Even before the door’s swung to, I grasp you, urgently tearing at clothing, clawing at skin. My mouth seeks yours, as if drawn by powerful magnetic forces. Lips parted, I hungrily probe inside, my tongue finding yours. You taste of red wine, the flavour triggering a replay of clinking glasses, longing looks, and come-hither smiles exchanged over a dinner that appeased our stomachs while building an appetite for carnal pleasures.

Feasting now, I squeeze you tight. I press my body against you, ever closer, as if the space around us is shrinking, the walls closing in.

But it’s not the room that’s contracting – it’s Time. Our time. There’s never enough and it’s already running out. We don’t have the luxury of a carefree night, slowly making love before cuddling in each other’s arms. We won’t wake up to a new day filled with leisurely strolls, gentle kisses, and time aplenty to bask in our company. That’s not us. Not our reality. Time’s not our friend and its omnipotent presence urges us to hurry: to cram a lifetime of precious moments into minutes, a fountain of exploding emotions – experienced, catalogued, stored – into mere seconds.

Determined, I tumble onto the bed pulling you down on top of me. There, we melt into a single being, blending our bodies and minds in sweet lascivious ecstasy. Naked, we explore with fearless fingers, kiss and suck with emboldened mouths. Your breath scorches my neck as you whisper my name and I, in return, whisper yours.

I adore you. Love you. Need you more than breath itself… Time be damned; I’ve got you now and the memories we’re creating will live on long after the hourglass has released its last grain, and you’re gone.

Relishing the present, I kiss you greedily, devouring every inch of your soft skin. Low groans rumble in my throat as I kiss and, breathing deeply, your scent – your unique essence – floods my nostrils. I feel weak. I feel needy. I crave more… Rolling onto my back I part my thighs. This is our moment, our perfect moment and I want to complete it with the satisfying squeeze of penetration.

You want it too. No hesitation. Moving quickly, you position against my entrance. My heart skips. There’s a tightness in my stomach, a flutter in my core. Willing time to slow, I watch your shoulder muscles flex as you grasp my hips; watch your expression when you thrust…

Breathe out, keep breathing. The feeling’s indescribable – so much more than mechanical pleasure, it's ethereal – like happiness itself. The pressure, the heat, the intense desire swamp my senses until the world is just a blur. All I know is you. All I know is us.

I clench my muscles, moulding my body around your cock. I smother you with my juices – I can’t help it, you do that to me. I take you deep, meeting your thrusts with gently undulating hips. I absorb you, become one with you.

But, Time’s unrelenting. Fighting back, it picks up the pace then gallops away at full speed. Whipped along in its wake, we do the same. Fucking becomes frantic, all gentleness gone. I’m pushed roughly into the mattress, scarcely able to catch my breath. The tempo increases and as you pound me, the urgent need for release intensifies. It’s strong, so strong…

Grinding my pelvis, I tear at your flesh with flailing fingers. Grunts and groans herald my burgeoning climax. And yours. The bedsprings squeal, the air’s charged with the odour of sex. We both need to reach that peak… reach it together.

Harder. Deeper. Faster. Yes...

I shudder.

Clutching you, I feel you tense then your cock pulses and you spurt inside me. Waves rush through me; sensations, emotions, a maelstrom that I hastily capture, the mental snapshot quickly locked away. It’s mine. All mine. Time can’t claim this memory or prevent me from reliving it again at my leisure.  

Quiet now, content, I snuggle by your side. I sigh when you wrap your arms around me; you make me feel like I’m the most precious thing in the world. As you are to me. I’m happy. Never been happier. But, as I lie in satisfied silence, I can’t help wondering if things would be different if we’d met at a different time, different place, before the complexities of life took away our freedom and enslaved us to the ticking clock. What could we have been?

No. It’s pointless musing and I can’t complain. I love what we have. I know this encounter will be short-lived, they always are. I know you’ll soon be gone and I’ll suffer the pain of loss, but it’s worth it. The memories I’ll take from this snippet of time will keep me gratified ’til we meet again.

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