Gay Birding Club

Info Jellease
09 Aug. '18



The year I split up with my wife I decided to take a holiday in ----shire, walking, birdwatching and just relaxing.


I booked a well-reviewed B&B for a week and headed down there by train. After supper and a beer on the first night, I found myself looking online at local bird news to see if there were any interesting recent sightings. From there I found a link to the local gay and lesbian birdwatching club where I discovered that they were having a meeting the very next day. I’m not gay – or at least have never considered myself that way – and had a happy enough marriage that lasted nearly 10 years before my wife and I drifted apart and finally agreed to go our own ways. But I can’t pretend that I haven’t occasionally fantasised about gay sex and had even given a thought or two to how I might get to experience it for the first time aged 36.


The birdwatching club was meeting at a pub at 10 am. There were a few details about where they were intending to go and how long it would take. There was a lengthy notice about their policy on discretion and “outing” each other. The listing finished with an assurance that all would be welcome. So I decided to give it a go. At the very least I would meet some people with local knowledge and maybe see some birds that I might otherwise have missed. Well, that’s how I explained it to myself.


And so it was that just before 10 the following morning I turned up at the pub and discovered a group of about a dozen people, male and female, waiting there. The leader of the group was an academic from the local university, a professor, as it happened, of marine biology. He introduced himself to me with a warm handshake and told me that they were always pleased to receive visitors. His name was Sandy. I liked him straightway. He was a fit looking man in his late forties or early fifties, with light-brown hair and a handsome, tanned face. For a professor he had quite a rugged look. He was wearing hiking boots and moleskin trousers tucked into long socks, below a dark green sweater with leather elbow patches. Around his neck he wore an expensive looking pair of Leica binoculars. He could easily have passed for a senior army officer on manoeuvres.


We set off onto a footpath that led to some marshes and a lagoon behind a long shingle bank and after an hour’s walk we made our way to a hide where we settled down to see what was about. I sat next to Sandy and found his knowledge of birds to be extensive. He had a good spotter’s eye too, picking out interesting birds that I had not given a second glance to. I notched up a couple of “new” species and all-in-all was very pleased to have come on the trip. After a leisurely walk back, we settled down in the pub garden for lunch and a few beers. By three everyone else but Sandy and I had gone and I found myself alone with him. He rather caught me off-guard by asking me how I came to be at a Gay & Lesbian birders’ club. When I paused before answering he said that I didn’t strike him as being obviously gay. I said that the same applied to him. “That’s true,” he said, “but still doesn’t explain how you ended up with a gay group.”


So I gave him an explanation about hitting upon the group by chance and being more interested in the birdwatching aspect than the sexuality of the group. That didn’t seem to convince him and, over another beer, he gently teased it out of me that I had some interest in the gay side of it. I rather unnecessarily assured him that I wasn’t gay, but had sometimes had the odd thought in that direction. Having rather taken him into my confidence I told him that if I had to define myself at all, I would put myself in the bicurious category. That led him asking me if I had had any experience of gay sex at all, and I told him that apart from the odd chat online, I had had none. “I guess I’m a virgin”, I laughed.


“That’s easily cured”, he laughed back and to my surprise I heard myself saying, “Are you offering to ‘cure’ me?” I immediately felt my face flushing red and was wondering how I had been so forward with someone who I had only met a few hours earlier, but looking at him I was somehow reassured. He fixed me with a steady look, and reaching out to put his hand on my arm, he said, “If you are serious, I’d be pleased, honoured even, to be the first.”


I stuttered, “Err, where? When?” and he replied by saying, “Well, how about now? I’m free for the rest of the day and we can go back to my flat, relax and take our time.”


I knew that it was now or never. I looked at him again. He was good-looking, mature, frank and open. I liked that he was an educated man, composed and self-assured. If he wasn’t the right man for me, then no-one ever would be. He was attractive and I trusted him. Simple as that. So I put my hand on his and said, “Ok, I’m yours!” He gave me smile, and said, “Good, you won’t regret it.” and after we had drained our drinks he showed me to his car and we headed off to his flat.


Sandy lived on the top floor of a modern block overlooking the sea front. He had a large penthouse with balconies along two sides. From his living room you stepped through sliding glass doors onto the balcony which was broad enough to accommodate full length loungers. Being on the top floor he  wasn’t overlooked and the balcony was screened from the road that passed along the sea front by frosted glass panels.


It had turned into a fine afternoon and was warm and sunny when we got back. Sandy ushered me outside and told me to make myself comfortable on one of the loungers. I’d removed my walking boots and sweater at the door and so peeled off my woolly socks, leaving me in my khaki shorts and a t-shirt. I stood looking down at the shingle beach and out to sea, the bright sun warming my face.


