A Chicken Coming Out

Info LorenzoAbajos
22 Mar. '16

The Presidio of Monterey is located on the hillside running up from the bay. It is the Army base for the Defense Language Institute, West Coast. In the city itself is the Naval Post-Graduate School for officers. But the institute has both enlisted and officer students of all services. It has a perfect setting for a school on Monterey Bay with the typical Mediterranean climate found on the coast of Southern California.

Sent there to study Vietnamese during the war in the late 1960s Sal was somewhat lost for a few weeks. He had no friends yet having been sent there right out of boot camp and having none of his shipmates going to the same school. He eventually found some good friends. This is the story of that growth in his experience.

Salvatore, or Sal for short, had grown up in a large, Italian family. There were several brothers and several sisters. He had dated in high school. His sisters always set him up with their girlfriends. He was never attracted to them for some reason. He just thought it was because he couldn't find a special girl.

One thing that perplexed him though was that he did love to watch sports. Not that watching was odd, but the fact that he loved to see the large boys and their muscles moving so gracefully as they played games. It made him feel very funny inside and sometimes he would be surprised when his cock would get hard during games. He enjoyed watching the boys run off the field to the showers. Imagining them taking their showers without clothes on was so stimulating. He kept wondering if he was a little strange.

You must remember, Sal was 18 when he went into the service. He was naive and sexually fresh and pure. A true virgin. He had jacked off, of course. All boys jack off. But when he jerked he would sometimes think of sweaty men on the beach in skimpy swimsuits. They always seemed to have bulging crotches. He wondered if their things looked like his thing. He had a cock that was only 5 inches long when it was soft. But when he started fondling it the dick would grow until it was 7 inches long and about an inch across. He measured it for the fun of it.

He was give a waiver to enter the Navy. He only weighed 105 pounds, but the Navy said they could put some weight on him. In four years he gained not a pound. So he was slight, with dark brown hair, and a thin body that was able to keep up with his shipmates.

He had a good time in boot camp once he understood the rules. They were simple, just follow orders. He got to shower with all kinds of other men, and he could glance over and see what they had dangling between their legs. He would often have to turn away and hide a cock that was starting to grow longer. He would quickly finish his shower and wrap a towel around his waist to hide the hard on developing.

At the institute Sal went to classes Monday through Friday. He was off duty on the weekends. He started his classes at 0800 hours and was out by 1530 hours. That was 8:00 to 3:30. The rest of his time was his own to do as he wished. He spent some time on base watching television and drinking Coke with salted peanuts, a favorite. But most of the time he would go down the long walk to the base of the hill and try to find something to do in town.

Sometimes he would walk over to the old Cannery Row, or he would walk around town seeing the sights. He saw where Robert Louis Stevenson lived while in Monterey before heading for the south seas. But mostly, for the first few weeks he would just go to a little diner he had found that was friendly. It had a waitress named Gladys straight out of central casting. Her hair was frizzy and dyed red. Her voice was hoarse and throaty, but she was sweet to the young sailor. She watched out for him. Almost like a mother.

One day while sitting in the diner he saw two fellows walk in. One had long black hair like a hippie. He was handsome and well built. About 150 pounds and no fat. The other had blonde hair in a crewcut. He was short like a fireplug and hard. Again, no fat. They gazed around and then fastened their stare on Sal. They walked over and asked if he could spare some change. Sal was not a complete fool. Instead of giving them money for whatever he instead said, "If you are hungry I would be glad to buy you some coffee and a piece of pie." They smiled and accepted.

Gladys was watching and she shook her head at Sal, but he decided he might actually have a chance to meet someone today. He was naive but he was bright. He thought he could take care of himself.

They spent an hour talking about this and that. They all had coffee and slices of pie. After finishing up the two got up, thanked Sal, and started to walk away. Then they paused and asked Sal if he would like to come back to their room in the rooming house down the road and have a beer. He readily accepted.

When they arrived at the room on the second floor of the house the two new friends, Neil the tall one, and Buck the short one both asked Sal if he minded if they got comfortable. He had no problem with that. It was their room. They got Sal a Pabst and then they took off their shirts and pants and just left their whitey tighties on. Both were in good shape with muscles galore. Then they sat on the sofa. Sal thought this was odd but the beer was good and he wasn't alone. Life felt pretty good right now.

