Husband surprises me in dream

Well it all started with me being the owner of a huge fancy hotel. 
I had access to all of the rooms, conference rooms, gift shops, ect. It was still early in my shift and I was feeling desirable in my mid thigh length black dress and heels that made my ass look phenomenal. 

Noon was approaching and there was very little for me to do. So I decided to take a little stroll through the shops on the main floor. As I was walking past our very popular lingerie shop, something caught my eye.

 Sitting on the rack was a very attractive Victorian style black lace teddy.  Seeing as I had plenty of time to kill, I decided to try it on. I then made my way to the fitting room and closed the door behind me.

 I looked at myself in the mirror decided to give myself a little show. Just for the fun of it. I kicked off my heals and moved my long gorgeous curls from my back and slowly began unzipping my dress. Wishing my charming husband was here unzipping it for me, boy was I craving his touch.

 After what felt like an eternity, I finally got it unzipped. I slowly removed the black dress from my shoulders exposing my black lacy bra. I had to stop for a second to admire how much my breasts have grown in just a year. I then continued to push my dress down exposing my voluptuous body. I kicked my dress to the side and turned so I could see my big round ass in the mirror. Man was I getting aroused. I gave my ass a little squeeze and a smack before grabbing the teddy.

 Once I got it on, I did not want to take it off. It wasn't your typical teddy, it was almost as if it was specifically made just for me. The bust and back of it was corset style, giving me phenomenal cleavage! The sides were see through lace and the bottom had a little flared skirt attached. It really hugged my curves!

 I decided to see what it looked like with my heels and slid them on. I loved the way my thighs looked in those heels and with the corset teddy, I looked irresistible. After checking myself out for a little while I removed the teddy and slid back into my dress. It was mine and I was going to have some fun with it later. I walked out of the dressing room and over to the counter, I used my discount and happily walked back to my office.

 As soon as I walked in my phone rang. I answered it without checking who it was expecting to be put to work. To my surprise it was my husband telling me he had big plans for us for this evening. He then asked me to book the biggest suite available.

 I couldn't help but wonder what he had planned for us so I asked. His response was, "you will see my love just do as I ask and I promise you, you won't be disappointed".

 I quickly agreed and rushed off the phone to book our room. Once I got it reserved, I took a seductive picture and sent it to him letting him know it was all taken care of. I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter. I knew I had to do something to distract me from the throbbing I felt down below. I decided to finish my walk-through of the hotel and before I knew it, it was time to clock out.

 I rushed to my car and grabbed my make up bag and perfume. Thankfully I had everything I needed in my bag to get ready. I then made my way to the suite my husband had me reserve and quickly got ready. Right as I got my make up put away and my brand new lingerie on, I heard a knock at my door. I quickly looked myself over in the mirror and slid my heels on before opening the door. 

Standing before me in my favorite blue jeans, tan boots and sexy black button up top was my very attractive husband.  I could feel myself getting wet just by looking at him. His light blue/green eyes looking deep into my soul made my clit throb. His sexy tattooed arms were almost too big for his shirt but hell, I'm not complaining. I loved the way he was looking down at me with his adorable little smirk. His eyes quickly shifted to my chest and his smirk turned into a smile with a soft nibble at his bottom lip.

 I looked behind my husband and there stood another tall man. I reserved this room knowing there would be no one else on this floor. I quietly told my husband that there was a man standing behind him and he just smiled. My stomach immediately knotted up, I wasn't sure what was going to happen next!

 I invited both men in and closed the door behind them. I apologised for what I was wearing and told them I was not expecting anyone else. I quickly turned towards the bathroom to grab a robe when my husband grabbed my hand and pulled me in for another kiss. He smiled again and whispered in my ear "tonight is the night I share you. Be my dirty little girl and show me how naughty you can be" I was shocked. Pillow talk is one thing but having two men standing in my hotel room looking at me with their lust filled eyes was another!

 I stood there for a minute letting the thought sink in when he opened the door and grabbed the bags he had left there before knocking. He handed me a bottle of tequila and a pre rolled joint. I didn't know if I was ready or not but the one thing I did know was that I was beyond horny and two dicks sounded hot as fuck! I could feel my mouth start to water.

 I opened the bottle and took a couple of sips. My anxiety was through the roof so I decided to light up the joint to try to calm my nerves. The whole time I was standing there the second man could not take his eyes off of me. I have never met this man in my life but I knew if my husband had picked him to do the deed, he must have been the right fit. 

He wasn't an ugly man, standing there about six feet tall with dark brown hair, brown eyes, muscular, drawn-back shoulders, a strong jaw line and impressive cheekbones! After observing this man for a minute I could see why my husband had picked him!

