The Travels of Richard William Poole

I intended to leave Katherine’s side only for as long as was required to eat the supper Millie prepared, though as suppers go, ‘twas not so filling as some.  Millie was all agog at the tiny baby, my son Richard, pressed to Katherine’s breast, and could barely take time to boil up a porridge.  She was then off to our bedchamber to be with Molly should she be in need of anything.  Peter, William, and I ate in silence until our bowls were clean.  

Upon rising from the table, William said he fancied a bit of talk, but had to attend to some business first and for us to await his return.  I thought his business was relieving himself, and thought nothing of it.  In a few minutes he returned carrying a crockery jug.

“My boys, ‘tas been a long time since a babe came t’ ‘’is place, an’ ‘at deserves some celebratin’.  I made ‘is perry myself last fall, an’ it be just th’  thing for a wee toast ta young Richard’s health.”

He poured a small amount of the clear liquid into each of three cups, applied the stopper to the jug, and then sat down and picked up his cup.

“Raise yer cups, lads, and hear me out.”

Once we had done so, William stood.

“Here be to the babe called Richard, a lad but a few hours old.  May ‘e grow up tall an’ strong, an’ wise, an’ brave, an’ bold.”

With that, William downed the contents of his cup, and then looked as Peter and myself.  

“Drink up, lads.  ‘Tis customary ta empty th’ cup when th’ toast is given.”

Both Peter and I did so, though not being a man given to fermented drinks, I did so rather slowly.  I found the taste to be interesting if a little sharp.  When we sat our cups down, William again poured some of the perry into each.

“Now”, said William, “’tis Peter’s turn for a toast.  Peter, what say you?”

“I…I fear I know of nothing appropriate.”

“Very well, I’ll give yee one.”

So saying, William whispered something in Peter’s ear.  Peter grinned, then rose and lifted his cup.

“To the father, Richard, and the girl that he won. He ploughed her and planted the seed for a son.”

We tipped our cups again, only to have them replenished from William’s jug.

“We’ll toast the mother, lads, then that be all our celebratin’ fer the night.  Th’ ladies don’t hold much wi’ ‘eir men ‘avin’ too good a time.  Let me see…ah, yes.  ‘is be a good un.

“To Katherine, the mother so gentle, who nurses the babe at her breast, may she wish to be seeded again and again, as soon as she’s ‘ad a good rest.”

As I downed my cup after that last toast, I was smiling to myself.  If Katherine had not been changed by the birth of our son, I feared limiting the size of my family to be a more of a challenge than increasing it.

When our cups were drained, William collected his jug, and left for his bed in the cowshed.  Peter and I stayed at the table for we knew Millie and Molly would be at Katherine’s side for a while longer.  It was Peter who made the first attempt toward conversation.

“Richard, is the life of a carpenter a good life?”

“’Tis a good life for me, if that is your question.  Why do you ask?”

“I grew up a farmer, as did my father, and his father before him.  I understand the ways of crops and livestock, but it seems not to be an occupation which yields much brass.  Were I able, I would take Millie as a wife, but as a farmer, I work for little more than my room and board.”

“Peter, a master may command high prices for his work, but becoming a master requires much time and effort.  I myself served seven years as an apprentice before becoming a journeyman, and still have years to go to attain the status of Master.’  An apprentice works for room and board, and perhaps a small sum in his latter years of indenture, just as you do now.  A journeyman is better paid for his efforts, but then must pay for that same room and board.  You are also rather on the older side for an apprentice.  I was but thirteen when I began.”

Peter sighed.

“I suppose it is of no matter.  There are Masters in Birmingham who might take an apprentice, but then I would have to leave Millie.  In Stechford, there is only a Master tailor, and I do not fancy sewing for the rest of my life.”
“Not all occupations require certification as a master.  In fact, in the countryside where we now reside, there is no requirement for any certification in any occupation.  All that is required to open a shop is to open a shop.  Of course, without the skills required by the occupation, the shop would likely fail.  Have you skills other than farming?”

