My Night as a Purchased Lover

Info Raphael
19 Jul. '18

My Night as a Purchased Lover


My heart was pounding as I pulled into the driveway; 3678 Mabel St. God, why am I so nervous? I thought to myself as I put the car in park. I left it running for a moment as I tried to calm my nerves by pulling a compact out of my small clutch and ensuring my hair was still in place. It wasn’t, almost to my relief, as it gave me a few more moments to stay here. Once done, I took a deep breath, turned off the car, and stepped out.  My heels clicked on the pavement as I ascended to the front door. I reached out to the doorbell and rang it once. A moment passed; I glanced down at the dress I was wearing. It was a black, slinky piece, with a slit up my thigh and a plunging neckline that gave even my smaller breasts a surprising amount of cleavage. I pulled it down just a touch more, just before the door opened.

The first thing I noticed about the man who stood before me was his strong jaw, a face full of confidence, and eyes with just a hint of amusement. He was clean shaven, and his hair was cut short, with not a single piece out of place. He stepped aside, inviting me in; I was shaking and hoped he wouldn’t notice as I thanked him. He wore fine dress clothes, dark shoes, and pants, with a light button up shirt. The top button was undone, as if he had just removed his tie after a hard day at work.

“You have a beautiful home,” I said, taking in the entryway. My eyes followed a curling staircase, looking up towards the tall ceilings, large windows, and well-designed interior. Various living areas and a kitchen could be seen in the open layout, and flowers filled vases in strategic places. I couldn’t help but smile as I saw a small platter of chocolates sitting on a nearby table. I looked back at the man, smiling sweetly, and said, “You didn’t get these for me, did you?”

“What woman doesn’t love chocolate?” he said. His voice was silky and smooth, and he walked with confidence as he brought the dish to me. I trailed my hand over them before selecting one, looking up into his eyes as I took it into my fingers. His eyes were still filled with amusement, but a flicker of lust appeared as I slid it between my lips. He watched me for a moment longer before turning back and setting the dish down.

“So,” he said, walking into the nearby living area. I followed him, looking at the elegant furniture, the fireplace, a large TV above it, and the nearby desk that the man had walked towards. “What is it I owe you?”

“Oh, we don’t need to worry about that just yet,” I said. I tried to step towards him, setting my clutch down on a nearby table, but he turned back with an envelope in his hand. He held it out to me.

“In all things, I choose business before pleasure.” His voice was commanding, and I felt compelled to take it. “Go ahead, double check,” he said, turning back to the table. I heard clinking of glass as I turned away. The money was all there, as agreed upon. I put it into my clutch, before turning back, just in time to receive a crystal glass of what could only be a very expensive scotch. The man motioned to the couch, before sitting in a leather armchair across from it.

“So, what’s your name sweetheart?” he said as I sat. I took a sip of my drink, feeling the liquid burn all the way to my stomach, as he did the same. He was staring at me like I was the most delectable thing he had ever seen; it made my stomach tingle, in an almost pleasant way.

“Eva,” I said, looking over the glass, “may I know yours?” I smiled sweetly, swirling the amber liquid around.

“John will do.” I nodded, and we both took another drink. He was studying me, as I was to him. I wondered what he exactly wanted, what he hoped for, and what he was going to do first. He smiled as we watched each other, and just as I was about to ask what I could do for him, he spoke.

“So, Eva… tell me about yourself. What do you like to do?” I was a little thrown off by his question. I didn’t expect to talk about myself and hold a conversation.

“Well,” I said, stalling to think about what to say, “I love to read, and write. I haven’t published anything, but I hope to one day.” John smiled as I said this, but I could tell he was hoping for more. “I also enjoy photography. There’s something about taking the perfect picture that can be so sensual and calming… while at the same time being so invigorating.”

“It sounds like you are doing the things you were meant to,” John said. I blushed, tucking my head down and hiding in my glass until it passed. He was sweet, and it felt genuine. It was enjoyable talking to him, and as I finished my drink and it was refilled, we continued to talk. John asked me about my stories, what I wanted to be when I was a child, and many other things. Nothing too personal, nothing uncomfortable, but just very nice questions. He gave many answers as well, but I could tell he simply wanted to get to know me.

My glass was half empty for the second time when I realized my nerves were gone and even with our conversation going so well, I couldn’t help but wonder if this was all he really wanted. It couldn’t be, not with the way he looked at me with such interest… not with the way he scanned over my legs and cleavage with such hunger. His questions coming to a brief end, I took the opportunity to set my glass down, uncross my legs, and stand. The three steps I took to stand in front of him were the most purposeful steps I have ever taken, each one echoing louder in my ears than I felt they should have. He was relaxed, his arms up on the sides of the chair, with a look of amusement on his face. I leaned forward, placing one hand on his chest, and the other around the back of his neck and said, “So, John… what did you really ask me to come here for? What can I do to service you?”

“Well,” he said, staying still and staring deep into my eyes, “why don’t we start right here?” He glanced down and I followed his gaze. A smile crept across my face as my view passed over his belt and to his crotch. I slid my hands down, running them over his chest and stomach, onto his thighs. He was cool and collected, not showing any cracks or signs of excitement as I touched him. I slide down, kneeling between his legs, pressing my hands into his thighs to excite him. But before I did, I reached down and untied his shoes, taking them off to set them aside.

