Service Station

Info Jellease
09 Aug. '18

It was on a trip to Holland last year that I stopped at a service station on the motorway just south of Breda and pulled my car into the rest area. Getting out to stretch my legs I noticed a gate in the chain fence behind which was an area of woodland. The gate was unlocked and I stepped through and began to follow a path through the trees. Within yards of the gate there was the usual litter of tissues where people had obviously preferred the outdoors to the station’s toilets, but not more than 20 or 30 yards into the woods I began to notice condom wrappers on the ground and then a nicely filled rubber. Given the amount of such detritus the place was obviously a well used site and my cock began to stiffen as I came across more and more evidence of sexual activity. I thought about jerking off in the bushes, but I was in a hurry to catch a ferry and decided to leave my fantasies for later.

Later that night when I got home I checked the place out on a Dutch gay website and found that it was indeed a known location for sexual encounters. It was described as having "plenty of action" especially in the woods and a area of sandy heathland beyond, and there was a warning about occasional police presence. Over the course of the next few weeks I often fantasized about the place and made a mental note to go back there some day.

The opportunity soon arose when a couple of months after my last trip I found myself on a car trip to Holland once again and soon enough driving back by my earlier route. On this occasion however I had an open ticket for the tunnel and no pressure of time. So there I was one warm sunny afternoon pulling into the very same spot within sight of the gate. I sat there for a while wondering whether to take the plunge. Would I have the balls to approach a total stranger? What would I say? What if he was just someone taking a leak?

After a while a car pulled in a little distance from me and I watched as the driver got out and headed over to the gate. He was a young guy, about 30, casually dressed. He opened the gate and disappeared from view into the trees. A few seconds later an older man emerged from the woods and I saw him get into a car with a woman and two kids and drive off. This completely innocent sight encouraged me to get out - after all who was to say I wasn’t just some married guy going for a pee?

I locked the car and ambled as nonchalantly as I could over to the gate, and soon I had stepped through onto the path that would lead who knows where.

I walked on, and as I got further from the gate I noticed the same evidence as before - tissues, condom packets and the odd used condom discarded under the trees. As I carried on the path came to a fork and I noticed about fifty yards along the path to my left the young guy that I had seen earlier. He was walking slowly along the path in the direction of the heathland that opened out beyond the first belt of trees. I followed at a distance, not getting any closer, until he turned and saw me, at which point he began to dawdle, with the result that in just a few seconds I had almost got level with him. There was no obvious reason for him to have slowed down - surely he was deliberately waiting for me? Now that the moment was upon me I was almost at a loss for words. I thought I might ask him the time, which would have been pretty daft as I had a watch on my wrist, but before I could say anything he had greeted me with a warm smile and said something friendly enough in Dutch. I quickly said that I was English and didn’t understand, at which point he said in perfect English, "I asked you if you were looking for something, but I think I have my answer." He looked down at my crotch and I realised that the bulge in my pants had told him all he needed to know. He laughed, and then said, "Come on, I know a good place." And there it was - as easy and natural as that. I was walking down a path in the woods about to have sex with a good-looking stranger!

