The Lodger III

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30 Jul. '18

The bed was cleared and Lee looked to Jennifer for some guidance.  Jennifer smiled and took off her robe.  She was naked underneath.  Lee just looked at her, for the first time really looked.  Jennifer was beautiful,  dark hair passed her shoulders, a lovely neck, soft shoulders, petite breasts and with nipples that were taut.  A tapered waist, nice hips and a perfectly hairless pussy.

Lee just stood there as Jennifer walked over.  For Lee it was like a dream.  She had mixed feelings.  She was afraid she would wake up and at the same time afraid she wouldn't wake up.  Jennifer stood before her and kissed her.  The two women kissed passionately and Lee felt herself becoming very aroused.  Jennifer then took Lee's hands and put their on her youthful breasts.  Lee began to gently massage Jennifer's breasts and the young woman sighed. 

Lee felt emboldened and took the Jennifer's nipples between thumb and fore finger and gently rolled them.  Jennifer moaned, eyes half closed, a smile of satisfaction on her face.  Jennifer took one of Lee's hands, put her hand between her legs, and moved Lee's hand up and back on her shaved pussy.  

'You're wet," said Lee.  Jennifer smiled and replied, "I've been wet since I first met you  Let me help you."

Jennifer reached out and unbuttoned Lee's blouse.  Jennifer took it off the older woman and tossed it on the chair.  Jennifer reached up with both hands and lightly caressed up and down Lee's arms.  Lee's eyes were half closes.  Her skin tingled at the touch and then Jennifer kissed her.  Lee melted into Jennifer's arms and as they kissed Jennifer reached around behind and unclasped Lee's bra.    She slid the bra down the woman's arms and then tossed the undergarment on top of her blouse.  

Lee was a bit embarrassed and she rolled her shoulders forward trying to hide in breasts in a vain attempt.  Jennifer smiled and cupped Lee's breasts as she said.  "Don't be shy.  We are two women who care about each other.  No need to shyness.  Your breasts are beautiful.  They deserved to be loved."  With that Jennifer bent over and placed on kiss on each of Lee's nipples.  

She then undid Lee's shorts and reached in and pulled down both shorts and panties at the same time.  She tossed the remainder of Lee's clothing on the pile and then took a step back.  "My God Lee, you are beautiful.  Your breasts, hips, and little ringlets of blonde hair hiding your pussy.  I love it.  Come let us get in bed."

The women climbed in, faced and each, and then moved together.  They kissed, bodies pressed against each other.  Their hands gliding up and down each other's backs from neck to knee.  Kissing and caressing.  As they did Jennifer put her thigh between Lee's legs and Lee followed suit.  

As they kissed and caressed they slid their thighs up and back massaging each other's pussies.  Lee was amazed and how wonderful she felt making love to another woman.  She thought that she could only feel this way with a man, but now she felt wonderful coupled with Jennifer.

Lee noticed their was no rush.  Their love making was slow and passionate.  She was struck with the fact that she and her husband always got to orgasm as quickly as possible, but she loved the way they were making love slowly and passionately.  

Jennifer gently pushed Lee on her back and whispered, "Let me love you."  With that Jennifer gave Lee and long passionate kiss and then began kissing her way down Lee's jaw to her neck and then across her shoulder.  Lee was tingling all over and then Jennifer repeated the same action on Lee's right shoulder.  

Jennifer kissed and nibbled Lee's shoulders and neck.  All the while Lee was becoming more and more aroused.  Her pussy wetter and wetter.  

Jennifer moved down and kissed Lee's chest and the tops of her breasts.  She kissed her way around each breast finally kissing each nipple.  Lee reached up and caressed Jennifer's hair.  "My God that feels good."  

With that Jennifer took Lee's left nipple in her mouth.  She sucked on it, and Lee cradled the younger woman in her arms much in the same way a nursing mother would cuddle her nursing child.  There was a softness, tenderness about it, and yet both women were very aroused.  Lee's whole body was tingling and on first.  

Lee felt the young women swirling her tongue around her nipple and it felt so wonderful that all Lee could do, was just relax and give in to the enjoyment.  Jennifer kissed her way over to Lee's right nipple and gave it the same attention.  Lee had not felt a fire within her body like this for a long time, if ever.  This young woman seemed to know just how to aroused a woman in a way she never thought possible.  And yet she thought who knows how to please a woman better than another woman.  

As she thought about this she suddenly realized that Jennifer was now kissing down her body.  With each kiss, coming closer and closer to her pussy.  Jennifer got down to the top of Lee's pubic hair line and then kissed her way over to Lee's right hip.  She began to kiss her way down Lee's thigh, and while Lee was a bit disappointed that Jennifer had not make love to her pussy, she was turning to a four-eleven alarm fire.  

