The Infatuation

Info Black8cut1
31 Mar. '16

It was a mild Sunday afternoon, and Adam had already hooked up with one of his regulars.  He forgot to log off his profile page. Because he was still logged on, he felt his phone “buzz” alerting him that he had been emailed.

Adam read the email and saw that he had been “oinked” by a Latin guy who had checked out his profile. Interested parties on this site can either email directly or send an oink.  An oink was a quick way of saying that you liked a person’s profile and that you were interested in engaging in some piggy raw sex without typing a message in an email. 

Before Adam replied to the oink, he checked out this Latin guy’s profile.  It read: I’m looking for Built, Masculine, and Hung Men. Total Tops please. I’m into all types especially other Latinos, Black & Middle Eastern guys. I’m down for 1 on 1, 3 ways & small groups, especially with other built & beefy bottoms. I’m here to meet up & have fun. Not here for BS. Be cool to feel it out on the phone before meeting. Have pix in your profile or to send. If not don’t bother. I have face to swap & please open your Private Pix when hitting me up. Have face pix to swap.  Thanks.

In Adam’s mind, his profile sounded good, genuine and straight to the point.  He listed his stats. He was 37 years old, 6 feet tall, 210 to 219 pounds, and in an open relationship. He was HIV negative and on pREP. Perfect stats for what appeared to be a totally perfect bottom, and Adam was relieved to know that this guy was HIV negative. 

Adam remembered that he had once glanced over this guy’s profile before, but he had never messaged him, thinking that he would not get a response from him or that this guy was a fake seeking attention. However, he was happy that this guy was showing some interest in him, and that this Latin dude’s pix was exactly what Adam was attracted to--a muscular built guy who had this perfect meaty, bubble, and beefy ass. This guy’s ass looked too good to be true, and this bottom had the screen name that suited him well--BuiltLatin.

Adam had to instantly remind himself not to get his hopes up high because he had encountered guys who had these perfect body pix on their profile pages, and they looked nothing like their pix when he met them in person.  He reminded himself that these guys either didn’t look like their pix, were 10 to 20 years older than their pix, and hoped that once Adam got to their place, he would still want to top them. He was thinking about how some of these flakes even gave him fake addresses as part of their twisted scheme, and he was hoping that this didn’t end up being the case with BuiltLatin. 

To Adam, at least BuiltLatin sounded genuine in the email and from what he said on his profile page. He even seemed humbled and not self-absorbed like many guys that Adam met in Los Angeles. This impressed him. He asked BuiltLatin, “How many tops do you already have waiting in line for you?” 

Adam was flirting, but he was dead serious because this guy’s body and ass was amazingly enticing to say the least. The angle of his profile pix was enough to make Adam go, “Wow!” 

The pix that had his attention showed this guy on all fours. His ass was strategically angled for any horny top liking beefy and muscular asses. Just looking at the angle of his pix, anyone could see that this guy was all about getting some dick, knew how to take some dick, and was ready to take dick deep, hard, and brutally fast. What a perfect way for a bottom to get the attention he needed from horny tops.

BuiltLatin humbly said, “It is not even like that; I’m not hot to all guys, and this is Los Angeles. It’s harder than you think to find a top in LA. But thanks for the compliment.”  

Adam liked how BuiltLatin seemed to be really down to earth. He liked his humbleness. What also impressed Adam was how BuiltLatin wanted to talk on the phone before meeting to see if they clicked.  So, he gave BuiltLatin his phone number without any hesitation.  BuiltLatin called him, and on Adam’s caller ID, he noticed that his number wasn't unlisted showing his first and last name.

Adam, seeing the name, and not recognizing it as someone he already knew, answered his cell phone. The conversation began with the typical hey, how are you doing, where are you located, what are you sexually looking for, what time are you looking, and what is your sexual position type of questions. Then the conversation turned into small talk. 

The first thing Adam instantly noticed about BuiltLatin was his masculine voice. Adam thought he sounded maturer than 36, and he liked that. He also noticed BuiltLatin’s humbleness again while talking to him on the phone. Not only did this guy have a sexy profile pix, but he had a nice voice as well. Adam was now fully sold on meeting him.

He asked,” What is your name?”


"My name is Adam."

They chatted on the phone for about 10 more minutes. Because Adam felt a good vibe during the phone conversation and even though Jacob had only told him that he was in Hollywood, Adam decided to take a gamble, and he started driving over to Jacob’s house, even though Jacob hadn’t given him his address yet. This was something that Adam had never done. But he was going by his gut instinct. This guy appeared cool; he seemed genuine; and he seemed to be just a down to earth guy.  He was thinking let me cut to the chase to save the time possibly wasted in traffic as he commuted from his location to Hollywood which was about a 40 to 45 minute commute.