“Alas, no.  I was taught no others.”

“Are you certain Millie would not be happy as you are today?  She is a servant girl and accustomed to do without the finery riches would bring.  Women sometimes do not think as we men believe them to.”

“I have not asked her.”

At that time, Millie came into the kitchen.

“Peter, Molly will stay with Katherine tonight.  Let us retire.  And Richard, you may see Katherine, but must sleep elsewhere.  She must feed your son several times during the night, and you would only lose your rest.”

Katherine was beautiful, if fatigued.  Her hair was somewhat disheveled, I suppose by the exertions of giving birth, but her smile took away any thoughts of telling her so.

“Richard, is he not beautiful.”

My tiny son lay with his cheek upon Katherine’s right breast, his tiny hands lightly touching the sides.  

“I do not know if it proper to say a boy is beautiful, but he is indeed wonderful.  Had he hair, I would say he would look somewhat like you.”

Katherine chuckled.

“Richard, few babies have hair at first.  Besides, I see your mouth and nose on his face.”

Molly laughed.

“I see the resemblance in his mouth…and in the way he enjoys his supper plate.  As for the rest, I think he looks like himself.”

Katherine touched my arm.

“Millie related that you must not share our bed tonight?”

“Yes, but I understand.  You must have your rest and you must feed our son.”

“Such will not last for long, Richard.  Be patient, and you will be rewarded.  Now, kiss me before you depart.”

I kissed Katherine softly on the lips, and was more than a bit surprised when she pulled away.

“Richard, you smell of rotting fruit.”

I explained about William’s toasts, but thought it best not to relate them until later.

“No harm was done.”

She smiled.

“I understand, but you will attempt to not make this a regular occurrence, will you not?”

I gave Katherine my solemn promise, and she smiled again.

“Very well.  Kiss me again, Richard.  I shall not pull away this time.”

Molly followed me through the door of our bedchamber, and caught my arm as we walked down the hall.

“Richard, there is another requirement Katherine did not state.  She is in very good health, though tired, but it will be some time before she can…before you may be lovers again.”

“How long a time?  I do not ask for the reason you might believe. I only wish to not do anything that might endanger her or my son.”

“I would say a month, but Katherine will know for certain when she is ready.  For the next several days at least, the night feedings will have her nearly always tired, and she will not desire anything more than sleep.  After your son can sleep for more than two hours without feeding, she will be more rested.  She will tell you when she is ready."

And so began a week of forced bachelorhood for me.  As there was no spare bed, I made myself a pallet upon the parlor floor of several woolen blankets.  It was not the most comfortable bed, but it served to keep me warm during my slumbers.

Once a week had passed, Molly went to Corrine’s chambers at night, and I was able to sleep in our bed again, though the sleeping was disturbed many times by my son’s cry for nourishment.  The cradle I had made stood beside Katherine’s side of the bed, and she only had to reach over the side, retrieve our son, and place him to her breast.  Still, the shrill cry was as effective as the crowing cock at waking me.  I fear I was nearly so tired as Katherine.

At last, one night, little Richard slept from the late hours until the cock crowed.  Katherine awoke refreshed, as did I, and roused little Richard for his feeding.  He yawned a tiny little yawn, and then nuzzled for Katherine’s nipple.  Upon finding it, he pressed his tiny face against Katherine’s breast and began to suckle.

Katherine chuckled.

“I think your son is more like you than you know.  When he suckles so, I have the feeling in my belly as when you do the same.  Perhaps he will be an excellent lover as well.”

“Would that I could give you a comparison, but such would not be proper.”

Katherine chuckled again.

“The father would suckle from the same breasts as the son?”

“Not at the same time.  I was only speaking of how we may…of when you will feel…-“

“Richard, I understand your meaning all too well, and I too have had such thoughts.  Now that little Richard can sleep through the night, perhaps we should see what we will see.”

