Aussie Foot Fetish Leads to More

My best friend Conor and I were on our way back from cricket practice when he said, “Hey Jimmy, my little sister is back in town and been asking how you are.”

“What, Haley?”

“Yep just got back from her final year at boarding school and asked me to remind her to you.”

“No way man, last time I went anywhere near her your dad said if he found me with her again he’d run me out into the bush and feed me to the Dingos.”

“That was years ago, and what did  you expect, you were snogging her face off and she was only fifteen.”

“She was nearly sixteen, she started it, and she’d just taken me to first base.”

"Hey that's my sister you're talking about, don’t want to know details. Anyway, she just said to say hello.”

I’d not seen Haley for a few years as she had gone to boarding school not long after that and I had gone to Uni. I worked out our ages and she would be eighteen now whilst I was twenty-one. Last time she had been a tall gangly girl, long legs but skinny body, nice face and blond hair, very mischievous and daring for her age, I think that’s why she was sent to boarding school to get some discipline into her.

A couple of days later I was at a BBQ at Conor’s place, “tinny” in hand when I felt a presence behind me, then somebody pinched my bum. “What the F***,” I went as I turned around and there was Haley, but this was a different Haley to the one I remember.

Gone was the skinny, gangly girl, now she had a “Bondi body”, a body that belonged on Bondi Beach in the smallest of bikinis. She was stunning, tall at five nine, she still had the fabulous long, long, legs, slim and shapely, but her figure had matured, now she had slim but more rounded hips, with a tight firm arse, flat belly, narrow waist, that widened to a pair of boobs, that to my eyes were begging to be played with, sitting high and proud they must have been 36B.

Her pretty face with her startling blue eyes was framed by shoulder length sun bleached straight hair, that just flicked up at the ends. As she smiled at me a dimple formed in her chin. My knees went weak, this couldn't be the same skinny Haley, could it?

“Hi Jimmy, did Conor tell you I was back in town and asking about you?” as she said this she moved in close to me, taking my personal space, crowding me.

“Err, yes,” I stammered in reply, feeling intimidated by her. She had really matured and her force of personality was overpowering me. I’d always been shy and introverted where girls are concerned. If I remember rightly it was Haley that had instigated that snog anyway.

"Well, why didn't you call me?”

“Not sure.”

"You're not still afraid of my dad are you, God that was years ago and I was a kid.”

"Well, you don't look like a kid to me now,” I blurted out.

“Why thank you,” she teased as she moved away, and ignored me to talk and mingle with other people, but all the rest of the evening she kept coming back to me, flirting and teasing me with slow smouldering glances, at times coming close to me and rubbing my arm, or placing a hand on my back or shoulder, never staying long, but always seeming to tempt and tease, flitting into my presence and then moving away.

I was getting more and more confused by her intentions and motivation, although I was twenty-one and three years older she definitely intimidated me, I was still a virgin and she seemed so much more mature, confident and experienced.

Towards the end of the evening, she came up to me once again, standing really close to me and looking me in the eyes said, "Jimmy, I'd like to see more of you this vacation, let's hang together, that's if I'm not too young for you at eighteen." As she did this her hand dropped to my groin and gave my balls a squeeze, I nearly squealed like a girl, what she had done was so unexpected and daring, virtually in full view of her dad, and I’m sure Connor saw what she did as he dropped his beer.

“OK,” I managed to stammer and with that, she turned around and left me alone stood next to Connor. “Did I see what I thought I saw?” Connor asked me.

“No, Haley just stood on my foot,” I lied. Connor looked at me dubiously.

Next weekend we were having a going away party at mine, as my parents were going on  a three month vacation back to England to see some of their relations, and spend Christmas with them, Connor, his girlfriend; Haley, and their parents were there along with about twenty others, all friends of my parents, so we four were the only youngsters there.

