Sex has never this big, life-changing thing for me.  I’ve had a couple long-ish relationship, drunken one night stands I don’t care to remember, and the occasional hook up that should’ve never happened in the first place.  With the exception of a few close relationships, sex has always been a means to an end. Whether I was horny or in need of some companionship—sometimes both—someone just as desperate would always be there to scratch that itch.  Sometimes even multiple people if I was in the right mood. Then I would go about my daily routine, taking care of my needs with the help of a trusty rabbit, until I craved that all too familiar touch; seeking it out in some hyped up club or an obnoxiously loud and packed frat party.  I’ve had some really great sex and some...not so great, but never has it been this mind-blowing thing for me. That is until I met him.

The thing is, I wasn’t even supposed to go to that party.  At first I turned down the invitation from my friend, making up some lame excuse about studying and still recovering from the bar the previous night.  I only accepted my friend’s nagging requests to go with her when I found out the party was hosted by the infamous wealthy kid; my piqued curiosity getting the best of me.  Hey, she wasn’t any better. I found out weeks later she just wanted to go to potentially hook up with a guy she’d been chasing after for most of the year. We all had our reasons to go to that party; some shallow and some not so shallow, but mine was never to find someone who would completely change my ideas of love and relationships forever.

We’re not a perfect couple by any stretch of the imagination, but our relationship works for us.  We love each other, we communicate, and are open and honest with each other. Plus he’s fucking hot, the conversations are great, and the sex is pretty damn awesome, know...add those to the pro side of the list.  All in all, if it came down to it, I would be incredibly happy just being with him in what society deems to be a “normal relationship”.

However, normal...never really been our thing.


As open as most of the floor plan was for Rush, through secret doors and down long, darker corridors of the upper floor hid smaller rooms for the members to seek out and explore; some comparatively tamer than others.  Each room varied in size and decor; from old world elegance to sleek and modern to a futuristic playground and everything in between. The masquerade of it all was beginning to wind down, but the majority of the upper floor was still packed with members enjoying all the main areas and all of the secluded rooms.

The majority of the members still had their masks on, wanting to prolong the fantasy, but some did opt to take them off while they had the freedom to do so.  Down on the first floor, Rush strictly prohibited any patron or member from taking off their masks, but allowed members to take them off on the upper floors. This was to ensure the anonymity and privacy of everyone while still giving members an option if they do choose to.

The low lights from various antique fixtures casted a reddish golden glow around the room, beautifully decorated to look like a vintage french parlor.  Smoke, sex and that uniquely Rush scent engulfed the room, encapsulating the gathering group of members watching one of the current shows of four women slowly eating each other out.  Their bodies looked rather uncomfortable tangled amongst each other, looking as if they fell into their current positions on the cozy makeshift bed. However, from the loud pitch of their muffled moans, I doubt any of them really cared about the weird positions they were in.

Fuck, he looked hot with his cock in her mouth.  His eyes were closed, head tilted back, and his soft breaths passed through his parted lips.  Her soft pink lips were wrapped tightly around his cock; well paced bobs of her head caused him to grab onto a large chunk of her honeyed curls.  She seemed to really enjoy this from her muffled moans and her French tipped nails scraping down his bare thighs.

An open bottle of Moet in a silver ice pail sat idle on the low antique wood table between us; condensation forming on the thick green glass.  Two empty champagne glasses also sat on the table next to a half eaten cheese board with Lorde's brooding voice flowing through speakers situated around the open area.  I would never in a million years mind a quiet Saturday night at home, watching Netflix and chilling under the covers with him. However, watching him get a blowjob from a gorgeous model while I sipped on expensive champagne as her equally gorgeous significant other fingered my already wet pussy, wasn’t a bad situation to be in either.

I smirked from behind the champagne glass as I caught the attention of those dark and hooded eyes.  They were an even better site to see them gazing at me from across the seating area; the passionate stare warming my body more than any champagne flowing throughout my body could ever do.  His raspy groan carried across the room when her tongue slowly dragged along the underside of his cock, just before moving down to suck his swollen balls. She then wrapped her small hand around the base and leisurely jacked him off; small beads of precum spurting slowly from the reddened tip.

“Who do you want to be?”

“Either,” I said, moaning as the dark eyes slowly averted down to watch her tongue lick the dripping pearls.  “Both.”

Michael chuckled, his fingers slowly teasing my clit.  “You know, she's talked about the two of you before?”

“She has?”

