Sex Games 01

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28 Jul. '18

My wife and I were married in the 1970s.  My wife Carol was a stunning beauty with long lush brunette hair, a figure that could have come out of a pin up magazine and a brilliant mind.  I was a very regular looking man with a typical swimmers body and very ambitious as a manager. We were at the tale end of the sexual revolution.  We were deeply in love and shared all our sexual fantasies.  We had sex in public.  Carol flashed on the beach, in the car, everywhere we could think of.  She would flirt with men at a bar then leave them in frustration.  These teases always took place in hotel bars that would be filled with prosperous traveling businessmen.

Carol would go into the bar alone, dressed in tight short dresses, or wrap dresses and sit on a bar stool.  She would make herself look available.  She was approached by many men but when she finally picked her prey she would go into full flirtation mode.  Most men noticed her wedding ring and Carol would say she's here for fun and her husband approves.  There was a trio playing older, slow music.  Carol would ask him to dance.  On the dance floor she would mold her body to him and encourage wandering hands.  After dancing she would suggest a dark quiet booth.  In the booth she would kiss him with tongues wrestling.  She would start rubbing his cock in his pants then encourage him to take advantage of her accessible body.  She especially liked being finger fucked.  Rarely she would take his cock out and suck on it.  Inevitably he would invite her up to his room.  They were both hot and horny.  Carol's nipples would be poking through her dress and her cunt was dripping.  Carol would tell him she needed a few minutes to freshen up.  She'd come out to lobby and we would rush out the front door leaving him frustrated.

When we got home I got to take advantage of her arousal and we'd fuck like animals.  Carol would be moaning and telling me about her adventure.  "I loved his big cock.  He fingered me until I nearly came.  Oh I wanted to fuuuuck him"  

We worked in a large technology company where there were a lot of free spirited young people. We lived in Nashville.  It was a real party town filled with adventurous daring people.  We were a very social couple.  Nearly every weekend there were wild pot and wine fueled parties.  Carol was a outrageous exhibitionist.  She wore exceptionally short skirts, low cut tops and see thru clothing.  She never wore underwear when we were out partying. 

 At the parties we went to Carol was a very popular dance partner.  When she slow danced she would mold her body to her partner.  She would put her arms around their neck and her head on their shoulder.  I loved watching her slow dance rubbing and humping against the men until she could feel their erections.  Then she would rub her knee on their hard cocks and sigh on their neck.  When she danced fast her hips would be thrusting and then she would turn around and press her ass on their cocks. 

I would be at the bar watching her.  My cock would be throbbing in my pants and my breathing would become short.  Friends would say to me "don't you mind?"  I would just smile.  When Carol came back to me her chest would be flushed and her nipples poking out thru her top.  She would hold me tight and moan softly.  I asked if she was having fun dancing and flirting?  She moaned "yes, yes".

One particular friend, Tom, would dance tightly with her and run his hands up and down her back and brush his hands across her tits and tweak her nipples.  When they both came back to me Carol would be breathing hard and her whole body was flush with sexual excitement.  Tom would try to hide his very hard erection. 

When we went home after the parties we would fuck like animals.  I would whisper to her "Do you want to fuck them, can I watch"?  Carol would explode with her orgasms and start talking dirty "Yes, Yes, Ahhhh, fuck meee, watch meee".  

We went to a theme party and Carol was dressed in a tight black bustier and skimpy underpants.  She said she wanted to look like a character in the Rocky Horror show.  Her tits were overflowing and I could smell her arousal. When she danced with Tom her bustier slipped and her pert nipples would peak out.  She looked down at them, shrugged and pressed herself tighter against him.

Often she would dance with two men at the same time while they sandwiched her between them. She made sure that they both felt her whole body and loved the two erections that she caused.  When I danced with her she would press her bald mound on my leg and plant little kisses on my neck.  I would ask her "What do you want, who do you want"?  She would say  "I want to fuck them all".

One night we went to a particularly wild party. There was a lot of powerful weed and excellent wine.  At midnight the hostess called out that we should all go skinny dipping in her pool.  It was a warm summer night with a full moon. Carol stood by the pool by the lights as she pulled her dress over head and her skin glowed in the night. There was music playing. Carol and I were slow dancing in the shallow end of the pool, relishing the sensuous feel of dancing naked.