As the conversation continued during Adam's commute to Hollywood, Jacob seemed to be a little concerned about the distance and the time it would take to travel to Hollywood on a Sunday afternoon.  Jacob asked, “Where are you?”

“Bell Gardens.”

 Jacob said, “You are a little ways from me.”

“I don’t mind driving the little ways. I’m in the area from the Inland Empire and I am going to a family function in a few hours. So I have a little time to burn.”

“I’m just looking for a load before I go to the gym,” Jacob said.

Adam was turned on by the fact that Jacob wanted to have his hot load in his hole while working out. 

“I’m already driving over to your place, and all I need is your address.”

Jacob texted Adam his address, and told him, “Let me hop in the shower before you get here.”

Adam drove the approximately 40 minute commute to Hollywood from his location. His GPS app showed him a shorter route to avoid the typical LA Sunday afternoon traffic, cutting his commute by 10 minutes.  He was wondering whether or not Jacob was really the same guy in the profile pix. Either way he was going to find out. 

Adam arrived at Jacob’s Hollywood neighborhood and found Jacob’s small duplex on that flower street that was texted to him. It was just by luck or coincidence that Adam found parking right in front of Jacob’s place. He thought to himself, how fast this guy and him were about to hook up , and after seeing how bad parking was just a block down the street, he was also thinking how this hookup seemed to be perfect. 

On any given day of the week, parking in Hollywood could be terrible, and permit parking was required after 8 pm. Adam didn’t have to worry about that now. It was still the middle of the afternoon, and he was glad that he found parking right in front of Jacob’s duplex.

Being a little cautious, Adam didn’t instantly get out of his car to go to Jacob’s duplex. He called him to confirm the address again, and to basically let Jacob know that he was parked right out front. He was also checking to see if Jacob was going to bait and switch on him by not answering the phone or worse having had Adam drive all the way to an address that wasn’t really his. But, Jacob didn’t let him down or lie. He answered the phone and told Adam how to find his duplex. 

Jacob’s duplex stood out on the street. Most of the houses and apartments on his block were painted beige with brown trim. But his duplex was a rusty orange and green trimmed paint, and it surprised Adam to see this dwelling literally popping out in color on this street, a detail that would have made it easy for Adam to find had Jacob describe the odd color of his duplex.

Jacob said, “Walk to the left side of the duplex and not down the driveway. My unit is the last one at the end of the path.”

Adam didn’t see the pathway to Jacob’s unit, and he liked that Jacob didn’t assume that he knew where he was going. Adam hated when a bottom made him feel like he was on wild goose chase when looking for the bottom’s unit for the first time. His attitude was give simple directions. But since Jacob’s duplex only had 4 units, finding it wouldn’t be much of a hassle.

Adam’s heart began racing because he was feeling self-conscious. Then he reminded himself of what Jacob’s profile said that he was looking for built, masculine, hung men. Total Tops and that he was into all types especially other Latinos, Black and Middle Eastern guys, and that he was down for 1 on 1, 3 ways and small groups, especially with other built and beefy bottoms. He was here to meet up and have fun. That he was not online for BS and for the top to be cool to feel it out on the phone before hooking up. Remembering this helped Adam feel less self-conscious since he totally fit what Jacob was looking for. But at the same time, he was still thinking what if Jacob wasn’t the guy in the profile pix. All of this second guessing was going through his mind in milliseconds.

Even though Adam was good looking, caramel complexion, and in his late 40s, he could easily pass for a guy in his late 30s or early 40s and no one would even second guess his age or bat an eye at him for lying about it. He was average height, about 178 pounds, and looking at his body, one can tell that he worked out. He sported a clean short hair cut and a razor thin mustache and goatee. His teeth were straight and white. He was wearing slim fitted black slacks with a white and black fitted shirt. He was hoping that Jacob like what he saw. 

Adam started to wonder. Would Jacob like what he saw as he was walking down the path to his duplex during those 20 seconds it took him to walk from his car? If not, Adam was thinking at least he’ll get to see what this muscle bottom looked like in person.

As Adam walked down the short pathway, he looked for the last unit that Jacob told him to find. Once there, he knocked on the screen door. His door was opened as if he was expecting company, and Adam felt a little relieved knowing that this unit’s door was open, and that he could be at the right duplex Jacob told him, “Come on in.”  

Adam walked into the small duplex. There was a few seconds of quietness as if Jacob was waiting on Adam to say I am no long interested. Adam was thinking the same as well. Then, Adam taking a quick glance, he first noticed that Jacob had a clothes rack in his living room. He mainly saw shirts hanging on it. He, instantly, thought that either this guy loved clothes, did not have the closet space for them or worked in the clothing industry.  He saw a guitar on the floor, and thought that this guy liked to play music as well. 