My day in the workshop was wonderful both for the zeal with which I worked upon my project of the moment, a bed table for Corrine, as well as the anticipation of what might transpire that evening.  It did seem the day took longer to pass than usual, but that only served to give me more time to think of our past pleasures and how our future pleasures might be.

That evening after our supper, Katherine and I went to our bedchamber.  Molly was there, watching our son, though for what purpose I did not know.  He was sound asleep, though twitching occasionally.  I asked if she watched him because he was ill.

Molly sighed.

“No, Richard.  He is as perfect as any baby might be.  I merely find it enjoyable to watch him sleep so peacefully.”

Molly gently stroked little Richard’s cheek, smiled when he grimaced, and then left our bedchamber.

Katherine kissed me softly.  While he sleeps, can you think of a way we might pass the time before going to our own slumbers?”

At the very moment I placed my fingertips upon Katherine’s inner thigh, little Richard awoke and cried out.  Katherine sighed.

“I would suppose his rapid growth requires much of my milk, but I do wish one day he would begin keeping regular meal-time hours.  Be patient, Richard.  I shall feed your son, and then you may continue that which you nearly had begun.”

As little Richard latched upon Katherine’s left teat and began to suckle, I lay back upon the bed to think in order to pass the time.  Had I not been fatigued from the exertions of the late afternoon, that being the unloading of several sticks of heavy timber just purchased from the sawyer, I should have remained awake.  As ‘twere, I fell into slumbers and did not wake until the morning.

I awoke to the first lightening of the sky and to Katherine’s soft thigh draped over my own.  As the fog of sleep slowly left my brain, there was a very erotic nibbling of my ear followed by Katherine’s whispered, “Arise, my Richard, before our son wakes and wished to dine again”.

With that, I felt her lips upon mine, and the movement of the bed as Katherine straddled me.  She pulled her mouth gently away from mine, and then pulled the nightdress from her body.

Until that very second, I had not had the pleasure of seeing Katherine without clothing since before she gave birth.  It is true that we shared a bed after that first week, but between the need for little Richard to nurse, and the nearly continual presence of Millie or Molly or both, only Katherine’s bare breasts had I seen, and then usually only when covered by my sons pumping cheeks.

In the dim light beginning to stream through the window of our bedchamber, I could not fully observe her, but could yet discern some changes in her body.  Katherine’s belly, swollen with child for so long, had returned to nearly its former size and shape.  Her hips, the hips I had caressed and fondled, had not shrunk to nearly the same extent, but were now the hips of a woman rather than those of a girl, and I found them to be even more pleasing than before.  Her breasts had not shrunk in any manner, and as she bent down to kiss me again, the round globes swung gently to brush my chest.

Often over the past several weeks had I pondered the question about Katherine’s continued willingness to engage in the pleasures between a man and a woman.  That question was put to rest by Katherine’s whispered comment.

“Richard, though my body has changed somewhat, my desire for your attentions has only grown stronger from the lack of them.  Take me as in the past.  I shall not disappoint you after your long abstinence.”

With that said, Katherine pulled at my shoulder until I lay upon my side, and then pressed her body against mine until I felt the soft curls between her thighs brush the head of my stiffening cock.  She slowly moved those curls in a back and forth motion until the shaft was extended to its full extent and the head was swollen taut.

Katherine pressed her body closer, and I felt her nether lips part and spread around my shaft.  Wetness quickly coated it as Katherine continued moving in the same manner, and soon she began to breathe deeply.  With one hand, she pulled my fingertips to her breast, and sighed when I squeezed gently.

“Oh, Richard, my Richard, for weeks have I dreamt of this moment, of being skewered on your thick spit and reaching the end I craved.  Do not be of worry should I cry out.  ‘Tis not pain that will cause such, but only the pleasure of which I have been denied.”

Cry out, she did, and many times, in fact.  Upon raising her body to a sufficient height, Katherine reached between us and grasped my rigid cock and moved it about until properly positioned at the portal.  As I felt Katherine’s soft lips splay out and then slide down my shaft, she gasped and murmured, “I feared a looseness there, but the sensations are so intense such cannot be.”

