Sex games 03 part 1

Info hornycarol
31 Jul. '18

The next morning we had breakfast on the deck.  It was a beautiful day with the sun gleaming on the lake.  There were boats cruising on the lake.

Carol was wearing a silky pajama top with no bottoms.  She had just waxed her pubes and put some oil on it to sooth the skin. Her mound glistened in the sunlight.  I was wearing a T shirt with no bottoms.

We started talking about our adventure with Brian on his yacht.  As we talked we both got aroused.  Carol was casually stroking a finger along her slit and I could see her juices start to flow.  There was a familiar tightness in my groin.

I told Carol to come over to me.  I took her pajama top and my T shirt off. I put my finger in her cunt and she was sopping wet and my cock was hard and pointing up.  I pulled her over my cock and she lowered herself onto me. I could smell her arousal.   I pushed my cock deeply into her. She kept rising and falling on my cock.  My cock glistened with her juices.  Here we were in the sunlight, naked and fucking.

Carol became very graphic about our sex game with Brian.  She moaned "I sat on his face."  "You sucked his cock for me."    "I sat on his cock."  "You fucked my ass."  "He fucked  me like a whore, Ahhhh Fuck, cunt now coming."  " I loved it all."  Carol sounded wanton and free. I spurted cum into her cunt.  I pulled her to me and told how much I loved her, how much I loved her being my dirty girl.  I held her while she trembled with a morning orgasm.  

We stayed like this for a while, my cock resting in her and her juices falling on my cock.  When settled down we were covered in sweat and glowing with satisfaction.  We took a shower together and dried each other off.

The day was sunny and clear.  The lake was placid and seemed to go over the horizon.  We decided to have a picnic on the lake with the float boat.  The float boat was a large rectangle (23x23) with a large canopy and a deck for sunbathing.  It also came equipped with a set of tubes to float in.

Carol made lunch while I went down to the dock to prepare the boat.  Carol came down the stairs with a picnic basket and wine cooler.  She had on the tiniest bikini I had ever see.  It had two tiny triangles for her breasts and one even smaller for her pubes with a string that ran between her ass cheeks. 

We meandered around the lake and settled in the deepest part to rest for lunch.  We had a delicious lunch of chicken sandwiches and a fruit salad.  After lunch Carol went out to sunbathe, topless.  I spent my time with binoculars looking around the lake and cottages.

It was a warm day and we both got a little sweaty.  Carol said, "Let's go skinny dipping".  We both stripped and jumped into the water.  It was cool and refreshing.  I did some playful groping and we both laughed.  Carol asked me if I would get her a tube to float on.  I pulled down a large black tube and helped her get on it.  She stretched out and her naked skin glowed in the sun.   I dove under the tube a few times to grope her ass.  She giggled. 

On the horizon I could see another boat coming our way.  I told Carol.  She shrugged.  The other boat slowed down about 10 feet from us.  There were two young muscular men in the boat.  They were both deeply tanned and seemed right at home on the water.  Their boat flew the yacht club's colors. They started whooping and cheering.  Carol casually waved to them.

One of the spoke up "We've got some weed."  "Want to party?"  I thought what the heck and glanced at Carol.  She gave them a bright smile and said "Come on board".  Carol and I climbed back on to our boat and I helped the guys lash their boat to ours.  They, Tony and Dave, clamored aboard and sat on the bench.  Carol hopped up onto the captains chair and swiveled around to face them. Carol looked magnificent.  Her skin was slightly tanned, her hair a wet tangle and as always her body beautiful.  We started a casual conversation, and Carol and I remained nude.  Both of the guys were unsure about what was going on.

Tony asked "Do you two live around here?"  We told them we had rented a cottage near the yacht club.  We asked them and they said they were in college and had summer jobs playing in a local band.  I asked where they played.  Tony answered, the yacht club and a local steakhouse.  They were both good looking guys with fit bodies.

I opened a bottle of wine and  poured us drinks in plastic cups.  There was an awkward moment of silence then Carol said "Aren't you guys a bit overdressed?"  They looked at me to see what I would do.  I simply smiled.  They both pulled down their swimsuits and sat back on the bench.  Their cocks were hanging out.  Tony's was a fairly normal size but it had very dark skin and a large purple head.  Dave's was short but very thick.  They had white tan lines from a summer in the sun. Carol unashamedly checked their bodies out.

Tony reached down to his swimsuit pocket and pulled out a waterproof  bag with some already rolled joints and a lighter in it.   He looked at me and I said "Light one up".  He lit it and handed it to me.  I took a hit and then shotgunned the smoke into Carol's mouth. (shotgunning is when you keep the smoke in your mouth then lip to lip blow it into another mouth)  Carol took a puff then she shotgunned it into Dave's mouth.  Tony smirked and took a big hit and shotgunned it to Carol.  When he did that Carol took the opportunity to twirl her tongue with Tony's.  It was excellent weed and we were all feeling it very high quickly. 

