Window Sex Part V Izamar's Tale

I had only known Sabina to recognize before moving into the Birch Street house. My friend Sari lived there already and that is how I was invited to move in a couple weeks before the beginning of the school year. It's a one story house with two bathrooms, one of them connected to Sabina's bedroom and that bathroom also had a door that connected it to my bedroom. I fell in love with Sabina not right away but fairly soon after I got to know her a little. She was terribly pretty. And exotic. Lovely of face and figure though she had no legs, just two soft vestiges. Sharing a bathroom, we often ran across one another naked. She was shy at first. I was blatantly in her face with nudity. She would come into the bathroom in the afternoon when she got home and I would be standing at the full length mirror stark staring you know putting on a mask or fucking with my makeup. I would turn and smile at her. She would smile back. I would ask her about her day and would stand there nude facing her chatting away. It was fun actually. I am such a free spirit. Anyway, I liked her a lot and wanted her to be used to me that way. And then I have this boyfriend. It's all very polyamorous. He is terribly handsome and a guy who looks very cute and younger than his age. In fact he is a couple years younger than me. I am very attractive but not in that youthful cute way that Florenz is. He would come over at night and we would fuck like crazy in my bed making outrageous noise. I would get going shouting oh oh oh oh in the rhythm of his thrusts.

One morning I apologized to Sabina. I came into her room and said God I'm so sorry, Sabina. And she was like it's okay don't worry. But I felt bad. That was when I started wondering if she ever got any. Does anyone fuck her? Of course we had lived in the same house for a while and there didn't seem to be any boys coming over to fuck her. She is pretty as I mentioned before. Very pretty. She is just sans legs. So anyway, one night I was all alone. My boyfriend Florenz wasn't around that weekend and so I was all the fuck alone. I don't think I've gone into much detail about Florenz yet. I did mention that he is extremely cute and handsome too--not one of those guys who is just cute but not really good looking--no, this guy is good looking. And he has some class. Moves well and is alert and attentive and cool.

So Florenz was doing something else this one weekend and the fact is that we have this on and off sexual relationship. Let's can I describe this? We are friends who are sexually involved a lot of the time but there are ....hiatuses is not the right word because that would make it sound like we're abstaining from sex during those periods...but really we're involved with other people. In my case it's usually women and for Florenz it's usually women too…though he does have erotic affiliations with some males...always very pretty ones Sage, for example. There's a cutie pie if ever there was one. Sage and Florenz are both prettier than me in a sense and I'm very pretty. Well, I'm more the sexy type really. And then Sage and Florenz live in a house with Madeleine, who has this clitoris as long as your middle finger. Seriously. She really turns me on. That is so sexy. She's a lesbian so this is something I can get to do. So I go over there and live it up. Ooh la la! I put my lips around the shaft (such a masculine word) around her shaft and suck on it. It grows bigger in my mouth. I am deepthroating her as it were because it's all the way in my mouth. I am intoxicated by the slim smoothness and moistness of it and its heady flavor. I could do that for hours. I go on and on. She lays down and I crouch over her suckling at her groin. Then I'll lay down and she'll squat upon my face. Then we'll stop and smoke another joint or take some hits from her bong and then resume our flagrante delicto. Sometimes she'll come and we'll smoke and resume and then she'll come again. One night she came five times. Several nights it was three. Then I would be a wreck--sweaty, wasted, aching with lust. One night in such a state I was on Sage's bed with her and also my boyfriend Florenz was sprawled languidly on a comfy chair and Sage in a desk chair beating off. As we were laying there in a puddle of exhaustion and lust--Madeleine and me--Florenz rolled a joint, lit it, and passed it to me. While the four of us shared the joint, Florenz said, "Izzie, did I ever tell you about the time I watched Maddy fucking Belinda?"

"What!? With her appendage?"

Florenz nodded. I looked at Madeleine who was smirking with pride. "So you could fuck me?" I said. Madeleine nodded, still smirking. I threw myself back on the bed and spread my long and sexy legs my hirsute nether lips yawning invitingly. "Fuck me, Maddy! Come on!"