“I wasn't at the agency at the time she met you.  But, when we really got to know each other, she told me about the two of you.”

“Did you know at the time you knew one of us?”  I asked, setting my empty glass on the end table next to me.

“Kind of,” Michael said, turning into me when my hand splayed over the bulge in his pants.  “You didn’t sounds familiar at all, obviously since I hadn’t met you yet. But when she described him, something about it sounded a little familiar.  Never thought it actually would be someone I knew.”

I let out a shuddered breath and watched his eyes again meet mine from across the room, biting my lip at the sexy grin that appeared when I opened my legs a little more. His eyes moved down and watched Michael’s fingers continue their slow torture on my wet pussy. “It’s a small world I guess.”

Another moan left my lips when I felt the little nip of Michael’s teeth on the outer shell of my ear.  “Yeah it is,” he said and placed tender kisses across my neck.

The groans underneath my ear and soft bites sent a shiver down my spine, prolonging it with a graze of his rough thumb over my hardened nipple.  My hand slowly massaged the growing bulge in his pants, feeling the soft leather of his belt against my forearm; fleeting thoughts of another belt passing through my mind.  I wanted to watch him completely come undone, relish in the groans and sharp breaths caused by her, but my eyes finally slid shut when Michael slipped two of his fingers inside me.  Fuck, he was good at this.

My foot kicked the leg of the table as I slipped my heels off, catching the attention of him. Loud drunken laughter, low chatter, and a variety of sexual clamor was heard all around the room, including some distant moaning yells from outside the doors.  It was not uncommon for members to continue their playful trysts right out in the halls. The sound of a loud bang against the stark white walls, a soft thud to the white marbled floors.  Sex was everywhere in Rush, you couldn’t escape it. Not that anyone was really trying to. We all craved it, embraced it here. We all found relief here from the monotonous daily grind, found solace here from the pressures of social expectations, and found support here to go about our lives the way we truly wanted to live them.

At this very moment, I was getting finger-fucked by the friend of the only person I could pretty much see spending the rest of my life with while he was intently watching the whole debauched scene from across room, getting an amazing blowjob from said friend’s significant other.  None of us were jealous or cheating or embarrassed. Instead, we were enjoying each other, indulging and losing ourselves to the sexually charged moment.

Michael’s eyes widened when I pushed him back onto the couch, but his face instantly changed when I climbed into his lap and kissed him.  It was different than his, though, not in a bad way. It just wasn’t him. But, in some weird way, it made me want him even more. I craved his lips, his touch, his scent all around me.  Those delicious groans in my ear, hands dragging over me, lips and tongue teasing me down to my very soul. I needed him, but I also wanted them.

His hands hesitated slightly on the loose tie around my waist.  “Don’t think,” I moaned into his mouth, my teeth nibbling his bottom lip.  “Just feel. Look at them. Look around you.”

We both turned to see her sliding a condom down his cock, aimlessly chatting about something we couldn’t hear due to all of the noise.  Soft laughter could be seen between the two as he spread out onto the vintage cream tapestry French sofa, helping her to straddle his hard cock.  One of the staff members walked behind the couch to one of the large fireplaces throughout the room, tending to the fire as she slid down onto him; moans loudly coming from both of them.  

I turned my head and leaned down, my tongue slowly tracing the shell of his ear. “Doesn’t it make you want her even more?” I said in a whisper so quiet, I’d be surprised if he even heard me.  The tie was gone in an instant, along with my robe, his shirt and the leather belt. All of it thrown haphazardly onto the hardwood floor as he pulled me into his rough kiss.  

The crescendo of moans and murmurs swelled to a deafening pitch as the women came in writhing succession.  Onlookers watched from various vantage points while others participated with the women, reaching their high along with them.  Long legs tangled together, hands petting over sensitive areas, and lips fully consumed in one another; the waves of their orgasms dissipating amongst gawking eyes.  When the show was complete, they climbed gracefully off the rumpled bed, seamlessly making way for the next act.

A low, sensual jazzy intro played as a large male climbed onto the bed, face down and spread out, waiting for what was to come.  White stilettos clicked on the wooden floor, signaling the entrance of a very tall woman, clad in low hung white leather pants that looked almost painted on, and a matching sleeveless crop top that barely held in her perfect breasts.  A fiery reddish orange messy bun sat gracefully on top of her head and full lips painted the perfect shade of red grinned with every gasp and moan floating her way.