Tom walked over to us and asked if he could have a dance with Carol.  I just smiled.  They clung to each other.  Carol had her arms around his neck and was planting small kisses on his chest.  I could see Tom rubbing his erect cock all over Carol.  Carol came back to me with hard nipples and a flushed chest.  She pulled me to her and told me she loved only me.  Tom and Carol danced to a mournful country song.  She wrapped her legs around Tom's, put her arms around his neck and rubbed her body all over him.  At the end of the song they shared a passionate tongue twirling kiss.  They came over to me, Carol flush with lust and Tom's erection bobbing in the water.

I told Carol we had to get home fast.  When we got home we tore our clothes off, ran to the bedroom and had wild animal sex.  Carol was groaning and I was whispering to her "Do you want to fuck Tom, do you want to fuck both of us "?  This set off Carol's orgasm, screaming and trembling.  I held her tight and told her I loved her.  

In the morning we were both a little tentative about last night.  As we headed out to work I told Carol we needed to have a talk that night.  I was confused.  I should have been jealous but instead I was highly aroused by her flirtations.

When we got home I made us a martini, rolled a joint and we sat together on the couch.  Both of us were hesitant to bring the subject up.  I suggested that we read some hot sex stories together such as on Noveltrove to get some ideas.  We both liked the wife sharing stories.  They made us hot.   Finally I said "Where do you want this sex game to go? Do you want to fuck other men"?

Carol stammered said "Yes, only if you want me to".

I hesitated then said "Yes, but we need rules". 

There would be no romantic involvement.  She would not have many continuing partners.  I would always be there as a watcher and sometimes participant.  We would have no secrets.  If either of us wanted us to stop, we would stop immediately.  I had no interest in fucking other women.  We would do it as long as it was fun for both of us.  That night we made slow tender love with loving orgasms.

The next party we went to was at a friends house.  As usual there was a lot of pot smoking and very good wine.  Carol wore a very short denim skirt and a blue gauze halter top.  I could see her nipples and if she bent over the bottom of her cheeks.  When we got there I danced the first few numbers with Carol.  I could feel her excitement.  She was trembling with  anticipation.

Finally Tom came over and asked Carol to dance with him.  She pulled him to the dance floor.  As they danced I could see Carol put her hand between them and stroke his cock.  Tom ran his hands down her back and reached under her skirt to fondle her naked ass.  They stayed on the dance floor.  Carol started humping Tom.  They looked more like they were having sex than dancing.

I stood watching them and felt a familiar tautness in my groin.  I should have been jealous.  I was sexually aroused and wanted to watch Carol fuck and suck him.  I walked onto the dance floor tapped Tom on the shoulder.  I pulled Carol to me and whispered "Is this the night you fuck him and I watch"?  Carol groaned.

We went back to our place at the bar.  Tom was standing there.  He looked at me with a question in his eyes.  Both of us had obvious erections.  This was the moment we were all waiting for.  I asked Tom if he wanted to come back to our place for a nightcap.  He nodded excitedly.  The three of us walked out with Carol between us hooking her arms with both of us.

I told Tom to follow us home in his car.  During the ride I could smell Carol's arousal.  She leaned into me and said "This is going to be fun and exciting".  I stroked her thigh and her skin was warm with excitement.  I put my hand under her skirt and fingered her dripping cunt.  She humped my finger and moaned "I really want to fuck him and I really want you to watch". 

I pulled into our driveway and Tom pulled in right behind me.  The three of us walked up to the front door and I opened it.  I said "Make yourselves comfortable. I'll make some drinks".  I walked out to the kitchen and took my time making the drinks.  I wanted them to have some alone time.

When I came back into the living room they were on the couch kissing passionately.  Carol's skirt was up around her waist and I could see the moisture on her bald mound.  I cleared my throat and they reluctantly pulled apart.  I gave them their drinks and toasted "To good friends and good times".  I sat in a chair facing the couch.  Tom was fidgeting and clearly nervous.  I said to him "relax, we'll all have a good time".  I went over all our rules with him.  He simply nodded and smiled.

I put some soft music on and pulled Carol to her feet.  I could feel her trembling with anticipation.  I started caressing her ass and pulled her tightly to me.  As the next song came on I gestured to Tom to dance with her.  They started swaying to the music and humping each other.  Tom put his hand between them and started fingering her very wet cunt.  I could hear Carol start to moan.

