Sar - the clerk

Info boigrl
29 Jul. '18

Here is a story in two parts. Each part represents a possibility of what might have been following a recent encounter at the market. It's about the checkout person, Sar. Sar's aura struck me like a lightning bolt. Sar greeted me with a shy smile and an angel voice. The skin of Sar's cheek was as smooth as a baby's and the hair was cropped short at the nape under a store cap. The clerk vest was baggy as were the uniform black pants, so there was no telling more detail about Sar. No matter - I was entranced. When I left the store, all I could think about was my see this intriguing creature again.


Part I

I found excuses to return to the store several times over the next few weeks. Sometimes Sar was working, sometimes not. After enough times, Sar recognized me and always had a friendly hello and exchange of small talk. It really didn't matter in the least but I came to believe Sar might be a girl, maybe a girl with her gender not clearly defined, given the hair style and baggy worker clothes, but a captivating girl on some level. Strangely, it didn't really matter.

After a few months of regular casual interactions at the store, I had the totally unexpected surprise one afternoon of seeing Sar in a bookstore in town. It was pouring rain outside and many of us had dashed into the store to get out of the rain. I was browsing in the psych section when I noticed Sar in the next aisle. I was flustered, but determined to take the opportunity to get to know her a little better. I was pretty sure she hadn't yet seen me and I moved around into her aisle, Gender Studies. She was crouched down low having picked out a book and intently reading the back cover. She was wearing very tight jeans (framing an enticing bottom) and a loose white gauze blouse which did nothing to hide her lacy blue bra underneath. Her hair looked cute in a boyish way now that it was uncovered and her skin was as translucent as ever. She was wearing more makeup then she did in the store but not so much that it jumped out, just a subtle whitening of her facial features and reddening of her lips. Her eyes were in gentle grayish shadow. When I drew near, Sar was still crouching and as I stood over her I could see deep down the front of her blouse to her breasts resting in the bra and the nipple of one with a little breathing room from the bra cup. This gave me an instant and very uncomfortable erection which was now within a foot of her head. It was not so well concealed in my loose fitting light and pretty damp trousers. I began to try to discreetly rearrange myself just as Sar looked up and noticed my presence. I am sure she saw me adjusting myself but she was cool about it and just stood up with a slightly wry smile greeted me in a friendly way.

"Hey, my story friend!" she said, making a funny wrinkle in her brow,

"I've never seen you outside of the store."

"Likewise, it's great to see you out of uniform! You look great!," I blurted without thinking and then worrying that I might've embarrassed her or worse, put her off, with my remark. But she took it in stride, smiling cheerfully.

"Well you look pretty good yourself, my friend."

I couldn't help myself, still recovering from that gorgeous hidden peek I'd had, and asked her to join me for a cup of coffee and a get-to-know-you conversation. She agreed without hesitation and we wandered over to the cafe section of the bookstore. After an hour of gabbing and two cups of coffee I had to take a serious leak. Actually I had put it off too long for not wanting to break up the conversation so I said kind of abruptly,

"I really need to pee!".

She must have been feeling the same tension because she didn't hesitate to follow me into the hallway leading to the restrooms. I pushed the door open and saw her following me.

"Do you mind if I join you?".

I was really surprised. I mean our conversation had been all over the place including some kind of sexy preferences topics but it had all seemed to be in the spirit of flirting and opening some windows on ourselves. This seemed a bit beyond that in spirit. Then again, I wasn't going to say no. As I bolted for the urinals, I saw her head into a stall. I felt so relieved after going and was standing around waiting for her when I saw her stall door open a bit and she beckoned me over. When I got close to the door she grabbed my arm and pulled me into her stall. She had her jeans pulled down around her ankles and some white panties pulled up in place as she sat back down on the toilet seat.

"I would love to suck your cock." she said looking straight into my eyes and then down at my crotch. I couldn't believe my fantasy was coming true. I wasn't going to lose this opportunity. I undid my belt, unbuttoned my pants and allowed her to lower them. She was greeted by my fully hard 7" cock directed straight at her mouth. She enveloped me and started a gentle suck while reaching around and hugging my ass. As she began to get more animated she alternated between rubbing my cock through her hands and taking it down deep into her throat. I was so excited there was no way I could last very long and came hard into her mouth with great gushes of cum which she hungrily devoured. After slurping up any spilled cum from my cock and her face, and swallowing it like ice cream, she looked up at me and said,

"God, I fantasized about doing that since the first time you flirted with me in the store. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

So here I was, getting thanked by this fantasy girl after she just gave me the best blow job of my life. I mean, what's a guy to do? We heard someone enter the men's room so we stayed quiet in the stall until they left. I peeked out, saw the coast was clear and signaled Sar to follow me out. We made an unnoticed re-entry into the bookstore cafe, returned to our table and started talking about what next. She seemed a little reticent to make any kind of plan so I left her with the thought that if either of us think of something fun to do we can mention it next time we see each other in the store. That was fine with her. We paid up, walked out of the store and I was about to walk away when she came close to me, put her hand on my crotch, gave it a squeeze, kissed me with her mouth open and said,

"There will be a next time. Bye for now."

