The Lodger

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24 Jul. '18

Leona had been married for 27 years when her husband was killed in an auto accident.  Her only child married and had moved out three years ago and she and her husband were looking forward to the "empty nest" and having fun for the rest of their lives.  

Leona was five ft 2, blonde and blue with a nice figure.  She was attractive, articulate, fun, and intelligent.  She was a bit old fashioned in her moral view of life but she was open and willing to listen to all others.  She lived in a sprawling ranch house in the western suburbs and while she probably should have moved, it was the house that she and her husband built and to leave it would be really saying good bye.  

About a year after her husband's death she decided that she would look for someone to rent a room from her.  She wouldn't charge much, it was more for having some company than anything else.  She took out an ad in the local paper and had no responses until Jennifer showed up.  

Jennifer was 23, with dark hair and eyes, brunette, five ft seven with a very attractive girlish figure.  Jennifer would be starting a teaching position in three weeks and she needed a place until she could find an apartment or condo to move into.  She answered Leona's ad and the two met for coffee at Leona's.

Jennifer was struck with how lovely Leona was and how beautiful the home was.  There was a beautiful covered deck that over looked a pool, and hot tub.  After looking the home over the two women sat for coffee.  

"This is a lovely home and within walking distance of the school where I will be teaching.  The deck, pool, and hot tub are all just wonderful bonuses," said Jennifer

"Thank you.  My husband and I built this home and when he died I just couldn't leave it," replied Leona.

Jennifer had reached over the took hold of Leona's hand.  "I am so sorry for your loss.  It must be terribly hard even now."

Tears formed in Leona's eyes as she spoke.  "He was a wonderful man.  We had so many good times together,  He was a gentleman and very romantic.  He was passionate about everything he did, including being passionate with me.  I miss his company and that's part of the reason I decided to take in a lodger.  I know it's not a replacement for him, but just someone to have as a friend."

Jennifer kept holding Leona's hand.  "Leona," "Please, call me Lee," the older woman interrupted.  

Jennifer smiled, "Lee, I was just going to find a place until i could find something permanent but I would love to stay here for as long as you will have me.  I love the house and I think you are a wonderful woman and I would love to become much better acquainted with you."

Leona smiled, "I'm glad you want to stay here.  You can move in anytime you want."

The two women hugged as Jennifer got up to leave and Leona held that hug for as long as she could.  It was the first time since her husband's death that she had a hug from someone other than her son or a relative.  By the same token Jennifer enjoyed the way Leona felt in her arms.  

The next morning the doorbell rang and Leona opened the door to find Jennifer standing there with her arms full.  Leona helped her and took her to the room she would be staying in.  It had a queen size bed, walk in closet, two chests of drawers and a vanity.  The attached bathroom had sink, tub and shower.  

The two women worked most of the morning getting Jennifer moved in.  By noon both women were ready for a break.  "Let's get some lunch.  My treat.  I'll drive."

Jennifer began to protest saying she would pay for her own lunch but Leona would have none of it.  They drove to a local cafe and had a nice lunch and then on the way home Leona stopped at the hardware store.  When Leona got back in the car, she handed Jennifer a key.

"Well, it's official.  You are now a resident."

Jennifer took the key and gave Leona a hug and kiss on the cheek.  Once again Leona felt a warmth she had experienced in over a year.  The two women drove home.  Once inside Leona handed Jennifer a garage door opener and said, "I guess not it really is official."  The two women laughed and hugged again.  

Jennifer went to her room and finished doing all her unpacking and arranging of all her clothing and toiletries.  Leona was busy doing her weekly house cleaning and making supper.  

When Jennifer was finished she came out and pitched right in helping with the chores.  Leona said, "You don't have to do this.  You're paying rent so you don't need to clean."

Jennifer took Leona's hands in hers and said, "I hope to be more than a renter or a lodger.  I want to be your friend, I want this to be my home, so I will pitch in.  I will help inside and outside.  I like mowing lawns and will be happy to mow the lawn here.  I want us to feel like a family.  I know I can never replace your husband or your son, but I want to be someone who you can depend on and someone you know who really cares about you."

Jennifer then reached out and gave Leona hug.  Leona then said, "How about a glass of wine and spending time on the deck."

Jennifer smiled and said, "Would love it."  They took their wine glasses and chatted on the deck.  They shared their lives and laughed.  Leona said, "When you mow it will take a couple of hours.  When we built here we bought enough land so we would not have neighbors a few feet away."

"I love the privacy," said Jennifer.  "Uhh would you mind if I took a dip in the pool."

Leona said sure and with that Jennifer jumped up, shed her clothes and dived naked into the pool.  Leona was a bit shocked at the openness of Jennifer.  Jennifer swam a couple of laps and then called up to Leona, "Hope you don't mind me skinny dipping."

Leona smiled and said, "Not at all."  

Jennifer replied, "Why don't you get naked and join me."

Leona blushed and then thought why not.  She undressed as Jennifer watched her.  Jennifer thought she had a very sexy body with nice firm breasts, flaring hips, and a full bush of blonde hair between her legs.  Leona dived in and the two women swam.  Then they decided to get into the hot tub.  

Now it was Leona's turn to really looked at Jennifer's body.  She was very trim with very petite breasts, slim hips, and no hair at all between her legs.  Leona enjoyed looking at her and it reminded her of her own youth.

The two women sat back in the hot tub.  "I hope it didn't shock you that I swam naked.  But I do enjoy the freedom of not wearing many clothes."

Leona said, "I envy you and I suppose if I had as cute a body as you I would want it uncovered as often as possible."

"Thank you," said Jennifer, "but don't sell yourself short.  You have a very sexy body, Lee."

Lee blushed again.  

"No need to blush said Jennifer, you are a beautiful woman with a beautiful body.  And when the time is right for you, you will attract men by the truck load."

Lee continued to blush.  "Thank you Jennifer.  That is very sweet of you to say.  And whether I get back in the "dating pool" is open to discussion.  I do miss the closeness of someone.  The hugs, the kisses, the intimacy.  So, we will just have to see."

"Well don't ever think it is not because you are not marketable.   You are.  You are just lovely."

Lee said, "Do you mind if I ask you a personal question?"  Jennifer shook her head.

"I couldn't help but notice that, well, uhhhhh you are shaved down there.  Are more women doing that?'

Jennifer smiled, "I'm not shaved, I'm waxed.  And yes it stung the first couple of times but I like the look and feel of it, as do the people I've been intimate with in the past.  If you ever want to try it, just let me know."

Lee blushed, "Well, maybe one day."  But something about Jennifer's answer made her think.  She wasn't sure whist it was but she did need to think about it.  

They continued to chat about anything and everything until Lee got up and said, "I need to finish dinner.  It will about an hour.  I'm making lasagne.  I hope you like it."

Jennifer said, "I love Italian food."  Lee got out of the hot tub, walked up the stairs, grabbed her clothes, and went inside.  All the time Jennifer watched her and smiled.  "Yes a very attractive woman," she thought.  

The women finished dinner, cleaned up in the kitchen, and had another glass of wine before they went to bed.  They hugged and said good night to each other.

Lee bathed, put on a nightie and went to bed.  She tossed and turned wondering what it was the Jennifer said that made her think.  She played it over and over again in her mind and then somewhere around two in the morning it hit her.