The party was going great and Haley was sat opposite me at the picnic table when I felt something moving up my leg and pushing into my crotch, looking up I saw Haley smiling impishly at me, I took a quick look down and she had her foot pushed into my groin, pushing onto my cock which naturally had responded. Haley kept this up for ages, all the time smiling sweetly at everyone and talking with everyone as if nothing untoward was happening.

My dad was on cooking duty and came over with some sausages from the BBQ, ever the gent he served Haley first, "Haley, do you want a sausage if so do you want thick or long, I’ve got both?”

There’s always been a bit of banter but this was a bit strong, but then again I’m sure dad didn’t know where Haley’s foot was.

“Oh, I like both, but I really prefer thick and long,” she said, looking as innocent as could be, still with her foot in my lap, “Jimmy, what’s yours, thick or long?”

Hardly able to speak I managed to keep my cool I managed to answer her, “No preference as long as it’s hot and spicy and lasts a long time.” Looking directly at her I smiled.

“Oh I like that type as well. I’ll have a long one this time please, Mr Parsons.”

A short time later the party had broken into smaller groups and the four youngsters had shifted to a quiet unobserved corner of the backyard and Haley and I had started to kiss, it seemed so natural between us. I’d been running my hands over her body, with no objections, in fact, she was doing the same to me and really kissing me hard and passionately. Suddenly she looked at me and said, “Jimmy, you know what I was doing at the table, with my foot?”

“Um, yes,” I replied wondering where this was going to go.

“Well can I do it again, but with your shorts off, I’m a bit kinky and want to feel your cock with my feet, it gets me really turned on, you never know what could happen if you let me,” she said, looking at me in a ‘little girl lost’ but also sexy and tempting way.

“What, what the hell do you mean,” I burst out.

“I want to give you a foot wank, same as a tit wank, but using my feet, go on I promise you you’ll like it.”

Not sure if I really wanted this I agreed and we got into more cover and I dropped my shorts and pants, my cock was ready for action even if I was dubious.

Haley was sat opposite me and had taken her panties off, pulling her short skirt high on her hips so I could see her pussy, her lips were full and dark coloured, with a hint of soft blonde pubic hair covering them.

Haley got her feet around my cock, grasping it tenderly and started to rub them up and down my shaft, her feet were surprisingly soft and warm. At the same time she had parted her pussy lips and pushed a couple of fingers inside her as matching the rhythm she moved on my cock did the same to push in and out of her pussy.

Gradually she started to increase the tempo of her rhythm and increased the pressure on me, to my surprise I felt that I was liking what she was doing and realised I was ready to cum and as I looked at Haley saw that she was in a different world, totally lost in her own mind.

Se was gripping me with te soles of her feet rubbing them up and down, then sifting position so that the sides were caressing me, the feeling was nice, not what I expected and I liked it more than I expected I would, her feet were so sensual on my cock.

I think that the sight of Haley’s young pussy being stimulated by her own hand was one of the things that got me off as with one last effort at holding back I gave in and shot my cum all over Haley’s feet, covering them in hot cum. It sprayed everywhere on her feet and ankles, dripping into the clefts between her toes, she didn’t seem to mind just smiled at me.

Haley was nearing her own orgasm and kept on playing with her pussy, as she reached out pushed her other hand under her top and played with her boobs, with a sigh of contentment more than a scream of ecstasy she hit her climax.

Not long after we heard Conor calling for us and saying that everyone was leaving, so after getting ourselves tidied up we re-joined the party as casually and carefully as we could, but Haley’s feet looked sticky to me in her thongs. Haley’s dad looked at us and said, “Jimmy are you still looking at meeting the Dingos?”

Haley went mad and threw a strop saying, “Dad, will you stop that, I’m eighteen now so can see and do what I like, anyway Jimmy could probably take you down if he needed to.”

“It’s ok, I’m only joking with him,” was his reply, just after my dad said, “Pete, she right, he could.”

At that, we all laughed but I was still worried about what he would have done if he had seen what had just happened between me and Haley.