Indeed, though her hips had spread and her breasts had grown considerably, the route to our pleasure had apparently shrunk to the original proportions.  The slippery tightness I had loved in the past felt the same as Katherine’s warmth slowly enveloped my stiff cock.  Upon reaching the point where her thighs rested tight against mine, Katherine took a deep breath, and began to stroke my manhood with her body.

That the lack of intimacy had caused an effect upon my readiness I knew all too well.  That the lack had caused the same for Katherine was becoming obvious by the manner in which she rode me.  Her strokes were long and slow at first, but upon her pulling my hand to her breast and my careful strokes to her large nipple, she speed of her exertions increased.  Her small moans and murmurs became more frequent as well as somewhat louder.

The passage that enclosed my shaft quickly became more glib, and had her fears been realized, the fit would have reminded me of Molly, but the tightness overcame the wet, and her stroking was quickly taking me to the end.  I could not allow Katherine to end my pleasures before she reached hers.  Lightly pinching her thick nipples increased her speed and the sounds from her open mouth.  

These also caused a wetness upon my fingers which I realized to be her milk.  After a few of these gentle pinches and some rolling motions, her nipple seemed to give up its bounty with no further stimulation, and my chest became damp from the dripping, just as the ground beneath the eaves becomes damp from the melting of icicles on a sunny, winter day.

Just then, Katherine lifted her swollen breast to my face.

“Suckle Richard, and cause the tightening in my belly to grow stronger.”

I did as she asked.  The spray of her milk that flowed into my mouth was not unpleasant at all, nor was the effect of producing it.  Katherine shrieked so loudly I feared Millie or Molly might rush into the room to determine her strife.  Her cry was not so loud when I felt the next spurt of milk enter my mouth, but the tightening Katherine craved was also a tightening around my cock.  Her already snug closet was becoming tighter than I could resist.

After several rapid suckles to Katherine’s nipple, the warm flow of fluid around my cock spoke of Katherine’s impending peak.  I thrust my hips into her next stroke and gently pinched her nipple between my teeth.  Katherine cried out and began to shudder.  Another gentle bite caused another cry, and a third, her release.  The rapid contractions of her passage brought me quickly to my own, and as Katherine gasped and panted through her spasms of pleasure, I gasped and groaned through mine.

It was with fond memories I felt Katherine press her breasts to my chest and press her cheek to mine.  Though she had spent, small ripples still stroked my softening cock and cause my hips to lurch upwards at times.  Katherine nibbled my neck, then breathed in my ear.

“’Twas just as wonderful as I remembered.  It feels so wonderful too, to have you inside me still.  Let us stay together a while, and perhaps you will cause these feelings inside me again.”

I chuckled.

“I think our son may have a voice in the matter.  It appears he stirs, and will likely wish for his breakfast when he wakes.  I hope there is enough to fill his belly after I took so much.”

Katherine giggled.

“The well has no bottom, Richard, for it refills with each passing moment.  I also have two wells, and little Richard requires only one at present.  The other would become so full as to be painful were it not for my exchanging them as he suckles.  You need not fear of taking the food from your son’s mouth.  I found it to be quite pleasant when you suckled.  Perhaps you will do so again?”

I laughed softly.

“Were I to not have done so, I fear my chest would have become drenched.  I could find no spigot with which to stop the flow.”

Katherine stuck her small wet tongue in my ear.

“Molly said such would be the case when I became aroused.  You shall have to suffer with the dripping unless you would rather wait for our pleasures until little Richard may eat the same meals as you and I.  I believe that is not a wise choice for you, and certainly not one I would wish you to make.”

I squeezed Katherine’s soft cheeks and gently separated them, causing her to shiver.

“Katherine, I would suffer much more before I denied myself the pleasures of the bedchamber with you.  This time was as wondrous as our first, and I am certain will continue to be so.”

Katherine pressed her lips to mine for a moment, and then rolled her body from my chest.  

