French Ski Trip - 3 Some Adventure

Info Nikkijanes
16 Aug. '18

It was the Monday of the second week of my mine and my wife Gemma’s annual ski trip to Tignes in France, and it had been a perfect day so far. The resort was only half full at best and it had snowed overnight for twelve hours. Ski conditions were perfect now, cold, fresh, sunny, deep blue skies.

We had hit the first lift to open and had spent a day skiing in ideal conditions, even getting the first run in on the OK piste in Val’D when it was opened, with a firm base and fresh snow above our ankles.

At the end of the day, we had dumped the skis in our apartment and had a couple of Après-ski beers in “The Crowded House” pub. Getting back to our apartment we had a shower, sorry to say not a combined sexy one, the shower wasn’t up to that, just a functional one. Then as we dried off lying on the bed, Gemma took me in her mouth and started to give me a blowjob, I got her into the sixty-nine and ate her pussy out, a nice way to spend half an hour before going out to dinner.

We have been married for ten years and know each-others body’s and needs to perfection now, so it wasn’t hot, hot, hot oral sex, just nice and pleasant between us, we both got off, Gemma even let me cum in her mouth, which was a change. We both love oral, and Gemma is very good but she just doesn’t like the end result, but I accept that as what she does is so good, and there are others reasons which I will tell you about shortly. She must be in the mood for some fun later I thought.

We went out to our favourite Pizzeria and then the real reason for this story began to unfold.

I was looking at the menu when I felt a presence at my side, turning to look, my face nearly collided with the groin of the tightest pair of jeans ever to clothe a body. They were so tight I could see the cleft of the waitresses vagina, my nose was almost pushed into it.

Being a leg man I dropped my gaze to look at the legs encased in the tight denim, looked ok to me. I then ran my gaze slowly up the body that was attached to this groin and legs, flat belly, slim flaring hips with a nice arse, and then a beautiful pair of breasts, standing firm and proud covered in a shirt that was as tight as the jeans and straining at the seams.

Her face was cute and elfin like, with hair cropped so short it was almost none existent. Fuck I thought, lesbian.

She was looking down at me with that disdain that the French appear to have for everyone who isn’t French but especially for the English, plus I was also a man.

After she took our order as she walked away I blatantly and unashamedly followed her with my eyes, feasting on the sight of her, tight denim covered arse as it swayed as she retreated.

“You fancy her, don’t you?” questioned Gemma.

“Don’t you?” I replied.

"Oh God, yes, but she is mine anyway."


“She wants me, you didn’t see the ways she was flirting with me as you were reading the menu and ogling her body. She wants me and badly.”

When I looked at Gemma she was slightly flushed and had more buttons on her top open than I remember. If the waitress had been flirting with Gemma, then Gamma had been flirting back!

Let me give you a bit of background about Gemma and me, we've been married ten years now and had been together for two years before that. Right from the start, Gemma had told me that she was bi. She insisted that she would never be unfaithful to me with another man but could not, and would not give up women. I loved her so much that I accepted her conditions from the off, but it had an unexpected benefit for me. At times Gemma liked three-ways and would get the other women in her life to join us as a three. She said she liked to see me with her lover!!!

“Well looks like you’ve pulled tonight,” I told her, “but don’t forget we have an early start tomorrow, with our guide.”

“Oh no, if she wants me, she gets you as well, we are a pair in this,” said Gemma.

“She’ll not go for it, you saw the look she gave me, she doesn’t like men, it’s obvious.”

“She’ll have to if she wants me, and she wants me, it’s both of us or none of us.”

Gemma is unerringly right in reading situation like this and has never been wrong before, one thing I forgot to mention is she is incredibly sexy and just exudes this air of blatant sex appeal, it works on men like a charm, but when she turns it on women go nuts for her.

“Well, you’ll have to get her to agree, if she won’t, then take her yourself, but I want a blow by blow account later,” I told her.

“Told you she’s hot for me, she’ll do it.”

This might sound callous discussing how we were going to seduce this woman, but she had started it by flirting with Gemma and it was obvious we were married as our wedding rings were in plain sight.

All through our meal Gemma and the waitress were flirting like mad, good job the restaurant wasn’t very full, as she spent an inordinate amount of time at our table. The flirting between the two women had become more intense and I’m sure everyone in the restaurant could see what was going on. Gemma was blatantly running her hand up the waitresses leg, and staring longingly into her face, fluttering her eyelids. It was porn right in front of me. At one point I thought they were going to have sex on the table in front of me.

Gemma was talking to her in fluent French and looking across at me, I saw a shake of the waitresses head and, “Non.” Gemma then said something more, again a shake of the head and, “Non,” as she walked away.

