The Lodger IV

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01 Aug. '18

Lee and Jennifer lay their cuddled up and each in their own way reliving what had just happened.  

Jennifer gave Lee a kiss on the breast and said, "What are you thinking?"

Lee ran her fingers through Jennifer's hair and said, "Lots of things.  First, how will an inexperienced woman like me be able to make you feel as wonderful as you just made me feel?  Second, what does a young woman like you want to do with a woman who is twenty years her senior?  Third, is what we have lasting or merely an infatuation?"

Jennifer looked into Lee's blue eyes and spoke from the heart.  "First, I don't know what you feel for me.  I can tell you what I feel for you is more, much more than mere infatuation.  I do honestly love you.  Second, age means nothing to me.  I love you for who you are and what we will one day both become.  Third, the best way to please you partner is to do what pleases you and to listen to her."  

Lee lifted Jennifer's chin and kissed her.  Lee gently rolled Jennifer on her back and placed little kisses on her nose, cheeks, eyes, and ears.  As she kissed Jennifer's ear Lee whispered, "I love you."  

She kissed down her neck and across her throat and as she did Jennifer pushed her head back into the pillow opening herself up to Lee's kisses.  It was a sign of submitting to Lee's love making.  Lee kissed along Jennifer's shoulders and down across her chest, leaving a trail of moist kisses.  

Lee looked at Jennifer's petite breasts and said, "Your 'girls' are beautiful."  With that she lowered her head and in turn kissed each of Jennifer's nipples.  She took her time in placing soft kisses all over each breast, and finally to running her tongue around each of Jennifer's nipples.  

Jennifer could only moan as Lee took turns sucking gently on each of Jennifer's nipples.  Jennifer ran her fingers through Lee's hair as the older woman paid such loving attention to her breasts.  

Lee's hand was lightly caressing Jennifer's body from thighs to ribs.  Jennifer was squirming and then Lee slid her hand down to Jennifer's smooth pussy.  Lee cupped the area and made long, slow circles with the palm of her hand.  Lee's middle finger parted the puffy outer lips and the slick inner lips and just barely entered he pussy.  

Lee kept moving her hand in a circle as she sucked on Jennifer's nipples and fingered her pussy.  Jennifer opened her legs to give Lee freer access to her pussy, but Lee kept up what she was doing.  Jennifer muttered, "You are driving me crazy," to which Lee said, "Turn about is fair play."

Lee then began to kiss her way down Jennifer's body and while she did she inserted her finger more deeply into Jennifer's pussy. She could feel the heat and the wetness building in the younger woman's pussy.  Lee kissed her way down and could smell the younger woman's arousal.  It was rich, musky, and very alluring.  Lee moved around so she could lie down in between Jennifer's thighs.  She place her thumbs on each side of Jennifer's pussy and slowly parted them.

"Oh my God, Jennifer, your pussy is the most beautiful thing I have even seen.  It is so pink and wet and lovely."  With that she leaned down and placed a tender kiss on Jennifer's clitoris.  She young woman moaned and began to massage her own breasts.  

Lee then took her time and began to place kisses up and down Jennifer's thighs alternating between the two.  Each time she would get near Jennifer's pussy she would dart quickly away.  This not only frustrated Jennifer, but it increased her desire for an orgasm.

Then Lee kissed all the way around her pussy and as Jennifer tried to move her pelvis around to make contact with Lee's mouth Lee scurried away.  Then finally after she had thought she teased Jennifer long enough she rolled her tongue and pressed it into the younger woman's pussy.  Jennifer gasped and lifted her hips up to meet Lee's tongue.  

Lee then removed her tongue and flicked it up and back across Jennifer's clit.  She moaned in pleasure and squealed with delight as Lee slipped her middle finger back into Jennifer's pussy.  Jennifer really squeezed her breasts as the older woman continued to lick and finger her.  Jennifer looked down and asked, "You sure you haven't made love to a woman before.?"  Lee laughed and then went back to licking.  

Lee continued her loving assault on the younger woman until Lee took her pinky finger and inserted it in Jennifer's anus.  The younger girl's reaction was quick.  She let out a cry of pleasure and said, "My God let me cum.  Please let me cum!"

Lee continued to lick until Jennifer cried out, "I'm cuming."  Her thighs tightened around Lee's head as her hips bucked up and down.  Her anus squeezed and opened repeatedly pushing Lee's finger our of her anal cavity.  Lee could hardly believe the amount of cum that Jennifer produced.  But she kept lapping it up.  Jennifer suddenly went limp as her orgasm ended.  

Lee placed several more delicate kisses on Jennifer's pussy and then kissed her way back up to Jennifer's face.  The woman kissed and just lay cuddled in each other's arms.  The said nothing for a while until finally Jennifer spoke.

"What are you thinking, Lee?"  

Lee was quiet for a moment and said, "Ive always wanted a home office and small library.  I thought this room would be perfect for that."

Jennifer had a puzzled look on her face and said, "You mean you are kicking me out?"

"Yes," said Lee, "from now on you'll share a bed with me in the master suite.  I love you Jennifer."