"Go on Sal, get comfortable. This is California. We're less uptight here you know," said Buck.

So Sal took off his shirt and pants and just had on his navy skivvies. Then he sat in the large easy chair. Oddly, he was starting to feel like a hard on was developing. He looked over at Neil and Buck and he could clearly see stiffies in their briefs. He did not feel uncomfortable at all. He felt quite good.

They all had about three beers apiece and after the last one was served to Sal, Neil and Buck both sat beside him on the arms of the easy chair. Then each one reached in and took his hard cock out. Sal looked up into their eyes and then reached out and grasped each cock in one hand. Then he started to jack them both off. His own hard on was protruding out of the open hole in his skivvy shorts. It had reached its full seven inches. Sal had never been happier.

"So little chicken, you seem ready to come out," said Neil. Sal didn't understand but he did feel great. Neil reached over and took Sal's head. He drew it to his eight inch cock and Sal opened his mouth and took it all in. He was sucking cock for the first time, and he was almost dying from the joy it infused in his whole body. Neil was fucking his face and he was taking it all. Finally Neil began to shoot his cum into Sal's mouth and he sucked it all down. He wanted more.

Neil moved away and Buck now took Sal's face in his hands and stuck his short, fat 5 inch prick into Sal's face. Heaven, that was what was going through Sal's head. He tried something new with Buck. He nibbled on thc cock head and Buck moaned with lust. He let Sal take his time twirling his tongue around his cock and then he began thrusting into Sal's willing mouth. He fucked Sal's face for a good ten minutes before strings of spunk started shooting down Sal's happy throat.

All the while that Buck was fucking Sal's mouth Neil was working up another hard on. This was for another virgin hole. As soon as Buck shot his wad Neil let Sal swallow all the cum and then he grabbed him, pulled his skivvies off and bent him over the end of the bed. He reached for the K-Y always kept next to the bed, spread it thoroughly on his cock and rammed some up the ass of Sal. Sal was a little frightened but he kept jacking his cock and feeling very happy. Something new and great was happening in his life.

Neil eased his cock into that virgin bung hole of Sal who yelled with surprise and some pain. But Neil slowly slipped it in and began fucking the ass hole before him until Sal started pushing back for more and deeper. Neil thrust as deep and as hard as he could making Sal suck on his fingers while he fucked him. At last, Neil had worked up a new wad of cum and he shot it deep into Sal's ass. It oozed out around his cock. He pulled out and it began to dribble out.

Now it was Buck's turn. He took dirty seconds. All the while Sal had been beating his meat and was ready to cum himself. As Buck moved Sal up on the bed on all fours and began cramming his thick cock into the newly used bung hole Neil crawled under and began sucking on Sal's seven inches. Sal was so close to cumming that after a few rams of Buck's cock he shot his load into Neil's waiting mouth. Then Buck started filling Sal's ass with spunk and pulled out quickly. He wanted a cream pie.

Buck got down and started rimming the new chicken. He ate the young skinny ass with gusto. Licking and eating his own spunk. He crammed his tongue into Sal's ass and made him hard again. Sal started jacking off and then he got up and turned around and shot his cum on Buck's face. They both started laughing. This was what it was all about!

They parted ways with kisses of affection and hopes to all see each other again. Sal climbed slowly back up the hill as he did every evening. It was a tiring climb but well worth it. He was looking forward to some great times ahead here in Monterey. He would be here for months more. He went to bed that night truly understanding himself at last.

Sal discovered later that week from Buck that there was a club in town called The Gilded Cage. He had heard the name before but it had not registered. Then he remembered the song "I'm Only a Bird in a Gilded Cage." Now he found out it was a place for people like him. It was the only gay bar in town. And he was in for the time of his life.

He climbed down the hill on a Saturday night in the best civvies he had available. He paid to enter the club and was drawn into the turmoil on the dance floor. He was immediately popular. These men loved the new chickens. Gay men back then loved the young slight men. They were so tasty. He was soon dancing with every guy in the club at least once, all grinding their crotches and kissing each other. This was one place they could act semi-normal. They could allow their affections to be on display without being judged.