Jennifer licked and nibbled her way down Lee's right leg.  All the way down to her foot.  Jennifer kissed across the instep and then placed a kiss on each of Lee's toes.  "You are driving me crazy," blurted Lee as she looked down.  She was met with a devilish grin from Jennifer who then went to Lee's let foot, sucking on each toe before she began kissing across Lee's foot to her ankle, calf, and thigh.  

It was then that Jennifer moved between the older woman's legs.  She lowered her head and kissed in that hollow area where thigh meets hip.  She did that on both sides of Lee's body.  Lee could nearly stay still.  Then Jennifer placed soft kisses in Lee's golden ringlets  She kissed across and down the sides.  Lee kept trying to move her pussy in front of Jennifer's mouth.  But every time Lee moved her pussy, Jennifer's mouth began kissing some place else.  Lee let out a shigh of exasperation each time.

Finally Jennifer took her thumbs and parted Lee's puffy outer lips.  Jennifer whispered. "Your pussy looks like a beautiful flower covered with dew.  And it's scent in intoxicating."  

Then Jennifer lowered her head and beginning at Lee's anus licked ever so slowly up to Lee's clit.  Lee let out a long groan.  Jennifer lowered her head and repeated the process again, and again and again.  Each time she lingered a bit longer at Lee's clit but not long enough to give Lee any total satisfaction.  

After about ten minutes of this kind blissful torture, Jennifer curled her tongue and gently probed Lee's anus.  It was a different experience, like nothing she had ever experienced before.  Once she got over initial shock that anyone would lick her down there she began to enjoy it.  Round and round Jennifer's tongue went.  

Then Jennifer moved up and began to explore Lee's pussy with her tongue.  She pressed it deep into Lee's pussy and swirled it around.  Jennifer was struck with how good Lee tasted and how wet she really was.  As she swirled her tongue around her nose would occasionally come in contact with Lee's clit.  

Lee was clenching the sheets and moving her pelvis around to try and keep a constant contact of stimulation between Jennifer's nose and her clitoris.  But the more she moved the more Jennifer teased her.  

Suddenly Jennifer withdrew her tongue, flattened it out and licked up and held her tongue against Lee's clitoris.  Not wanting Jennifer's head and mouth to get away Lee reached down and placed her hand on Jennifer's head to keep it in place.  

As Jennifer moved her tongue up and back across Lee's clit she inserted a finger into the older woman's pussy.  As she licked her finger pressed up into the roof of Lee's pussy and Lee had never experienced such pleasure in her whole life.  It was a feel she did not want to end.  She had been happy with her husband, happy with the way he made love to her, but it was nothing like this.  It was perfect bliss.  Perfect harmony across her whole body.  

Her breathing now came in short gasps as she neared orgasmic bliss.  Lee brought her thighs up around Jennifer's head and her hips began to move up and down off the mattress and back down.  

Jennifer knew that Lee was getting close  and decided that the woman was truly ready to "see stars."  She increased the speed of her tongue playing on Lee's clit and her finger moved with greater speed and pressure.  Lee was moving but had become totally quiet.  And then without any notice Lee dug her heels into the bed and lifted her hips up and hung there.  She didn't move but had surrendered totally to the pleasure that Jennifer had created for her.  

Her body began to tremble from the top of her head to the tips of her toes.  And then she cried out, "I'm cuming."  The flood gates were opened figuratively and literally.  She bucked up down.  Her pussy flooded Jennifer's mouth with her honey.  As never before Lee had complete control over her body.  

She hit a crescendo and then slowly started coming back down.  The last few tremors coursed through her body and then she just totally lay their exhausted.  Her body and mind totally at peace, drained, and covered in sweat.  Tears rolled down her cheeks and she could feel her own cum trickling down from her pussy, to her ass, and on to the bed.  

Jennifer crawled up next to her and held her close.  Lee just lay there without saying a word.  Jennifer placed soft kisses on Lee's face and finally Lee said, "It's been a long time since I've said this to anyone.   Jennifer, I love  you."

Jennifer gave Lee a tender kiss and then said, "Lee. I'm in love with you."  

The two women snuggled and Lee said, "I'm sorry because I've made a mess of your bed."

Jennifer smiled, caressed Lee's cheek and said, "The best love making is messy love making"  Both women giggled.  

"Jennifer darling, give me a moment and I will love on  you."  

Jennifer kissed the woman once again, cuddled up to her and said, "Lee, I hope we have years and years to please each other."  

There was a smile of satisfaction on both of their faces as they drifted off into sleep.