He had a decent amount of tattoos and both ears pierced. I noticed my husband had even dressed this man in some of his sexy clothes to make me feel a little more comfortable. Again he didn't fit them as well as my love but it worked. 

We all sat down on the Cali king size bed and passed the joint around for all of us to enjoy. Once it was gone, I asked my husband what he wanted me to do. Remembering the phone call from earlier this afternoon. I also agreed to be his dirty little girl. He then stood up and grabbed my hand. I got up off of the bed and stood in front of him. With a soft kiss on the neck he quietly asked me to drop to my knees.

 I could feel myself getting wet again and did as I was asked. Once I dropped to my knees both men approached me while unzipping their pants. I could feel my heart beating faster almost afraid I was going to pass out. I could see both of their cocks half erect through their pants eagerly awaiting my touch. I swallowed hard waiting for my next instruction.

 My husband grabbed his cock and pulled it out, stepping closer to my mouth. Seeing my husband's veiny hand holding his half hard cock made my mouth water. I looked up and smiled then I slowly wrapped my tongue around the head of his cock, I loved the way his piercings felt in my mouth. Feeling his cock get harder and harder in my mouth made me want more. I slid my tongue down his shaft and back up before taking his beautiful cock down my throat. He threw his head back, closed his eyes and let out a soft moan. I grabbed his hips and allowed him to fuck my throat. I could tell he was getting close. I wanted him to cum, I wanted to taste him. But I also wanted him to fuck me.

 Just as that thought crossed my mind he pulled it out of my mouth and told me to do exactly what I just did to him, to his new friend. I turned to see his cock already fully hard and waiting for my mouth. He wasn't as big as my husband but he wasn't small either. I nodded and wrapped my tongue around his cock, he set his hand on my head and played with my long curly brown hair as I licked down his shaft before shoving him into my throat. I grabbed his hips like I did with my husband and allowed this stranger to fuck my throat. At this point my pussy was soaked and throbbing craving my husband's perfect cock.

 It was like he was reading my mind when he asked me to get up. I let the new dick flop out of my mouth getting precum all over my lip and chin I licked it off and awaited my next instruction. 

He kissed me and asked me to get on the bed, so I did. Then both men took off their shirts, and pants leaving only their boxers and climbed on the bed with me. I knew what was going to happen next so I got on my hands and knees and waited for my men to dominate me. My husband grabbed my hip with one hand and guided his cock into my dripping wet pussy with the other. I moaned as I felt him thrust deeper and deeper. As I let out my moan our new friend shoved his cock down my throat making me gag a little. Both men loved it. I couldn't believe I was being fucked by two men!

 I could tell they were both getting close, as was I. I could feel a vaginal orgasm building when they both stopped thrusting. I couldn't help but let out a disappointed moan making both of them giggle. It was time to switch it up. I felt as if these two had everything planned out before hand because everything just happened so perfectly.

 Our new friend laid on his back and grabbed me by my hips and positioned me perfectly over his rock hard cock, I looked at my love who was standing there watching me while biting his lip. He nodded and the man under me shoved his thick cock deep into my throbbing pussy. I let out a very loud moan which made my husband smile. I could see him pleasuring himself while watching this man fuck me. It was so hot, I was so wet and loving every minute of it. 

I felt so sexy in my new lingerie. I loved it and I could tell they did too. I grabbed this hands and bounced up and down on his cock he was moaning so loud it made me want to fuck him faster, harder. I slammed my pussy down onto his cock a few times before rolling my hips around using his pelvic bone to stimulate my throbbing swollen clit.

 I was getting so close when my husband grabbed a hand full of my hair forced his cock down my throat and told me to cum on his cock. I closed my eyes and came so hard. I could hear both men moaning one from the heat of my cum and the other from me swallowing his cock. After I came I wanted more. I wanted my husband's cock so I flipped over and begged my love to fuck me. 

Our new friend was covered in my cum and I wanted to taste it. My husband slapped my big round ass and I moaned while grabbing the cum covered cock in front of me. My love knew what was next and shoved his cock into my cum soaked pussy.

 I began sucking my cum off of the other man's cock and felt him fucking me harder than he ever has before. He reached around and started rubbing my swollen clit, I could feel my orgasm building more and more. Both men started thrusting harder and deeper. This was it. I was finally going to make both men cum harder than they ever have before. Just as that thought finished I felt the hot cum fill my pussy and my mouth. This was too much for me and I came so hard I almost blacked out. Ears ringing, body trembling, and pussy dripping with pleasure.

I rolled over with my head on our new friend and my legs on my love. All covered in sweat and cum trying to catch our breath. Then I woke up horny and ready to be fucked.