We walked along a few yards further until a point where just before the woods gave way to the open heath he turned right up a smaller path, almost overgrown with bracken and undergrowth. Soon we were out of sight of the main path and then, brushing through the bushes for a short distance, we came into a small clearing, totally secluded, but warm and bright in the summer sun. "Here we are!" he announced, as if we had just arrived at a café, and then whilst I was still taking in my surroundings, he just dropped to his knees in front of me and said, "Come on, take down your pants." I began fumbling with the belt on my jeans and as I was lowering the zip, he took hold of the waistband on both sides and firmly pulled my trousers and pants straight down to my knees. My cock sprang out into the sunlight and he leaned forward and began to lick with long strokes of his tongue, from my balls right the way up the shaft. I groaned my appreciation and had to steady myself by placing a hand on his head. This was plainly taken as encouragement by him, as he then took my cock by the base of the shaft and eased his lips over my knob. He then began to suck me greedily, slurping noisily and soaking my cock with his saliva. I knew that it would only take a few seconds of this before I exploded, so I gently prised his mouth off my cock and told him that I didn’t want to cum just yet. "My turn", I said and getting him to stand up I began to unbutton his jeans whilst he pulled his shirt over his head, revealing a fine flat stomach lightly dusted with hair. I stopped to undo his trainers and after a bit of hopping around on each leg, I soon had his jeans off and he was standing there in just his underpants. His cock was completely stiff beneath the white cotton and I nuzzled against it biting him gently through the fabric, until the outline of his cock was visible through the damp cloth. By then I couldn’t wait any longer and pulled his pants down, revealing his wonderfully hard cock. It was long and absolutely straight, with a gorgeous flared head, several shades darker than the pale creamy shaft. I lost no time in sucking it hungrily into my mouth while fondling his low-hanging balls. I worked his cock with vigour, until his scrotum tightened and from his groans I knew he was getting close. I would have loved to have taken his load straight down my throat, but I had other ideas - I wanted him inside me. I eased off his cock and looking up at him I aske him if he would fuck me. "No problem" he said, "I’ve got all we need". As I pulled my trousers off he extracted a condom and a tube of KY from his bag and handed the condom to me. I quickly tore it from its packet and kneeling in front of him I peeled the rubber over his rampant cock, rolling it carefully down his shaft until his cock was completely covered. I rocked back on my heels and watched fascinated as he squeezed a dollop of lube onto his cock and worked it over the head and down the shaft, until his whole cock was glistening in its pink rubber sheath. Then he offered the tube to me and said: "You might want to use some of this on your ass". Whilst still squatting in front of him I held my hand out and he squeezed a few drops onto my finger tips. I reached between my legs and carefully applied the lube to my anus, easing a finger inside and spreading the lube as far as I could into my rectum.

Then I turned around and facing away from him I kneeled forward, head down, arse pointing to the sky. He squatted behind me, his knees flexed either side of me, one hand steadying himself on my back. With his other hand he guided his cock to my virgin hole, his swollen knob lodging itself against the entrance to my arse. I took a deep breath and pushed out against him like a true pro, as he pressed forward and down. Initially I thought my tight ring wouldn’t admit him, and his first attempt slid down against my balls. I reached back and held my buttocks apart for him, and he took aim again. He found his mark and pushed forward, holding the swollen tip of his cock against my hole. This time my anus relaxed sufficiently to hold him firmly in place as he pressed inwards. With a palpable "plop" his cockhead suddenly breached my defences and slid inside me. I gasped in pain and he paused for a moment, until I was ready to urge him on, whereupon he pushed slowly, firmly and deliciously all the way inside me. I felt absolutely stuffed with the whole length of his cock filling my rectum. The sensation was almost overwhelming as he dragged himself out of me, paused with just the head inside, and then pressed forward, filling me again. I groaned my appreciation as he began to rock back and forth, sliding the full length of his rock hard shaft slowly in and out of my grateful arse. As he did so I looked back between my legs and saw that my dick was streaming precum. As his cock ground back and forth across my prostate I felt like I could cum without even touching my own cock. I raised myself up onto my hands as my new found lover eased out of me. Then he knelt behind me as I spread my legs, and again I felt his cock pressing inside me. As he fucked me, he reached around and found my aching cock with his hand, smearing my precum over the head and wanking me with long slippery strokes. I began to gasp as his hand worked me relentlessly to orgasm. When I could hold back no longer I reared up off the ground and leant back against his body. His cock was still throbbing inside me as he reached for my tightened balls while his other hand continue to slide up and down over my shaft. I cried out as a huge orgasm overtook me, sperm spurting from my cock, spattering the ground in front of us and spilling out through his fingers as he squeezed more and more from my spewing slit. As I came, my anus spasmed against his cock and while my own orgasm subsided I felt the whole length of his cock swell inside me and I knew he was coming too. He held me tightly around my waist and strained to push his cock even deeper as his sperm filled the condom.

We knelt there for a while, panting to catch our breath, until he carefully withdrew. The condom was hanging down an inch from the tip of his cock, distended with the weight of his his creamy cum. I had a sudden desire to taste his cum and peeled the condom off him and licked his softening cock, wet with his still warm cum. We cleaned each other off with tissues and then headed wearily but contentedly back to the service station for a farewell coffee. We exchanged numbers and promised to meet up the next time I was in Holland. I can’t wait...