“Your son stirs again.  Unless you wish to assist in the changing of his underclothes before I give him his breakfast, off to the workshop with you.”

The month of January had passed into February by this time, and as February waned into March, Katherine did not require so much assistance from Molly.  The need for her midwifery skills did not end, however.  

One morning, William came into the kitchen in great haste.  Molly and Millie had prepared a small breakfast and were sitting at the table drinking tea at the time.  Upon closing the door against the cold March morning, William asked for her help.

“Molly, you brought little Richard into this world.  Would yer skills do th’ same fer a ewe?  A favorite one o’ mine is in a difficulty.”

Molly rose, took her coat from the hook beside the door and followed William out into the dim light of early morning.  She had not yet returned when Katherine and I came into the kitchen for our tea.  Katherine inquired as to if Molly were ill.

“No”, smiled Millie.  “She has gone with William to attend to the birth of a lamb.”

Katherine and I had finished our tea when Molly and William came through the kitchen door.  Molly doffed her coat, hung it on the hook and hurried to the stove.

“The kettle is still hot, William.  Sit down and I shall warm your bones with a hot cup of tea.”

As he sipped from the steaming cup Molly placed in front of him, William related what had transpired.

“I know those no’ from th’ country would no’ understand, but ‘at ewe is a special un.  She knows ma walk an’ ‘at I’ll bring her a apple sometimes.  Well, t‘is mornin’, she didn’ run up t’ me.  I found her down in th’ pasture tryin’ t’ push out a lamb, but it weren’t workin’ like it should.  She had one leg, a back un, out an’ that was as far as she’d got.  

“I knowed it had t’ go back in an’ git turnt aroun’, but ma big paws won’ fit.  I come an’ asked Molly t’ help, and in no time, she ‘ad t’at lamb on th’ ground and buttin’ the ewe fer some milk.  Got two more from th’ ewe after t’atun.  Three, strong, stout lambs.  She’d ‘a’ been dead as a fence post were it not fer Molly.”

Molly blushed.

“All I did was turn the lamb to its proper position.  The ewe did the rest.”

“Aye, Molly, but w’out yer small hand an’ yer skills, she’d ne’er got out th’ first un.”

Molly just blushed a little more pink, and poured William another cup of tea, then  followed Katherine to our bedchamber.  Millie giggled and said she should go wake Peter, and then also left.  William sipped his tea, swallowed, and then smiled at me.

“T’at Molly is quite a woman.”

“I’ve always thought as much.”

“We ‘ad a talk out in th’ pasture, whilest waitin’ on t’at ewe t’ drop t’ rest o’ her lambs.  She says yer lady don’ need ‘er much now, ‘an she’d be happy t’ help wi’ t’ lambs if I need ‘er.  I believe she likes t’ little buggars.”

I smiled to myself.  It was more probable, given my intimate understanding of Molly’s desires, that she the buggar she favored was likely William, but I did not say so.

“’Tis possible, but then, I believe all women have a spot in their hearts reserved for babies of all types.  Katherine is so.”

“Be that as ‘t may, perhaps this year I shall no’ lose any ewes at lambing.  I do enjoy ‘er comp’ny as well.”

A week later, I was struggling with a particularly large timber that required sawing down its length.  The stick was larger than my usual purchase, but I had chosen it for its straightness and for the figure of the wood.  Thinking Peter or William might assist in placing it over my horses, I went in search of one of them.  As the cowshed was nearer the workshop than the house, that was my first searching place.

The day having become warm enough to venture forth without a coat, it had also become warm enough that Millie had opened the windows of the house to clear it of the vapors of winter.  As I approached the cowshed, I noticed that William had done the same to the small room he used as his living area.  The room was at the end of the cowshed, near the door, and as I passed by, a sigh reached my ears.  The sigh was not the sigh of a man.  It was a sigh I had heard often in my later years with Master Goodsell.

Cautiously, I approached the window to confirm my suspicions.  The words that reached my ears proved their truth.

