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24 Mar. '16

                It was a typical summer day in sunny Southern California. I had some personal business to do in San Diego and my boyfriend, Mack, decided to drive me in his late model Ford Bronco (circa 1990’s-ish). We left early and took the I-15 south to our destination. After I took care of what I needed to take care of, we ran around and had fun. I was wearing a tank top, shorts, and sandals. He was wearing his trademark jean shorts, t-shirt, and tennis shoes. After hours of fun in the sun, we decided to head back, and he asked me to drive.

                The Bronco was the older, full-size style that got lousy gas mileage but drove rather smoothly. Traffic on the I-15 north wasn’t too heavy and soon I had the cruise control set at 70.

                That’s when Mack said, “I dare you to take off your shorts.”

                Being the girl I am, I said, “Okay,” and removed my shorts, keeping them on my right leg.

                He reached over and touched my thong-covered pussy. I gasped and moaned at his forwardness. “Move the seat back all the way,” he ordered.

                I reached down and slid the seat back as far as it could go. He leaned over the center console and put his face into my lap. He kissed my thighs and asked, “Could you tilt the wheel up?”

                It took me a couple of tries as I was so much further back than before. He pushed my thighs apart and kissed my pussy though my panties. “Now remove your panties.”

                With the steering wheel up, my panties off, and my seat back, it was much easier for him. Mack leaned back in, and began licking my labia. I moaned and kept reminding myself to keep my focus. Never had I dared to do something like this as I felt his tongue slip inside my pussy and probe the inner walls. The A/C was blowing on my face but I was sweating a storm. I’d glance around, but only the truckers in the eighteen-wheelers could see what was happening, somewhat.

                There I was, driving the I-15 north from San Diego, just past Escondido, and Mack was eating my pussy like a starving man. Thank God he had cloth seat covers as I felt my moisture pool beneath me. The thrill of having my pussy eaten while I drove was almost too much for me. It was a true first for me and it was about to get better. Mack pushed a finger deep inside me as he sucked my clit. I clawed the steering wheel, forcing my eyes open as cars flew past us clueless of the erotic scene within the tan Bronco sharing the road in the center lane.

                I felt Mack slide a second finger inside me, filling me so perfectly. I knew I was getting close as we continued along the freeway. He sucked harder, finger-fucking me as we drove. I was panting hard, smelling my own arousal as the scent filled the inside of the Bronco. If I wasn’t already aroused from Mack’s attention, the scent was driving me crazy. I couldn’t hold back and soon I was screaming as my orgasm raged through my body. My right leg shot forward and hit the gas pedal.

                The speedometer read 75, 80, 85, and I kept cumming. Mack wasn’t letting up or stopping. The area under my ass was growing wetter by the second. I looked down, 90, 95, 100, the needle was nearly to its stopping point. I glanced over my shoulder and saw a black and white car. It took my orgasmic brain a moment to realize the gold star on the side meant it was a CHP car and I had just blown past it at, holy fuck, almost 110 miles per hour!

                “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” was all I could say.

                Mack chuckled as he finished me off. I glanced at the mirror and saw the cop was attempting to follow us. I was terrified. I didn’t want to explain why we were going so fast, or why my panties and shorts were around my leg. My orgasm waned just shy of 120, and I was able to get my foot off the gas pedal.

                Mack sat up with his face soaked from my juices. Traffic had gotten thicker now and suddenly I needed to brake, and brake fast. I frantically moved my seat back up and tilted the steering wheel back down. I looked in the mirror and the cop was lost in a sea of cars. We went from a cruising speed of 70 to a crawling speed of 20 thanks in part to an accident and to the border patrol check point just south of Temecula. I couldn’t get my panties or shorts back on. I prayed the border patrol didn’t decide our Bronco looked suspicious and insist on stopping us. Luckily, they just waved us through.

                “Look behind us,” I said, as we began to resume speed.

                Mack looked. “What is it?”

                “There’s the cop we blew past back there.”

                “Fuck!” he exclaimed.

                “I know.”

                I decided to keep my panties and shorts off until we got home, but Mack wasn’t allowed to touch me again until then, not that he didn’t try. Good thing his Bronco was an automatic. His reward for being somewhat patient was a mind-blowing blowjob in the Bronco. I pulled off the freeway to a nice, deserted area close to home where I sucked his cock dry, twice. Poor baby was suffering from a serious case of blue balls and I was just the girl to fix them. He told me later it was the best blowjob he’d ever had.


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