I sat in my chair and stroked my cock through my slacks.  I got up and stood behind Carol and pressed my cock between her ass cheeks.  I gave her small kisses on her neck and whispered to her "He's going to fuck you and I'm going to watch."  I put my arms around both of them and we pressed together.   I was dizzy with lust.  Carol was sandwiched between us and felt both of our hard cocks.  After a few minutes I said "Let's take this to the bedroom".

Carol took Tom's hand and led him into the bedroom.  I turned on a soft light and lit the candles I had prepared for just this moment.  I smiled at both of them and sat in my chair facing the bed. Tom embraced her and ran his hands all over her body.  Carol came over to me in the chair and gave me a full mouth, tongued kiss and whispered "I love you.  I'm going to fuck him".

Carol stood in the middle of the room and pulled her dress over her head.  She stood there gloriously naked, her body flush with wanton desire.  She said, "I can't be the only naked one here".   Tom and I hastily undressed.  There we were a sensual picture with two hard cocks and one desirable hot woman.  Tom's semi hard cock was long and thin with bright red pulsing veins.   

I moved to my chair.  My mind was wild, remembering all the things we did to get here. Carol flirting with strangers in hotel bars, dancing naked while Tom rubbed his cock all over her, at parties where she would flirt, kiss and make out in dark  corners, all our discussions about wild sex.  My cock was painfully hard, throbbing, veins pulsing, my balls constricted.  I had to control my lust so I wouldn't come all over myself.  My vision was blurred by what I wanted to see.

Carol took Tom by the hand and led him to our bed.  She lay down and pulled Tom to her.  He started caressing her breasts then sucking on each nipple until it was rigid.  He ran his hands all over her body.  Carol clamped her legs around his and rubbed herself up and down, leaving a small trace of moisture on his skin.  Tom kissed and licked his way down her body.  When he got to her cunt, he paused inhaling her musk. He parted her cunt lips with his fingers and licked and sucked her.  He got to her clit and sucked on it like a little cock.  Carol humped her face on him then pulled his face tight to her cunt.

I sat in the chair with the hardest erection of my life.  Our fantasy come true.

Tom continued to lick her and reached up to squeeze her nipples.  Carol groaned.  She reached down and grabbed his cock.  She pulled him up so that his cock was at her lips.  She licked it from it's leaking head to his balls.  Carol is a great cocksucker.  She bobbed up and down taking it down to her throat and looking up at him with pure lust in her eyes.   Pre cum dripped down her chin.

Carol told Tom to get on his back.  His cock stood straight up.  Carol straddled his body.  She sat on his face.  They both groaned.  She moved down his body until she hovered over his cock.  She looked over at me and I could tell she was lost in a world of pure sex.  She put it in her hands and rubbed it up and down her cunt lips, pausing when it hit her clit.  She slowly lowered herself on his cock, pausing to enjoy the dirty sex.  Her tits swayed with the motion of their wild sex.  She reached up and pulled on her nipples then lowered a hand to start playing with her clit.  Her breathing got short and she trembled each time she sunk down to his pubic bone.

Tom was grunting and pushing up to get all of his cock into her.  His cock glistened with her juices and his veins were pulsing.  They were both lost in a wonderland of pure lust.  Carol leaned down and kissed him passionately then thrust her tits to his mouth.  I could hear the wet sounds of their fucking.  Carol started her pre orgasm dirty talk "Unhhh Tom fuck me Dick watch me".

Her dirty talk and clinging cunt pushed Tom over the edge.  I could his pulsing cock as he came over and over again filling her cunt with stream after stream of cum.  Their combined juices flowed down to the base of Tom's cock.

Carol screamed out "I'm cumming, Ahhh Fuck, Fuck, watch meeee".  She collapsed onto his chest and covered his face with soft kissed.  They cuddled in the afterglow of pure sex.

I couldn't sit still anymore and moved to hug Carol as she trembled through her orgasm.  The room smelled of sex.

After a few minutes I said to Tom, Carol and I need some alone time.  We loved every minute of it.

He got up and started to dress.  Carol beckoned  him over and they gently kissed.  Tom left with a beaming smile on his face.

I told Carol to shimmy to the edge of the bed.  I buried my face in her sopping cunt.  I could taste both of them.  I was frantic with lust I licked and sucked till my mouth was full.  I stood up and pushed my cock into her freshly fucked cunt.  We fucked furiously until we both exploded with an earth shattering orgasm.

I held her tight and told her over and over how much I loved her.  We both knew we had reached a new level in our sex lives.  We knew we would do this over and over again.