“Oh…yes William…as deep as your thrust will allow, and pull what you call my teats.”

“Aye, Molly, they be teats, an’ teats th’ like o’ which I ‘ave only dreamt.  

“Ahhhh…that is the way I enjoy.  You have my cunny dripping and on fire.”

Carefully, so as not to create a noise, I crept to the open window and peered around the jamb.

Molly was dressed as on the day she came into the world as was William, and she sat astride his body.  As William pulled her nipples down hard, Molly raised up and then slammed her body back down over Williams stiff cock.  He pulled them again, and Molly’s head fell back with a gasp.

“Again, William.  The stream is running and my end is near.  Again, and shake my teats.”

William did as Molly asked.  Her eruption was both quick and violent.  With a cry, Molly began working her hips up and down at such a pace William could only maintain his grip on her swollen nipples.  As Molly’s body began to shake, William groaned and then arched his back.  Molly gasped again when William caused her large breasts to wobble to and fro by his shaking.

“Oh…oh.. it is come.  Fill me William…fill me now.”

I was of the opinion that William had done part of the filling before her request, though Molly did not appear to mind.  She continued to shudder and shake for a few moments during which William stroked his cock inside her passage, and then she fell to his chest panting.

“Ah…William, your skills with your tool are wonderful.  I believe I shall stay here for a while and find what other skills you may be hiding.”

William chuckled.

“I would like nothin’ better, Molly, but there’s harness ta be cleaned before spring ploughin’ an’ I ‘ave ta take th’ shire ta one o’ the mares.  She’s needin’ to be bred.”

Molly rocked her hips up and down.

“I’m needin’ to be bred too”, she giggled.

“Aye, but th’ mare’ll be out o’ th’ notion after today.  I believe you be always in th’ notion.”

Molly giggled again.

“The notion only strikes me at morning, noon, and night…and sometimes in mid-morning and mid-afternoon.  Does that cause you a complaint?”

“Nay, though I fear ‘twill cause me t’ be always tired.  A man must rest sometimes, else ‘is twig’ll wither an’ not rise.”

Molly laughed.

“The twig would benefit from some licking and sucking, I’ll wager.  Shall I prove my words true.”

William gently held Molly’s arms to prevent her from reaching her goal.

“Nay, Molly, but tonight, you may do wi’ my twig as you wish.”

I did not hear the rest of their conversation because I slowly backed away from the window.  It pleased me that Molly had found a man to fill her desires, and it pleased me that William apparently enjoyed doing so.  I found Peter just having his morning tea, and after he finished, he assisted me with my stick.  By late afternoon, the huge timber had been sawn in twain.

That evening, as Katherine and I lay in our bed while she suckled little Richard, I told her of what I had witnessed that morning.  Her response was a shaking of her shoulders in mirth, an action that caused her breasts to likewise shake in such an erotic manner it was difficult to remember I should wait until my son finished his supper before Katherine’s beautiful breasts would become one of the ways I would bring us both to our peak.

“My only surprise is that Molly did not act upon her desires earlier than this.”

“Molly had desires for William?”

“From their first meeting, or so I gather from one of our conversations.  Only her responsibility to me and little Richard kept her from pursuing that goal more quickly.  I am happy for her.  Are you not?”

“Oh very much so.  If Molly has found what I have found with you, she is a very fortunate woman.”

Katherine carefully pulled her engorged nipple from little Richard’s mouth.  Though he was fast asleep, his little lips made a few attempts to suckle before relaxing again.  Katherine gently laid him in his cradle and pulled the blankets over his body, then turned to me.

“Now, you related the gist of what you observed, but not the details.  Pray tell me of those.”

As I began describing Molly’s and William’s state of dress, Katherine pulled her nightdress over her head.

“Molly was dressed as this?”


“Perhaps you would show me how William was dressed.”

I stripped the clothing from my body as quickly as possible, and returned to our bed.

“William was dressed as I am now.”

Katherine’s slender fingers reached for my cock.