Jacob was standing in front of his bedroom door. The first thing Adam noticed about Jacob was his bubble butt popping out of his sagging running shorts. The second thing he noticed was that Jacob looked about 10 years older than the pix he sent him. He saw gray growing in his beard from not being shaven in a couple of days, but Adam thought that some guys grow gray early. He wasn’t that honest about his age on his profile page too because he stated that he had been forty-one nine times. So to Adam, Jacob, being older himself, wasn’t a deal breaker. In fact, he was relieved that Jacob looked older than the pix because he and Adam were actually closer in age.

Jacob had on a name brand, black, and fitted long sleeved workout shirt, and he was wearing running shorts sagging just low enough for Adam to notice how bubble Jacob’s butt was in his shorts.

Jacob was light complexion. He was tall, and he had a clean hair cut like Adam. But because he didn’t look as young as the pix he texted, Adam didn’t really think about it anymore because had become instantly fixated on his muscular chest and on his muscle ass popping out of his shorts.

Jacob went into his bedroom. This was a signal to Adam that Jacob liked what he saw and that they were about to get busy. Adam  followed him. Adam was a little nervous since it was his first time at his place, and even though this was not his first time fucking a bottom who he thought was hot and really wanted to fuck, it was still awkward when he met anyone for sex for the first time. 

Adam asked, “Can I use your bathroom?” 


The bathroom was right adjacent to the bedroom, and Adam walked into the bathroom. Adam judged a guy’s cleanliness by the way his bathroom was kept. Adam noticed that Jacob’s bathroom was clean and wasn’t cluttered.  He did notice that the shower wasn’t wet as if Jacob hadn’t showered before he arrived. After a quick use, Adam came out. 

There was no small talk, but silence and the anticipation of sex about to happen. Adam undressed and watched Jacob remove only his shorts. Jacob’s ass looked very meaty in his black jock strap, and Adam was turned on by that. Also, he thought it was hot that Jacob left on his workout shirt.  Typically, most bottoms he fucked take off all of their clothes. He thought that fucking Jacob in his workout shirt was part of the fantasy of him wanting to get bred before he went to work out at the gym. This was new to Adam and exciting at the same time. Adam knowing that this was what Jacob was looking for just intensified the sex that was about the happen. 

As Adam looked closely at Jacob, he liked that Jacob’s ass was lightly hairy. He grabbed Adam’s cock and started to suck on it right away. Adam was standing by the edge of the bed. Adam, still being nervous, wasn’t getting hard as fast as he wanted, and told Jacob that he needed to lie down in the bed. Jacob noticed that Adam was nervous, and said to him, “Relax.”

As he sucked on Adam’s cock, he began to relax, and he liked how Jacob was sucking him. Jacob didn’t gnaw on his cock nor scrape his skin with his teeth—instantly two pluses. Adam hated when guys were so horny for dick, that they sucked his dick like they were chewing on it, and being impatient to get fucked weren’t gentle at all, but rushing to get him hard. 

As his dick started to respond to the nursing, all that Adam started to think about was how fast and hard he wanted to fuck Jacob. While Jacob continued nursing on Adam’s dick, Adam began playing with Jacob’s hole while rubbing on his muscle butt too. As he lightly fingered his hole, he noticed that Jacob had already lubed up his hole. His hole felt wet, not from being lubed, but it felt wet, like he had already taken a load.

Remaining cautious during this first hot encounter, Adam quickly glanced around Jacob’s room. He had a fear of getting secretly filmed by any of his bottoms. As he looked around the bedroom, he saw a name tag hanging off of the dresser. He noticed the name tag on the badge was the same name that showed up on his caller ID when Jacob called him. The first thing Adam was thinking was that this guy didn’t want him to know his real name or that this name must belong to his boyfriend living with him. “Didn’t he say his name was Jacob?”Adam asked himself.

As Adam’s cock became fully erect, he asked, “What position do you want to take my dick?” 

“Any position that you want,” Jacob responded.

Grabbing the bottle of lube that was lying in the bed, Adam rubbed the silicone based lube on his dick. It wasn’t the water based lube that he liked. But he had to make it do for the moment since he didn’t bring his own. 

He slid in Jacob’s ass in doggy position.  Jacob’s hole grabbed hold of  Adam’s dick like a perfectly fitting glove. Jacob moaned slightly but arched his back enough to let Adam know how he was ready for all eight inches of his fully erect dick.

Jacob had music playing in the background. The song was an R& B song, and Adam recognized the artist. But, it was a song that Adam had never heard before. He liked it, and this song had definitely set the mood. But also, he was sort of taken aback because Adam was thinking that for a casual hook up, especially a first time hook up, listening to slow music seemed to be too intimate—at least for him.  

In Adam’s mind, this music seemed appropriate for a couple who were in a relationship—not for two horny middle aged men looking for a nut. The music, not only was setting the mood for this sexual encounter, but the music was causing him to really get into the sex with Jacob on a deeper level. “Perhaps this was how this guy had sex with all of his tops,” Adam thought.