John gave me an amused look, but I simply said, “I want you to be as comfortable as possible John, so you can enjoy what is to come to you.” He simply nodded, his smile still on his lips as my nimble fingers methodically undid his belt, then the button, and lastly the zipper. The tight fabric separated as I pushed a hand underneath, feeling him. It was warm to the touch, and he took a deep breath as I did it. I barely held back a grin as he reacted, only smiling instead.

I touched him through his silky boxers, gently at first, simply trailing my fingertips up and down. I could feel myself beginning to enjoy the feeling, and by John’s purposefully slowed breathing, I could tell he was as well. I stared directly into his eyes, matching his gaze as I tucked my fingertips into the waistband of his underwear, slowly peeling them back until his cock sprang free, lowering his pants to the floor and removing them completely. A soft coo escaped my lips, unintentionally, and I wrapped my hand around him. He was firm, fully erect, and now hot to the touch. I gripped him lightly at first, stroking him with both of my hands, but quickly began to grip him tighter. He let out a small sigh as I did; it encouraged me to move faster, still looking up at him. His glance moved between my own eyes and my hands wrapped around him. This continued for only a minute before he nodded, and then said, “Now Eva.” I didn’t need any further encouragement.

I pressed my lips against the tip, letting them separate and sliding him into my mouth. I started by simply taking his head in, getting him wet, but as I moved up and down in time with my hand, I took in more. I tried to go as deep as I could; he encouraged me with a firm, but gentle hand atop my head. When I couldn’t take any more of him, I began to move faster, playing my tongue around him, sucking harder, and moving in a way that I knew he would enjoy. His sighs turned into moans, and eventually into a groan, and he suddenly grabbed my hand that was so tightly wrapped around him.

“Stop,” he said. His breathing was labored as I removed him from my mouth, looking up at him with a knowing grin. He had removed his shirt, showing a toned, muscular chest and stomach. Looking down at me, sitting so seductively, my face still so close to his cock, he said, “Did you wear what I requested underneath your dress?”

“Let me see.” It was two simple words, but they rang with power, and I was eager to do as I was told. I stood slowly, stepping out of my shoes, and took a small step back. John sat up, leaning forward slightly as I lowered the straps of my dress off my shoulders. I took a deep breath as my nerves suddenly came back, but John nodded, encouraging me to continue. The soft fabric flowed down my body, revealing my bra-less breasts. It caught on my hips, but a small wiggle allowed me to slip it off, revealing the small, black, lace thong I wore, before letting the dress fall to the floor. John’s eyes followed it as it did, before slowly panning back up, over my tiny lingerie, up to my small, perky breasts and hard nipples. “Very good,” he said, standing.

He walked across the room, back to where the desk was. He was an attractive man, toned and muscled in the right places without being bulky, and a tight attractive ass. He took something out of a drawer before turning around. He held a small box in his hand, but his hard cock was on full display and drew my complete attention. John walked to the couch and patted the back, saying, “Please sit. I have a gift for you.”

I did, crossing my legs and placing my hands in my lap as I felt him walk up behind me. He leaned in close and I could feel his breath on my neck as he wrapped his arms around me. He held the black box in one hand and opened it with the other, revealing a glass dildo. “Beautiful,” I said, sincerely. It was simple in design, completely clear and crystalline, with curves in enticing places. It sparkled as I took it in my hand and heard John say, “I would like you to use this, if you would.” I nodded, holding the cool glass in my hand for a moment to warm it up. I could feel John standing behind me as I reclined back, spreading my legs. I ran my hand over my panties; I was pleasantly warm and already excited. When I slid my panties aside, my fingertips brushed against my lips, sending a shiver through my body. I was nearly panting as I lowered the piece of glass down, running the tip up and down my eager slit. Finally, I pressed it in, past my opening, in deeper and deeper as I moaned.

John walked around the couch as I began to pleasure myself, sliding the glass in and out. I was incredibly sensitive and felt like it was too much, but seeing John, now standing just in front and to the side of where I sat, encouraged me to go fast. His hard cock was only a few feet from my face, but I wanted it closer. I wanted to reach out and stroke it, feel it in my mouth again. A moan escaped my lips, and then another. John simply watched, a hunger in his eyes that made my moans louder each time I looked up at him. The wet sounds of my masturbation filled the room, mixing with my moans, and finally, finally, John moved.

He sat next to me and reached to my chest, running his fingers over one of my nipples. A shock of pleasure went through me as he did, and I instinctively turned my head to meet his kiss. His tongue was on my lip instantly, pushing into my mouth. I don’t know how long we kissed as I pleasured myself, feeling his hands all over me, but it wasn’t long enough. The familiar feeling was building inside me as I edged closer to orgasm, and just when I didn’t think I could handle any more, John’s hand covered mine. He took the dildo and I silently cheered in excitement, wanting him to fuck me with it until I orgasmed.