“And was his cock as yours is?”

“No, it was very stiff and buried inside Molly.”

“Hmmm…how do you suppose it became so?”

I laughed.

“I would suppose in the same manner in which mine grows even now.”

“How did he put it inside Molly?”

“I do not know.  They were tied together when I first saw them.”

“Molly was on top of William?”


“Lie on the bed that I might do the same.”

I did so, and Katherine promptly straddled me.

“Now, if I understand your description correctly, Molly must have raised up…like so…placed his cock at her portal…like so…and then lowered herself over it…”, Katherine shuddered, then gasped. “like so.”

“I would imagine that was her method.”

Katherine began to rise and fall over my stiff cock.

“And then she began to rock up and down?”

“Yes, just as you are doing now.”

Katherine moaned quietly, then pressed her body firmly against mine.  The head of my cock reached the special place inside her I had grown to crave.

“What other things did Molly say?”

“She asked William to pull on her teats.”

“How did he do this thing.”

I grasped Katherine’s nipples, one in each hand and pulled gently.  Katherine gasped, then grinned.

“Molly told me of her love of such treatment, but her description was of a much more firm pulling.  I believe she compared it to being milked as if she were a cow.  Was it not so?”

I pulled down firmly on both Katherine’s nipples, pulling both her swollen breasts into long cones, and causing all manner of drops of milk to land upon my chest.  The firm pull also resulted in Katherine crying out and rocking her hips rapidly over my cock.  When I released my grip, Katherine’s breasts returned to the shape of swollen globes.  She gasped again and then smiled.

“Yes, that is what Molly described.  Is that all she asked of William?”

“No, she begged him to shake them as he pulled.”

“Would you show me that also?”

Again, I pulled Katherine’s nipples down firmly and then shook them to and fro.  Her breasts danced a dance so erotic, it was necessary for me to concentrate upon not erupting in my peak at that very moment.  Katherine felt no need to stop the climb.

“Again, Richard…Again and again.”

A flow of wet warmth coated my stroking cock, and the small contractions of Katherine’s passage took me to the brink all too quickly.  My attempts to hold back proved futile, but unnecessary.  At my first spurt, Katherine’s body went rigid, she arched her back and drove my cock inside her deeper, and then she cried out.  She relaxed slightly as the second spurt of my seed flooded her passage, and then began such gyrations with her hips I lost what little control was left to me.  Katherine fell gasping to my chest and lay there quietly, though I continued to feel the alternate tightening and loosening of her passage around my cock for several moments after.

Katherine’s chest movements slowed from the rapid panting of her climax to a slower rise and fall.  She nibbled my ear and wiggled her hips seductively.

“Molly has become nearly a mother to me, and I am pleased she has found what I have found.  Perhaps in a few minutes, you could relate your story again.  I find it to be interesting and arousing at the same time.”

Suffice it to say when I told the story later that evening, there were fewer words exchanged, but the result was even more satisfying to us both.  I did not know how Katherine would explain to Millie how the damp spots on the bed sheets had appeared, especially since there were spots at both the places where our juices had flowed from Katherine’s body afterward as well as the milk that ran over my sides.  

When I asked her this question, Katherine only laughed and said Millie would understand, for she too had a stream that flowed freely when in the throes of passion.  As for the milky spots, Katherine explained that Molly had told her this would take place and that Millie was present at the time.

Millie said nothing to me about the need for washing the sheets, but she did grin at me when she carried them to the laundry room.  She had more than one set of sheets in her basket, however, and I assumed the extra set to belong upon her bed.

As the March chill gave way to the rains of April, little Richard grew and then grew some more.  He could hold up his head now, and was attempting to crawl across the floor.  He had the will, but not yet the strength, and his mother’s good milk had given him a rather large, fat belly, though it was obvious he was not long away from moving under his own power.  I grew anxious for the day when he could walk that I might take him to the workshop.  Katherine just laughed and said it would be some time before he could wield the saw and plane, and that I should be patient.