His Goddess

Craig and Kate had been married for over thirty years.  They were married right out of college, raised three children and were now empty nesters.  Craig is 6 feet tall, 189 lbs with dark hair and eyes, mustache, and broad broad shoulders.  Kate is five ft 7, 133 lbs, auburn hair, green eyes, 34c bust, and narrow hips.  The two enjoyed a good sex life and enjoyed each other's company.  

One evening, after they had made love, they were holding each other and Kate asked, "Have you ever wanted to do anything different in the bedroom?"

"Does it have to be just in the bedroom?" Craig replied.

They both laughed and she continued, "We are alone now and if we want to try some new twists in our love life it could be a lot of fun."

Craig said, "Well, my dear what did you have in mind."

Kate said, "How about some role play?  Ever considered that?"

"Yes, that could be fun.  Did you have anything particular in mind?"

Kate lightly caressed Craig's chest and circled his nipples.  "Well, how about pretending I am your Mistress and you are my subservient love slave?"

"Are you serious?"asked Craig.

"Too much?" replied Kate.

Craig laughed.  "Now not at all.  Might be a lot of fun providing there is no pain."

"Ooooh!  Not even a spank on the bottom for misbehavior?" she asked.

"Ok, a swat on the bottom is allowed."  

She kissed him and said, "I thought you'd see things my way.  We will start Friday as soon as you get home from work.  That will give me some time to get things prepared."

"Sounds like you've thought this through."

"It is going to be such fun.  But let's not talk about it for the rest of the week."  

They kissed each other good night and went to sleep.  

Friday afternoon Craig got a text,  "Dear Slave, first when you get home there will be directions on the kitchen table for you.  Follow them exactly.  The Goddess."

Craig smiled not only at the note but that he became semi erect as he read it.  He finished up at work and headed home.  

All was quiet as he entered the house and there was the note in the middle of the kitchen table.  He opened the envelope and read it.  "Dear Slave, For the rest of the evening you will address me as Goddess.   You will speak, only when spoken too.  You will not question me but will do exactly what I say without question.  Any violation will result in discipline. Go to the guest bathroom and take a shower.  When you are finished report to the master bedroom without any clothes on.  The Goddess."

He undressed and got in the shower.  As he soaped himself up his cock rose to attention.  He was excited about what might be going to happen.   He finished showering, dried off, and walked naked to the master bedroom.  

Kate sat there in a sheer, see-through gown that was tied loosely at the neck.  She wore high, open toed shoes.  When Craig saw her he was blown away.  Immediately his cock began to rise at how beautiful she looked and what this evening would hold in store.  Kate smiled.  "I see you approve of the way I look."

"Yes Goddess," he replied.  

"Come over here slave and stand in front of me."

Craig walked over and stood attention in front of her.  She smiled, "Turn around with your back to me."  He did.  "Bend over," came the order.  He did.  "Spread your cheeks."  He did.  "Tell me slave are you an anal virgin."  Craig froze for a moment.  "Yes," he replied.  "Stand up and turn around,"  He did.

She raised one foot and gently caressed his balls and cock with her toes.  His cock was at full attention.  "Lovely, very lovely.  I love you low hangers, but I can't stand all that hair."

It was then that Craig noticed a pan of water, shaving cream and as razor.   "We need to get rid of that jungle down there, Slave."  

"No Kate, I'm..."

"What did you call me, Slave?  Turn sideways!"  He did.  Out of the corner of her eye he saw her lean forward and then spanked him square on the ass with a wooden hair brush.  He jumped.  "Now, what do you say, Slave."

"Thank you Goddess."

"That's my boy.  Now face me."  He did as she put shaving cream in her hand and lathered up his pubic hair.  She rinsed her hands off and then proceeded to shave him.  It took only minutes and he was totally shaved.  "I like the look," she said.

Craig looked down.  He looked like he was a child and he looked up and said, "Yes Goddess."

