, oh and he’s good looking as well.