Soon Sal had been picked by a hardbody who had short wavy brown hair and was incredibly buff, in leather vest and jeans and motorcycle boots. "Little dude, you're my honeycake tonight. Let's go!" That was Rod telling Sal they were ready to leave. He was more than game.

Rod indeed had a hog outside and they both got on, Sal hugging Rod tightly from behind and rubbing his crotch against this heavenly piece of man. They took off fast and drove fifteen minutes until they reached the beach. It was summer and the moon was out. The surf was pounding almost as loud as Sal's heart.

Rod left the cycle on the rise above the sand and they crossed the tall sea grasses with a blanket in Sal's hands. Rod took the blanket, placed it on the sand and then pulled Sal down without any talking. He started kissing him and making him nuzzle his neck. "Suck on my ears. I like that." Sal complied even nibbling the lobes a little, being enthusiastic. He liked this kind of love-making. Apparently lots of other men did too.

Now Rod began to strip his little chicken of his burdensome clothes. When slight little Sal was naked with his cock standing at attention Rod stood up and stripped his own clothes off slowly looking at Sal's cock and almost drooling. When he was completely nude he straddled his little prey with his cock of ten inches pointing into Sal's face, and taking Sal's cock in his mouth. Sal grabbed the huge cock above him and started licking the pre-cum and sticking his little tongue into the large piss hole Rod had. Then he enveloped the head of the cock and chewed on it.

All the while Rod was going up and down on Sal's cock, trying to make him cum fast. Rod always tried to make his lovers cum fast. It made him feel like a real man. Most men did not mind. They could always cum again. As it often did it worked. Sal began to shoot his spunk up into Rod's mouth, lots of it dripping back down on his balls. When Rod had sucked Sal dry he moved down to the balls and licked up all the cum there too. Then he sucked on the balls and licked Sal's ass.

Meanwhile Rod's huge cock was being worked by little Sal. To Sal it had become the more cock the better. He was drooling and dripping spit from Rod's dick. He was using both hands to jack the large prick and finally he was rewarded. Never yet had so much cum been shot into Sal's mouth. He was gagging and trying hard to swallow and not lose any. He kept wiping the overflowing cum back into his mouth. And he kept swallowing the cum that tasted like tobacco and whiskey. It was so good.

Both men collapsed onto the blanket. Then they came together and began making out, trading cum from their mouths with each other. Each was holding the other's cock and slowly they both started getting harder and harder.

"You know what you get now my little chicken, right? You get my huge cock up your little bung hole. It'll hurt and it'll tear but you'll like it. But that doesn't matter. You'll get it either way. So get on your hands and knees and stick that bum up into the fucking air. Now!"

Sal did as ordered with alacrity. He loved being gay. It was finally what he was that was coming out. He was gay and he was liking it. He never wanted to change. Then he screamed as Rod's huge cock crammed its way into his tiny little ass hole. He whimpered and begged for more as Rod pistoned into and out of the little ass hole. His ass got bigger as the huge cock forced it open and he began to get so damned hard. He had never been so hard in his life. Rod fucked him and fucked him and finally gave him the hose job he needed and begged for. His ass was filled again with male spunk and it was good.

Now something surprising happened. Rod pulled out of Sal's ass and then got in a supine position with his still hard cock sticking up in the air. Now the strange thing occurred. "Little chicken, you need to get your cock in gear and shoot it all over my body. I need cum on my body. It keeps me healthy." And then he laughed. Sal started beating as fast and as hard as he could and in a minute he was shooting cum on Rod's huge body with all of it muscles. All over him. Even into his face. And Rod laughed.

Then Rod said, "Rub it into my body, rub it in little chicken." So Sal gave Rod a body massage using his own cum as the lubricant. It was erotic and fun at the same time.

The moon was slowly going down into the ocean. The men shared the blanket and their arms. Life was good for men who knew who they were and accepted it.

Sal always remembered his time in Monterey as the time he came into his own. The little chicken had finally came out.