Madeleine looked at me while she, seemingly not hurrying, finished smoking the joint. Then she leaned over to hand the roach to Florenz. She fondled herself briefly and then wet her hand with her mouth in order to wet herself, the way boys do, you know, and then leaned over me and --wham! she was inside me. Jesus! did that feel good! This went on for awhile I guess until Maddy needed a rest and then somehow I ended up sitting up on top of Maddy impaled on her clitoris and leaning forward kissing her on the mouth and Florenz came at me from behind and slid his penis into my butt. God, that was cool! And there I was getting what's the term? – double penetrated. I hadn't ever done that before. It was pretty cool. Also, safe sex. No risk of pregnancy with a woman in my pussy and a boy in my butt. Better safe than sorry.

And then they told me that the neighbor Bess Carver had apparently been watching the whole thing through the window! These guys are truly dedicated eroticists, if you ask me.

Anyway, getting back to my story, I fell in love with Sabina. Did I mention this already? The more I saw of her the more I was enamored. She was so beautiful not to mention extremely exotic to say the least. I was in a class of hers as it turned out. She was a PhD student in communication and as it turned out was teaching this class about postmodern women artists, which I was taking. I had moved into the house and was sharing a bathroom with her, as you know, when the semester began and I had signed up for this class about postmodern art. I didn't know she was teaching it. I am also a grad student. My major is actually physical education. Anyway, I showed up for class the first day and all of us students were all sitting there in the classroom waiting and Sabina entered the room in her wheelchair and took her place at the head of the room. She verbally introduced herself and then wrote her name on the blackboard.

Yes, that was the moment I fell in love with her--when she wheeled into the classroom. What an entrance she made--smiling and radiant! She showed slides during her lecture, which lasted an hour and then there was group discussion for an hour. I didn't say anything. I was just transfixed, sitting there staring at her, gaping, I guess, at her beauty. I wanted that person. Jeez, and I shared a bathroom with her! I kept picturing her in Eve's earliest garment. It was almost too much. Can I really manage this? I thought. Will I just slink into my bedroom and try to pretend I don't have these feelings? Or will I act upon them?

(At the time, I wasn't even thinking about the fact that I was her student. Well, never mind. Let's hope that issue doesn't even come up. Why am I suddenly reminded of The Nutty Professor? It didn't seem to matter in that case that the professor....well, never mind.)

After class Sabina spoke to me of course. "Izamar!" she exclaimed. "What a pleasant surprise that we're in this class together!" (That was a nice way of putting it, wasn't it?)

I nodded up and down in that inane way that people--that I--do when at a loss for words. "Yes," I finally croaked. "Yes, it is very cool."

"Are you headed home?" she asked. It was 3:00 o'clock in the afternoon. I said I was. "Can I walk along with you?" she asked. (Interesting that she used the expression "walk along with you." I was already discovering about metaphorical empowerment.) I smiled and nodded. This time I think not inanely but with the genuine enthusiasm that I felt for her. I was determined after all to overcome my intimidation and be a genuine friend at the very least if not more, which is what I wanted. I knew that for sure now—already at this point. So we headed out the classroom door and down the hall and onto the quad.

Where was I? Oh, so that was the night I was all alone. I was in bed tossing and turning. The bathroom door was open on my side and I could see that Sabina's light was still on. I got up. I went into the bathroom and sat on top of the toilet seat in the dark. Sabina's light went out and I tapped gently on the door. "Izamar?" Sabina whispered.

"Can I come in?"


I opened the door and the light from my room cast enough light into hers to see that she was sitting up in her bed against a bank of pillows. She looked at me quizzically.

"Can I get into your bed?" I asked as I simultaneously slipped into her bed and pulled the covers over me and cuddled my face against her bosom. Can you believe I had the nerve? Well, maybe you can after reading this far in the narrative. I have to tell you even Florenz was amazed when I told him about it.

She scooted herself down and our lips met and we kissed with passion and gusto. My tongue sought the recesses of her mouth and hers mine. Whew! I loved kissing her. Anyway, I ended up...uh...putting my lips between the plump remainders of thighs. Her clit swelled and thrust itself from the forest of fur... well, you get the idea.

We awoke in each other's arms in the morning and our romance had begun. I was in heaven.