“Blown it,” I said.

“No she’ll come round,” Gemma said full of conviction, “she just needs an incentive and to get used to the idea.”

The next time the waitress came to our table Gemma followed her clearly stroking her arse as they walked to the Ladies. As they went inside Gemma turned to me and gave me a knowing wink. They must have been fifteen minutes in there when Gemma came out, hair a mess and blouse barely done up. When she emerged the waitress looked scarcely any better.

“Had to give her a freebie and to show her what she would be missing out on,” Gemma giggled as she sat down. “She’s agreed, we meet her in the disco in an hour.”

When she brought the bill about five minutes later the waitress actually smiled at me and placing her hand on my neck tickled it and played with my hair.

“Told you so, knew she couldn’t resist me.”

Gemma insisted that we go back to the apartment so she could change before we went to the disco. When we got to the disco I got us some drinks as  Gemma went to the Ladies to make a quick change to her outfit and when she came out she looked stunning. She had on an incredibly short dress that clung to her figure and swayed in time to her hips when she moved, The change to the outfit she had made was to remove the thick tights/leggings she had needed to wear due to the weather. Everyone and I mean everyone, both male and female stopped to look at her as she walked up to me. Knowing I was married to such a desirable and sexy woman was one hell of a boost to my ego, but I’m not a gargoyle myself.

We had been in the disco for about ten minutes when the waitress appeared, Gemma spotted her and called her over, then said, “Nic, this is Jade. Jade, Nic.”

I smiled, and as the French do air kissed her cheek, putting my hand on her hips as I did so. She accepted the kiss and didn’t move my hand away. I went to the bar to get Jade a drink and as I did I heard a gasp from the guy next to me, I turned around and the two girls were on the dance floor and Gemma was letting rip.

She was swaying her body, hips swinging at full pelt, arms in the air waving, shaking her head, hair flying all around. That sight and the fact that her skirt barely covered her arse and that no other woman in there was in a dress set the place on fire. Jade who is stunning herself was totally mesmerised. Gemma was dancing with, and, for her, it was blatant what she was doing, even more, when she placed her hands on Jade's hips and pulled their bodies together, Gemma grinding her hips into Jade. The whole dancefloor had stopped to watch the two girls.

As the dance ended and the girls came back to our table the DJ put on a slow record, just to calm the place down, Gemma took hold of my hand and pulled me to my feet then put my hand in Jades and pushed us onto the dancefloor.

When we got there Jade somewhat reluctantly came into my arms and we began a slow, sexy, dance, after a while, she relaxed and started to enjoy the dance. I kept my hands in neutral places on her body, not going for her arse, just on her hips. She started to sway her hips against mine and pushed into me. So I put on hand lightly on her arse, she tensed for a split second then relaxed as she realised what was eventually going to happen between us later and that I was only resting my hand on her bum.

I can speak better French than I let on so started talking to Jade, and she relaxed at that and by the end of the dance, the ice had really melted between us. Of course, she wanted Gemma not me, but she had stopped hating me on sight.

The girls had one more dance, again setting the place on fire with their movements and the way they were so obviously into each other, especially when Gemma bent in and kissed Jade full on the lips, clearly using her tongue and pulled Jade into her, hand clamped tight on Jade's arse. If Jade was a regular at the club she had just got herself a new reputation! While this was going on I had got all our coats so we were ready to leave when the girls finished dancing.

Gemma risked frostbite going with bare legs for the short walk back to our apartment, I think she wanted to be ready for what was to come and to tease Jade from the off.

When we got to the apartment, I slipped into a pair of lounging trousers that were easy to get off as Gemma got some drinks for us, when I got into the lounge I sat on the sofa and pulled Jade to me, Gemma had had all the fun so far and I wanted my share now.

I bent Jade's face to mine and kissed her softly on the lips, at first she tensed and then pulled away, but I persisted and kissed her again, at last, she relaxed as I think she realised that without me there would be no Gemma. With a sigh, perhaps of resignation, she began to kiss me back, and what a kiss it was. Gemma had been so lucky to kiss this woman first.

My hands had started to roam feverishly and freely over Jade's body, running up and down her back and sides touching and teasing her boobs with the briefest and gentlest of touches, ignoring her reluctance until at Gemma’s prompting she started to caress me back.

Gemma joined us on the sofa and undid the buttons on Jade's shirt, exposing the swelling tops of those beautiful orbs to view for the first time, bending her head Gemma kissed all along Jade's cleavage, sending shivers of delight through both of them. I flicked the back of her bra open and pulled it down fulling exposing her boobs to our view now, and beating Gemma to the prize, took one of Jades nipples in my mouth at the same time as cupping her other boob in my hand and fondling the other nipple, pinching and squeezing it as I did so.

