The Naughty Boss

Info mysteria27
30 Mar. '16

Our lady boss is here
She's mad about the numbers
Wishing the bad numbers would disappear
The clients are bitching about the lumber

All the male employees will go in
One by one to tell her the news
She's got a body made for sin
She'll pick the guy that she'll screw

Danny went in first 
He was in there a while
His reason was the worst
She made him strip and file

Larry went in next
She had a giggle or two
He left feeling perplexed
She made him lick her shoe

Robert went in with a plan
She let him eat her out
He was the lucky man
We heard her moan and shout

Robert told us he ate her cunt
Her pussy was so sweet
He made her scream and grunt
He was lucky to get her treat

Our boss had Robert sit down
She fucked his erect cock
Robert smiled and did not frown
His cock was harder than a rock

Our boss fucked his joystick
His hands were on her hips
Her pussy was quite slick
He felt her pussy start to drip

Robert was the lucky one
She fucked him all day
He slapped her round buns
And fucked her different ways

Our boss loved his plans
To bring her numbers up
She was on her knees and hands
He fucked her pussy close up

Her pussy was extremely tight
She was quite the fucking ride
Fucking her felt right
When he jammed his cock inside
The lucky son of a gun 
Even got a blow job
The other's wished they had won
She always seems to fuck Bob

The unlucky ones watched on their computers
Maybe the next meeting they'll get picked
They only got to look at her hooters
Her rules for picking are very strict