I told Florenz about this. Typical guy reaction: he wanted her too. But really I think he's like that so I shouldn't be too hard on him. I mean I think he really was into it when he said it. My other housemate Sari gave him a very difficult time over this however. She accused him of wanting to take advantage of unusual women...women who might be expected to have fewer options than others. And it's true that he has had others like that. Lurch, for example. (Though I guess calling her that is not very nice.) I do think Florenz just has quirky taste. I mean, the guy is good looking and socially skilled. So it's not like he can't get anybody he might want. And he does have women who could have their pick. I consider myself that.

Now my boyfriend says I should explain that he did not just come up with the idea of romancing Sabina when I mentioned it. Rather, he says, he, like me, nurtured the concept over a period of time after first becoming aware of her. He says he just didn't mention it to me before because it would be gross for him to be always telling me about everybody he lusts after. (Although he does frequently do that--and so do I to him--and also one could argue that it was gross for him to come up with this idea as soon as I mention it as if he's trying to one up me.)

So Sabina says, "Your boyfriend Florenz--you guys have an open relationship, I guess." We were cuddled up in her bed. I was nuzzling her neck and she was kissing the top of my head. We were naked. It was hot and the covers were bunched up at the foot of the bed so that we were both laying there in all our erotic glory.

"Yes," I told her.

"You are polyamorous then," she said, caressing my breasts. For all the talking guys do about breasts they really don't seem to end up doing much with them. You need a relationship with a woman if you want your tits fondled. "Maybe the three of us..." Sabina began and then paused.

"Yes?" I inquired. "The three of us?"

"Could..." she twirled one hand as a gesture of suggesting an unspoken meaning.

"Wow. Hmm. Yeah, we could do that. We could totally do that. I can tell you already that Florenz would like it because I happen to know that he is attracted to you."

She snuggled deep into my arms now against my bosom and let out a contented sigh. "Okay," she whispered, "okay."

My two fave sex partners and the three of us could be going at it. Ooh la la!

And then I curled myself around and snuggled my crotch into hers for a rather enrapturing bout of tribadism. We fell asleep around midnight curled up around each other. Oh, it was magic!

We didn't organize an exact date but one evening, the following Friday night in fact, Florenz came over. I had suggested the menage a trois to him already and he was revved up for it when he came over that night. When Florenz strolled into my bedroom (We had instructed Sari to let him in the front door when he arrived), Sabina and I were in my room. The sconce on the wall by the door provided enough light to see while still being demure enough for romance. I was on my bed leaning against a pile of pillows and naked with the sheet pulled up to my waist and Sabina was also nude and perched on a stuffed chair in a corner next to the head of the bed. Florenz for his part looked wonderful and Sabina flashed him a charming smile. He was dressed in a snuggly fitting blue short-sleeved shirt and a pair of jeans riding so low on his slender stomach that a row of pubic hair fringed the front of the waistband. "Perhaps," I commenced and then cleared my throat, "you can change into something more comfortable." The boy slipped off his shirt and cast it behind him and slipped out of his slip-on shoes and pulled down his pants and was naked, his penis swinging to and fro before us.

Suddenly Sabina gasped. "Oh my God!" She put her hand to her mouth. "I had no idea. I...I..."

"Huh?" I asked. "What is...?"

"I thought your boyfriend was a trans man."

"You did?"

"Well, everything about your description of him made him sound that way and his appearance and the fact that he is your boyfriend and you are lesbian. And the name is highly ambiguous."

I smiled at her and nodded with amusement. "That is so cool. How surprised you must be now! I don't suppose I could have pulled off a surprise like that if I had it all planned out. Really, I had no idea you thought that. And anyway, I think he looks more like a trans woman."

Florenz just stood there posing and enjoying himself. My androgynous boyfriend basking in admiration! With his penis slightly tumescent and swaying jauntily.

I threw the covers back so that I was completely exposed, patted the bed, and called, "Sabina," and she hopped from the chair directly onto the bed next to me. I knew she would do that though I don't know how she does it. She was sprawled now alluringly on the sheet and the gorgeous boy came forward and got on the bed with us, stretching out and gently taking my housemate's torso in his arms, caressing her and placing tender kisses on her face. She pressed her lips to his and they engulfed one another in kisses.