Gemma took hold of Jade's hand pushed it inside my pants and made her grasp my cock which was hard and erect, throbbing with the pain of anticipation. For once there was no hesitation from Jade as she interacted with me, as she softly held my cock between her thumb and two fingers and began a slow stroking up and down the full length of my seven-inch shaft. She may have initially been reluctant of going with a man but she knew what to do.

Gemma was getting frustrated with no action on Jade, so she slipped onto the floor and opening Jades jeans forced her to lift her bum up as she removed her jeans and panties in one go. I glanced down and to my delight saw that Jade was fully shaved, I love a bare pussy and so does Gemma, it turns her on so much. Jade was going to be looked after regally tonight, of that I was sure.

Gemma wasted no time, and purring with delight sank her face into Jade's pussy, licking from top to bottom in one long, slow, sensuous movement, teasing the outer lips with her mouth as her tongue slipped just inside the folds, teasing. Jade stiffened at the touch and nearly bit my tongue as she reacted so readily, moaning deeply into my mouth as I kissed her mouth and my wife kissed her pussy.

Reluctance now a thing of the past Jade pushed my pants down, so I stood up to take them off, then looking at her offered her my cock to suck. Nodding her willing acceptance, and with a look of longing on her face, she opened her mouth and directed my cock so that it lay on her tongue, then she closed her full ruby red lips on my shaft and started to suck.

Now she wasn’t as good at sucking as she was with her hands but it wasn’t a hardship to have her gentle mouth sliding up and down my shaft, teasing me by rolling her tongue over the head as she took it in, then running her teeth over the shaft as she pulled off, she didn’t go very deep, just to the back of her throat, which I was glad of as deep throat gets me off big time and I didn’t want to cum so fast.

I felt Jades excitement building as her breath started to come in short pants and her sucking on me lost its focus, looking down I could see the reason, Gemma had three fingers buried deep into Jade's pussy and was fingering her hard and fast, the pace frantic, at the same time she had obviously sucked Jade's clit into her mouth I could see her tonguing it.

Jade hit her first climax of the night, screaming her delight round my cock as she pulled it deep into her mouth, forcing it down her throat. I could feel her orgasms course through her body as wave after wave of pleasures surged through her, forcing my cock from her mouth she screamed and screamed for ages.

Gemma kept up the relentless attack on Jade's pussy and clit as she came and came again. Now I know Gemma’s good, I’ve been on the end of her ministrations, as well as seeing her drive many a woman to distraction as she guided them to heaven but this was on a different planet. All the flirting in the restaurant and club was coming home now, both girls had connected in a big, big way.

As Gemma finally finished with Jade, she rose up off the floor and gave her a long kiss, tongue deep in her mouth as she covered Jade with her own juices that were by then covering Gemma’s face, making it shiny and sticky.

Gemma ripped her clothes off, apart from her skirt which was so short it might not have been on anyway and without any preamble, forced me on my back on the floor, she straddled me and sank her pussy deep onto my cock, going balls deep so that I was filling her completely. She was dripping wet, and I felt her clamp on me, then instead of thrusting onto me she just ground her hips round and round on me, rubbing her clit and pubic bone on mine.

 I took her tits in my hands as I pushed into her, tweaking the nipples, pulling on them, stimulating her to even higher heights of passion, but as beautiful, sexy, uninhibited as Gemma is I didn’t want her, I could fuck her anytime I wanted, I wanted Jade. So after about five minutes of letting Gemma ride my cock, I pushed her off me, my cock slipping out of her still fully erect with a loud plop, If looks could kill then the one Gemma gave me then meant I was dead three times over.

Totally ignoring Gemma I pulled Jade to me and slammed her down on my cock so she was straddling me reverse cowgirl position. Supporting her with my hands I started to pound up into her tight pussy, Jade responded at once and matched her down thrusts to my up thrusts so she was slamming up and down the full length of my cock time after time.

Jade was moaning big time in French and a bit of English thrown in a well, she was throwing her head from side to side in ecstasy and pure pleasure of being fucked and fucked hard.

Gemma was pissed off at having no action, and the fact that I’d dumped her so abruptly, so came to sit at the top of my head, then rising up straddling me, sank her pussy hard and deep onto my mouth, spreading her labia as she did so. I knew what she wanted so just in time pushed my tongue out, and as her pussy hit my face my tongue pushed deep into her opening, which was wet and slimy with her stimulation. Gemma balanced herself over my face as I tongue fucked her for all I was worth whilst still fucking Jades pussy with my cock.

