Making the First Move

Info IrmaAgoro
07 Aug. '18

When I signed up for this program, I knew the reviews were great, the instructors were qualified, but no one had told me how hot and seductive one of them was. As classes began, I tried to avoid making eye contact with him. The curves of his shoulders  alone were enough to make a committed, woman fantasize about taking his clothes off. His smile was enough to make anyone think dirty thoughts for days. So was the way he lifted his eyebrow and the way he licked his lips every time he took a sip of water. Watching him made me feel like a teenager, all giggly and shy. “Hey”, I said to myself, “A teenager you are not. Bigger man have found themselves lost in the web of your charm.” Of course, that was some years and a few  extra pounds earlier. Still, I decided to be adult about this. Looking right into his deep brown eyes I sent a smile as he was giving instructions. He smiled back, and over the next few days we continued to exchange flirty looks.


The image of his fit arms kept me up at night and even made me lose my appetite. I found myself fantasizing in class, at work, during conversations with friends and even in the shower. “If only an opportunity was to present itself, I would not miss it,”  I decided. And the opportunity did not miss a beat, and presented itself in all it’s glory, rolled-up sleeves, tanned arms, shiny hair, and all. As I was pulling out of the parking lot after class on Friday, I saw him walking across the parking lot. I rolled down my window and asked, “Are you on your break?”  He nodded with a smile, “I got about 45 minutes before my next class,” he said. “Want some company?” I asked. The brightened look in his eyes was enough to see that the suggestion excited him. He skipped around my car and landed in the passenger seat next to me. We had never been this close, and I noticed that he smelled just as good as he looked. “There is an Aroma cafe at the plaza down the street from here,” he said, “I was just heading there. Can I buy you coffee?”  My heart murmured with nervous fear, but since I was determined to be adult about it, I nodded in agreement and drove in the direction he suggested.

Small talk was quite comfortable, and we walked into the cafe feeling like we have been friends for a long time. He ordered a salad and a coffee, and I took a latte. We found a table in the middle and the conversation continued to flow as we waited to hear his name for the order. I heard them mispronounce his name, but as soon as he made a move to get up, I touched his hand and gave him a “domesticated wife” look. “Sit, sit, you have been on your feet all morning, I will get it,” I said. Not that I don’t enjoy being waited on by men who look like models. I just wanted to give him a chance to look me up and down from some distance as I walked over to get the tray. And look me up at down he did. I took note.

As we ate, I suddenly lifted my eyebrows and giggled subtly. “What?” he demanded. “You have something funny stuck on your tooth,” I lied. “You should go to the washroom, they are over there,” I pointed. With a slightly embarrassed look on his face, he walked towards the two individual washrooms in the corner of the cafe. I followed him. I waited by the door until I saw the door handle turn. I grabbed it, and pushed the door in a little. I slipped inside and with the back of my elbow, I shut the light switch off. It didn’t take long to find him in the dark, he was breathing into my temple. I found his forehead and ran my nails into his hairline, over the top of his head and down to his neck. I lifted my face and my mouth connected with his. He did not hesitate, and the kiss was all I had pictured it would be. His right arm was around my waist and his left was sliding up my back. He pressed his whole body against mine. This was enough for me to decide that he is clearly into me as well, and that the next move should be his move. I let myself enjoy the heat for another minute. “Our drinks are getting cold,” I whispered. He moved away reluctantly, and I let my fingers stream down his chest and abdomen as we walked out. Back at the table, the conversation was as lively as before the washroom rendezvous. His smile was even warmer and brighter than it had been. As I said, the next move should be his.