To my astonishment, Sabina after a few minutes of this torrid reciprocation, croaked hoarsely, "Florenz, enter me!" as she reached down to grasp and stroke his sex, which was at this point swelling and readying itself. He sat up and adjusted Sabina's torso. She spread her thighs as it were, splayed her arms out beside her, and looked up at him expectantly. Her body seemed to be almost nothing but a welcoming pudendum, gaping lips and nicely furred. Florenz's penis slid directly into her--the opening not hard to find and he quickly thrust himself all the way in. Sabina went, "Uhmhph" and then groaned a long slow delicious groan. I was riveted, I must say. Now Florenz was thrusting to and fro rhythmically and then the two of them plastered together rolled over so that Florenz was laying on his back and Sabina sat--that is to say stood impaled--upon Florenz. She used her palms upon the bed to heave herself up and down upon him and I could see the shaft of his sex when she raised herself momentarily before plunging back down. She seemed amazingly strong as she heaved her deliriously sexy torso up and down upon my boyfriend. Her breasts would fly up and then down again according to the elevation and descent of her body. I started masturbating as I watched.

Now Florenz put his hands on her waist to aid the up and down motion. He was hefting her up and down upon his dick and now her hands were flying freely waving about as she allowed him to completely direct her motions as if she were a sex toy deployed upon his erect shaft. Then she pushed herself down leaning forwards rubbing her clitoris against Florenz's stomach. And then Florenz came. He gasped and then let go of Sabina as she wriggled and tugged with her body and Florenz gasped and whimpered. Sabina rolled off of him and as she lay gasping on her back, I pressed my mouth to her pussy, gently grasping her clitoris between my lips and sucked her to orgasm.

Then my companions were both laying back exhausted, Sabina spreadeagled on the bed next to me and Florenz standing rather unsteadily next to the bed looking at us, his penis swaying and bobbing and dripping with sweat and male and female bodily juices. He flopped down in the chair, his member languidly drooping over the edge of the seat. I was looking around at my partners, still excited, and then...the door flew open and there was Sari, our other housemate, standing there stark naked and smoking a joint.

Her face lit up. "Look at this! Fuck an A!" She was smiling broadly. "What can I do to help?" Florenz reached over for the joint and she handed it to him.

"Lick my pussy!" I cried and the little darling crawled onto the bed and put her face between my legs. Ooh la la!

So all that fall Florenz my erstwhile boyfriend would come over and the three of us would gather as it were in my bedroom and Sabina would moan just to look at him naked. She would sprawl on the bed—next to me actually—her body a veritable open cunt—I’m not kidding here, people—fringed with dense dark hair, the fleshy lips open and inviting. She lay back, smiling, her eyes wide as she looked into Florenz’s eyes. He held himself over her and slid slickly inside. I would watch them as they coupled and buckled, Sabina splayed beneath him and Florenz supporting himself with his arms, his chest ripped and pumped from the exertion. Of course I masturbated as I watched. But often I persuaded Sari to join us so that somebody would be eating my pussy while I looked at the couple coupling on my bed. But then the trouble was that Sari…God, Sari! What a beauty she is! …the trouble was that Sari wanted to watch also so the pair of us would often sit on the bed each of us gilding her own lily. Sometimes we would watch, panting, and beat each other off, my hand on her and her hand on me. And then! Florenz would lay on his back—right there on the bed in front of us—and Sabina, two and a half feet tall, would hop upon him, impale herself on his highness. And I would watch transfixed as she flew up and down upon him, revealing and then concealing his organ. And she would whimper as she flew. And then the three of us or the four of us, depending, would cuddle on my bed and fall asleep, sometimes while we fondled one another in a dreamy daze.

But then one day, everything changed. The semester was coming to a close. The weather was changing. When all this began (you remember I told you about how Sabina and I met and that she was teaching the class in postmodern women artists that I was taking), it was hot. It was August but then it stayed hot all through September. Little Sabina was slick with sweat as she leapt and bounded upon Florenz’s woody. We would smoke pot and sip red wine. Stoned, Sari and I would massage each other with herbal essences while the couple beside us sweated and groaned and bounced in the heat you could cut with a knife. No wonder they call it heat.