"Kneel!"  Craig knelt down.  She held up her right foot and said, "Take my shoe off and kiss my foot."  He took her shoe off and began to place small kisses over her feet.  She smiled.  "Slave, paint each toenail with your tongue."  He did.  "Very good.  Now the other foot.  He repeated the process.  She poured herself some wine and sipped it as he worshipped her feet.  When he was finished he set her foot back down and as she sipped her wine she lifted her foot and gently wiggled her toes on his cock and balls.  She giggled as she did it.  

"It is very exciting to have such power over another person.  I could become used to this.  What do you think, Slave."

Craig replied, "My Goddess, I don't think, I just do what I am told."

"A very quick learner."  She smiled.  "Stand!"  Craig stood up.  She reached out her hands and he took them.  "Help me up."  He helped her rise to her feet.  She led him to the bed.  She turned a way from him and said, "Untie my robe and remove it."

"Yes, my Goddess."  He removed her robe and place it carefully on the chair.  She lay down on the bed on her stomach.  "Kiss me, head to toe," she ordered.   

She lay flat on the bed, he knelt perpendicular to her and began to kiss; the nape of her neck across her shoulders, all over her back and down to her butt.  He kissed those magnificent orbs of flesh and the began working down her left thigh when she stopped me.

"You missed a few places."

"Goddess, I am sorry but I am pretty sure I kissed all over your butt."

"Spread my cheeks and kiss along my crack and pay special attention to my asshole."  

Craig spread her cheeks and began to kiss up and down her crack.  He kissed her puckered rosebud several times when she said, "Put your tongue in me."  Craig stuck his tongue out, made it stiff and penetrated her rosebud.  He kissed and moved his tongue in and out of her rosebud several times.  The Goddess moaned with pleasure.  

Soon he began to kiss his way down her legs.  Up and back.  Her skin was smooth and firm.  He loved her legs and thought they were one of her best features.  When he finished with her toes she turned over.  She smiles and said you may begin at my neck and work you way down my front this time.  

He began kissing her throat.  Her skin was smooth and supple.  He kissed down to her shoulders and spent extra time kissing and nibbling at the hollow spaces created by the collar bone.  As he kissed she raised her arm above her head.  "Kiss my armpits," she commanded.  He did.  Kissing and licking each one.  "You are doing a very good job my little man.  So happy you are so willing to debase yourself."

He kissed across her chest and then settled on her right breast.  He kissed and loved it the best he could.  Her nipple was erect and he began to kiss and alternately suck on it.  He moved to her left breast and repeated the process.  As he kissed and sucked he realized that he was so hard that his erection was mildly uncomfortable.  He never dreamed he would get this aroused at this kind of role play.  

As he sucked Kate moaned her pleasure so Craig reached back and began stroking his cock.  He had only stroked himself a few times before he felt a stingy slap on his ass.  "Who told you, you could play with yourself.  That cock is mine.  It belongs to me and you will do with it only what I tell you to do.  Understand?"

Craig took his mouth from her nipple, "Yes, Goddess."  As he went back to sucking her nipple she spanked him again.  "That is just in case you forget again.  

He kissed down her ribs across her tummy and ran his tongue around inside her navel.  He moved his tongue in and out of her navel like he was fucking her with his tongue.  She stroked his head approving of his ministrations.  "Such a good boy."

He kissed down across her waxed mound and settled in between her legs.  He kissed all around her pussy.  Licking and nibbling in the hollow area where hip joined to thigh.  He reached up with both hands an parted the swollen out lips and place a gentle kiss right on  her clit.  She sighed.  He lowered his head and stuck out his tongue.  He started at her rosebud and licked slowly up to her clit  She shivered.  He lowered his tongue and repeated the process over and over again.  She began to moan and breathe heavy.  

He put his finger inside of her and massaged her g-spot as he licked her sweet clit.  All he could think about was giving the woman he loved, his Goddess, as much pleasure as he could.  If his tongue would stray from her clit, she would move her hips to maintain contact with his tongue.  When Craig realized what was going on he kept moving his tongue just out of her way.  It was his way of getting back at her.  

Finally he felt her hand on the back of his head.  She grabbed hold of his hair and kept his head in one place.  His finger massaged her g-spot as he licked her clit.  Her moaning increased and her hips began to move up and down from the bed in a fucking motion.  

