Special Kisses For Me

Info mysteria27
22 Mar. '16

How I love special kisses 
On my beautiful pink folds
No need for special wishes
Pussy eating never gets old

The result is always the same
When you lick my pink pearl
I scream out your name
While I play with my curls

I enjoy when you lick me deep
While I grind on your face
My pussy always does seep
When you pick up the pace

I love those special licks
All over my warm box
I love those amazing flicks
Your tongue feels like a cock

Pushing into my slit
I let out my groans
I play with my tits
Hands are on my hip bone

You tongue my pussy hole
And hit my sweet spot
I lose all self control
When my pussy comes a lot

My juices do flow
When you lick me there
I beg you to go slow
While I play with your hair

I lose my mind each time
When you eat my cunt
Oral sex is always sublime
You enjoy my loud grunts

Thank you so much
For the amazing pleasure
I enjoy the soft touch
On these oral adventures