Sex Games 02

Info hornycarol
30 Jul. '18

My wife Carol and I started Sex Games a few months ago.

We are a very social couple.  We go to a lot of parties.  At one particularly wild party we went skinny dipping with a bunch of our friends.  A friend, Tom, danced naked with Carol in the pool.  While dancing he rubbed his erect cock all over Carol.  They danced a second dance and she put her arms around his neck and ground her bald mound on his leg.  That dance ended with a passionate tongue twirling kiss.

My emotions were racing out of control, jealousy and extremely aroused.  We went to a number of parties where Carol got bolder and bolder dancing with Tom.  Eventually that led to us inviting Tom back to our house.  Tom and Carol had mad passionate sex while I watched.  Carol and I both loved it.

It was an extremely sexually charged night.  It brought us closer together.  The memories were burned into our minds.  They fueled our sex talk and Carol would be moaning about fucking other men.  We knew we would do it again and again.

For our vacation that year we rented a cottage on lake Radnor.  We drove to the lake on a Saturday afternoon.  The cottage sat on stilts right over the lake.  The cottage was one large room, a king size bed, a kitchen, living room and a large deck overlooking the lake.  The furniture was simple Danish modern.  The floors and walls were wide pine wood.  The decorations consisted of pictures of the lake.  The deck had two loungers, a bench, an umbrella table and a wrap around railing. The rental came with a temporary member ship in a yacht club, a float boat and a large dock.

We unpacked and got ourselves settled in.  We decided to have dinner at the yacht club.  For dinner Carol wore a gauze halter top tied just below her breasts and a very short denim mini skirt.  I wore my usual khaki shorts and a polo shirt.

The yacht club was a large white clapboard building with decks all around it a dock and moorings for yachts and smaller boats.  There was a high ceiling with nautical chandeliers, several wooden ship models on shelves and pictures of sailing ships and of older yacht club events and members.  The crowd was very cheery and in a party mood.

We got a table overlooking the lake and the lights from the surrounding cottages.  We ordered a martini and settled in for some people watching.  We had a dinner of white fish and a bottle of crisp white wine.

After dinner a local trio set up to play and the staff rearranged tables to make room for dancing.  Carol and I went to the bar and ordered another martini.  We left our drinks at the bar and got up to dance.  We swayed to the music and murmured sweet words of love to each other.  Half way through our second dance someone tapped me on the shoulder and asked if he could have a dance with the lovely lady.  I suggested we go to the bar and get to know each other.  His name was Brian.  He was a tall good looking guy wearing the yacht colors.

I smiled and he took Carol by the hand and led her to the dance floor.  While he was dancing with Carol he pointed out the window to a large impressive yacht.  He told her that this was his last night on the lake.  Carol put her arms around his neck and attached herself to his body.  He looked questioningly at me and I just smiled. He started running his hands down Carol's back to her ass.  She pressed her bald mound to his leg and made small humping moves.  Her mini skirt rose up and I could see the bottoms of her ass cheeks peeking out.  They danced for a few more songs then returned to me at the bar. 

They both looked flushed and Carol's visible nipples were hard and pointy.  The bar was getting crowded and noisy.  We stood at the bar for a while and chatted.  We learned that he was single and flying out the next day.  Brian casually draped his arm around Carol's shoulder and I put my arm around her waist. She was trapped between the two of us.  Brian casually let his hand drape down and rub her nipples.  I moved in front of Carol  lifted her skirt casually rubbed her mound.

Brian spoke up and suggested we move to the yacht for some quiet and privacy.  We walked out on the dock and paused to look at the moon reflected on the lake.  Brian got a dinghy and took us out to his yacht.  The yacht was incredible.  It had a spacious living area, a bar and a spa like bathroom.  Brian asked if we would like a drink.  We both said yes.  He made us martinis and sat on the couch with us, Carol in the middle.  We chatted for a minute then Brian asked what was going on.

Carol blushed and said "We've learned that we like to play sex games with men".  Brian said he'd love to play sex games with such a beautiful woman.  He put on some soft music and held his hand out to Carol.  As they danced Carol put her arms around his neck, pushed her bald mound on his leg and planted soft kisses on his neck.  Brian put his hand under her skirt and  caressed her naked ass.  He untied her halter top and soon she was dancing naked with him.

