A GREEK RHAPSODY: The Day I Spent a Month in Greece

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18 Jul. '18

          It was the summer of ’98, and I had decided to take a semester off from my college life.  The studying, exams and early morning classes had taken their toll on me the past two years and I just needed to chill for a while to recharge my mind and body.  Plus at twenty one, I wanted to, no needed to, have some fun in my life before I would be forced to settle into the real world of the money making and stress of a career, which tends to kill the soul of most men by the age of thirty.

          So here I sat.  Bored and nothing to do.  I had envisioned my free time to be filled with fun and excitement, but alas time is a cruel mistress.  What was supposed to be the time of my life had slowly become a time of my life I wanted over.  That was until the day I decided to go on a little trip.  I had no idea where I should go, so being the adventures person that I am; I let fate make my decision.  I opened a map of the world and taped it to the wall.  I closed my eyes and threw a dart.  When I opened my eyes, fate had chosen my destination; Greece.

          Now I am not a rich man, after all I am merely a twenty one year old college student.  So I took to counting all my money, including the loose change scattered around my apartment, and discovered I had just enough money to buy the cheapest class airfare ticket round trip to Greece, with just enough left over to get a hotel room for one night.  It wasn’t going to be the longest of adventures, but hey, hopefully it would put a temporary end to my boredom.  I figured what the hell, a day in Greece was better then a winter in Wisconsin.  Looking back now, I can honestly say it ended my boredom, but it was far from a temporary ending.

          Oh dear readers I must apologize, for you have no idea who I am.  I am Travis.  Travis, a young man about to set out for a single day of fun and adventures in a beautiful place the world calls Greece.

          I won’t bore you with the mundane parts of my trip, like the quick packing and the long line at the airport getting through security, nor even the flight over the ocean.  Even though they too had a little adventurousness to them, they are neither the reason nor subject of my write.  So let me now take you with me to when I walked out of the airport in Greece and was anxiously waiting for the Tourist Guide that I had booked to take me on my little Greek adventure.

          I lit up a smoke as I sat down on the small bench under a sign that read, ‘Eva’s Greek Tours’, and waited.  I didn’t have to long to wait.  I had barely finished my cig when a brightly multi colored mini bus pulled up.  I chuckled to myself as I watched the bus pull to a stop in front of me.  I thought how it looked like something out of the ‘6os hippie era back in the states.  I pictured a young Jerry Garcia stepping down off the bus when the door opened, but was more than pleasantly surprised at who did exit this bus with the LSD induced paint job.

          I glanced up along the frame of a gorgeous Greek Goddess.  I had read in books of the mythical Greek Goddess’s but had always thought they were just stories.  But now sitting here and eyeing up this beauty that stood in front of me, I understood what the ancient Greeks had spoke of.  From her toe nailed painted feet to her obsidian hair cut short to give her a seductively sensual look, this girl had it all.  Her tanned skin contrasted nicely against the backdrop the brightly painted bus.  She was dressed in skin tight neon green shorts that looked more like a pair of panties than actual shorts.  They hugged her hips like a drowning man clinging to a life ring.  The waist line was cut low, my mind wondered as to just how close it came to revealing a peak at that oh so special place a woman has. This girl definitely spent some time on grooming her nether region.  My preoccupation on her green shorts was brought to an end when I heard an angelic voice.

          “Are you Travis?” She asked extending a hand. “I’m Eva, and I will be your personal tourist guy.”

          I stood, trying to hide the slight bulge that had started to grow in my purple knee length shorts.  I wondered if it was the accent or if she had misspoke, for it sounded like she had said ‘Guy’ and not ‘Guide’.  I brushed it off as the difference in accents.

          “Yes, yes I am Travis,” I managed to stammer out as now my eyes got a look at her chest.  She was not overly endowed, but looked to have a nice perky set of breasts that were barely covered by a purple bikini top.  I wondered for a second why most men like a woman with huge tits.  Why women get boob jobs to have hugely disproportional sized breast compared to their bodies.  I had always found the smaller perky tits were better, you know the old saying, ‘more then a mouthful is a waste.’ As I felt another tingle inside my shorts, I was again brought back to reality by her angelic voice.

          “Well Travis,” she began. “Since you are only here for the day may I suggest we get going?”  She turned to the side and motioned with her hand for me to get on the bus. “There is so much to see here in Greece, that we may have to rush a little.”  She laughed a little laugh that sent jolts of electricity up my spine.

          “Ok then,” I replied, bending to pick up my small overnight bag. Looking back up I commented. “Hey we match.”

          “Excuse me?” she asked with a giggle.

          “Your top and my shorts,” I laughed. “Both purple.”

          Instantly I felt regret for saying that.  I didn’t need to be drawing her attention to my shorts, what with what was happening inside them.  I quickly pulled my bag in front of my crotch to hide my growing embarrassment.

