Exhibitionists In An Apartment Building

A horny man stands in his window
He's naked and stroking his cock
This will begin his intro
It's already ten o'clock

Exhibitionism is what he does
This is what makes him tick
Always careful of the fuzz
He loves to pull at his joystick

He pulls and tugs his dick
Across the way two women see him
They see him stroking his prick
They wonder if this is a whim

They're in another building
Everybody can see each other
All involved find it thrilling
Could these bitches be lovers

The two women strip
And they too put on a show
They both gyrate their hips
The guy's cock starts to grow

The women rub their tits
The guy pulls on his schlong
The women finger fuck their slits
The guy is jerking his dong

The guy is energized
Watching these two
He's completely satisfied
He wonders if they'll screw

One slut grabs a toy
And fucks her cunt
These whores are not coy
He bets she's making grunts

The guy starts to explode
The women still have fun
He emptied out his load
He wonders when they'll be done

The women start to dance fast
Firm breasts bouncing up and down
These women appear to be having a blast
All smiles with no frowns

Asses in the air, they start to play
Fingering their assholes
This has made the guy's day
These sluts are in control

Their husband's enter the room
A confrontation takes place
The show is now over he assumes
This is certainly the case

Both men flip the guy the bird
And they pull down at the shade
The husband's are not nerds
The exhibitionist is now afraid

He gets out of the way
And says a Hail Mary
Those women put on some display
It definitely wasn't ordinary

The guy goes to bed
Happy and filled with glee
Hoping his wife will give him head
He hopes his wife will agree