As the music continued to play in the background, Adam was fully relaxed and was now in full throttle. Being an experienced top, he had hooked up with a host of hot, not so hot bottoms, and had great and not so great sexual experiences. But he was already starting to rate this one high. 

As Adam was sliding in and out of Jacob’s ass, Jacob started to react from the pleasure that Adam's dick was giving him. Adam slid all eight inches of his rock hard dick balls deep into Jacob’s hole. By going balls deep, Adam was judging how deep he could go or not.  As he went deep, Jacob moaned, “It’s so big!” 

Adam slid his dick in and out, to the rhythm of the music playing in the back ground. He teased Jacob’s ass some, and bent his dick enough to press against his prostate to try and make him cum without touching himself. It didn’t work this time.

Adam wanted to tease Jacob’s muscle ass with his throbbing fat dick more. But, he didn’t. The sex was not only intense, but it was quickly becoming passionate. He told Jacob to lay on his back. As he was fucking Jacob on his back, he started to automatically kiss Jacob.  He was surprised that he kissed Jacob so quickly because kissing wasn’t something that he usually did, especially on a first fuck. But kissing Jacob felt natural; it felt right; and it felt good.  Adam took a risk, but it seemed to work because Jacob kissed him back. 

Jacob's kiss didn’t feel forced, and it didn’t feel awkward either.  All Jacob had to do was turn his head away, and, instantly, Adam would have gotten the message that he didn’t want to kiss him. By Jacob kissing Adam back, it just showed that they were either going through the motions of having passionate sex or better there was chemistry building between the two of them. It seemed as if they had been fucking for years. 

As these passionate seconds were now quickly turning into intense minutes of sliding in and out of Jacob’s bubble ass, Adam told Jacob to lie on his stomach.  This was Adam’s favorite position. He knew that Jacob was now ready to take his dick deep full throttle. 

By having Jacob on his stomach, Adam knew that this was the best way of bringing out Jacob's submissiveness. Jacob could experience the power of Adam's toned body on top of him as well as feeling totally wanted by Adam. In this position also, Adam had the leverage to jack hammer Jacob’s hole as deep, hard and fast as he needed to explode deep in his ass. He could bust his nut deep where it would take hours for his cum to ooze out of Jacob. 

Adam could tell that his big dick was feeling good to his potential new fuck buddy. Adam knew this because Jacob moaned out how big Adam was again. But this time Jacob sounded like a female with a Puerto Rican accent. Jacob had lost all of his masculinity while taking Adam’s dick deep.  Adam was a little surprised hearing Jacob sound like that. It was actually funny. But it turned him on to the point that Adam started to fuck Jacob even harder and deeper.  Jacob was now his pussy bottom.

Adam said, “Do you want me to stop?” 

He didn’t mean it, but Adam was trying to see whether or not Jacob wanted more. 

“No! Keep going!”

“You’re so big!”

That was the signal that Adam was looking for before he began pounding Jacob harder and deeper. Now Adam was lying completely on top of Jacob. Jacob was resting on his elbows just enough for Adam to wrap his arms around his chest. He felt Jacob’s pecs and squeezed on his muscular arms just to feel how ripped Jacob was. Now Adam was thinking to himself how he should be filming this hot encounter, so that he could watch it over and over again.

Adam was getting close to cumming and he knew that he couldn’t continue to keep holding back from blasting inside of Jacob’s hole, so he began skin smacking, wham baming, and pounding Jacob’s ass hard and fast, the way you hear down pouring rain hitting the ground—steady, constant, and unrelenting. 

To Adam, there was no other way to fuck some good man pussy, especially on a thick muscular guy. He needed to fuck him deep; he needed to fuck him hard; and he needed to fuck him brutally fast, just like Jacob needed to be fucked, needed to be pounded, and needed to feel a good top bust inside of him. Adam got off knowing that a power bottom, like Jacob, could take dick the way he liked giving it, and all Adam had to do was just enjoy the ride until he reached that climax he was there for in the first place.

After several more seconds of pounding Jacob’s hole, Adam now felt his balls ready to release that huge load he was so desperately happy to flood in Jacob’s ass. When ready to bust in Jacob, Adam lied totally on top of him, wrapping his arms around his chest, holding on to Jacob like a scared child clinging to his mother, resting his head on Jacob's upper back, and closed his eyes letting nature take its course.

Adam's voice got naturally deeper when he was ready to cum. He became verbal when he was ready to shoot too. He whispered in Jacob's ear, “Give me that pussy. You want some nut? I’m cumming.” Even Barry White would have been impressed by his impersonation. Now Adam’s cock was growing bigger and becoming fatter stretching Jacob's hole more. His trigger was set; his bullets were all lined up. Like a pistol, boom… boom….boom, boom. Swoosh….swoosh, swoosh, swoosh and like hot water coming out of a water faucet, Adam flooded Jacob’s ass full of his seed. 