          “Oh yes I see we do,” she said looking down to my shorts, then looking up to my eyes she flashed a broad grinning smile and winked at me.  “I am guessing you are going to really enjoy your tour.”

          Eva offered me the seat right behind the driver’s seat then she sat down and started the bus.  From where I sat I could look into the large mirror above the drivers seat and see down the front of her body all the way down to those little green shorts.  As she shifted in her seat, the purple top fluffed out a bit and I got a glimpse of the nipple on her left breast.  I muffled an “Oh” and leaned back in my seat to try to shift my growing manhood into a more comfortable and hidden position.  When I looked back up I saw Eva’s reflection in the mirror; she had a sensual smile on her face before she looked back to the road.  I swear she winked at me again.  And that did nothing to help me ease the awkward situation I was in.

          “I hope you don’t mind Travis,” Eva started to say.

          “Don’t mind what?”  I asked, leaning forward in my seat, resting my right forearm on the back of the driver’s seat.

          “Well I invited a few friends along on the tour,” she continued. “I think you will enjoy the tour more if there are others along for the ride.  Is that ok?’

          “Well sure Eva,” I replied. “I am here for a days worth of adventures so the more the merrier as they say.”

          Eva let out a little seductive laugh and turned the bus down a narrow cobble stoned street.  I swear I saw her wink once again it the mirror as she pulled the bus to a stop and honked the horn.

          “They’ll be right out.” She said with a smile and opened the door.

          It was only a few seconds when four people came out of the building across the street and half jogged towards the bus.  I watched as the four of them crossed the street.  There were two girls and two guys.  The girls each wore rather skimpy bikinis and their breast bounced gently as they scampered towards the bus.  They were both slightly better endowed than Eva, but still not that overly too large to be ridiculous.  The guys both wore what I could only think passed for swim wear here in Greece.  Their shorts were barely larger than the ones Eva wore, and left just enough to the imagination to be sensual and sexual at the same time.  The slenderer of the two was shirtless and as he neared I could see he had both nipples pierced and a finely toned tanned chest and maturing six pack abs.  The other wore a light blue t-shirt that had the neckline cut down to form a v-shape exposing a small part of his smooth tanned chest.   As the four rounded the front of the bus I quickly shifted again and pulled the front of my own shorts out to help hide my now ever growing excitement.

          “Hop on in,” Eva greeted them. “This is Travis; he is my client for the day.”

          “Hi Travis,” They all said in unison. “Welcome to Greece.”

          They all quickly sat down and Eva started the bus and announced we would be heading to the beach first, which brought cheers from the four new riders on the bus.  It never occurred to me at the time, but as I look back now I realize that none of the four ever introduced themselves to me and to this day I do not know any of their names.  I think that is the way Eva intended it to be, for the memories of my adventure would be better suited for later remembrance if I did not know with whom I had taken the adventure.  All except for Eva, which is one name and image that, will forever be burned into my memory.  But I have digressed; let me get you back to my day in Greece.

          As Eva turned the bus to head us to the beach she suddenly called out, “Oh dear me Travis I totally forgot, we need to get you checked into your hotel room first.”

          “Oh yeah, I guess I should get checked in so they don’t give away my room.  I would hate to be homeless in Greece for a night.”  I laughed.

          There was a slight moaning murmur from the other four in the bus, but Eva calmed them down by letting them know it would only take a few minutes.  We pulled up to the beach front hotel and Eva ushered me inside.  She led me to the front desk and said she would be right back.  I got my room key and quickly went to the fourth floor and went into my room and tossed my bag on the bed.  The image Eva was still flooding my mind and had now caused a full blown battle between my shorts and my twitching organ fighting to be released.  I fell to the bed as I pulled down my shorts.  I figured I could quickly rub one out in a couple of minutes and be back down to the bus before anyone got to anxious.  After all I couldn’t walk around the rest of the day with a raging boner in my shorts.  And with the images of Eva flashing in my mind, it wouldn’t take but a few good strokes to get me off.  I had just started to masturbate when my room door opened.  I jumped up, my purple shorts around my knees to be standing face to face with Eva!!

          “What are you doing here?” I stammered trying to cover my throbbing manhood with my hands.

          “I was looking for the receptionist.  The front clerk said she was up here checking out a room.” She said somewhat apologetically, as she glanced down to my cupped hands over my still throbbing member. “I can leave if you are busy.” She said as she turned back to the door.

          “No it’s okay, you can stay.”  I was shocked to hear myself say those words.  Here I stood, shorts around my knees with a raging hard-on and wanting to just quickly jack-off, and now I was inviting this Greek Goddess to stay.  I don’t know what I was hoping would happen.

          “Okay.” She snickered as she turned and walked back to me.  She reached out and pulled my right hand from where it was trying to hide my manhood and with a wink, led me out to the balcony.

          “Lovely view.” She said as she held my hand.