The condom easily slid down Michael’s hard cock; his fingers gliding through my hair as his eyes were glued to them.  Head thrown back, teeth firmly attached to her bottom lip, and curls wrapped tight around his hand, her breast bounced as she rolled her hips into him.  His other hand slid over her hip, gripping harder with every thrust into her. I could almost hear the low groan from him, and it caused me to shiver with thoughts of other times I’ve heard that sexy groan.

I was so in my own little world that I barely heard Michael say, “Turn around.”  I sheepishly mouthed a sorry, but the small smile on his face told me he wasn’t too upset.  Face them, no sense in only one of us watching them.”

A loud male moan came from the other side of the room as the redhead slowly slid a large dildo into his prepped hole.  The black straps surrounding her legs and hips contrasted with the tight white leather. Her red lips left a stained mark in the center of his back as she began her slow, torturous thrusts.  Strong fists grabbed onto the silver chains connected from his wrists to the black iron bed frame, clanging with each pull upon the dildo’s hard impact against his prostate.

“Shit you feel good,” I said, moaning with each inch down his cock.  “Don’t hold back either, I don’t mind it rough.”

Michael’s hands gripped my hips, lips dragged over my shoulder, and my eyes closed when I felt the sting of his teeth biting into the crook of my shoulder.  “I’ve heard,” Michael said, feeling him grin against my skin as he ran his tongue along the bite. Other members wandered all around the four of us; some stopping to watch for a bit, but most of them just gazed on as they passed around to the various performances.

His skin glistened from the sultry heat permeating the room.  Fingers slid slow up her side and kneaded her breast, his thumb brushing over her taut nipple.  Worn pink lips were opened wide as breathy moans flowed from them. With everything going on around me, I couldn’t take my eyes off of them; hips thrusted faster into every roll of her bucking hips.  “They look hot together,” I said, my pace increasing when I felt one of his hands moved between my spread legs.

“They are, though, I wouldn’t mind seeing you and her together again.”

I let out a small laugh that quickly changed to a moan when his fingers circled over my clit.  “Did we put on a good show for you two?”

“That you did,” Michael said, groaning into my neck and sucking just underneath my ear.

“I’m curious to see you and him together.”

It was now his turn to laugh, except his felt a little loaded.  We both fell into a steady fuck; my mind picturing the two of them together, wondering what sort of past the two of them had.  Our eyes darted between watching them and the large male trying to arch his back as far as he could while still being chained to the bed.  Animalistic groans accompanied by low whimpers, sharp squeaking and a rhythmic metallic tone were now heard all around the room. The woman had one hand gripped tight against his hip, while the other was switching between gentle strokes over his ass and painting his back a deep red with her gold-foiled pointed nails.

“I want him to tell you.  I wouldn’t feel right telling you his side.  But, I will say college interesting time for all of us.”

I nodded my head, barely registering what he mumbled against my ear.  My eyes continued to focus on the two of them as they both neared their orgasms.  My moans grew louder from the combination of them, Michael’s cock inside me and his fingers dancing over my clit nearly pushed me over the edge.  I willed myself to continue watching the intimately public scene, but they kept slipping shut every single time his cock drove deeper inside me.

“Keep watching them, don’t close your eyes. They’re almost there.”

We watched as both of them came, heads thrown back in pulsating pleasure.  My brain officially fried with watching his face as he completely came undone.  Swollen lips parted, groaning and heavy panting as her hands ran all along the ridges of his abdomen.  His head slightly turned, his dark eyes finding mine and I couldn’t hold it anymore. My orgasm rushed through me, body convulsing as I desperately tried to keep my eyes on him.  I kept on rocking my hips and Michael came shortly after; strained groans lightly tickled my neck.

He grinned when he saw me grab Michael’s hand and slowly suck on the fingers he used to play with me.  

I heard Michael’s chuckle before he said, “When you speak to him again, tell him he has a keeper.”


Stark white with accents of aqua blue, the room was a complete polar opposite to the comforting warmth of the last room.  Even though the last room was open, it still had more intimate seating areas and quieter alcoves away from the main area. This room, however, was completely open; save for ten thick and glossy white columns lining the sunken middle of the room.  Furniture of various sizes, carved from what looked to be large blocks of clear and aqua glass, were on display as if they were pieces of art instead of seating for the packed crowd.