Fall came, the air brisker, less dense, welcoming in its own way, notwithstanding its implicit gesturing towards the winter. We were meeting regularly in my room. There was school, but other than that we were increasingly holed up inside the boudoir, thumping and slithering and grunting. And then there was a blanket of snow outside the bedroom window and we were safely ensconced in the warmth of my bed—the four of us naked and hot. We would smoke pot and sip hot mulled wine.

But then the semester ended and my lover and professor finished her PhD in communication. And she was moving away to start a job teaching gender studies at the University of Zagreb. And she told us she was getting married! Hidden depths! I had no idea. We had never met him. She hadn’t mentioned him. Or I don’t know—maybe she’d alluded to him but we weren’t paying attention. Anyhow, he lived somewhere else and he came to town at the end of fall term. Sabina had just finished submitting grades the day before for the class I was in. (I got an A, just so you know.)

So Hans shows up at the fucking door at the house on Birch Street. I went to the door. He is gorgeous and, like, twelve years old. Okay, he’s not but he is probably 22 (it turned out he just graduated from college the spring before and has been working as a bicycle designer) to Sabina’s 27 (which makes her two years younger than me). He’s about average height, well built, wearing a long-sleeved tee shirt under a suede car coat and a scarf tossed around his neck and a beret for Christ sake. He has light brown curly hair and is very handsome. Did I say that already?

I’m like, “Ye-e-s-s?” And he’s, “I’m Hans. I’m Sabina’s fiancé.”

“Fuck an A,” I blurted out. “Pardon my French. Won’t you come in?"

So there he is and then when Sabina and I are alone I'm like Hans is so cute, Sabina. And she's you know, of course he's cute. You found him where? I asked. Was he a student? My voice was guttural with the thrill of the question.

"Well yeah," she says. And then she laughed. Reared back and laughed. I put my arms around her and she fell against my bosom and I cradled her for a long moment, rocking and purring.

"Yes," she continued at last, "he strode into my classroom sort of a gawking around, standing there, and then he sort of took stock and saw everybody looking at him. Then he smiled at me. A totally pleasant I-like-you smile. I—this is so embarrassing—I sighed so audibly—so loud—everybody heard it and the whole class—they were too nice to chortle—they just looked at me and at him and sort of gasped? You know, a big simultaneous intake of breath on the part of everyone. Except me and Hans. We just looked at each other. I don't know, I guess all this took about eight seconds or so."

Sari and I made dinner that night. We wanted everything to be wonderful for Sabina's reunion with her BF. Sari made a roast for God's sake. I made pasta Alfredo and a tossed salad. We put candles on the table and everything. When the three of us were seated Sari came into the dining room holding the roast in front of her on a serving platter. It was very dramatic. In the candlelight and all. She says, "This is for you two, Sabina and Hans, and also for the end of the semester and your PhD and also for Izamar's A."

Thus dinner began.

We're drinking red wine. Chilean carmenere--Sari's favorite. (Her mother is Chilean though I don't know if that has anything to do with it.)

Hans puts down his wine glass. "Izamar, what was your A in?"

"Male and Female in Postmodern Women's Art."

He looked over at Sabina and Sabina grimaced humorously.

"I was Sabina's student too," he chirped brightly. And takes another sip of wine while he smiles back and forth at us. This guy is literally made out of charm. We're talking Cary Fucking Grant.

"It's a thing I do," Sabina said with ironical self-deprecation, "charver my students."

Hans spread his palms in a gesture of innocence. "Nothing happened," he began and we leaned forward expectantly. "Until the semester was over."

Sari smiled over her glass of wine, her elbows on the table: "Did you get an A?" I mean, Sari has a way of speaking! Her voice is soft but forceful in a way. It has this lilting, rhythmic quality--it reaches wonderful highs—that demands attention.

Hans looked at her. "Huh?"

"Did you get an A?" Sari repeated.

Sabina and I laughed. Loud belly laughs.

Hans's eyes darted a bit like a possum's. Sari took a swig of wine. I love these people!

Sabina's laugh calms down. Finally there is quiet. "He's still getting an A," she says and lays her hand on top of his and squeezes it.

"Actually I got a B," he told us. "Because she didn't want to appear to be treating me like teacher's pet."

"That's not true," Sabina said. "You deserved a B."