I looked back into her eyes and said,

"I hope so."

So the next time came two weeks later. I saw her at the store and she said she had something she wanted to share with me, at her place, as soon as I could make it. I said I could come over the next night, Friday night around seven. When I got there she answered the door dressed down in jeans and a flimsy tee that showed off her beautiful titties and well-defined nipples. She looked hot. I had going nuts trying to figure out what it was she had to show me. I was guessing maybe it was a racy video or something. This was my first time in her condo. It was pretty sparsely furnished, the way I like things, and surprisingly, she seemed to be a techie, with all kinds of electronics around which gave a dark cool glow to the place. She offered me a drink, we sat on the big leather couch, she put on some techno music, low in the background and came and sat close to me on the couch. Although we had had our intimate encounter, it had been very one-sided and I was feeling extremely eager to establish a balance in that department. She was doing nothing to dissuade me from pressing forward. I felt pretty relaxed as we slid into an easy conversation about what we had been up to since our "date" at the bookstore.

"Don't you think it has been a little strange... the way we have gotten to know each other?", she said sort of out of the blue.

"I mean, there seems to be a lot of intensity between us, and even a sexual passion, and yet we don't know a lot about each other. I'm not saying I mind, it just seems sort of scary strange in a way."

I wasn't quite sure how to respond. It's true I had been sort of obsessed since first seeing her in the store, and a little surprised how open and free she had been sexually with me, but I was hoping she wasn't implying that I was creeping her out in any way.

"You're right!", I started, "this has not been the usual getting to know you routine...but I for one have absolutely no regrets and hope we can continue along this exciting path to see where it takes us, don't you?".

She smiled like she was relieved and reached out to take my hand which she pulled to her heart and said,

"That is precisely what I'd hoped you would say! You make me so happy."

"So, I have to admit, I am dying to know what it is you wanted to show me tonight."

"Oh, about that... There is something about me you might be a little surprised about."

"What, one thing?...I would guess you have lots of surprises I don't know about but I am eager to learn about any one or more you might want to share."

"Let's go upstairs. Okay?"

"Sure baby, anything you say. Tonight it's your lead."

"Go sit on the bed, I'll be right back."

She ducked into the bathroom adjacent to her bedroom. I looked around and tried to learn more about her by observing her things. Her vanity was a dominant piece in the room. It was kept neat but very full of all sorts of bottles and jars and makeup paraphernalia. She had a large chest of drawers and a walk-in closet filled to the max with clothes and shoes. Otherwise there wasn't a lot of clutter in the room and the bare wood floors mirrored the spartan look of the first floor. I had just gotten up to take a closer look at some of the postcards on her vanity mirror when Sar came out of the bathroom. She was wearing a light robe and I could see she had only some lacy panties on under it. She singled me back over to the bed. We sat down. She looked straight into my eyes and said,

"I want you to make love to me."

With that, she reached over to undo my belt and started unbuttoning my jeans, I stood up to help her...speechless but eager. But then I paused to say,

"But I thought you were going to show me something."

She looked up at me, reached for my rock hard cock and said,

"Oh, baby, that's what I am doing."

I slipped off my shirt and laid down naked on the bed as she sat beside me.

"Remember last time we were together how I just took all the initiative and went down on you immediately, baby?".

"That is not something I will soon forget Sar.", I assured her.

"Well this time I would love it if you could reciprocate on me baby."

I was more than willing and more than eager to do exactly what she asked. She turned away from me and I slipped off her robe. Her skin was white and clear and baby smooth. I put my arms around her chest and held her luscious breasts as I pulled her towards me on the bed. I laid her on her back, lifter her arms above her head and drove my mouth into her inviting armpits, first one then the other. She seemed to love it almost as much as I did as I took in her beautiful girly scent. She seemed to be reeling in pleasure which turned me on even more. I really wanted to return her sexy ministrations of last time so I moved down to her breasts, sucking in each nipple with our mutual pleasure, then down her taut tummy. As I reached to remove her panties, she seemed to pause a little, and then I released them. Just then I noticed her beautiful hard cock. She wouldn't have known that when I first saw her in the store I had wondered about her gender. In getting to know her she had been so girly that the original confusion had left my mind. But now this all made sense to me. What she didn't know was how little it had mattered to me what gender she was and how sexy her cock was to me. Instead of talking about it, I simply wanted to show her by a total reciprocation of what she had done for me. It was my first time ever taking a cock in my mouth but I felt as natural being with her as I had ever felt in any sexual scene. Knowing what felt good to me, I just treated her to everything I might like. In so doing I felt a new passion, the feeling of a hard cock going in and out of my mouth, at once rock hard and creamy soft. Without words I let her know that we were good, better than ever, and what she had to show me was my delight.