          “Yes it is.”  I softly answered as I gazed out at the bright azure skyline contrasting beautifully with the bluish green water of the sea.  I glanced back and noticed she wasn’t looking at the water, but here eyes were fixed on my nakedness.  She caught me looking at her, and quickly pulled me closer to her, my hardness pressing against her soft smooth skin just above her pant line.  She pulled me to the floor of the balcony; the tiles were warm from the early morning sun.  I looked into her eyes and slide her bikini top aside revealing her luscious perk tits.  I cupped one in my hand and gently caressed it as I lowered my mouth to the other one and licked around the nipple and sucked it into my mouth hard.   I let my other hand slide down her smooth stomach and my fingers tickled her pant line as I tried to work them under her green shorts.  She reached down and stroked my throbbing member, then quickly rolled me off her and walked to the other side of the balcony   I stood up and stepped towards her, my shorts still around my knees.  I felt something squishy under my foot.  I glanced down as I started to slip to see a banana squished under my foot.  My head hit the tiled floor of the balcony and everything went black.

          The next thing I remembered I was back in the bus with Eva driving us towards the beach.  I vaguely thought I remembered something happening in the hotel room, but my mind was fuzzy.  Did what I think happened really happen?  Or was I simply day dreaming because of the twitching in my shorts as I watched Eva through the mirror on the bus.  I quickly came to realize it didn’t really matter; I was on a bus in Greece heading to the beach with a goddess named Eva and four of her friends.

          Eva pulled the bus to a halt just short of the sandy beach.  I followed her out of the bus and watched as her butt cheeks bounce ever so slightly as she walked down the steps of the bus.  Once we were all on the beach, Eva started talking about the white sandy shore and the beautiful water line.  I really didn’t hear what she was saying, for I was watching her four friends frolicking on the beach.  The sun glistening off their tanned bodies, the bouncing of the girls tits as they ran, and the ever increasing growing bulges in the skimpy shorts of the guys.  I was in heaven.

          I turned back to Eva; she had a frown of disappointment on her face.  She looked at me and ran out into the water and swam away from the shore.  Almost instantly her four friends ran out after her.  Well not wanting to be the only one left behind, I took of my shirt and kicked off my shoes and ran out in the water and dove in and swam out to meet them.

          I swam out to the spot where they were all treading water.  I was about to ask Eva what was wrong, when she suddenly dove down into the sea.  The others followed her, and after a couple of seconds I figured what the fuck and dove too.  We dove down, down, down deeper into the coo, water of the sea until I caught up the five of them by an enormous rock jutting out of the sea floor.  Eva was holding on to the rock and appeared to be in front of what looked like a door.  I was shocked!  What kind of a rock has a door I asked myself?  Eva was fidgeting with what looked like a keyhole on the door.  I swam closer to see it was am add shaped hole on the door.  Eva motioned for one of the guys to swim over.  When de did, she pulled down his swim trunks and began to play with his penis until it became hard.  She motioned for him to stick it in the hole in the door of the rock.  He did, but nothing happened.  She pushed him back and motioned for the other guy.  Again she pulled down his trunks and massaged his member until he too was fully aroused.  He slid his hard penis into the hole, but again nothing happened.  Then she looked over to me.  I quickly swam over to her.  It was then that I realized the odd shaped keyhole was a stone vagina.  She pulled down my shorts and although I was already hard, she roughly tugged a couple of times on my member and then cupped my ass cheeks in her hands and shoved my penis into the hole.  Instantly the rock disappeared and we found ourselves lying on a sandy beach inside a huge bubble, at the bottom of the sea.

          I was in shock.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  I looked around, it was paradise.  Large palm trees sprouted up along the white sandy beach.  There was music playing in the background and the air smelt of freshness and sensuality.  It was then that I noticed that none of us had any clothes anymore.  There I stood, in front of the goddess Eva, stark naked with a raging hard-on.  My member began to bounce up and down when I laid eyes on the now naked Eva.  Her breasts where perfect, small but perky, with a slight up curve to where the nipples jutted out like two lighthouses on small islands on a sea of flesh, just the way I liked them.

          I looked around at the others. The other two girls, although lovely, did not come close to the sexual beauty of Eva.  The two guys stood side by side giving me a full view of there well toned bodies and hard members pointing out towards me.  As I glanced over to them and I noticed the well trimmed pubes on them all, which gave the guys the appearance of having a slightly larger penis then they did.  The slenderer one of the two had the larger penis, in length anyway.  Although the other guy’s member was shorter it appeared to be bigger around.  I wondered for a minute what it would feel like up my tight little ass, as I sucked the long slender penis of the first guy.  All the while my goddess Eva was cheering me on and fingering her pussy just waiting for me to slide my hard member into her moistness.

          As Eva stepped towards me and reached a hand out to grab my hard member she froze in mid reach.  Her eyes grew large and she tried to scream.  I turned and looked and saw a massive shark swimming towards our bubble.  Its jaws wide open, razor sharp teeth glistening in the water.

{to be continued}