"Yes, I deserved a B, but that isn't why you gave me a B."

"Ahem," I said. They were looking into each other's eyes. No problems here. "Grades don't matter," I said but they weren't listening.

Sabina took a long draft of wine and then poured herself another glass. “Well, speaking of grades, I have some good news for you, Izamar.”

I looked up smiling and expectant.

“I have been…well, I’ve been anxious to pass on this information…I have been authorized to extend a job offer…my job, the one I’m leaving…to you.” She raised her glass in a little salute.

“You mean, as an advisor?”

“Yes. You can even move into my office. They were impressed with your credentials…the fact that you are a doctoral student and particularly impressed with your past coursework in diversity studies. Also, the job not only pays but since you would be university staff, it comes with a tuition waiver. You accept, don’t you?”

“Of course, certainly. God, thank you, Sabina. This is very cool. And I get your very office, too.”

“You can move in and start the job in January when spring term begins. I will of course be long gone by then.”

“That I’m not looking forward to, I must say. Though I am happy for you—your new marriage and your new job at the U of Z.”

“Listen, Izamar, you definitely need to come and see us in Zagreb this summer. The place is wonderful, lots of old world charm, and well, it’ll just be loads of fun for us.”

Hans was smiling at me and nodding—while I mentally undressed him.

Anyway, it was decided that I would come to Zagreb after the end of spring term and stay with them awhile and tour the Illyrian coast. Sari was invited too though she said she didn’t know if she was free in the summer but she would try. We—the four of us—drank two bottles of wine and then the lovebirds toddled off to the boudoir. Sari and I cleaned up and then we too slunk into bed…in Sari’s room so as not to be eavesdropping on the couple—since my bedroom adjoins the bathroom between my room and Sabina’s.

The two of them went off the next day—we saw them off on the train—for a visit with her parents at their house and then their wedding. We had a teary goodbye. That boy was handsome. I'm thinking I’d like to watch the two of them going at it. Actually, that’s what Sari said also. Although she put it more crudely.

ii. The Third Eye

After my lover Sabina left town, I started going over to Florenz’s house on a regular basis. These people were hot to trot. They went around naked all the time. At night they put on shows for the person next door, Bess Carver. They had Sage’s room all lit up like a studio set and the four of them—Sage, Florenz, Belinda, and Maddy. What a crew!

So I plodded over there one afternoon, it was mid December, through a foot of tundra—with a bit of a heavy heart because I missed watching my little torso person flying up and down on my boyfriend’s dick—and Sage comes to the door naked, Maddy behind him calling out a cheerful greeting, also naked; so I took off my clothes, which took a while since I was so bundled up, my boots clotted with snow. I followed them up to Maddy’s bedroom. Her typewriter was on her desk with paper in it. “Working on your roman a clef?” I inquired.

“At the moment, we’re in the middle of some research,” she said, snorting ever so slightly. As if nonchalantly she pulled the page out of the typewriter and slid it into her desk drawer.

I'm like, "Look at her like Jane Fucking Austen covering up the work in progress."

Anyway, Maddy’s clitoris, as I’ve mentioned previously, is longer than your middle finger and at this point it is waggling around as she struts across the bedroom. “How about a blow job?” I suggested to her, “speaking of throbbing protuberances.”

"Were we?" Maddy asked.

I gave her a look. She turned her desk chair around and sat down, spreading her pussy lips with her hands so that her throbbing protuberance jutted out even more significantly. I got down on my knees. While I was deepthroating her clitoris, she said, “You know Sage is into the third eye thing now.”

Belinda said, “Third eye? You mean like on the forehead like the Hindus?”

“Well, I guess in that case maybe I should call it the fourth eye,” Maddy responded. “Izzie, you should have Sage do you. It’s really quite stimulating.” My response was unintelligible since I had my mouth full.

“Here, try a little of this,” Sage said, tapping me on the shoulder. I stopped what I was doing and he handed me a bong and I took a hit. Florenz was pouring out glasses of Irish cream. This was turning into a real solstice celebration.

Belinda exhaled a cloud of marijuana smoke. “The fourth eye,” she mused. “Okay, I can totally deal with that.” She got down on her knees.