I watched for a few minutes getting hot and flushed watching Carol about to play sex games.  I got up and put my arms around them and pressed my hard cock between her ass cheeks.  Carol started softly moaning.

Brian said let's all go to the bedroom.  Carol stood at the foot of the bed gloriously naked.  Her nipples were pert and her whole body flushed with sexual desire.  Brian and I got undressed.  We both had firm erections.  He pulled Carol to the bed and they shared passionate kisses and were exploring each others body with their hands.  Brian started finger fucking Carol. I could hear the sloshing wetness of her cunt and smell her arousal.  I got up on the bed and started fingering her rosebud.  Carol was being assaulted from the front to the rear.  She started humping both of our fingers.  She told Brian to get on his back on the bed.  We were all still for a moment relishing the hot dirty sex we were about to have with a stranger.

Carol straddled  his face and lowered her cunt to his mouth. Carol's skin glowed, her body so beautiful and her movements seeking pleasure.  Her hips were rotating and she groaned "Lick meee, lick my ass, Ohhhh".  I looked down at Brian and his cock was standing straight up.  I felt an unusual urge and bent down and started sucking his cock. I was surprised by the softness of the skin and the hardness of the erection.  I tried to mimic what Carol does for me.  I twirled my tongue around it's head and started bobbing up and down on it.  This was a first for me.

Carol's grinding was getting frenzied and when she looked over her shoulder at me she groaned "Dick suck his cock get it good and wet for me "Ahhhh fuck, cocksucker, coming, coming".  I got up on my knees and Brian and I held Carol tightly while she trembled through her orgasm.  Once she stopped she slithered down Brian's body leaving a trail of juices and rested at the base of his still hard cock.  Brian lifted her head and began kissing her and caressing her tits. 

Carol started moaning into his mouth.  Their tongues were entwined, saliva running down their cheeks.

Carol sat up and rubbed Brian's cock along her soaking slit.  She looked back at me and smiled.  Her eyes were glazed with  lust.  She sank down on his cock until she was resting on his pubic bone.  Carol's hips began moving and he was thrusting up into her.  Brian pulled her down and started kissing her and caressing her tits.  I had a perfect view of their joining. 

I put my finger in Carol's cunt, atop Brian's cock and  lubricated my finger.  I stuck my finger in her ass and started loosening her up.  I snuggled up to Carol and gently began fucking her ass.  We all froze for a moment enjoying the pure sex of it.   

Brian and I slowly developed a rhythm where he thrust into her cunt then I thrust into her ass.  We could feel our cocks rubbing together and Carol's cunt stretched and hugging us together.  

The room was warm and smelled of sex.  Our bodies slapped together and were slippery with sweat.  Carol started shaking and babbling "Ohhhh, Fuck meeee, Yes, Yes, Cumming, two cocks".  Brian and I started a frenzy of thrusting, going deep into her cunt and ass.  We all started to shake and I could feel Brian's cum dripping on my cock.  I exploded and Carol again moaned "FFFuck, Cum".   

We all collapsed, smiling and sated.  I lay there staring at the ceiling.

I must have dozed off.  I woke to the bed shaking and Brian fucking Carol.  He was talking dirty to her.

"You're my fuck toy".  " You are my fucking whore".   "I'm going to make you cum on my big cock".  "Your cunt belongs to me".  He was pounding into her staring at her face.  His face was taut with tension.

Carol had her legs over his shoulder and her toes curled.  She let out one continuous moan.

I got hard immediately.  I started stroking my cock to the rhythm of their fucking.  My body was on fire.

At nearly the same time Brian howled at the ceiling and froze pumping cum into Carol.

Carol yelled "Yessss, I'm your whore, cunt, cuming, Ahhhh".   

When we all recovered I told Brian we needed to get back to our cottage.  He was a little sheepish at what he had said to Carol.  Both Carol and I smiled at him.

Brian took us back, naked, to our dock. Carol kissed him passionately.  We got out and laid on the dock smiling and gazed at the star filled sky.

We eventually got up and went to bed in each other's arms.