"Lick me good you fucker," she cried out as she went over the edge.   She came so hard that she filled his mouth with her honey.  It flowed like the damn had broken.  He licked, massaged, and swallowed.  He could not believe the amount of juices she produced.  Her orgasm was powerful and went on for a long time.  As he licked and fingered he was sure that the role playing was helping to add to her pleasure.  Soon she stopped moving and pushed his head away.  

Craig did not move, but just lay there between her legs.  After a while she spoke up, "Not bad for a first time.  You did well.  Perhaps you should be rewarded."

"Whatever you say, Goddess," replied Craig.  

"Stand up."  

Craig stood as her command.  His erect cock sticking out from his body.  She reached over and with her fingertip lightly caressed the underside of his cock and the triangle just below the head of his cock.  She smiled.  "Oh you are ready to cum aren't you?"

Craig closed his eyes and replied, "Yes, Goddess."

She rose out of bed and stood.  "Get my robe."  Craig had a puzzled look on his face.  "Oh my poor boy you didn't expect...I mean you haven't earned the pussy yet, my little man.:  Craig got her robe and put it on her.  She went over and sat barefoot on the lounge chair.  

"Pour me some wine, boy."  He poured and handed her the glass.  She told him to stand next to her.  As she sipped her wine she would play with his cock and balls from time to time.  Each time making him sigh with pleasure.  She would giggle and then sip more wine.  

"So tell me boy, and be honest, does your wife satisfy you?"

Without hesitation Craig replied, "We love each other very much.  I enjoy spending time with her whether in the bedroom or out for the evening, Goddess.  When it comes to making love I am very satisfied."

She smiled, "And yet you come here to me."

Thinking quickly Craig replied, "Yes but at her request.  She thought I might learn some things that would keep things alive an fresh between us."

She looked at him and as she sipped her wine she lightly stormed his cock.  "Thank you Goddess."  

"You are a good boy and you wife is lucky to have you."  The both smiled.

"Do you think you have earned the privilege to cum?" she asked

"Goddess, that decision is above my pay grade.  That is entirely up to you."

She took a sip of her wine and replied, "Oh you are a clever one."  

They both smiled again.

"Tell me if you haven't had sex in a while with you wife. do you ever masturbate for relief?  And tell the truth because I can tell if you are lying."

"Yes, Goddess I have masturbated in the past."

"Thank you for being so honest."  She stroked his cock once again and as she did she said, "Do you know what would make me very aroused?"

"Please tell me Goddess.  I want to make you aroused."

A devilish grin came across her face.  I want you to kneel at my feet and masturbate for me.  I want you to cum on my feet as a sign of your subservience to me."

"Yes Goddess, if that is what you wish."

"That is why I wish.  I want you to pretend that I am not here.  Masturbate like no one is watching."  

"Yes Goddess."  Craig knelt down made a circle with thumb and index finger and began to stroke his cock.  

Kate watched intently.  She sipped wine and as she watched she became aroused all over again.  

Craig let himself go and as he stroked his cock he lightly caressed his nipples.  He sighed softly as he masturbated.  Then as he continued to stroke he used his other hand to lightly caress he area just behind his balls.  

As Kate watched she put her hand between her legs and began to masturbate along with Craig.  He opened his eyes and saw what his wife was doing while he masturbated.  They locked eyes and they looked intently into each other's eyes.  It was a very intense moment.  

Then Kate let her eyes close as she neared orgasm.  Craig slowed down as he wanted to watch his wife cum.  She had put her glass down and was now massaging her own breasts and then almost without warning she cried out, "I'm cuming."  Criag watched her body convulse on the chair.  She was beautiful, lost totally in her pleasure.  When she opened her eyes she smiles and held out her hand. "Boy, suck my cum covered fingers clean."

Craig took her hand and licked it clean.  She smiled and said, "You may cum.  And when you do, I want you to cum on my feet."

He began to stroke his cock and play with his nipples.  His breathing became ragged and suddenly he gasped and he hit that perfect moment of utter and total pleasure.  His first squirt landed on her shin.  His second a bit lower and then his cum splattered on her toes.  He milked the last few drops out and they ran down his fingers.  

