Sex Games 03 part 2

Info hornycarol
02 Aug. '18

When we got back from our adventure on the boat we were both excited and exhausted.  We took a long nap then we showered and got ready for dinner.  We decided to go to a local steakhouse.  Carol dressed in a snap button cowgirl shirt with a bare midriff and tight white daisy dukes.  I wore my usual khakis and polo shirt.  The steakhouse was near our cottage so we walked to it.  The steakhouse was a very large log house and there was a small well kept trailer park behind it.  

We went in and there was definitely a western theme.  There were wagon wheel chandeliers, a few saddles were mounted on the wall and there were several Remington art works on display.  The waitresses wore cute cowgirl outfits with short flared skirts and bandannas tied around their neck.  The waiters wore snap button yoked cowboy shirts, tight jeans and cowboy boots.

We were told there would be a short wait so we went to the and ordered martinis.  Carol sat on a bar stool that had a seat shaped like a saddle and it swiveled.   I said to Carol "This is a really cool place".   The place was packed.  A number of the patrons looked like line dancing experts.  Carol swiveled around to face the room and she parted her legs so that if someone looked they could see her cameltoe.

The hostess came and got us and led us to our table.  She was wearing an ankle length skirt with a long slit revealing a bright red garter and a full shirt with woven western themes.  It was a barrel table with an inlaid star in the center.  Our waitress came over to take our order.  She leaned down over the table revealing quite a bit of boobs and her skirt rode up in the back.  Carol looked defiantly at the waitress and she purposely unsnapped two of her buttons.   

We had a great meal, Porterhouse steaks,  steamed carrots and a bottle of  big red Cabernet.  During dinner we talked about our sex games.  We both loved to reminisce about what we done together.  I loved Carol being my dirty girl.

After we ate I told to Carol to go into the bar and wait for me while I settled the check.  That took a few minutes.  I walked to the bar's entryway looking for Carol.  There was a band playing mournful country songs.  I saw Carol at the bar in full flirt mode with a young rugged looking cowboy dressed in a flannel shirt and tight jeans.

I decided that I would just wait and see what was going.  Carol was flipping her hair, leaning into him and touching his chest to keep his attention.  He put his arm around her shoulder and she leaned into him.

The band started playing some old country song and they got up to dance.  Carol put her arms around him, pushed her mound onto his legs and unsnapped a few more buttons on her shirt.  They were glued to each other for the next few dances. 

When the set ended Carol looked around, found me and pulled him to my table.  Carol introduced us "Dick this John.  John this is my husband Dick".  I invited him to sit down and have a drink with us.  He gave me a wary look.  I told him to relax we were there to have a good time.

Carol and I got up to dance and I asked her if she was having a good time.   She looked up at me and said "I'd like to ride that cowboy tonight".  I said "Are you going to fuck him"?  She groaned and said "You betcha".     

We went back to the table and sat with John.  I could see Carol's hand stroking his thighs and she was staring into his eyes.

John asked Carol to dance.  She put her arms around his neck and her legs between his so she could rub his cock with her knee.  When they got back to the table Carol's nipples were sticking out through her shirt and John had an obvious erection tenting his jeans.  I looked at Carol with a question in my eyes.  She said sotto voce "I'd really like to fuck him now".

I asked John if he was from around here.  He said he was there for the summer teaching tourists how to ride horses.  He told us he lived in a trailer behind the steakhouse.  I asked him what it was like and he said let's go take a look. 

We walked with Carol hooking arms with both of us.  As we walked Carol kept hip bumping with both of us.  We got to his trailer and walked up a few stairs to get in.  The trailer was neat and clean.  It had a large living area in the front, a galley kitchen and a large master bedroom.

John asked if we wanted a drink.  We both said yes.  Carol and I sat together on the couch while John went into the kitchen.   I pulled Carol to me and gave her a passionate kiss and unsnapped the rest of her shirt buttons.  Carol looked at me with lust clouded eyes.  When John came back with our drinks Carol patted the cushion next to her.    

John sat down and Carol turned to him, put her arms around his neck and put his hands on her bare breasts.  John looked at me as if he wanted my OK.  I told him Carol and I like to play sex games with handsome young men.

They started kissing and caressing each other.  Carol was moaning with want.  Carol straddled his lap and started humping the lump in his jeans.  She rocked back in forth in an overtly fucking way.

John caught his breath and said we should go into his bedroom.  Once there Carol took him by the hand and led him to the bed.  

I sat in a chair and watched.

John started kissing her breasts and sucking each nipple into his mouth and circling it with his tongue.  Carol started pulling at his clothes and dropped her skirt to the floor.  She was naked, aroused and beautiful. 

Once they were both naked John asked Carol to get on her back and be still.  He knelt over her and started gliding his hands down her body.  He smiled and said "So beautiful, breathtaking, yet wanton".

Carol arched her back reveling in the sensuous feeling. 

John snuggled up to her ass and Carol lifted her leg over his exposing a very wet cunt.  John slipped into her from the side position.  Her started fucking her while his hands were caressing her tits and pulling on her clit like it was a little cock. Carol started moaning "Fuck me harder".  They needed a better position.

John took out his cock, which was glistening with her juices and they moved to a missionary position.  Once again his thrusting was fairly gentle.

Carol kept pushing her hips to get more of his cock.  She again said "Fuck me harder".  She needed to take control.

She told John to get on his back.  She slammed her cunt on him facing me, reverse cowboy.  She started grinding her clit on his pubic bone.  Carol set the pace.  She was slamming down on his cock.  She rode up and down with increasing urgency. 

John got the message and he started pushing harder and harder into her cunt.  From that position he had a beautiful view of her ass as it pumped up and down.  He put a finger in her rosebud and twirled it around.  Soon he was pushing and stroking into her cunt.  He moaned "Rodeo Whore".  He told Carol to get on her hands and knees.  He plunged into her cunt. He went into a sexual frenzy.

Carol put her face down on the pillow giving him more access to her cunt.  She clutched the sheet and ground back on his cock.  She moaned "Fuck me like a Whore".  Her body shook and trembled.  

John froze and then he sent stream after stream of hot cum into her cunt.

Carol groaned "Ahhhh, meeee, whore, cumming".

John held her by her hips and gently stroked her back.  They both fell back on the bed and cuddled and shared little kisses.

I went over to the bed and pulled her to the edge.  I buried my face in her gaping cum filled cunt.  I started pushing my tongue deep into her cunt.  She clamped her thighs around my head and trapped me on her cunt.  She started trembling, shaking "Suck, Suck, Whore".  And squirted cunt juice all over my face.  I got up and held her while her quaking orgasm rolled through her.

I said to John that we needed to get back to the cottage.  He looked disappointed but gave us a hug.  He said "Best fucking  sex ever".

Carol and I strolled back to the cottage arm in arm.  We were smiling and contented.

We fell asleep in each other arms.