Sandy had gone to fix us a drink and when I heard the clink of ice I turned round. “Here we are!” he said cheerily offering me a glass. He was stark naked and I found myself gawping at his tanned body and pendulous cock.


“Mind you don’t drop that,” he said, handing me a glass. “Sit down, or I are you just going to stand there staring?”


So I sat down, while drinking in his handsome body.


For a man of his age he was in remarkable shape. There was hardly an ounce of fat on him and his chest, stomach and arms were well-muscled without being over the top. But it was his cock that really grabbed my attention. Apart from a neat tuft of hair above the base of his shaft, he was completely shaven. His balls were hairless and were low hangers, one about half its length below the other. His cock was probably above-average length, well-proportioned, with the tip of the head just protruding from the sheath of his foreskin. The shape of the head was clearly visible under the skin and the whole thing hung down nicely over his balls. It was on any view a lovely looking cock and I thrilled at the thought that soon I would be getting intimately acquainted with it.


Putting my drink carefully on the ground I decided to strip-off as well. I pulled my t-shirt over my head and slipped my shorts down and off leaving me standing in just my striped cotton boxers. My cock had been erect for some time now and there was no concealing my excitement.  Sandy had a broad grin on his face as he sat down on one of the loungers and pulled me closer to him. “So,” he said, taking hold of the top of my boxers, “Let’s see what we have here…” and with that he pulled them down so that my erection bobbed free. He seemed pleased with what he saw, but instead of moving in for the kill, he suggested that I sit down and finish my drink. So we sat there for a while, soaking in the sun and sipping our drinks while my cock remained stiff as a pole, pointing straight up in the air. His own cock was relaxing against his thigh and I don’t know if it was my imagination, but it seemed to have filled out a fraction.


After a few minutes of torture and impatience, I couldn’t wait any longer. I shifted off my own chair and onto the edge of his and then reached for his cock, gently fondling it and his beautiful balls. His cock, the first I’d ever handled apart from my own, felt warm and silky smooth. As I played with it, cupping his balls in one hand and softly retracting his foreskin, I could feel it swelling in my hands. After a few moments his cock was fully erect and I was able to admire the lovely purple head that was now completely free of its sheath. I jerked him slowly, letting the skin ride up and down. His cock was so gorgeous that I had to taste it. I shifted my position and then after licking my lips, I ducked down and kissed the tip of his cock. His cock twitched as my lips made contact. I eased down so that the whole head slipped into my mouth and I began to suck him. He groaned encouragingly as I took more and more of his cock into my mouth and began to bob up and down on him, applying plenty of suction on the upstrokes. He seemed impressed with my technique and told me so. As I sucked on him, the head of his cock swelled like a fat plum and his scrotum tightened around his balls drawing them in to his body. I decided to slow down, thinking that I might have brought him close to cumming. So I began to kiss up and down his shaft and nibble on his ball sac. I felt his hand on my hip pulling me round and I realised he wanted me on top of him in a 69. I carefully swung a leg over him and kneeled on the lounger with my ass right in his face. He wriggled down a bit until my balls were over his mouth and then pulled me down onto him taking one ball and then the other gently into his mouth. “Fuck! That feels good”, I said, and then turned my attention back to his swollen cock. As I took it in my hand and angled it upward, I noticed that a clear bead of precum had appeared. I rubbed the sticky fluid around his pee-hole with the ball of my thumb and then took his cock back into my mouth. He tasted delicious and I began to suck him in earnest, intending now to bring him to orgasm. As I did so, he released my balls from his mouth and took hold of my shaft, pulling it down so that he could reach my cockhead with his tongue. He began to lick and slurp on my cock, until he took my whole cock deep into his mouth and sucked me with a passion. It was now touch and go who would cum first. I knew that very soon each of us would be cumming with a mouth full of the other’s cock.


I began to work the skin on his shaft up and down while sucking insistently on his cockhead. After a while I became aware that he had ceased to suck on my cock and instead seemed to be concentrating on his own impending orgasm. His back arched up off the chair as he tried to push his cock even deeper into my mouth. By the time he came I must have had about 6 inches of his cock in my mouth. He groaned loudly, I felt his cock pulse and then suddenly my mouth was full of semen. He shot heavily, three or four streams of cum and I gulped it down, not wanting to break off until his orgasm had subsided. I felt thrilled to bits to have satisfied him at the first time of trying, and pleased in a way that my own load was still intact.


Sandy was now panting under me, praising me for what he said had been a truly excellent blow-job. I released his swollen wet cock from my mouth and it fell heavily against his thigh, the head now a deep purple colour, the foreskin still fully retracted. I kissed it softly as his erection subsided, and then selfishly turned to thoughts of my own orgasm.