She smiled, "That was hot.  But what will make it even hotter is if you suck your cum off your fingers and then off my leg and feet."

He smiled and licked the cum off his fingers.  He lowered his head and in one long lick he retrieved both cum spots on her leg.  then with long strokes he cleaned her feet.

When finished, she patted him on the head and said, "Such a good boy."

"Thank you Goddess."

"Would you like some wine before our last adventure?"   "Yes, please Goddess," he replied.  They sipped their wine in silence.  

"Now go over to my dresser and on it you will find a box.  Fetch it, bring it here, and set it down before me," said the Goddess

He walked over and brought the box back and placed it at her feet.  She smiled as she said, "Open it!"  

He opened and for a moment he was dumbstruck.  Inside was a towel, a tube of lube and a strap-on cock.  He looked up at her with horror on his face.

She smiled a devilish grin.  "Yes my boy, your turn.  You are going to find out what it is like to get fucked."

She smiled as she continued, "Now turn around, bend over so I can watch, and put plenty of lube up your asshole."

He quietly answered "Yes, Goddess."

He took off the cap of lube, turned around, placed a goodly amount on his finger, bent over and shoved his lubed finger up his ass.  

He wiped his hand off as she stood up.  "Take my robe off, boy!"  He did and laid it on the chair.  She turned her back to him and he was faced with her lovely ass.  He began to get hard again.  

"Boy, spread my cheeks and kiss my sweet rosebud."  He spread her cheeks and kissed and licked the prize until she stopped him.

"Thank you Goddess."

"Now hold the strap on in front of me and let be step into it."  She did.  "Now take it up my legs and buckle it on behind me."  He did.  

"Now, suck my cock.  Suck it like you mean it.  Like the way you like it done to you."  He did.   After a while she spoke, "Now put lube on my cock."  He did.  She patted him on the head and said, "Such a good boy.  Now go lie on the bed on your back."  Craig went to the bed and lay down.  She came over and stood above him.  She looked his erection and said, "Well it seems like one of you is looking forward to this."  She laughed as he blushed.  "Don't worry," she continued, "I will take my time and be gentle with you since you are a virgin."  

Thank you Goddess," he answered.  

She climbed on the bed and told him to pull his knees up to his chest and spread them wide.  He did as he was told.  She moved between his legs, lowered the artificial cock, and pressed it into his asshole.  "Just relax.  Don't fight it.  It's going to happen one way or another."  

He let go totally and she slowly inserted herself into him.  Inch by inch and he was surprised for except for some pressure there was little to no pain.  She leaned back and looked at him with the artificial red cock buried in his ass.  "How does it feel, boy?"

"It's  ok Goddess."  She smiled and pulled out slightly and then back in.  In and out, each time pulling our farther but then going all the way in.  She reached down and flicked a switch and the artificial cock began to vibrate.  

"Oh my god!  That feels wonderful.  Please Goddess, fuck me."

She smiled and began to thrust in and out.  "Grab your cock and masturbate for me."  He did as he was told and after a few minutes the pleasure was totally overwhelming.  He never realized that something in his ass could feel this good.  He was grateful that she wasn't ramming it into him and as she thrust and as he stroked he was getting closer and closer to cuming.

They looked at each other and each smiled at the other.  It was an amazing moment for both of them and then his eyes closed, "May I please cum Goddess.  Please."

"Yes, cum.  You have earned it."  It took only a few more moments and he exploded.  His cum shooting out and lading on his chest and stomach.  The orgasm was intensified with the cock in his ass.  It felt so good that he actually felt light headed.  

She slid out of him and lay down next to him.  She took her hand and scooped up his cum on her fingertip.  She held it too his lips and he sucked her finger clean.  She repeated this process over and over until all his cum had been eaten by him.  She unbuckled the strap on and put it on the bedside table and snuggled up to him.

"Craig, that was just wonderful.  Thank you for doing this for me."

"Kate, I love you and there isn't anything I wouldn't do for you."

They cuddled and drifted off to sleep.