I found excuses to return to the store several times over the next few weeks. Sometimes Sar was working, sometimes not. After enough times, Sar recognized me and always had a friendly hello and exchange of small talk. It really didn't matter in the least but I came to believe Sar might be a boy, maybe a boy with a gender not clearly defined, given his girly skin and baggy worker clothes, but a captivating boy on some level. Strangely, it didn't really matter.

After a few months of regular casual interactions at the store, I had the totally unexpected surprise one afternoon of seeing Sar in a bookstore in town. It was pouring rain outside and many of us had dashed into the store to get out of the rain. I was browsing in the psych section when I noticed Sar in the next aisle. I was flustered, but determined to take the opportunity to get to know him a little better. I was pretty sure he hadn't yet seen me and I moved around into his aisle, Gender Studies. He was crouched down low having picked out a book and was reading the back cover. He was wearing tight jeans (framing a sexy butt) and a tight fitting body shirt which seemed to bulge in a way that showed his breasts were small but developed. His hair looked cute in a boyish way now that it was uncovered and his skin was as translucent as ever. There seemed to be a subtle whitening of his facial features and reddening of his lips. His eyes were in a gentle grayish shadow. This boy was not an everyday boy. For me, this attraction was a revelation. No boy had ever had this effect on me before. I was both stunned and determined to see it play out further. He seemed to be neither playing up being a boy or a girl, as if he were purposefully being ambiguous, as if he were quietly demanding to be accepted as he was presenting himself. Although I had taken him to be a boy, I could easily be wrong. I saw him look up at me, maybe a little surprised.

"Hey! I can't believe it's you," he said cheerfully.

"I've never seen you outside the store before."

I was a little taken aback by his in a dream. But if this were a dream I was going to take this opportunity of a lifetime.

"So nice to see you Sar....what are you up to?" I asked.

"Just looking around for an interesting read. It was a pretty quiet day."

I asked if he would like to join me for a walk I had planned after the bookstore and he happily accepted. I finished with my business, he got his books and we headed out on a beautiful day for a walk along the path by the river. It was a fabulous opportunity to get to know each other better and we walked and talked for about an hour when he said he really had to pee. There was absolutely nowhere proper to go so he said he would duck into the shallow woods that lined the walkway if I promised to keep a lookout. I said I'd keep an eye out for him. As I was watching I noticed out of the corner of my eye that he was lowering his jeans down below his knees. I didn't want him to know I was watching as I wasn't sure he welcomed my interest in him. But I spied as I might and was amazed to see him crouch down and put one hand against a tree as he pushed his knees up and out and let go an arcing rainbow of a stream. What the heck? Sar was pissing like a girl but I couldn't see from where I was what exactly was going on. On the other hand I had to know. I called back to him that someone was approaching and walked toward him to be sure he got the message. I got there before he could react and when I saw him I knew that I had gotten it wrong. Sar was in fact a girl. She wasn't hiding it in the least as she completed her business. In fact she seemed to welcome my coming up near her like she had planned it all along.

"I wasn't sure how you were seeing me" she said, "and I wanted to make things clear to you."

It was a little hard for me to know how I felt about this discovery. On the one hand it was perfectly okay that Sar was a made things all the easier as it was not out of the ordinary at all except maybe for her tomboy looks. But if I had to admit it, I was a little disappointed because I had been preparing myself for something that was going to be a first for me....a first time with a boy. I had been fantasizing about crossing this barrier. I had spent time on the internet just browsing through sites devoted to first time cock suckers, cocksucker wannabes, sissy boys, fem boys, boys who weren't sure, etc. The more I explored the more I got drawn into worlds I never imagined myself in before. I started reading about first time cocksuckers, straight guys who sucked cock, etc, etc. The more I saw and read the more my fantasies grew into desires. The one thing that was missing was an actual guy who appealed to me in that way. I guess I really found myself to be straight but curious about sucking cock. I even spent time with the hypnosis sites which lure the curious beyond the edge by trying to convince you that curiosity is proof of something...but it is is just curiosity, I think. In Sar I saw someone about whom it didn't matter. Had she been a boy, she might have been my first. Her delicate features made more sense now, but her boyishness still was puzzling. What was that all about? It seemed that after having shared life stories for the past hour, Sar just wanted to make a point about her gender issues. This was a more direct way of getting things out in the open than I had expected, but she had done just that and our conversation turned to this as we continued our walk. She told me that she felt that she was both a boy and a girl. Not mostly one or the other, both equally. Although her body made it seem she was "really" a girl, she was sure she was both and for that reason she allowed both parts of herself to be reflected in her life choices: her dress, her hairstyle, whether she wore makeup and what those makeup choices might be, etc. Of course, society demanded some compliance...she couldn't go into the men's room to pee or change clothes at the gym, and she made these concessions without protest, while inside she felt they were all sort of silly and arbitrary as she had no more angst herself about anywhere she might go. As we talked I began to wonder how she felt sexually. Did she like to be with men or women or both or neither? What was she all about?