But he pulled it away. My eyes, which I didn’t even realize were shut, shot open. I watched with despair as he set the dildo aside on a nearby table. But he wasted no time in leaning down and picking me up.  I wrapped my arms around his neck as he cradled me in his arms, whisking me out of the room and up the stairs. My lips were locked with his as he burst into a room, dropping me onto a large bed that caught me with grace. He stood at the end of the bed, looking down at me; I spread my legs, reaching down and opening my pussy for him to see my most sensitive place. He pounced, his hands suddenly on either side of my head as he propped himself over me, with the tip of his cock instantly at my opening.

I could feel him leaning in. The pressure of his cock pushing against me, almost begging to enter me, was intoxicating. I arched my hips as he moved in, just an inch, but didn’t stop. I wrapped my arms around him, hugging him to me as he entered halfway, then more, and finally our moans filled the room as he filled me entirely. A switch flipped inside him and all the lust he held in his body exploded from him as he began to fuck me, harder and harder, faster, and faster. My fingernails dug into his back and I wrapped my legs around him as I begged him to keep going. The feeling of his cock filling me repeatedly was all I could think of.

John gripped my waist tight suddenly, flipping me over in one movement so I was atop him. He pushed me upright before grabbing my waist, pushing and pulling me to make me grind against him. I held myself up by putting my hands on his chest, but the feeling was too intense. I collapsed onto him, but he didn’t miss a beat, grabbing my ass and thrusting up into me as he pulled me down onto him. I was screaming with every thrust, sweat covering my pleasure filled body, listening to his body smack against mine. I was lost in the feeling, even as my body tightened. “I’m cumming,” I said between breaths, “John, please, make me cum all over you.” He didn’t stop, just as I begged him not too, and my body became uncontrollable. He held me tightly, holding me as my orgasm subsided. He stopped thrusting when it became too intense, but he always stayed inside, as if he couldn’t bear to not be.

I finally caught my breath, realizing that I was laying atop him. I sat up, feeling him shift inside me; I couldn’t help but close my eyes as he filled me, enjoying the moment, before I looked down to him. “Sorry John, I didn’t mean to stop you,” I said.

“It’s quite alright,” he said, slowly moving his hips in a circle. I shivered as he rocked inside me. “Are you ready to continue? My time is almost up after all.”

I nodded. “Of course. I want nothing more right now than to repay you the favor for such an incredible night.” I leaned in, kissing him deep, before whispering, “Please John. Use me. Use my body to make you cum.”

He pushed me off him and aggressively pushed me onto my hands and knees. He knelt behind me, my legs between his, and I felt his cocks slide between my thighs and directly into my pussy, as if he had always known exactly where it was. I moaned into the comforter as he thrust into me, pulling me onto him with each motion. I could feel his purpose, his absolute need to finish, flowing from him and into me. The heat between us, the pleasure of his cock inside me. It was almost too much to handle, and just when I felt I would cum once again, he pulled out. “Turn over, now,” he said, almost breathlessly.

I did as told, laying back with one leg on either side of him. He knelt directly above my pussy and groaned as his first shot of cum spread across my entire body, from my lips, across my chest and stomach. His second landed on my neck, covering me more, and repeatedly he covered me with his seed. I watched as he stroked himself, milking every drop out onto my stomach, and even onto my pussy. It was hot all over me, and the way he looked at me before he fell onto the bed next to me was all I needed to know. I couldn’t help but smile as we looked at each, both of us grinning.

It took John a moment to recover, but finally he said, “That was incredible Eva. Thank you so much.”

“Of course, John,” I said, tracing a few fingers through the cum on my breasts, before raising it to my lips and licking it off.”

John bit his lip and groaned as I did so. “Do you mind if I take a quick picture?” he said, reaching to the night stand, and grabbing his phone. I grinned and agree, glad to give him a souvenir from such an amazing night. He stood over me, taking a few pictures as I leaned back, posed, and licked his cum from my fingers, until he felt he had enough. He leaned in and kissed me once more, deep, and passionate. “Care to shower with me honey?”

“Of course,” I said, sitting up. I watched my husband enter the bathroom and heard the shower turn on, but my mind was racing, replaying the evening. Getting the text from my husband to check the trunk of the car, where I found a note telling me to wear just what was in it. He wanted me to be his prostitute, his whore, just for the evening. I was so nervous, but I was excited too. The idea of being lusted after, being wanted, even at a cost, was so exciting to me. I had to go back inside the office after everyone else had left, just so I could change into that incredible dress, put my bra in the bag, and leave as butterflies filled my stomach. The drive home was agonizingly long; I couldn’t help but wonder if I really should be doing what I was doing. But now, laying in bed with the love of my life’s cum covering my body, feeling like the sexiest, most desired woman in the world… it was completely worthwhile.

“Are you coming love?” John stuck his head out of the bathroom, snapping me out of my head.

“Yes honey,” I said, turning off the bed and walking towards him. He stared at my glistening body and I could see the fire growing in his eyes for the second time. We stepped into the warm falling water, his hands running over me, washing me clean. He held me, kissing my neck.

“I love you,” he whispered into my ear, “I don’t know how I can ever repay you.”

I was already planning how he would repay the favor another night.