You remember that I like to be punctual, so when the glowing red digits of the bedside clock tell you that I'll arrive in 15 minutes you start to get restless. 

You have been waiting for a long time.

Anticipation translates into little shivers and sudden palpations that you can feel at the back of your throat.  There's a throbbing in the crotch of your expensive knickers that begs to be firmly held and brought under control.  You try to get comfortable, legs flexing slowly as you rotate your hips and rub your thighs together in your large, luxurious bed.

With ten minutes to go, the tension becomes too much - you're flooded with warmth, buzzing, knowing what's coming next. Lying down begins to feel impossible. You throw the covers off, and get on all fours with your ass facing the bedroom door - actively waiting in the dark now rather than passively.  There is a thrilling, empowering ambivalence in this position - simultaneously submissive and brazenly demanding.

Time continues to crawl, each second like a hand softly tickling your inner thigh but refusing to go higher.  Your hands and knees are hot and tingling, pressed into the mattress - you can feel your pulse pounding steadily in your palms and your anus.  For a moment there is nothing but the darkness and the heat and the throbbing.

Ten long minutes pass, while you wait for firm hands to grab you, to hold you in place, to shamelessly expose you, to slide up inside you.  You want me to feel how wet you are, how much you want me.

Little sounds give me away, but you're not certain I'm there until I close the bedroom door, and your pulse takes off again. It has been many years since we were in the same room together.

You don't move.  Waiting has become your religion now, you have taken a vow of silence. Your eyes are closed in prayer. 

You can tell when my eyes have become accustomed to the dark because my breathing changes subtly the moment I finally see you clearly, when I see how you have chosen to wait for me, when I see the silhouette of your perfect ass, offered to me unconditionally.

I do not speak, I somehow understand the rules that have imposed themselves upon us.  Trying to control your breathing, you hear me slowly getting undressed behind you - the minute click of buttons, a zip eased down, the whisper of cotton on skin. And you know instinctively when I am standing naked at last - your body responds with a wave of heat that radiates and tingles from your backside, over your back and breasts and up into your scalp. 

You know how hard I am at this moment. You know that I am going to fuck you.

You nearly whimper as you feel me climbing onto the bed, almost open your eyes - there's an urgency building inside you that's almost like panic. Please, oh please.

My hands are not steady when they reach out and touch you, I am barely holding it together.  I use my fingertips at first, as if I can barely believe you are real - you are an apparition of an angel impossibly coalesced into a living, breathing woman. Fingers brush gently over your buttocks, and smoothly up your back, a sharp intake of breath when I realise that you are already braless. Emboldened suddenly I lay my hands flat on your shoulder blades and run them slowly down the silky skin of your back, resting them on your hips, almost pulling you towards me, but resisting at the last minute. Then up again, this time over your belly and ribs, and finally cupping your breasts, as perfect as they always were, oil painting perfect. Your nipples are incredibly erect as i draw little circles around them, pinch them gently, slide them between my fingers. Oh christ, it's almost too much.

I need you naked right now.  I tug your knickers down your thighs, exposing your cunt and ass to the cool night air - no barrier now between them and my painfully hard cock.  

Your ass is a religious experience in its own right, I have dreamed of it, of having it in front of me like this, of knowing it is mine.  Your tan lines are almost luminous in the dark, showing me where to grab, where to lick, where to fuck.  I take rough handfuls of your gorgeous flesh, nails digging in, almost unbalancing you. Somehow you remain upright, eyes still closed, devoutly silent except for your increasingly ragged breathing. You pray for more.

You sense me climb off the bed, and then I'm tugging your pretty pants the rest of the way down and off. You feel me biting gently along your smooth calves and then, more urgently, up the backs of your incredible thighs. A second later my face is buried in your ass and you groan involuntarily. My tongue is everywhere, searching and exploring every possible space - my pure, animal hunger for you is unmistakable.  I move down to your already soaking pussy, covering it with my starving mouth, tongue working in and out, electrified by your juices - I will never get enough.  Finally I get to your clitoris, the holiest of holies, and kiss and suck and lick it until your vow of silence collapses into moans and your entire body quakes with pleasure.  I don't stop, I worship that precious tip of flesh until at last an orgasm consumes your body in its heavenly, cleansing fire.  

Reality has faded away around me, so that all that is left is you - the entire universe in a beautiful, naked girl.  

And I know that it is time.

I climb slowly up behind you, hands shaking, grabbing your hips again, more urgently this time.  I must have you.  You feel it start to slide in, hard and hot, almost impossibly slowly. Warmth immediately pulses out over your belly and down your quivering legs.  I draw the moment out, so that it almost feels as if minutes pass, an endless cock sliding ever deeper into you, but at last our bodies meet and I am pressed up hard against you.  Our moans weave together in the darkness.

It starts slowly, but a fever is building, possessing us both, driving me harder and harder, to fuck you like you've never been fucked. The hunger takes over again, my hands grabbing at every inch you, pulling your hair, my thumb pressed firmly against your anus, I thrust harder and harder until I'm compelled to grab your shoulder to steady you and to force you on to me.  

We lose ourselves to the act, submerged in pleasure and desire. Purely human, purely animal.

Eventually my breathing quickens, and you know that I am close, that I am going to come inside you. A firm hand pushes your head down onto the pillow holding you there, your submission to the faith almost complete.  Feeling starts to return to your arms, aching from holding you up for so long.

You feel my hand reaching between your legs, searching again - I want you to come when do.  We will cross over together or not at all.

As my fingers urgently circle your clit and I fuck you ever harder, there is barely a break between your whimpers and moans, each breath exhaling in a drawn out, animal cry of delight.  My pained grunts tell you that I have finally reached the point of no return, and I carry you with me, your whole body hot and throbbing. Unable to maintain the wordless silence I collapse onto your back heavily, whispering a desperate invocation: "You angel - you fucking Goddess".  You can hear my heartbeat, and feel, synchronised with it, the powerful pulsing of my erection, coming hard and deep inside you.  We are raised up, floating inches above the bed, cut loose from time but perfectly connected to the universe.  

There is no moment but this one, forever.

Sleep comes quickly in the end, all energy consumed in the reaction, the edges of our souls faintly blurred together once again.  We will stay this way until morning, almost perfectly still, our bodies curled together like a symbol, safe in the careful embrace of the night.