Adam shot so much cum that he felt it backing up before he pulled out. He was hoping Jacob felt him flood his ass because when Adam came, he naturally shot hot big loads.  He loved it when bottoms told him that they could feel him shooting inside of them. Sometimes he knew when he had shot a big load when the bottom would jump or moan out, “Oh fuck, I feel your hot load.” 

But this time, Adam was so engrossed in dumping his big load in Jacob’s ass that he didn’t hear Jacob grunting and moaning like he normally did when breeding his other regulars. Adam let every drop of his cum squeeze out of his softening cock before pulling out of Jacob’s juicy and wet hole. He felt so proud to have added his seed to this willing muscular bottom. 

There was a silence and a sense of satisfaction between the two of them. Adam got off of Jacob and asked Jacob, “Can I take a picture of your ass?”

Jacob agreed. He said, “Just don’t get my face.”

Then, Adam lied next to him again. Jacob’s head was partly resting on Adam’s left arm. Adam noticed this and felt a sense of added intimacy after he had just fucked the hell out of Jacob who appeared to be fully satisfied with taking Adam’s dick as well. 

For a first sexual encounter, Adam was thinking, again, how it felt like they had been meeting for years. The music was still playing in the background, and Adam, not trying to over extend his stay, got out of the bed to wash before leaving. 

Before Adam left, Jacob discussed possible future hook ups. They both discuss times when they could be available and Jacob even let him know about his sons, and when they visited him. Jacob told Adam that he basically works out of his house, hooking up for him was pretty flexible.

Adam told him that he had a versatile buddy who liked tag teaming bottoms with him, and he and his buddy didn’t live in the LA area but they both lived about an hour drive from  Hollywood.

Jacob said, “Cool, since my sister lives near you and when I go out to visit my sister, I’ll get a room so that you and your bud could take turns on me.”

Adam left Jacob’s duplex feeling like this may be the start of future casual hookups. Later that evening, Jacob sent Adam a text to tell him that he wouldn’t mind hooking up with him again and Adam’s friend. Adam was pleasantly surprised because he wasn’t sure that this guy was going to text or follow up on hooking up with him again. He was very cool with meeting him just once, even though the sex between them was very hot, and because in his mind this hot guy could have any top he wanted. 

When Adam met guys casually, he was a go with the flow type of guy. He knew and understood that guys he met online were basically just a hole he could use and that they weren’t looking for anything but a no strings casual fuck from him as well. If there was a connection or chemistry between the two of them, he understood that he may get another round of casual sex or better yet, a new fuck buddy out of it. 

One thing that he didn’t want to happen was to start having feelings for a guy, especially a guy who already had on his profile page that he was in an open relationship. But, this time, something was different about this sexual encounter. Adam didn’t hold his guard up like he usually did, and he had become instantly infatuated with Jacob. He was asking himself, how did this happen? Why was this happening?  

Adam knew that this encounter was basically a casual fuck. Adam was trying to figure out what was this infatuation he was experiencing over this guy all about. He went, “Uh oh.” In his mind, he was thinking, “I have fucked plenty of hot and muscular guys who would make Jacob look like a troll. And I never gotten infatuated over them or upset if they didn’t want to meet again. So why am I  infatuated over this guy?”

Part of him was hoping that Jacob wasn’t a hit and quit type of guy. The fact that Jacob stated in his profile that he wasn’t on there for BS, Adam was hoping that Jacob would be a genuine new fuck buddy. So, Adam, just from other hookup experiences, thought that Jacob would be ready when they could schedule the next time convenient for the two of them to fuck. He wasn’t looking to meet Jacob soon. But like all of his other fuck buds and regular hook ups, he wouldn’t see them for months at a time; but when he did, it was always good sex and great chemistry with them. He hoped Jacob and he could maintain a similar sexual relationship, because he knew that he wanted to hook up with him again.

After a few days, Adam was excited to see Jacob coincidentally sign on when he was online reading his emails just before midnight. Adam asked, “What’s up?

Jacob responded, “What are you doing? I am thinking about coming out to your area for work the next week, and I’m thinking about getting a room for the two of us to hookup.”

Adam was excited to know that Jacob was still interested in meeting. But he was kind of surprised that Jacob asked him what he was doing as if he wanted him to come over right at that moment.

Adam responded, “I am about to go to bed. Too bad I live too far for a late night quickie. Are you available Monday around 3:30?

“No, I have to work. I have another gig during the day.”

The following week, Adam sent Jacob a text message in the morning to confirm their meeting for later that day. Jacob responded and confirmed that he would meet him later that afternoon. He told Adam that he had been to Corona, but he had to go back to LA. Then, he would be back in Riverside to meet, and he will keep Adam posted. 