A large bar area in the same clear and aqua block of glass lined the back wall.  Members chatted away while they all waited for their drinks to be served by the efficient bar staff.  Intermittent flashes of white and aqua came up from the frosted glass floor around dancers perched on large glass cubes.  Their naked bodies were adorned with clear heels as they twirled gracefully around glass poles filled with a flowing aqua liquid.  It felt as if we walked through the door and were transported to another world. The only thing that remotely reminded me of where we were was the unique Rush scent being pumped throughout the room, driving me insane with each teasing caress of his hand over the small of my back.

After we discussed that we would meet up with them after she gave Michael a tour around, we continued into the futuristic room and went to order something from the bar.   His arms wrapped around my waist, pulling me into him as we both watched the raised main stage of a woman hung face up and horizontally by intricately tied white ropes all around her body.  Thin streaks of neon green highlights contrasted nicely through her ink black hair; the long strands swinging back and forth with each violent slap of the flogger against her dripping and swollen red pussy.  Her strangled cries of pleasure barely rang over the pulsating beat, blinded only by the tight black scarf covering her eyes to the intent group seated around the stage.

His hand wrapped tight around my slightly moving hips, guiding rather than stopping my teasing ministrations.  “And you call me a tease,” He said into my ear when I laid my head back against his shoulder.

“Can’t help it, I missed you.”

“You did?”  he kissed my temple; a shiver running through my body when he moved to finger the tie around my waist.


His moan lingered in my ear as I turned around in his arms; a slow and gentle kiss placed on his lips.  “Missed you too. Are you having fun?”

“Yeah, but I’m glad to be back with you.”

“Are you alright?”

My eyebrows furrowed.  “Why wouldn’t I be?”

“We’ve done a bit before, but this is your first time like this.”

“You prepared me for it, you comforted me after.  What more could I ask for? Don’t worry, I’m doing fine.  I was a little shook afterwards, but it’s gone now.”

As I looked up at him, my mind drifted into his hungry kiss.  ‘the only person I could pretty much see spending the rest of my life with…’.  Was my sleep-deprived mind playing tricks on me?  Time seemed to pass so slowly without it. Phones were strictly prohibited, neither one of us had a watch on, and from the looks of it there were no clocks displayed anywhere in Rush.  When we first entered, it was a refreshing feeling to disconnect from the outside world and enjoy the sinful night ahead. But now, the low rhythmic beat from the sound system felt as if it was blaring in my head. It felt stifling and a little unnerving to be in the midst of this ever growing crowd, and I felt my body tense the more I kept thinking of it.

His lips left mine and my heart swelled; barely hearing the soft words uttered against my ear.  No words were needed between us after that. No matter who we were with, no matter who was around us, it always felt like we were in our own little world; enjoying each other and basking in the love and trust we had for each other.  He moved his hand to my cheek and looked down at me with slight concern in his eyes.

“Trust me, I’m fine.”

“Excuse me?”

We both looked and saw the next bartender ready for us.  “Are you ready to order?”

“Sorry, yes thank you.”

Unlike the other rooms, the bar in this room only displayed a six drink menu typed out in beautiful hexagonal font, against a glossy black cardstock, and surrounded in a frame of clear and aqua glass.  Each ridiculously neon drink was mixed to each members specific need, poured into crystal glasses, and topped with different things depending on the drink.

Once we got our drinks, we took a seat at one of the long sofas along the wall.  Curled up against him, we continued watching the performance, hands comfortably locked together.  With each second that passed by, my body physically ached for him to be inside me. Even the sweet but slightly bitter neon pink drink couldn’t cool me down and quench the thirst I was suffering from.  Only one thing was on my mind at the moment, and no amount of distraction was going to alleviate the throbbing throughout my body.

I sat my drink down the table in front of me and straddled his lap, giggling with the surprise look on his face.  Taking his drink, I set it on the table next to him and kissed him hard. Groans muffled behind my kiss turned to low growls as my hips rolled into the growing bulge beneath his black pants.  Desperate hands were now kneading my ass, and a lone ‘fuck’ was all I heard when I pulled back, biting his bottom lip before sliding off his lap and onto my knees.

“I want that blowjob now,” I said, smiling as my teasing fingers dragged down the obvious bulge.

He spread his legs wider and his fingers slipped through my hair, watching my shaking hands slip the black leather belt off.  I undid his pants, sliding my hand inside and pulled out his hard cock; my hungry eyes staring into his half closed ones. “Fuck, I’m not stopping you.”

Drinks forgotten and members ignored, I ran my tongue along the underside of his cock, swirling my tongue around the head; precum already coating my swollen lips.  One last swipe over his head and I slid my lips down his cock, feeling the long groan reverberate through my body and the pain of his hand gripping my hair. My hand grabbed the base of his cock, slowly stroking while my other hand played with his balls; the weight of them made my mental tongue water.