“One of the things I like—one of the many things I like—about Belinda,” Maddy was saying while she stroked her clitoris between her thumb and first and second fingers the way guys jack off, “is her keenness for attempting new things.”

So Belinda, beautiful Belinda, with blond hair and swaying boobs hanging below her and an ass with just the right combination of fleshy and taut, was on all fours waving her derriere. “Okay, Sage honey,” she said, “Here I am, winking at you.” And we all stared right at her anus as it opened and closed in anticipation. And Sage did indeed get down on all fours behind her and pressed his tongue to her fourth eye, a French kiss, so to speak. Ooh la la! The rest of us watched and passed the bong around. Belinda moaned while she was being licked. She put her face down upon her forearms, her butt in the air and Sage’s face pressed into it. After a while of this, I got down on the floor next to Belinda and wagged my butt, and Florenz got down behind me and separating my slender butt cheeks with his hands, pressed his tongue into the secret cave. I was in ecstasy. He licked and then he kissed and licked and kissed and kissed and licked. Belinda was rubbing her genitalia while Sage licked her asshole and finally I heard her call out in orgasmic frenzy and then she collapsed on the floor. Florenz and I turned to look at them. Sage sat up and then Belinda got up from the floor and took one of the glasses of Irish cream that Florenz had placed there and leaning against the desk, started sipping the sweet, intoxicating liquor. She is a beautiful person, tall, taller than any of us, and broad of back. She has well defined hips though not obtrusive and rather amazing breasts like sacks of sand swaying in front of her torso. Maddy, who had been jerking herself off, paused and looked at Sage: “Sage, do me now.” She got onto the bed on all fours and Sage got on the bed behind her behind and met her anus with his tongue while she wriggled and groaned at his tongue’s touch.

Then after a while Maddy lurched forward, crawled around behind Sage, stood up on the floor behind the bed, and thrust her erect clitoris into his ass, which made the boy gasp, it all happened so quickly. She was fucking him doggy style and he was grunting with each thrust: “Oh oh oh oh!” After a while of that she grabbed him and turned him over, pushing him backwards on the bed, got onto the bed herself, and pushed his legs up and over his shoulders so that his penis was almost dangling over his own face, and then pushed herself into him. Oh my God! Now I’ve seen everything: a woman fucking a man. And a satisfying experience it is too!

Finally Maddy was pumping furiously in and out of Sage’s anus and groaning long aching groans of pleasure and then—she stopped and flopped on her back next to Sage’s prone body. “I came inside him,” she announced hoarsely and briefly guffawed at her own witticism. Sage rolled slightly sideways to plant an affectionate kiss on her face. We all helped ourselves to the Irish cream…the glasses of it that Florenz had poured out earlier.

“Okay,” Belinda commenced, her drink in her hand and standing statuesque and nude next to Maddy’s desk, “now what we need is for Sage here, once he has recovered from getting fucked in the ass, to get serious about licking all our assholes. I could use another round. And I’m smooth while Maddy’s is hairy and Izamar here hasn’t even got her rocks off yet. And anyway, we still need to do some more research—in quotes—for these online stories you guys are all writing.” She waved a hand towards Maddy’s typewriter on the desk. “Izzie, you should call up Sari and have her come over. I’d like to see her asshole and I know Sage does.” Maddy got up and stumbled over to the chair at her desk and sat down on it next to where beautiful Belinda was standing. Belinda set down her drink and began to caress a whorl of dark hair on Maddy’s back while Maddy sighed contentedly.

So when Sari arrived, she came up the stairs already naked, having stripped everything off downstairs after she removed her boots. The snow outside was about six inches deep and it was cold as hell. Anyway, she comes prancing into Maddy’s bedroom announcing, “I was just asking Sage here when am I going to get to watch him jack off for little whatshername next door?”

“You mean Bess,” Sage answered as he strode into the room behind her, his penis swinging jauntily as he did so.

“We’ll get him to lick everybody’s ass first,” Maddy told her, “so he’ll be good and excited when he stands on the proscenium and rubs mineral oil on his tumescent member.”

“Jeez,” Sari said, smiling, “you make it sound so nasty.” She was leaning against the wall and absently fluffing her dense delta of Venus.

[Coming next: Part VI - Summer]