Dangerous Territory

When does harmless flirting cross a line? When are the provocative messages too much? When is it time to say enough?

She took him back, his wife, she said I was just a girl who wanted some attention. That I didn’t understand the workings of a ‘serious’ relationship. Just a younger model who caught him off guard when I fluttered my eyelashes. She said she would never let it happen again, I guess she didn’t know about the other secretary’s. Neither of us went back to work there, he told them he had moved on to something better, I told them I was just too busy to help out now, the truth is it wasn’t worth it once he had left.

That was 6 months ago, I’d not seen or heard from him since that night, but her social media updates showed a picture perfect life. I’m not bitter, in fact in that time I had found my own happiness in the shape of a Tall Dark and Handsome man that just loved my tits. Things had been going great, I got promoted, new found confidence, TDH treated me like a queen, of course, and the sex was just out of this world. But then I got a new phone, which came with a new phone number. I had sent the obligatory ‘Hi Guys, this is my new number, Cherry xoxo’ to my whole phone book, and to my surprise the first reply came from him.

‘I didn’t get your old number x’

‘well I wish I hadn’t wasted the text then’

‘its not a waste though, it means I get your new one ;)’

It seems he hadn’t lost his sense of humour, we continued the pleasantries for a couple of messages, how’s things? Work? Wife?! He informed me he was working away at present, and that he was enjoying the peace and quiet all alone. I couldn’t help myself, I told him that I was alone too, watching another Netflix dirty movie, it was true I guess, though I probably didn’t have to tell him. I’d pushed that night to the back of my memory, trying my best to forget it, but with one text the memory came flooding back.

‘I hope your wearing those lacey panties’

‘haha, wouldn’t you like to know’

‘well yes I would, does the bra match? I’d love to see them again’

‘well if you must know, I’m not wearing them, sorry to disappoint, but they do have a matching bra, with NO padding might I add ;)’

‘well now I’m intrigued, if you’re not wearing those, what are you wearing? And don’t tell me it’s a fluffy pink onesie’

‘got it in one! Except its blue haha’

‘you’re lying to me, I don’t believe your watching a dirty movie in a onesie’

‘I’m not lying I promise, though it is getting a little warm in here, maybe I should take it off?’

‘you should, we wouldn’t want you too hot and bothered now would we?’

‘oh I don’t know, hot and bothered isn’t so bad, I suppose it depends on the circumstances, its off now anyways’

‘is it now… how’s the film?’

‘hot! Though its nearly finished, need to find another way to entertain myself now’

‘I can think of a few things ;)’

‘oh dear, be careful now, you know what happened the last time you said that to me’

‘don’t worry, I’m 400 miles away, that won’t be happening, not tonight anyway’

‘well damn it, you got my hopes up then. Haha’

‘I bet your wet talking to me, aren’t you? Can you remember how I tasted?’

‘I had been busy forgetting, until tonight, stop it now, your getting me all excited’

‘touch yourself, tell me how it feels’

‘I’m going against my better judgement here, but fuck it’


‘my skin is warm and soft, my hands are cold, I can feel my nipples hardening between my fingertips, I wish you were here to help me…’

‘I wish I could be there too, I’m rock hard just thinking about it, I wish I could take them in my mouth right now, and nibble on them until you melt’

‘I loved how you pinched and played with them that night, it made me lose control’

‘let’s play… do you have a dressing table with a mirror?’

‘yes… why?... ‘

‘Good, go and stand in front of it, watch yourself caressing those beautiful tits’

‘ok… I am, it feels weird watching myself like this’

‘its ok, embrace it, I bet you look very fuckable indeed, keep playing with them, imagine I’m stood there behind you, that my rock hard cock is resting between your perfect cheeks’

‘oh wow your making me so wet with your words, I can feel it there, you’ve done this before ;D’

‘Are you now? Stroke it, imagine its my hands touching you, tell me how it feels’

‘shit it feels so good, I’m kneeling on the stool, my legs are trembling stood up, if I close my eyes I can almost feel you’

‘DON’T CLOSE YOUR EYES, I want you to watch yourself, its only fair if I can’t be there to see it for myself’

‘ok I won’t, oh fuck I don’t know how long I can keep this up for, my legs are weak’

‘don’t stop now, I’m almost there, I remember how you felt pressed up against my groin, and how well you took me while I fucked you from behind, remember?’

‘I remember very well, you were like a man possessed, fast and hard, it felt so good. I wish you were doing it now, I want you touching me not my fingers, I want to cum’

‘let it go beautiful, feel it rush through your body, look at yourself writhing at your touch, feel those juices flow as you slide your fingers over your clit’

‘oh fuck…’

‘my cock is throbbing for you, I want to be deep inside you, fucking you senseless while I grip your thighs, oh shit I’m gonna blow’

‘I… I have no words, I wish you could see me, I’m done, I’m clinging on to the mirror’

‘good, I’m done too, I wish I could too, I bet it’s a sight to behold, maybe send me a picture? I’ll keep it for when I get back, I have a late dinner meeting’

‘oh you have to go so soon? That’s not fair… hmm maybe, maybe not’

‘haha you’re a tease, catch you later beautiful’

‘no I’m not! ;)’

And with that I had no reply, I collapsed back onto my bed. A million and one thoughts start running through my head, What have I done? What about his wife? What about TDH? I need to delete this thread, but I don’t want to. I lay there and read back everything we have just exchanged, in a flit of panic I screenshot everything and save them in a folder deep in my phone, then delete the thread, like I hadn’t even sent him my new number. I kept battling with myself should I forget again, or send the damn picture?...