Whatever words came from him were lost to the next rhythmic beat and the next participant’s strangled moans and screams.  I could’ve cared less of what or who was around us; passersby, gawkers, avid watchers. My mouth was filled with his cock, hair pulled tight into his fist, and my pussy throbbed with the prospect of his cock buried deep inside me.  Head bobbing to the rhythm, I felt his other hand move to play with my breast, and a muffled yelp came from me when his fingers pinched my hard nipple.

All of a sudden, I was violently pulled from his cock and he kissed me, both of us moaning at our mingling tastes.  He pulled me into his lap and I ran the head of his cock over my wet lips, moaning into his neck as I slowly slid down.  I unbuttoned his shirt and traced my nails down his chest and stomach, sighing when he untied my robe and sucked lightly on a hard nipple.  His rough tongue slowly circled the tip before sucking again, then repeating the process to the other one, lavishing them until a sharp shiver raced through my body.

“I need you,” I said, crying out when his fingers moved to circle over my hard clit.

“You have me, sweetheart.”  He didn’t know how much those words meant to me.

Once I was ready, I moved my hips up and down, bouncing into his upwards thrusts.  His hands grabbed my hips and pumped into me, drifting down to grab my ass. I went to kiss him and almost bit his tongue at the loud smack vibrating through me.

“Oh fuck yes, sweetheart.  You feel so good wrapped around me.”

“Again,” I begged, my hips moving faster.  “Please.”

Equal smacks on both cheeks had my head falling backwards, blindly seeking out that pleasure I was looking for.  He grabbed my head and pulled me back into him, slowly kissing me; a muffled growl falling between our lips. “That’s it, sweetheart.  Right there, you’re so fucking tight.”

My hands dragged up and down his chest, rolling my hips faster with every upwards thrust.  He moved a hand up and teased over my nipple before moving up to caress his fingertips over the column of my neck.  Pleasure shot through my body at what I hoped he was planning to do. “Yes, please. Do it.”

I almost came when his hand squeezed tight around my throat, hips thrusting at that perfect angle.  My body trembled under his darken gaze, skin on fire from his touch, but my heart completely melted for him.  A random guy I met at a house party has completely and thoroughly ruined me for everyone...and I couldn’t have been any happier.

A few more thrusts and we both found our release; bruised lips crashing together, shivering bodies connected as gasping breaths and heated words flew freely from our lips.

“Bite me,” I moaned.

His teeth teased over my shoulder, softly biting down at the same time he thrusted upwards, causing my eyes to roll back into my head and my body to shiver.  A low, breathy moan came from my mouth when his hand played with my clit, prolonging the orgasm rippling through my body.

“I know…” I said, struggling to get my words out.  “I know this is gonna sound really out of place right now, but when we’re back home and settled, let’s discuss moving in...together.”

His dark eyes widened, shining due to the fluorescent aqua recessed lights above us.

“It doesn’t have to be right now or even in the coming weeks, but I want to at least have a discussion about it.  Cheesy and cliche, but I want to wake up with you next to me and have meals together. I want to come home knowing you’ll be there, not on the other end of the phone or a webcam.  I…”

“It’s not at all.  Let’s discuss it over I guess,” he said, chuckling at the thing I was nervous about moments before.

“Alright,” I said in a giggle, biting my lip.  “You know that thing you whispered to me before?  Words can’t express how much I do for you.”

My heart pounded when his smile slowly appeared.  I leaned in and kissed him again, using the frenzied chaos of a group of exuberant girls laughing as they walked by to hide the tears that threatened to spill over.  If my mind was playing tricks on me, then it wasn’t doing a very good job of it.


I groaned when my eyes opened to the peeks of sun through the curtains, stretching out my body out along the bed.  Carefully moving so as to not wake up the other three, I climbed out of the large bed and quickly went out into the common area to grab the red leather bound book sitting next to the phone.  The cool air had me shivering as I walked back into the room and curled under the covers, leisurely flipping through the well made book. An extensive menu with food and drinks from all over the world, a variety of sexual goodies that could rival any shop or site, and services for pretty much anything you could think of were shown throughout the beautifully photographed pages.  

Startled, I felt her chin lay against my bare shoulder.  “What are you doing?” She asked, her fingers tracing where the sheet had fallen and met my hip bone.