I lifted myself off the lounger and then, facing him, straddled his chest, my straining cock pointing straight at his face. I placed a cushion behind his head and then shuffled forward so that my cock was touching his lips. He took my cock in his hand and squeezed a drop of precum from the tip that he smeared over his lips with the head of my cock. With his lips slick with my precum, he placed his hands on my buttocks and pulled me forward, my cock sliding between his lips. “Ok”, he said, “Fuck me, man. I want to taste your cum.” I didn’t need much encouragement. Squatting over him, and with my hands on the back of the lounger to steady myself, I began to ease my cock in and out of his lips. On each entry I felt his tongue swirling around the underside of my shaft, coaxing me onwards. When he gripped my arse-cheeks tightly with his fingers right inside my crack, and started to suck and lick me all at once, I gave in to the inevitable. Groaning that I was about to cum, I stopped thrusting and let his mouth and tongue do all the work. Soon I felt the cum rising from my balls and I was overtaken by an almighty orgasm. My cock spurted several times as I erupted in his mouth. I felt his finger tip pressing against my anus which was pulsing with a life of its own. My orgasm seemed to be so much more powerful than any I’ve achieved with my own hand. It was a truly amazing sensation to be filling this handsome man’s mouth with my sperm. He drank it all down, with muffled moans and gurgles, and when I finished shooting he kept sucking gently on my cock until I told him I had to sit down. My legs were like jelly. I staggered off him and collapsed onto the other lounger and lay there with my cock wet with saliva and sperm, still stiff as a pole.


We lay there, enjoying the warmth of the sun and the pleasure of having satisfied each other. He asked me what I thought of my first male blow-job and I had to admit that it was better than any woman had given me. Had I enjoyed making him cum? You bet I had! We chatted on for a while, luxuriating in the afterglow of our sex. To his great approval my cock remained erect throughout and he asked me whether that was normal for me. I said that it wasn’t, although I had been known to cum twice in one session, given the right stimulation. He told me that he was sure that he could manage that, but needed to get his breath back. He asked me what I thought about getting fucked, and I replied that I was willing to give anything a go. And so it was that after a while he invited me inside and suggested that we prepare for the main event. In a very matter-of-fact way he told me that a clean bowel was essential to enjoying a good fuck and asked me if I would be prepared to have an enema. I told him I’d never tried one, but if he recommended it, I would be happy to do it.


First he told me that it was best to have an empty bowel and so we went to the bathroom and he took a pack of glycerine suppositories from the cabinet. We noticed, with a laugh, that my erection had now subsided, but a few reassuring words from him and we were ready to proceed. He popped one of the inch long suppositories from its pack and wet it under the tap, before telling me to bend over and touch my toes. I felt him inserting the thing in my anus, pushing it carefully all the way in. He told me it could take up to 10 or 15 minutes to take effect and so we went back to the lounge where we had a slightly awkward conversation whilst passing the time until I was ready. Having passed stage one, I emerged blushing from the bathroom to tell him I was ready for stage two. This he said would involve a douche. He had a large black silicone bulb-type douche about a pint or more in volume with a nozzle about 4 inches long and also a large syringe. He told me that his preferred method was to do this (as he put it rather worryingly) with “the patient” lying down on his side. He had placed a bath towel on the bed and told me to lie on my right side with my left leg bent at the knee and held up to my chest. I adopted this position and he explained that first he would administer a dose of warm olive oil. Whilst I had been in the bathroom he had been warming a bottle (which he pointed out was “extra-virgin”) in a sink of hot water. He poured about 100 ml into the syringe and asking me to lift my left buttock up he carefully inserted the nozzle and injected the warm oil into my rectum, asking me to make sure that I didn’t expel any as he released the syringe. We waited for a few minutes whilst he massaged my butt and rubbed a little oil on my anus. Then he took the douche which he had already filled with warm water and he applied the oily tip to my anus and gently pushed it in, until the whole tube was fully inserted and the bulb was pressing against me. He told me to relax and take long deep breaths in and out, and as I did so he began to empty the contents of the bulb deep into my rectum. Although the whole process was verging on the embarrassing, it was a pleasant sensation to feel the warm water flooding in. When the douche was empty, he told me to hold the water in whilst he extracted the tube. Once he had got it out he replaced it with a slender butt plug and told me that I should relax for a little longer with the fluid inside. After a while I gingerly got to my feet and holding the plug in place I hobbled back to the bathroom and sat down on the toilet. He placed a small footstool in front of the toilet and told me to put my feet on it and lean forward whilst expelling the fluid as he said that the process worked better with your knees close to your chest. It certainly did!


Not entirely to my delight he said that it was best to repeat the process, which we did and to my relief the water was completely clear the second time. He took a warm soapy flannel and washed my bottom with it and after rinsing and drying me off he pronounced that we were ready for action!