Adam who also drove all over the southern California area realized, that there is no way that Jacob could drive to LA at 2:30 in the afternoon and get back to his area at a decent time. He thought it was odd for Jacob to tell him that, but he believed that he would stand by his word. When, Adam didn’t hear from Jacob, he texted him to let him know that he perfectly understood if he couldn’t meet today. He even told him that there were no worries since he had to pick up his vehicle in the shop. He received no reply from Jacob.

Bummed by the fact that Jacob didn’t meet Adam as planned, Adam, horny with a three day load, went online the next day to read and look at pix on the Craigslist’s gay personals. As he was searching through the Los Angeles personals, he saw an ad with the title, Big Butt Msl Bottom taking dick today.-36” Looking for Now & as this is up. I’m Latino, 210, 6’0. Big beefy butt, all bottom, muscle built. Neg dd-free, PrEP’d. Want to get dick’d down & loaded up by total tops. I can be ass up, or travel locally. Send pics, stats, location in your 1st email. Need to swap face before meeting, “DL” or not. Thanks Into: athletic, thick, stocky, beefy, muscle, masculine & hung.

Adam instantly recognized that it was Jacob’s ad.  He knew it, because Jacob used the same pix from his profile page in this ad. Also, this ad pretty much repeated what Jacob’s had typed on his profile page. It repeated what Jacob told Adam about him looking for a load before he went to the gym.

Adam replied to the ad, hoping that Jacob would respond so that he could finally fuck him again, and possibly tell him why he didn’t meet him on yesterday. Adam didn’t tell Jacob how he hadn’t fucked for a couple days because he was hoping to still surprise Jacob with his three day load that he was saving exclusively for him. 

Since Jacob didn’t recognize Adam’s email, he asked Adam the typical hook up questions. Adam quickly told Jacob who he was and that they had already hooked up. He told Jacob that he was in town and could be available to come over to his place by 3:30. Jacob replied and asked him, “Where are you?”

Adam said, “I’m in Pasadena.”

What was shocking to Adam was Jacob not mentioning to him why he didn’t meet him on yesterday. It was as if they had never planned a meeting. This annoyed Adam to say the least. Then, Jacob told Adam that by the time he would get to his place it would be pushing it since he had to be at the gym with his workout partner by 4.

Adam, disappointedly, replied “Ok.”

Then, Jacob shot another message saying that he was thinking about getting a room so that Adam and his bud could tag team him, and that he would keep Adam posted. Adam replied cool, but he was starting to realize that Jacob was probably showing disinterest in him or worse leading him on and not really serious about meeting anymore. 

To add to Adam’s suspicion that Jacob was not interested in meeting anymore, Adam saw the same Craigslist ad posted two hours later by Jacob, which meant to him that if Jacob had really wanted to meet him, he would have asked when was he leaving the area or would he be willing to meet him after Jacob got home from the gym. Perhaps Jacob wanted Adam to see his second personal ad. Perhaps he wanted Adam to respond to his ad again.

Adam, now fully coming to grips with this, saw that he was in new territory because he started to think that Jacob was acting like he wanted Adam to chase him. Adam had never had to chase any bottom especially after he and the bottom had great sex. He was used to hearing guys tell him how he was one of the best fucks they have ever had or how he knew how to really fuck. He was hoping that he had the same effect on Jacob. 

"But did I?" Adam pondered.

Adam didn’t really know if Jacob liked how he fucked him. Adam just assumed it. He basically banked on how he fucked other bottoms and having his ego stroked after they would tell him how good of a top he was. All Adam was banking on was that he knew that he pounded Jacob’s ass full of his cum, and they never discussed whether or not Jacob liked having sex with him.

Adam, now realizing this was wondering, should he ask him about their sexual encounter. He was assuming that the sex was good. But what if Jacob didn’t like it as much as him? What if he was leading him on to be nice and not really tell Adam how he felt so that he didn’t hurt his feelings? Again, Adam was starting to second guess himself and this whole sexual experience with Jacob.


Adam knew that casual sex with anyone had its risks. He was a grown ass man. He could handle rejection or so he thought. He had been rejected before and he had also rejected guys. But part of him was starting to think was Jacob was playing with him in a narcissistic game for, maybe, attention.

Adam was a direct person. He meant what he said and said what he meant, especially when he met bottoms and they discussed what they were looking for. Adam would rather had preferred Jacob say, “I am moving on, it was fun, thanks. Look for another bottom when you come to LA.” 

Jacob wasn’t outright rejecting Adam, but in a sense he was leading him on by telling Adam that he would keep him posted. In Adam’s mind, “Why is he keeping me posted? Either you want to meet again or not. If you don’t, then why is he playing these games with me?”