Carol started swiveling around in her chair and spreading her legs.  As we continued to smoke it became clear that shotgunning with Carol entailed some passionate kissing.  Tony and Dave's cocks were starting to swell.  My prick was thickening.  On Tony's next shotgun Carol put her arms around his neck and pulled him to her.  They clung to each other pressing their bodies tightly, Carol rubbing her bald mound on Tony's leg.  Dave looked over to me and I smiled and gestured toward Carol.

Dave got behind Carol and put his arms around her and started to pull on her nipples.  Carol groaned. The four of us were getting sexually aroused.

I looked around the boat and found some cushions and put them on the deck.  Carol sunk to her knees on the cushions and stroked both cocks as they stood above her.  I sat on the bench and started stroking my cock.  Carol looked over to me and her eyes were cloudy with lust.  She started licking the head of Tony's cock while she stroked Dave's.  Both of the guys were groaning.  Tony looked down at her and said "Cocksucker".  Carol again muffled another moan.

Carol shifted to sucking Dave while stroking Tony.  

Carol told both of them to lie on the cushions on their back.  She knelt over them and started bobbing up and down on Dave's cock while still stroking Tony.  She started moaning while sucking their cocks.  She would lick from the base to the head then twirl her tongue around it and swallow it whole.  His cock was throbbing, veins pulsing and covered with Carol's saliva.  When Carol sucks cock she hums creating sweet vibrations.  She stopped stroking Tony to focus on Dave's cock.  She held onto the base and was bobbing and moaning.  

Dave face was red and flush.  He started to groan.  He said, "Suck it, Suck it".  He started to push up into Carol's mouth and throat.  His breathing got louder and louder.  He froze with his hips pushed up and started cumming with shot after shot flooding Carol's mouth.  Carol kept sucking getting every last drop of cum.  When she stopped she opened her mouth to show us the cum still on her tongue.  She turned to me and pulled me in for a passionate kiss, swapping spit for cum.

Tony had watched Carol suck his friend off.  He looked over at me and I smiled.  He got Carol down on her hands and knees her ass in the air and her cunt shining with her juices.  He hadn't cum and his cock was hard and pulsing.  He stuck a finger in Carol's cunt and twirled it around.  Carol moaned and looked back over eroulder at him and said "Fuck me".

He rubbed his cock up and down on her cunt and tapped her clit with it.  Carol pushed back and his cock head was in her.  Tony pushed forward and his cock went all the way in, his balls against her clit.  Tony grabbed Carol by her hips and started grinding into her.  His cock glistened with her juices and the veins popped out, bright purple and pulsing.  

Carol's skin was red and flushed.  Her whole body was quivering  and shaking.  She dropped down so that her head was on the cushion and her cunt was totally open for fucking.  Carol groaned with each thrust and kept pushing back on his cock.

I was watching this erotic spectacle in the sunlight with the boat rocking gently to the rhythm of their fucking.  I couldn't sit still.  I crawled under Carol and started licking her cunt while Tony's cock was slamming into her.  I sucked on her clit and felt Tony's cock slide along my tongue.   

Tony's thrusting got more frenetic, pushing, pulsing, grinding.  I could see his balls and they started to contract.

Carol was moaning "Ahhhh, fuck meeeee".

I felt her cunt tighten around Tony's cock.  I kept lucking and sucking.  When he came his cum dribbled down on my face.

He grunted and stuttered "I'm cumming ccuuuming".      

Carol froze for a moment thrashed around screaming "Ahhhh, Ohhhh, Unh cum, cum".

I got out from under her and held her tightly as the tremors from her orgasm rumbled through her body.

Tony's cock had slipped out of her.  He looked at me sheepishly.  I smiled. 

Dave had been watching.  He was on the bench and his cock had revived. (The wonders of youth)

I pulled Carol to her feet and gently nudged her toward Dave.

She walked over to Dave and put her hands on his cheeks and pulled him in for a wild kiss.  She kissed him with passion.   I got behind Carol and pushed her forward until she was hovering over his cock.  She put her hands on his shoulders and sat on his cock.  She sighed.  Dave moaned.

Carol pulled up until his cock was almost out and then slammed down on him.

Dave took a nipple in his mouth and nibbled on it until it was standing straight out like an eraser.

Carol moved her hips back and forth and side to side.  Her juices slid down her thighs and soaked Dave's balls.  She moaned "Cock, Ohhhh, Cock".

Tony and I stood by their sides and stroked our cocks.  My cock was so hard it hurt.

Dave was pushing up into Carol and sucking her nipples.

We were all so oversexed that none of us lasted long.

Dave groaned, tightened up and started pulsing into Carol.

Carol thrashed around, her head going from side to side.  She cried out "Dick fucker, Ahhh God, cum".

Tony and I both started to spurt cum all over both of them.

We all collapsed on our seats and smiled at each other.

After a few minutes I told the guys it was time to go.  They both gave Carol a passionate kiss, then got in their boat and took off.

I hugged and kissed Carol and eventually we headed back to the cottage.  We took a nap in each others arms.  We still had a dinner scheduled at the steakhouse.