Little Space

- Daddy, daddy, daddy!

- What is it, princess?

I look up to Dylan and grin.

- Nuffin, I say with a babyish slur to my words.

- Well, if it was nothing, why did you call me?, Dylan asks.

I giggle and hide my face. My hands are behind my back, I am holding a painting, I want to show it to Dylan. He will be so happy when he sees what you drew for him, I think. Dylan loves when I paint for him, he loves everything about little me a lot. Especially when he comes home from work, he just wants someone to care for.

- What's that behind your back, princess?, he asks.

- I painted sumthin for you! I bring my arms out and present the pretty drawing of a butterfly that I made today while he was at work. It's a butterfly, I scream, look how pretty it is! I am so talented! I made it for youuu!

Dylan's eyes light up with joy when he takes the drawing to take a closer look.

- That is absolutely amazing, princess, he gushes, I knew you had it in you to be a real artist one day.

- You like it?, I ask and cock my head to the side.

- I love it, he says and puts his arms tightly around me. He kisses my hair and strokes my back and I feel safe and protected and loved - it is the best feeling in the world. I snuggle up in his arms, reach around him myself and rub my cheek on his shirt. He smells so good, like coffee and office and fresh laundry and just like daddy.

- Can we watch catooons?, I ask, still snuggled up in his arms.

- Anything for my babygirl, he whispers, lips pressed against my hair. I jump up and down happily, run to couch and grab the remote to hand it to daddy. What does my precious girl want to watch?, he asks and I make a contemplative face as if I was considering my options when actually, I long know what I want to watch.

- My Little Pony, I finally decide and daddy switches on the TV, picks Netflix and finds the pink-and-glitter series that I love so very, very much. When anyone asks why I watch it, I always say: because it is about friendship and that you can do anything together! It's the most important thing in the world.

Daddy puts his arms around me, pulls me very close and I know he is smelling my hair. We were at the store the other day and I wanted the shampoo with the little unicorns and rainbows but daddy hated the smell. Instead, he picked one that smelled of honey. I was fine with that, too. To make up for the shampoo, he got me a unicorn stuffie. I named her Caroline and sat her with the other unicorns, Patty and Jessica, who lived on the windowsill.

On the screen, Twilight Sparkle and her friends fight Discord, a demon of chaos. Actually, I kind of like Discord: he makes it rain hot chocolate and his clouds are made of cotton candy. Who would say no to that? After one episode, daddy reaches around and pauses the video.

- Let's grab dinner, baby, he says to me and I smile and nodd. Let's go out, he suggests and my eyes widen with shock. I know what that means. It means putting on a big girl outfit, and right now I am stuck neck deep in little space. It's like daddy reads my mind. Don't worry, he says, you can be as little as you want and hold my hands all the while. Now I agree.

Dylan ties my shoes, the sparkly ones with the rainbow laces, and helps me into my Hello Kitty jacket. I ask if I can wear my tiara, too, and when he says yes, I run to grab it from the bedroom. We leave and I hold Dylan's hand tightly all the time, so neither of us get lost.

We have a great night. Never mind the looks people like to shoot us, a young couple, he looks like the business man he is, me looking like I shopped in the kid's section - which, quite frankly, is exactly what I did. I just want to be by my daddy's side, enjoying his comforting smell and the security of his hand firmly holdig mine. We grab Asian food, my favorite, and head to the park for a walk, before we go back home. I call daddy's attention to every pretty little thing I see: a cool graffiti, a furry squirrel in the park. There's nothing that cannot excite me and daddy loves it when I share with him.

When we get home, I throw my jacket and shoes on the floor, feeling a little lazy, but Dylan of course reminds me to put them in the show drawer. In my mind, the last thing that is missing to this perfect night, is a little spice. So I play bratty and shake my head.

- Kitten, he says in a serious tone, what did you just say?

- No, I repeat and grin up to him, biting my lip a little. His eyes follow my teeth, his pupils widen a little.

- Now, is all he needs to say. His voice sends goosbumps down my back and legs. It is so definitive, I couldn't resist if I wanted to. Quickly, I put my shoes and jacket where they belonged.

- Bedroom, now.

I shudder. There I have my spice. I snap into submissive mode instantly. There's no more need to act up, now I can follow, I can please, I can submit myself to Dylan completely. He follows me into the bedroom, watches me undress, signals me to get on the bed. He puts a pacifier in my mouth and strokes my cheek.

- You will be very quiet for me today, he says. I nodd.

Slowly, Dylan takes off his shirt, then pants. I watch him, adore every part of his gorgeous body. His chest is sprinkled with freckles, his pale skin tight over lean muscle. When he pulls down his boxers, his cock springs free, srtaight and with that intriguing lilacish color around the top. He strokes his shaft once, almost casually, then walks over to the bed.

I raise my eyes to look at his face and can feel juices gathering between my shaven lips. My breathing goes heavily but I am very careful not to let out a sigh as I was ordered to be quiet. Harder than you would think. As incidental as he just stroked his cock, he slides a finger down my wet slit. I can tell he approves by his smile.

Then suddenly, he grabs me by the nipples and pulls hard. I gasp and whimper but I know, if I let out more than that, it will get way worse. Dylan turns his hands, my abs start tensing up with pain. I stare him right in the eyes and bite down on the pacifier. Oh, the pleasure, the pain. All of it mixes up and makes me want so much more.

Finally, he lets go of my nipples, throws me around and is inside me before I realize what's happening. I can't help myself: he caught me so much by surprise that I let out a little cry. Promtly, his hand slams down on my buttcheek and he starts fucking me doggy style, rough and wild, like he wanted to end both our lives in the process.

His fingernails scratch down my back, he grabs my shoulders and pulls me up, so I almost lean on him. I feel my eyes tearing up but I am as quiet as I can. When he grabs my hair instead of my shoulders to hold me by, I whimper and collect another spanking.

His cock feels amazing inside me. He slams into me, fast, and I just have to reach down to touch my clit, rub on it, until I am just so close. That's when I finally spit out the pacifier.

- Daddy, please, I beg him. Can I cum, please? Please, Daddy, I am so close.

- Cum for Daddy, he says to my relief - I am not sure I would've been able to hold back if he had said no. My vagina tightens around his cock, muscles clenching and unclenching, and I hear him moan in my ear. His hot cum shoots up inside me, filling me out, as I ride this tsunami of an orgasm. When it finally calms down, it leaves me dizzy and exhausted.

That's when the pain really kicks in. Dylan's hands have left my butt red and hot, burning with sharp pain. He head hurts where he pulled my hair, and all over my back I feel the scratches. Sex might be the greatest painkiller but it's very temporary. I whimper and break down on the bed.

- I am so proud of you, babygirl, daddy whispers to me and lets himself fall onto the bed next to me to spoon me. I feel his love spilling on my thighs. You did amazing.

- Daddy, I mumble, can I please have Dina?

He jumps up instantly to get my favorite stuffie. Dina is my oldest teddy bear, her ears are colorless from my sucking on them, but she still has the same gentle expression and comforting effect on me. So we lay on the bed, daddy and Dina and I, and I feel whole. There's nothing more I could want.