“Was in the mood for something,” I said, scanning over a particular page of various dildos; meticulously organized by type, material, size and color.  Seriously, someone needed a raise for this. “Not really sure what though.”

“Come here.  I want to show you something.”

She grabbed my wrist just as I set the book on the side table and we quietly walked out into the long hallway, barely having time to throw on the completely open white silk robe.  Hair wild from a night of amazing sex and lips a mix of both our lipsticks, we’d looked completely crazy in any other situation. But for some reason, here at Rush, it seemed to be a normal occurrence as we passed by other people.  From singles to large groups of people, everyone was wearing the same robes and nothing else as they walked to and from their private rooms.

After a short while of searching, we came to a quiet hallway and stood in front of a large silver framed black and white photo.  The picture contained a woman who was completely naked with an ivy plant concealing her face, in the throes of an amazing self-induced orgasm.  Her quivering body was arched on an oversized oriental rug; perfect breast pushed up, teased nipples hard, and fingers glistening under most likely numerous studio lights.  

She tapped her fingernails on the glass protecting the photo and looked at me with a smug smile on her face.

“That’s you?” I questioned, my eyes widened to what felt like saucers.

She nodded.  “It was hours after my first scene.  Afterwards, we went back up to our room, ordered a ridiculous amount of alcohol and spent the rest of the night getting completely high and wasted, fucking in pretty much every room of our suite.  The perks of being a celebrity; the best alcohol and drugs money can buy. Around six in the morning and coming down from my high, I had this realization I desperately wanted my picture up on one of their walls.”

I listened in awe as she recounted her story and of the photographer, who has been a professional photographer for well over thirty years.  

“But of course, being the stubborn brat I am, I had a different idea.  I told him I didn’t care about my face being seen, but he refused to take the photo any other way; most likely for legal reasons, but I would like to think it was just him looking out for me.  After agreeing on what I’d be doing and signed a bunch of forms, I was finally spread out naked on the rug with one of the ivy plants covering my face, masturbating while the photographer got his camera ready for when I was ready to cum.”

I stood there trying my hardest not to act too surprised as she tried in vain to cover her laughter and continue on.  

“My ass hurt so bad from being spanked earlier that night.  My moans echoed so loud in the room, and I remember hearing all the wet noises.  I didn’t care, I was getting off on how many people would see the photo and think about it as they got off themselves or fucked someone else.  How narcissistic, right?”

Taking a deep breath to clear my mind and to process everything she was saying, I said, “Maybe not this extreme.  But, I think most people have had those thoughts at least once in their lives, whether they would like to admit it or not.”

She laughed at my decent attempt to make her feel like less of a “stereotypical, self-centered model”.

“The plant was to conceal my face, but it was low enough to help tease my skin and nipples,” she sighed, somewhat drifting off as her fingers dragged over her neck and collarbone.  “It felt so good on my sensitive skin.”

My mouth wouldn’t shut as I heard a group of people walk down the hall,  talking about how beautiful it was outside.

“Looking back, I feel bad for the guy.  He was only doing was his job, and there was me, high out of my mind and playing with myself on the floor of his studio.  But...I finally came and the photo also came out perfect. I got dressed and washed up, thanked him for the opportunity, and left the studio.  After a few hours of sleep and a clear mind, we all went to leave the club and I was stopped by both the manager and photographer. They said they would be happy to discard the photo and all forms since I wasn’t in the right mindset at the time, but I happily shook my head and told them to go ahead and use the photo.”

“But you didn’t have to.  They would’ve…”

“I know.  But Rush is the only place I’ve ever felt free.  Free to be myself, to be who I want to be. I never have to conform to standards or ideals here.  I’m just me and this picture reminds me of that. It doesn’t matter if my fans, my management team, or even the outside world do not understand.  They don’t have to. As long as I’m happy, that’s all that matters.” She looked at the photo and smiled. “Don’t you think?”

I smiled and nodded my head in agreement, knowing this time, her smile was genuinely out of happiness.  “Right.”


The sun shined bright as we all passed through the iron door, cars perfectly parked in front by the valet.  We all said our goodbyes, exchanging numbers and promising to get in touch, then watched as her and Michael pulled away.  As he opened the door and helped me inside; kissing me as he closed the car door, I was even more confident now than ever that we were stronger than we’ve ever been before, even with everything that happened behind those closed iron doors.  I knew I wasn’t ready to take that huge plunge just yet, but when I did, I knew I could only trust him to take it with me.

©2017 Sinful Caramel