My First Time (with a man)

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16 Jul. '18

Hi, I'm Mike. Back in 1969 I was six feet tall, one hundred eighty-two pounds with dark hair and eyes.  I was in good condition from playing college baseball and working on a construction crew, with plumbers, during the summer.  We were finishing up work at a high rise condo when the plumbing foreman told me to run over to one of the high rises that all ready had people living there.  It seemed that one of the people was having problems with a leaky sink.  I took the appropriate tools and went to the condo.  

A man in his mid forties, trim, tall, nice looking with greying hair answered the door.  He was warm and friendly and Steve was his name.  He led me to the bathroom and I got my head and shoulders inside the vanity so I could look at the sink.  As I lay there I suddenly felt a hand on my  thigh.  I did't know what to do.  As I lay there working, his hand lightly caressed my thigh and I became confused.  Part of me wanted to tell him stop but to my surprise I had an erection.  

I got done and slid out from underneath the sink.  Steve smiled and said, "How about something cold to drink?"  I wasn't sure what to do and said, "I think the boss will be expecting me back soon."

Steve smiled as he poured two glasses of iced tea.  As he handed me the drink he said, "I told your foreman that there were several things that needed your attention."  We both sat on the couch and he said, "Well, what were your feelings in regard to what happened in the bathroom?"

I took a sip of my tea hoping I wouldn't have to answer when he continued, "I noticed you had an erection.  So you must have enjoyed it.  Am I right?"

I was in over my head.  "Sir," "No, call me Steve," he interrupted.  "Ok Steve, I have never done anything like that with a man.  I have a girl friend.  I don't even know if I would like being with a man in that way."  

"And how would you know if you haven't tried," he replied.  "I have a girl friend too, but sometimes I just like the feel of a man.  Feeling his hard body and holding his cock in my hand as it begins to get hard.  And you did get hard Mike.  Very hard."

"I know, but," .  "No buts," he replied, "just leave it at 'I know.'"  With that he reached out and touched my thigh again.   He smiled and said, "I can see the 'tent' in your jeans.  How long has it been?  Since you've had sex."

"Almost two months," I replied.  

He smiled and took a sip of his tea.  "I guess you must really be full."  His hand moved up to my crotch.  I swallowed hard.  

"Come on, don't be shy.  Anything you don't like and we will stop."  As if in a trance I followed him into his bedroom.  The bed had already been turned down.  "If you don't like something, just tell me and I'll stop."  With that he reached out and kissed me. His arms went around me and I wasn't sure what to do, so I hugged him back.  

He took that as a positive sign and I felt his tongue glide over my lips.  My cock was very hard and I opened my mouth.  We kissed passionately for a while.  He broke the kiss and reached out and pulled my T-shirt over my head.  He tossed it aside and said, "I find men with broad shoulders very sexy."  

He reached out and lightly caressed my nipples.  I moaned and my cock was becoming uncomfortable in my jeans.  He leaned in and licked my nipples.  I moaned even louder.  He rubbed the front of my jeans as he licked and kissed my nipples.  I was going crazy.  He undid my belt, my zipper, and the snap on my jeans.  

He lightly caressed by cock through my shorts and I was losing all control.  He slid my pants and shorts down and pushed me back on the bed.  My cock was hard and pointing up toward my head.  He paused and said, "What a beautiful cock and I love your low hanging balls."  

He undid my work boots and removed my socks, pants and shorts.  I was lying naked in the bed of a man I had known for only half an hour.  He began to remove his own clothes as he said, "I want you."

I scooted up the bed as he climbed in and we began to kiss and make out.  I was really getting into it as we took turns kissing and licking each other's chests and nipples.  He gently rolled me on my back and kissed his way down to my cock.  He blew gently on my cock and then I felt his mouth close around my cock.  All I could do was close my eyes and moan.  

He licked and sucked my cock.  He read me like a book and every time I got near to cuming he backed off.  As he sucked me he cupped my balls and gently caressed them as his fingertips caressed that place between my balls and asshole.    He teased me like that for a long time and then I felt one his wet fingers gently probing my asshole.  Soon his finger was in me and between his probing finger and sucking mouth on my cock I had never experienced such pleasure.  

He went on like that for a while and then he came up, kissed me as he moved his body between my legs.  He smiled and said, "I want to fuck you."  I didn't know what to say or do.  

"Just lift your legs and relax."  I did and I felt his finger enter me this time with a lot of lube on his finger.  Once done with that he lubed his cock and then told me to put my feet on his shoulders.  I did and then he slowly entered me.  It was an odd feeling, a bit painful but soon he was in.   

He smiled at me and said, "Just relax."  I did and soon he began to move in me.  Thankfully he had used lots of lube and the feeling moved from pain, to discomfort, to pleasure.  We looked at each other and we both smiled.  We both knew that it was feeling pleasurable for both of us.  In and out he went.  As he fucked me I reached up and began to caress my ow nipples.  

He smiled, "That's it.  Just enjoy it."  I did.  He pace quickened.  He was moving faster and moaning.  He looked at me and closed his eyes. "I'm cuming" was all he said as he kept moving his hips.  He went deep into me and I could feel his cock throbbing in me. And then he began to slow down.  

He pulled out of me, lay down on top of me, and kissed me.  We held the kiss and each other until he moved his head.  As he began to slide down my body he said, "Your turn."

In moments he had my cock in his mouth.  I couldn't believe this was happening.  As his head moved up and down on cock I felt a finger sliding into my ass once again.   I closed my eyes, began to play with my nipples, and surrendered completely to the pleasure.  

Soon it was my turn.  I said, "I'm gonna' cum," warning him that I was about to cum.  He just kept sucking and I realized that he wanted me to cum in his mouth.  So, I let go.  Then came that indescribable moment, that perfect blissful feeling as you fall off the orgasmic cliff..  It was perfect and then I began to squirt into his mouth.  Spurt after spurt who into his waiting mouth.  Until I was drained dry.  He licked me and then slid up next to me.  

We kissed.  It was perfect.  We lay together for a while just touching until he got up and brought back a warm washcloth.  He cleaned me up and I got dressed.  He just threw a robe on and walked me to the door.  He kissed me and invited me back on Friday.  I said, "Sure."

It was a wonderful moment and as I think about it a smile comes to my face and my cock begins to press agains my shorts.