We returned to the bedroom where in his matter of fact way he said he was going to teach me how to fuck – or at least how to be fucked.


We lay on the bed, kissing and fondling each other until he asked me to go down on his cock. We lay head to toe and whilst I brought his cock to a proud erection, he had his head buried between my legs, nuzzling on my balls and inner thighs, before turning his attention to my squeaky clean anus. He lifted one of my legs up to give him better access and then to my amazement, and utter delight, he began to rim me with his lips and tongue. Nobody had ever done that to me before and I was soon groaning with pleasure. I actually thought that if he carried on I could cum like that, but mercifully he eased off, extricated himself from between my legs and asked me if I was ready to be fucked. I told him I was, at which point he took the pillows and stacking them on top of one another in the centre of the bed, he covered them with the towel, and told me to lie face down with the pillows under my stomach and my legs apart. He parted my buttocks and carried on licking my anus until I was in a state of near ecstasy and begging him to fuck me. He took a pump-action bottle of lube from beside the bed and squirted a dollop directly onto my hole. He then worked the lube well in, sliding a finger right inside me as I groaned and gasped. Having got me fully ready, he placed a condom on his cock, lubed it up and then knelt between my legs. I felt his cock sliding up and down my ass crack until he stopped with the head of his cock resting against my anus. He warned me that it might hurt at first, but if I bore with him the pain would soon go. Then he asked me to breathe deeply and to push out with my anus. As I did so I felt him holding my buttocks apart with one hand whilst he pushed down with the other hand on his cock as he pressed the head against my hole. With infinite care he pressed forward and I felt the exquisite pain and pleasure of his cockhead breaching my anus. Yes, it did hurt, but not so much that I couldn’t take it, and as I encouraged him on he pressed two or three inches of his cock inside me. I admit that I did cry out at that point and he stopped and then ever so carefully withdrew, while I lay on the pillows panting. He applied another dollop of lube to his cock and then repositioned himself between my buttocks. This time he pushed in a little further and I gasped again, but told him to carry on and then felt the whole length of his glorious cock sliding all the way in.


“Fuck, yeah!” was all I managed to say in response to his “Are you ok?” and with that he began to fuck me with long steady strokes, slowly pulling out almost to the point of withdrawal and then sliding all the way back in. At first he fucked me whilst kneeling, his hands gripping my hips, but then he drew my legs out straight and having pressed deeply into me, he lay on top of me just making small thrusting movements with his cock completely buried inside me. We carried on like that for two or three minutes as I got used to the sensation of having my ass filled with a long stiff cock. I think we were both pleased that he had cum earlier that afternoon as it meant that he was able to fuck me slowly and leisurely and without fear of rushing to orgasm. After a little while he suggested that we shift position; he pulled the pillows out from under me and turned me onto my left side and asked me to raise my right leg up towards my chest. He then entered me from behind, and with a bit of thrusting and wiggling he soon had himself in a position where he was able to push the whole length of his cock in and out of me with ease. The sensation was quite overpowering. On each stroke I could feel his shaft gliding over my prostate gland and that combined with feeling of his cock stretching my anus was beginning to drive me wild. Again I had a feeling that I was going to cum, but this time I was happy for it. I wanted him to bring me to orgasm with his cock inside me. I began to groan loudly on each thrust and as I did so he pulled my upper leg over towards him so that I was practically spread-eagled beside him and whilst continuing to fuck me he reached for my cock and balls. My cock had been dribbling pre-cum for some time and he used that to lubricate his hand and wank me. He encircled my cock in his hand and began to rapidly slide it up and down while pressing all the more firmly into me. There was nothing I could do to resist this intense stimulation. My whole groin was aglow and with a great groan of pleasure I suddenly erupted, my cock spurting in the grip of his hand.


As I came my anus seemed to take on a life of its own, gripping and spasming against his cock. To my delight I heard him say that he was cumming too, and with two or three heavy thrusts I felt his cock swell and burst inside me.


We lay there for quite a while until his cock began to soften inside me. Keeping a careful grip on the condom he pulled out of me and rolled onto his back. I turned over an admired his now floppy cock encased in its semen-filled sheath. I kneeled over him and carefully peeled off the condom, taking care not to spill the contents, before tying a knot in it. Then I went down on his sticky, slippery cock and licked it clean, while he lay there purring his approval.


We rested for a while and then took a long, hot bath together. Later we went out for a meal and afterwards he invited me back to his flat, but I politely declined as I was worried about how my B&B owner might react if I didn’t come in for the night. But over the course of the next week I spent plenty of time with Sandy, much of it with his cock up my ever willing ass. I was really quite sorry to leave him, but we agreed to keep in touch and hopefully spend many more such weeks together.