Jade uttered a long low moan of delight and I sensed Gemma had started to play with her tits. Jade increased her slamming onto my cock, at the same time rotating her hips on me, driving me deep into her. The end was coming for me and I slammed one last time hard and deep into Jade and held her hips down on me so she couldn’t move and came deep in her. My shouts of delight were muffled by Gemma’s pussy covering my mouth.

My cock was still twitching and the last remnants of cum were still dribbling out when Jade was pulled off me, flipped on her back and Gemma mounted her sixty-nine style and without hesitation or waiting pushed her mouth onto Jades pussy, tongue going deep as she licked my cum from Jades cunt, she then pushed her hand in as far as it would go, and scooped out more cum and smeared some on Jade's belly and took the rest in her mouth.

Jade was getting what she had wanted now, licking Gemma and Gemma licking her, the two girls attacked each-other orally for ages, one taking the lead then the other doing the same. The both came multiple times as they swapped positions from sixty-nine to laying alongside each-other, to Jade on top of Gemma sitting on her chest, pussy in Gemma’s face and a hand reaching behind her to play with Gemma’s pussy.

The girls were covered in sweat and female cum when Jade had a last massive orgasm and fell off Gemma, Seeing my chance and having recovered I Got Gemma above me reverse cowgirl again as I had done with Jade, but this time I sank my cock into Gemma’s arse. She screamed at this unexpected thing, as anal is not something we do very often. She tensed at first and then relaxed into the long slow deep strokes I was pushing up into her arse. She was alternately stretching and then clamping down on me to accommodate me.

Gemma’s arse was tighter and more responsive than at any time we have had anal sex before, anal is not something she really likes but that night she was loving the feel. Then things got even better, Jade surprised us by saying in perfect English, “Nic, keep fucking her arse,” as she sat on my face so I was forced to lick her out.

We kept up this position and action some minutes until I sensed Jade begin to have yet another orgasm, her body tensed as her breath shortened into pants and she ground her hips and pussy onto my extended, and by this time sore tongue. As my hands grasped her tits I pulled hard on her nipples pulling them out from her breasts, Jade hit her climax and filled my mouth with her juices, as I swallowed every drop I could I realised they tasted sweeter than Gemma’s.

As soon as she had finished Jade got up off me and went to lay in front of Gemma, this time sinking her mouth on Gemma’s pussy, immediately finding her clit, sucking on it, and flicking it with her tongue.

Gemma hit the biggest climax I've ever witnessed her have, screaming long and loud as her orgasm shuddered through her body, her arse clamped so tight on my cock I was forced to cum, shooting my jizz into her arse. Jades mouth clamped tight on Gemma’s pussy. As Gemma eased of me my cock slipped out of her arse and slapped Jade in the face, smearing it with the last of my cum. Both girls laughed at that.

After about fifteen minutes of recovery, I was still exhausted on the floor when the two girls looked at one another, smiled, crawled over to me, tits hanging down and swaying temptingly,  and gave me a cheeky two girl blow job, with Gemma leading the way and directing Jade in what to do.

They took it in turns to suck me deep into their even after this time eager mouths, looking into each other's eyes as they did so, never making eye contact with me, then both licking up each side of my cock, making slurping sounds as they did.

Gemma took me deeper and longer when she sucked me whilst Jade was softer and at times hesitant, but all the time teasing me. Gemma can read my readiness to cum like a book and at times can delay me, but this time as she sensed I was ready pushed me deep into Jade's mouth saying, "cum in her mouth, Jade, let him cum in your mouth, let him finish, then he'll be done for the night and it will be all us."

Initially Jade baulked at the request but as Gemma kept holding her head, keeping my cock in Jade's mouth she nodded acceptance and really went to town, almost matching Gemma at her best. Gemma played and sucked on my balls as I warned Jade I was cumming and shot my cum deep in her mouth, coating her tongue and mouth, then her lips as I pulled out, Gemma pounced on Jade again and shared my cum with her, as they kissed passionately together.

As I lay on the floor the girls got together and started to make long, slow love together, I was totally ignored by them as I fell asleep on the floor. When I woke up a couple of hours later the girls were in bed still making love. I had a quick look and Gemma had her face buried in Jades pussy and from the moans coming from Jade she was loving what Gemma was doing there. I grabbed a blanket and went to sleep on the sofa, leaving them to it. Jade deserved to have Gemma all to herself now, and Gemma the same.        

I skied alone with the guide that day, Gemma didn’t make it, I bet you can guess why. Gemma and Jade spent a night together later that week and Gemma told me she ended up in a girl threesome with Jade and her lover, and from what she told me it was one hot evening.