The following week, Adam saw that Jacob had posted a gangbang party ad. Typically when someone posted a gangbang party ad, interested guys could see who had been invited to this party. But in this case, Jacob hadn't invite anyone yet. "Was this deliberate? Adam asked. 

Adam, instantly, thought that he was going to be automatically invited to Jacob's party since he and Jacob seemed to be unable to connect. When Adam didn’t get an invite, he reluctantly asked Jacob could he go to the party. Jacob responded, “My boy friend is picking the tops. But I’ll keep you posted.”

Needless to say, this devastated Adam. What hurt him the most was the "I'll keep you posted" statement that Jacob casually kept using with him. He sort of already knew that Jacob was going to reject him. But needless to say, this was still a hard pill for Adam to swallow. For the first time, Adam had his bubble busted by a bottom he really enjoyed topping. All he could do in response was jokingly say, “I thought I was your boyfriend. Plus, I haven’t fully broken you in yet.”

Jacob didn't respond. So Adam, having his ego bruised and feeling rejected, did what any ego bruised top would do. He confided in his bottoms who loved having sex with him, and he confided in them to see why Jacob was rejecting and, in his opinion, sort of teasing him at the same time. 

One of his bottoms flat out said to him,  

Man, it’s not about you. So don’t take it personal. Leave this guy alone! He’s the typical Hollywood bottom. Hollywood is a big bathhouse where guys living there don’t do repeat fucks, and Hollywood is like being in a big candy store for them too. The guys living there are not into having fuck buddies. Jacob falls into the typical Hollywood gay scene, which means, he’s a guy who typically only wants to fuck locals and guys only once while moving on to the next new guy as part of the thrill, fun and excitement of having multiple sex partners, and not having to commit.

He has let many tops fuck him. Just from reading his Craigslist personal ads, he follows the same script and uses the same pictures. He’s really not too picky about who fucks him because it keeps a greater window of opportunity open for him. With that said, he probably doesn’t want to be recognized or appear as a slut, when ironically he’s one anyway. He wants to talk on the phone before he meets his tops to see if they have already fucked him. It’s a clever way of weeding out the old for the new. It’s his loss if he doesn’t want your dick again, and how foolish of him for rejecting your amazing dick. What’s even sad about guys like him is that the games that they play with unknowing tops come as a result of self destructive behavior. Failure is his only success.

Adam’s friend was dead honest with him while stroking his ego as well. This gave him some comfort. Part of him knew that his friend was trying to help him accept the fact that he needed to leave this guy alone and basically move on before his infatuation got worse.  

Another friend told Adam that:

This guy is basically a narcissist. He gets off on fucking multiple guys who praise his looks and body. He’s keeping score knowing that he isn’t going to fuck you again. Even his boyfriend may be in on this sick game since you said that he’s in an open relationship. Perhaps he doesn’t want to develop feelings for a top if the top fucks him better than his boyfriend. Maybe that’s the agreement that the two of them have so that he doesn’t break up with his boyfriend. 

Also, he may meet you again when he can’t find another top, and only if the timing is convenient for him. Other than that, this guy could be getting off on the fact he likes the attention especially from posting weekly Craigslist ads to show off his same muscular ass pix for potential tops wanting to unload in him. This too is cleverly played out in his ads showing the urgency to take a couple of loads before he goes to the gym. It’s his way of feeling wanted by anyone who will quickly respond to his ads, giving him the attention he craves, when he himself doesn’t feel needed by anyone. Either way don’t let this bother you. There are plenty of other bottoms who see you as a very good top. I have been with several tops, and you are a very good top, man. So, don’t let this guy bother you.

Adam had to come to terms with the fact that he too was being a narcissist. Here he was, just turning 49, and dreading the fact that he would be a half century old in less than a year. He realized the fact that Jacob didn’t owe him anything.  The fact that Jacob let him fuck his muscle ass just once should have been good enough. His infatuation over Jacob was his problem. How dare he think that by confiding in his bottom buddies that it would somehow make Jacob come to his senses and realize how he owed Adam another hot fuck, which he still desperately yearned and wanted. Adam needed to stop acting like a spoiled baby and accept Jacob’s rejection, his let down, and  his making him less of a priority over his other tops no matter how crazy Jacob's rejection of him was being played out. 

Adam’s infatuation over a guy, who he thought was playing games, was not worth the infatuation in the first place. Maybe he could have been overreacting to Jacob not having time to hookup with him again or maybe it could have been Jacob really playing games on him. Maybe it was just the distance and timing when Adam wanted to meet him. But he still had to deal with it and basically get over it, and stop giving Jacob excuses for it.

A friend that Adam highly respected gave his analysis and perspective. He said:

Just from what you told me, this guy with different screen names BuiltLatin or Latinmsl has made it a profession of being slippery. He combs his way through life with the dexterity of a personal stylist. Being a personal stylist means he’s in the business of selling clothes. Salesmen are very good at telling what potential clients want to hear in order to entice them to buy their product. This guy is basically good at attracting tops this way as well. That's what he did to you and could be why you became infatuated over him. His product is, of course, his muscle ass. But, once he’s scored, then it’s time to move on to the next client or top.

