When We Make Love We Fuck

Info LorenzoAbajos
27 Mar. '16

When we make love we fuck
In several special ways

My darling lady feels
The hardness of my lust

She screams with passion as
We screw and sweat and cum

Our bodies sweat and writhe
And sense the pure desire

It's just the way we love
When we can find the time

We never know how soon
Our passions may be met

So when the world allows
We meet most stealthily

We use that special time
To fill illicit needs

We kiss, caress, and hug
To feel our bodies touch

She knows that she is mine
Belonging to her man

And never thinks it bad
To beg me for a fuck

She wants to suck my cock
And calls it what it is

She lets me fuck her ass
While crying out for more

Her pussy dripping juice
Wants rough and thrusting fucks

She loves what I can do
With magic hands and prick

This perfect lady thus
Is happy to be fucked