Looking at me with a sultry look of promise Haley asked me to walk her home, which was no big deal as I really wanted to spend more time with her, and her home was only a couple of doors away. On the walk, we had our arms around each other when Haley lent over to me and said, "Come over tomorrow afternoon, mum and dad will be out and I'll get rid of Conor, it will be worth it for you, I promise." After that, just a quick goodnight peck on the cheek, no snogging or anything.

Next afternoon I’m round at Haley’s and as she promised we are alone and she looked stunning in a midthigh aquamarine flouncy skirt with a scalloped hem, off the should primrose top, bare feet and legs, her hair was cascading around her face, it looked as though she had done it specially. As I got through the door she pulled me to her enclosing me in her arms and kissed me, forcing her tongue deep into my mouth, fighting with mine, her breath was warm and minty.

“Jimmy, I know I promised it would be worth it for you if you came round today,” she said. Here it comes I thought, the big let down.

“I really fancy you, do you want to be my boyfriend or do you just want to play around, I'm not bothered either way, whatever we do will be fun, but I would really love to be your girlfriend.”

"Haley,  I would love to be your boyfriend but only if you really want to, I don’t want a sympathy date, or you going out with me because you think you have to.”

“No, I want to, I want you as my boyfriend, but wanted to know if you felt the same. Now about the fun bit, I promised you a good time, what do you want to do?”

“Anything you want,” I replied nervously not knowing how far Haley would go or wanted to go, then she surprised me even more.

“Jimmy, how experienced are you, I know you’re older than me, but I don’t think you have done much. With girls. Sex.”

She was right I hadn’t done much.

“I’m a virgin,” I admitted embarrassed at the confession.

“Oh! I didn’t think you were that inexperienced, I’m not, so looks like I’ll have to take the lead then,” as she said this she smiled at me, batting her eyelids and looking all soft and innocent.

Haley took me by the hand and led me into her bedroom, shut the door and said, "Well we have all afternoon, let's have some fun."

As she said this her hands went to her top pulled it over her head and dropped it to the floor, her boobs which were bra-less popping into view as they bounced before my eyes. Not stopping Haley undid the clasp on her skirt slid, the zip down and stepped out of it, her panties quickly followed, so that in the space of about thirty seconds she was standing there before me totally naked.

I gasped in awe at the sight of her fantastic and beautiful body, could this be mine to enjoy and share, she was beautiful.

Haley was smiling that teasing, ‘little girl’ smile of hers as she advanced towards me. Pulling me into her arms she directed my hands to her boobs and kissed me, softly this time. Savouring the kiss as our tongues played with each other, running round in our mouths, the kiss from Haley was soft and loving like no kiss we had shared before, there was love in it, not just lust as was the night before, I was smitten. I'd fancied and wanted Haley for years but in some ways, she was just a friend, and I had been afraid of her dad!!!

Haley broke the kiss to pull my polo shirt off, then returning to kissing me ran her hands over my chest, gripping my nipples and pulling them, hard, pinching. I reciprocated the gesture and as I did Haley moaned into my mouth, thrusting her hips into mine.

One hand had drifted down her back so it was resting on her hip, now I brought it to the front dropped it lower and placed it on her mons, then gently pushed her labia lips open and ran a finger up and down her slit. It was wet already, not just damp, she was wet, her juices flooding out of her already, I gasped at the feel.

“I’m horny for you,” she whispered in my ear.

As I played with her pussy, gently exploring it, feeling the soft warm velvet touch for the first time, Haley had got my shorts undone, pushed them to the floor and taken hold of my throbbing and eager cock, stroking it, gently holding it between her thumb and one finger, sliding her grip up and down. Oh, the feeling was so good. I’d had a couple of hand jobs in Uni, but nothing like this, and this was just the prelude to what was to come, at least I hoped so.

Haley began to place soft kisses down my body as she sank to her knees in front of me, teasing me with her tongue, until she was kneeling at my feet, in that position of submission that women have at times. Looking up at me through the fringe of her blond hair she opened her lips wide and took me into her mouth.

She took me in as far as she could and then closed her full, soft, red lips on my shaft, doing nothing for a few seconds she let me get used to the feel of her lips on my shaft and my bulbous head deep in her mouth, at the entrance to her throat. Then with a long slow slurp she drew back off me until the head was barely in her mouth, then just as slowly she went deep again, she kept this up for a few minutes, at times running her teeth on my shaft. All the time staring intently into my face. Then she stopped withdrew my cock from her mouth said, “That’s a starter, and just for you, I'm not going deep throat this time, and you're not cumming in my mouth just yet, but you can later. Jimmy, I’m holding nothing back from you, I’m all yours.”

With that she stood up and kissed me, it was strange as I could taste my cock on her lips. Taking the lead this time I moved her over to her bed and pushed her onto it so her legs were hanging over the edge, this time I took my turn to kneel before her, looking into her exposed and slightly open pussy said, “Haley, I’ve never down this before, you’ll have to guide me and be patient if I get things wrong.”

Her response was to push my head into her pussy and holding it there grind her hips in my face, mashing her pussy into my mouth and nose. I pulled my head free and started to lick her pussy, running my tongue up and down the outer lips of her sex, then getting more confident and responding to her moans and cries, opened her lips with my fingers and pushed my tongue deep into her inner folds, tongue going deep into her, the taste of her was nectar on my lips and mouth, sweet, slightly salty, sticky.

I don’t know why I had been worried before as natural instincts took over as I continued to perform cunnilingus on her. My thumb had found its way to her clitoris and was rubbing the little nub which had escaped from its protective sheath. Haley's moans were getting louder and longer the more I continued. She was thrusting her hips off the bed, thrusting them into my face. I managed to keep my mouth on her sex and increased the pace of my licking to match the moans coming from her lips. Then, with a massive scream, she arched her back pulled my face hard into her groin, pinning me in-place she came, flooding my mouth with her cum, thick and salty and delicious. At first, I was shocked then started to drink every drop of it that I could as Haley continued to scream and buck about. She must have orgasmed three or fours times, or maybe it was just one long orgasm, with diminishing peaks of intensity.

Grasping my ears and hair Haley pulled me up the bed so my body was lying on top of hers, she directed my cock to the entrance of her pussy and as she lifted her hips off the bed welcomed my cock into the warm embrace of her pussy. I was a virgin no longer!!!

I could feel her vaginal canal clenching and massaging my shaft as she kissed me, then she pushed her hips into me, prompting me to push into her. As before nature took over and I began a long slow thrusting into her, pulling my cock all the way out, then back in all the way until my balls were hitting against her arse cheeks.

As I got used to what I was doing I increased the speed of my thrusting into her until I was pounding into her, slamming into her hard and long. Haley pushed back on me just as hard and fast, grinding her hips into me, wrapping her long legs around my hips, heels slamming into my arse as if she was using spurs to control my rhythm, her fingers had formed into claws and she was scratching my back, leaving deep marks on my back. It was as if she wanted to mark me, brand me, claim me as her own!

We were both nearing an ending now as I could sense Haley’s intensity increase and my balls started to tense and I could feel the semen build in them as with a shout of “I’M CUMMING, I’M CUUMMMMMING.” I orgasmed into Haley, shooting my seed of hot cum deep into her welcoming pussy.

Haley screamed at this and hit her own orgasm just a second after mine, shuddering underneath me her body convulsing in spasms of ecstasy, her head was pushed into my shoulder and mouth was biting down on my neck.

Both spent beyond words of explanation we rested in each other's arms, sweat-soaked, exhausted and happy beyond belief, each caressing the other with gentle, loving touches, we gazed into each other's eyes, knowing that we had shared something special and that things were only going to get better between us. We had connected so well.

For the rest of that afternoon and early evening, we made love numerous times trying different positions and styles, at first getting to know what the other liked, then competing with each other to pleasure the other more, nothing was denied or refused.  Haley explained about her foot fetish it was something she had been taught to do and turned on to by one of her teachers, that got me thinking. What sort of school had she been at?

I had just cum in Haley’s mouth as she gave me the blow job she had promised me earlier when Connor came home and realised what had happened and gave us a heads up that their Mum and Dad were on the way home and were about five minutes away. Just time for us to get cleaned up and presentable. Connor was cool with me and Haley hooking up, he was glad for both of us.

We had in decided to take a trip to Sydney in the middle of the vacation, to take in the sights, watch a couple of ‘Big Bash’ games at the SCG and have a fun time as Haley would soon be getting ready to start Uni and I would be going back for my final year. This was where I found about her exhibitionist and kinky side.

We were on the light railway transit system, in the middle of the evening rush hour crush, Haley was stood in front of me but pushing back against me, when I felt a hand reach down, undo the fly on my shorts, get hold of my cock and pull it out. Gasping and just managing to stay quiet I wondered what was happening when I felt Haley position my cock between her legs, and as she slid her panties to the side she deftly slipped it into her pussy, sighing with delight and the danger of exposure and being found out

 She pushed back into me and began a slow fuck, just pushing her hips back onto me, but clenching and rippling her pussy muscles on my cock, it was heavenly. I was trapped against the side of the carriage so couldn’t move without exposing what was happening, we were fucking in a public space surrounded by all sorts of people, and only she and I knew what was happening. Erotic beyond belief but scary as hell!

This girl was not only kinky but was an exhibitionist as well, we kept on like this until the train began to empty and as we pulled into the next station an older man, say about fifty said to her, “Are you ok miss, you seem to be a bit flushed and are moaning a bit, do you feel ill?”

“No, I’m feeling just great, it’s just that this man behind me has been fucking me for the last half an hour, and I don’t know who he is.”

As she said this the train doors opened and Haley shot forward, running from the train, giggling as she went, but leaving me with my cock fully erect and exposed to view. A woman screamed as I followed Haley as fast as I could out of the train, the problem was I was trying to get my cock back into my shorts. All the time Haley was laughing at my embarrassment.

Somehow we managed to avoid getting arrested and made our way back to our hotel, where we made love, long and slow and sensuous, no kinks, or fetishes, just normal sex, and for once I was glad.

Her kinky side didn’t end there as one night after parading herself along the strip in Kings Cross, acting like a whore, tempting the punters who were kerb crawling looking for sex she dragged me into a lap-dancing club. Even though she was underage, she looked older and just flashed her tits at the doorman as she strutted past. Once inside she led me to the front and we watched the show, some of the girls were stunning, but in many ways, Haley was better looking than them. After one girl had danced, Haley called her over and after whispering in her ear, got up, took me by the hand and the three of us went into a private room at the back of the club.

Haley then made me sit down at the back and got an up-close and personal lap-dance from the dancer, I was watching on in awe as the sight of this dancer stripping and pressing her body onto Haley’s made me hornier than I have ever been. Then Haley, sat the girl down and reversed the process and striped and lap-danced for her but Haley was going much further with the body contact rubbing her pussy on the dancer's leg and grinding her hips into her face putting one nipple in the dancers mouth for her to suck and nibble on.

As Haley finished dancing she crawled over to me on her knees, released my throbbing cock from the constraints of my shorts, and gave me one of the best blowjobs I have ever experienced, I still remember it now, and will do till the day I die. Long, slow, slurping up and down my cock, with a soft touch of her lips on my shaft, teasing the head with her tongue, she didn’t go deep-throat but she didn’t need to, she knew what she was doing to tease me and get me off quickly.

After the show I had just witnessed I didn't last long and without warning Haley, shot load after load of my cum deep into her mouth, giving me the relief I needed, Haley didn't bat an eyelid and never stopped sucking me as she swallowed every drop of my cum. All the time this was happening Haley was looking at the dancer, smiling as she did so as if to say, I'm good, are you as good?

Haley was going to pay, she’d tormented me when we were in Sydney, and I had an idea of what I was going to do to her, I’d even gone to a sex shop in St Kilda,  to get some toys and things I needed.

Haley came over to mine about seven thirty, she looked stunning in a white mini skirt, dark blue top, her hair hanging loose. As I opened the door and she came into the house I pulled her into my arms and kissed her, long and deeply, squeezing her arse at the same time. Breaking the kiss I walked her to my bedroom, but as we got to the door I said,” put this on,” as I gave her a blindfold.

“Kinky, what have you got in mind?” she asked.

“Just put it on and you’ll find out, or don’t and you won’t,” I replied, knowing by now that the intrigue would get her to do as I wished.

She put the blindfold on and taking me by the hand allowed me to lead her into my bedroom, I guided her to my bed and pushed her gently down onto it, following her as I did so. I kissed her on her lips, nose, ears, all along her neck gently and lovingly, teasing her, I got her to place her legs and arms spread so she was in a starfish shape and ran my hands up her legs and then arms, moving them apart slightly, my body was on top of her pinning her, when, "click, click”, I’d locked her wrists in the handcuffs I’d bought. She was locked to the bed.

“What, Jimmy what are you doing?” she screamed.

“Something new, just go with it Haley, I promise you it will be worth it.”

“No, I don’t like this, let me go.”

“Shush, shush, Haley, not going to happen for a while, now relax and enjoy.”

With that, I began to kiss her as before, but this time, I was caressing her body with featherlight touches my hands just grazing her magnificent body, she seemed to be relaxing into it now, and her body was moving in response to my touches.

I slowly undid the buttons on her top, exposing her white cotton bra, I dropped my head to her breasts and sucked one of her nipples into my mouth through the fabric, sucking and teasing it, eventually I pushed both my hands under her bra and pushed it up over her boobs, exposing them to my sight, her nipples were dark and sticking out in excitement. Sucking on the one I hadn’t played with before I got an ice-cube from the side of the bed and rubbed around the other nipple, not touching it, but circling in ever decreasing circles approaching her nipple. She screamed at the shock of the cold on her boobs and then the scream morphed into a long low moan.

“Oh fuck, that is soooooooo good,” she whispered so softly I almost missed her words.

I continued to tease and torment her in this way, switching my sucking and the ice-cube from one breast to the other, Haley was loving it, bucking her hips and moaning.

After I’d decided she had been teased enough I started to kiss my way down her body, as before gentle teasing tormenting touches, as I got to her navel, I first kissed it then licked it then teased it with another ice-cube. As I got to her skirt she was pushing her hips high off the bed, in an obvious invitation to me to strip her skirt and plain white cotton panties off, which I did.

I continued to kiss my way down past her navel, to the top of her pubic hair, pausing, I blew onto her sex, she bucked and groaned.

I kissed down her groin deliberately avoiding her sex, making her wait for that more intimate touch. I kissed down her legs and then back up, running my hands up them at the same time, grazing my nails along her flesh.

As I approached her pussy again she was begging me to touch her, asking me to kiss and finger her, I smiled, I had her at just the point of excitement I wanted.

I was kneeling between her legs and she could just about feel my breath on her pussy, dark outer lips puffy with desire, and the pale inner core just barely visible, but with her love juices clearly running from her  and smell of it, sweet and musky at the same time, was heaven to me, I wanted to bury my face in it, but not yet I told myself.

I held my face about an inch from her pussy and as I spread her lips wide exposing her clit, gentle breathed on her, a long warm slow breath, at the same time I let a drop of ice-cold water drip onto her clit. The shock and unexpectedness of the cold in contrast to the warmth of my breath had her screaming in shock and delight.

“FUCK, FUCK, FUCK. STOP, PLEASE.” She shouted but not wanting me to stop.

I kept on the teasing of blowing on her and dropping cold water onto her, at different time intervals, and switching the ice on her clit or just into her pussy.

I stopped this teasing and moved on to the next phase, I got hold of her legs and pushed them high exposing her pert little bum to view, then slapped it hard.

The slap must have hurt her and stung the cheeks of her arse as Haley screamed out and as I watched a deep red handprint appeared on her bum. After about thirty seconds I slapped her again, just as hard, it wasn't a playful slap but a full-on chastisement, again she screamed, I kept on spanking her for ages during which time Haley was begging me to stop and promising me anything I wanted if I would.

“Haley, you can’t offer me anything, you’re at my mercy now I can do anything I want with you, do you realise that?”

“Yes, but please stop now, please, please, I mean it anything you want I’ll do it,” she pleaded.

At last, I relented and rose from the bed and taking hold of one ankle tied that to the bed using a silk scarf, I then did the same to the other she was now totally at my mercy.

She had stopped protesting and was complying totally with my wishes now, relieved that the spanking had stopped, but now for one last twist to my torment of Haley.

Standing at the side of the bed I took the two toys I had bought earlier, one a small simple vibrator, the other a vibrating dildo of about eight inches long and three inches girth.

Switching the smaller one on a quiet buzzing pervaded the room,  Haley’s head strained forward trying to make out what the noise was and where it was coming from, I placed the vibrator against her clit stimulating it, Haley bucked her hips high and forward onto it, wanting more, she was so excited, but I was not letting her go there yet. I kept playing the vibrator along her pussy walls and onto her clit, each time I felt she was getting close I stopped the stimulation and let her come down.

I got the larger dildo working and placed it into her wet pussy, halfway in her, Haley moaned again in delight and torment. I then got the smaller vibrator just against her clit and kept it there, just touching her. Then the evil part I taped the vibrator in place on her stomach so she couldn’t shake it off, it would continue to stimulate and tease her clit until I removed it, I pushed the larger dildo, further into her so it was fully seated and again could not be worked loose.

 I removed the blindfold from Haley’s eyes which were wide in excitement, lust, longing and apprehension at what was to come. Then she realised what she was looking at, she was staring directly into a large HD TV screen and the picture it was showing was Haley, handcuffed to the bed, two dildos stimulating her. I kissed her long and hard on her lips, then standing up said, “Enjoy this for as long as it lasts, I’ll be back soon.” With that I left my bedroom, leaving Haley there, staring at her bound and stimulated self, she could continue to watch herself or close her eyes and increase the stimulation of her other senses, oh sheer torment.

As I left the room, I could hear her calling me back, again promising me anything I wanted if I would release her or at least bring her to climax. I got myself a beer and watched Haley on another TV I had rigged up from the video system I had set up for tonight, there was no recording just direct feeds to both TVs.

When I sensed Haley was getting close to climax I went into the bedroom and decreased the vibrators or if she was to low I increased the tempo.

Haley was a quivering wreck as I kept this torment up for forty-five minutes. When I sensed she could stand no more, I went back into the bedroom, released her ankles and turning the vibrators to full, undid the handcuffs and took Haley into my arms, kissing her passionately but lovingly as she had a monstrous orgasm, clinging to me.

When she had finished climaxing I turned her around and spooning her went to sleep with her in my arms, my cock gloriously wedged between the cheeks of her arse. I'd not had any release or sex but was happy with what had happened and knew that I would be looked after in the morning.

That was the end of one, long summer vacation, as we both went off to Uni the next week, Haley walking with a slight limp, her arse was still sore!!!

But before we did we announced our engagement.


This story is dedicated to Turned_on_by_Words who asked me to write this story.

Thanks for stretching my writing by taking me into fetish, BDSM and exhibitionism, themes I haven't visited in the past.