The name he told you doesn’t match who he really is. His name really is Jacob. No, wait, it’s something else. The picture he sent you is ten years older than what he really is. He keeps on his workout shirt, not to fulfill a fantasy, but he keeps it on to hide any identifying tattoos or marks that he doesn't want you to remember and recognize about him. The time you wanted to meet him is not convenient for him. 

The workout at the gym and not having time to meet you was all part of his feint. The teasing texts telling you how he would be sniffing for it, and how he’s never sure when he can meet until later in the week.  The late night email response ‘What are you doing?’ as if you were going to drive the 80 miles to hook up with him. Even allowing you to take a pix of his muscle ass was part of his scheme. He allowed it to make you gotta have him.

Once you gotta have him, he won’t leave you dismayed. He wants you to continue to want him, and now that you have taken the bait, he keeps you nibbling on his fishing hook by telling you that he’s even thinking about visiting your area soon. Yet he posts multiple ads on Craigslist, never telling you when he’s available. His responding to your Craigslist ad as if he didn’t know who you are. His using a different email address to get you to recognize him as the person he wanted you to believe him to be.

You send him videos of you topping other bottoms, and he does not reply back. He not giving you a reason for not being able to meet you, even though he texted you that he would meet you that same day. He says that he’s 36; but he looks 46. He tells you that he would hop in the shower before you arrive; but his shower is not wet when you use his bathroom. Thus, this is what I mean by him being slippery. It could be that all this is invented so it can take the place of a reality that may be too unpleasant, distasteful and unhappy to face without a heavy dose of fiction and adornment in its smallest details.

A different cock every couple of hours or days does wonders for one’s self esteem but only momentarily. It’s a way of temporarily masking his self enmity while fueling his narcissism. How dare he let your cock linger a bit too long in his gut, he may have to DANGER, DANGER, reveal a part of himself that may be true but unpalatable. He may have to accept that you really are a punctilious guy looking for a nut with a guy who is punctilious in reverse.

He’s just chasing a nut while feeding on his own narcissism for the thrill of getting you to need to top him as much as he needs to be topped by you. To add insult to injury, he doesn’t  reply to your emails just because; and especially he has no need to have you think that he wanted you when he’s pretending in the first place. All he has to say is ‘I’ll keep you posted.’ Now if the real thing comes in, penetrates him, and injects him with a good dose of real seed, some truth serum, and even kisses him by the way, the repetition has to be avoided at all costs.

This guy has tied his life to a slippery sequence of events, and shame on him. He has to live with the additional weight that he’s addicted to having sex with multiple sex partners while taking on the passive role with them. This too is played out in his urgency to be bred by posting Craigslist ads looking to take a couple of loads before the gym. His only control is in playing games with his top to control the top in some wrecking way. A real, solid manhood anchoring him is what he fears the most. So he remains reticent; and through his actions rejects you and probably other tops as well.

To say the least, Adam was deeply moved by his friend’s analysis on Jacob’s behavior. It seemed farfetched that Jacob was deliberately doing all of these things. But, his friend’s analysis was actually therapeutic for Adam because it at least allowed him to receive an explanation about what could possibly be happening. Maybe, all of his friends were right or maybe it was just Adam not accepting this experience for what it really was—just a casual fuck with no strings and no commitments. 

Adam realized that his infatuation over Jacob had to end or he would be a mess. Adam was already a mess and he needed to get out of it before it consumed every fiber of his being. Adam respected the fact that this guy didn’t want him to know his real name. But Adam remembered seeing a name different from Jacob on his Caller ID and on the name tag hanging on the dresser, and that bothered him. But, Jacob had an explanation though, and he said, “That’s my boy friend's name you saw on the name tag.”

Adam was thinking, "What!" He also remembered seeing this same name on his Caller ID app. So, in Adam’s mind, what person would use a boy friend’s cell phone to call and hook up with someone? Adam remembered Jacob’s profile stating that he was in an open relationship, which when they were talking, Adam didn’t get the impression that Jacob was in one. If anything, he hinted at being bisexual with two sons. But this experience was just playing out to be strange to him. It caused him to think was Jacob playing some sick game with his boyfriend or girlfriend in on it. In Adam’s mind, he felt that this whole experience was weird.

Adam should had left this alone and moved on. But he couldn’t.  Adam’s natural instinct was to find out who Jacob was because he felt stupid by allowing himself to become infatuated over this guy. How would he find out more about this guy? Adam’s Caller ID app could link anyone’s cell phone number to any social media account that the person used. It was a handy app when Adam needed to use it. When Adam linked Jacob’s number to any social media accounts, