Jamaican Resort Day 1

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05 Aug. '18

This is a spin off from our Sex Games series.  That series will continue in a little while.  For now enjoy our Jamaican adventures


Carol and I went to Jamaica for a vacation.  The resort we had chosen had a wild reputation.  We were young, horny and deeply in love.  The vacation was a makeup for the honeymoon we never had.

Carol dressed for the trip in a tight white T shirt and her braless nipples poked out like pencils.  She also wore a very short white tennis skirt.  When she moved she flashed her skimpy panties.

Carol always dresses to accentuate her sexiness and she loves to flaunt her body.  Her skin is flawless and she likes to show a lot of it.

When we arrived at the airport in Kingston we were met by a young Jamaican man.  His name we Brian.  He was dreadlocked and muscular.  He drove us to the resort in an old beat up sedan.  His radio was playing reggae music and he kept checking Carol out in his rearview mirror.

The scenery was beautiful with swaying palm trees, long white sandy beaches and clear blue water.

Brian told us that some of the local clubs were hot and that we needed any weed he could get it.

We checked in and were taken to our suite.  The room was furnished with a huge bed and some low slung furniture.  We had a balcony and a sumptuous bathroom with a giant Jacuzzi and glassed in shower.  We had a view of the ocean and the nude beach.  We also had a small well stocked bar. 

Once we were in our room we got out of our sweaty travel clothes and headed to the nude beach.  Carol put on the skimpiest bikini I had ever seen, two small circles for her breasts and a string that ran thru her cunt lips and ass cheeks and a pareo.

We got a place in the sand.  Carol put down her pareo for us to lie on. She took off her bikini and laid down.

I said "You need some sun screen".  

Carol turned over onto her stomach.  I put some lotion on my hands and started with her feet. I pulled each toe then rubbing slowly to her calves and thighs.  Her ass was next.

I put more lotion on my hands and rubbed her cheeks, poking a finger at her rosebud.  Carol moaned and did some humping on the sand.  I continued up to her back and shoulders still rubbing slowly and sensuously.

I said "Roll Over".

Carol rolled over and spread her legs slightly.  Once again I started at her feet, then her calves and then her thighs.  Carol blocked the sun with her hand and gave me a wicked smile.  Her mound was next.  I put more lotion on my hands and started rubbing lotion on her cunt lips, occasionally slipping a finger into her wet lips.  Carol moaned again.

I moved up to her flat stomach pausing at her belly button.  Then I got to her breasts.  Her nipples were hard standing straight up.  I took each breast and caressed it then circled each nipple with my fingers.

The sun was blazing down on the white sand.  We needed some cool refreshments.  I walked to a near by beach bar.  My semi erection bobbing along. At the bar I ordered two fruity rum drinks and chatted with the bartender.  

As I walked back with the drinks I saw two young Jamaican men kneeling by Carol and they were all chatting.  Carol was up on her elbows her tits jutting out.  The men were wearing loose cotton shorts and Carol was peeking up their shorts at their black cocks.    

When I got to Carol she was smiling and she introduced me "Rasta and Fred, this is my husband Dick".

They said what a lucky man I was.  We chatted for a while.  Their eyes never left Carol.  We finished our drinks and went up to our room.

We pounced on each other and had wild sex.  I whispered to Carol about her flirting with the two young men.  She was soaking wet and her cunt hugged my cock.  Carol moaned "Big black cock, cock, Ahhhh".  We both had explosive orgasms and fell asleep for a nap.

We woke up just as the sun was setting.  The resort has a themed party every night.  Tonight's theme was pajamas.  I put on a pair of loose gauze pants.  Carol put on a sheer short nightgown that clung to her body.

The party was packed with people in various stages of dressed and undressed.  The music was pounding.  We got up to dance.  Carol was humping my leg and her braless breasts  were bouncing freely, threatening to burst out.

It was a hot night with a full moon.  After our dance I told Carol I was going to get us some drinks.  The bar was packed and I had to wait a bit before I got served.

I got the drinks and headed back to our table.  I looked around and saw her dancing with Rasta and Fred.  They had Carol sandwiched between them and they were grinding on her body.  Carol's face was flushed red and her breasts had fallen out of her nightgown.

Carol finally saw me at the table.  She took them by the hand and brought them to me.  She said "Dick you remember Rasta and Fred".

I sat there with a burgeoning erection.  Fred and Rasta were leaning into Carol and freely running their hands all over her body.  The dance floor was full of people playing various risque games.

I said "It's too crowded and loud here." "Let's go to our room for a nightcap".  

We walked to the room with Carol arms hooked to Rasta and Fred and her eyes gleaming at me.

When we got there Carol sat on the couch between them.  I got up to make drinks and I heard Carol giggle.  I looked back at them and Fred had a giant joint out.  We all shared the weed and soon we were all stoned.  I put on some reggae music and we all got up to dance.  Carol was in the middle and she kept rubbing her body on all of us. 

Carol's eyes were wild, her chest flushed and her tits were shaking.  She backed into Fred and he tugged at her nightgown and it fell to the floor.  I pulled her to me and kissed her with my tongue.  Carol continued dancing nude.  We were all getting a bit sweaty.

Carol excused herself and went into the bathroom.  After a few minutes we heard water running.  Carol yelled out "Who wants to get in the Jacuzzi?".

The three of us walked into the bathroom.  Carol was on her back her tits floating invitingly.  We got out of our clothes in a hurry.  Rasta and Fred both had semi erections.  Fred's cock was huge.

I pulled Carol to sit on my lap.  My erection snuggled between her ass cheeks.  Fred and Rasta started caressing Carol's legs.  They both had their hands all over her.

Fred pulled Carol to him, turned her around so that her back was on his chest.  Carol wriggled around on his lap.  The sight of their black hands on her alabaster skin was so erotic.  Rasta moved to Carol and his hands roamed near her slit.  Carol moaned.  I could only watch with my erection poking over the water.

Fred started kissing Carol on her neck.  Rasta started sucking on her nipples.  The warm water of the Jacuzzi lulled us all into a sexual dream state.

Carol kept rubbing her ass on Fred's cock.  He lifted her up and impaled her on his huge cock.

Carol started rising up and down on his cock.  Rasta started sucking her nipples while she was getting fucked.   

Carol was thrashing around on Fred's cock.  She began her sex talk "Ohhh, fucking God, big black cock, Watch meee".

Fred grimaced and pulled Carol to his cock.  I could see the veins on his cock pulsing as her shot wave after wave of cum into her.

Carol groaned "Cumming, Cumming meeee"

The room went quiet.  The only sound was Fred panting and Carol's labored breathing.

I moved to Carol and gave her a passionate kiss.

Rasta looked at me then lifted Carol off Fred's cock.  He bent her over the side of the Jacuzzi and cum was streaming out of her cunt.  He rubbed his cock on her ass and Carol reached back and put his cock in her freshly fucked cunt.

Carol was pushing back to try and get more cock.  The two of them fell into a rhythm of fucking and moaning.

I was nearly out of my mind with lust and love.  My cock was pulsing, seeking relief.

The fucking became more frenzied.  Rasta plunged deeply into Carol.

Carol started moaning "GGG, fuck meeee, cuming".

Rasta kept fucking her.  I saw him tense up and I knew he was cuming in her.

I pulled Carol to me and held her while her orgasm rolled through her.

I pulled the drain on the Jacuzzi and as the water receded I could feel Carol's body still pulsing.

I pulled Carol out of the water and Fred, Rasta and me dried her with warm fluffy towels.

I led Carol into the bedroom and pulled her to the edge of the bed.  Rasta and Fred were standing on the side of the bed stroking their rejuvenated cocks.

I put my throbbing Cock into her soaked cunt.  The warmth from their cum was wonderful.

I put her legs over my shoulders and started frantically plunging into her.  We were both on sexual overload.  We lasted for a few minutes and then erupted with thunderous orgasms.  I kept spurting cum into Carol and couldn't stop.

Meanwhile Fred and Rasta were stroking their cocks and then shot cum all over both Carol and I.

I bent down and pulled Carol to me.

Fred said "I think we should go now".

Carol and I fell asleep in each others arms.

What a wonderful first day in Jamaica.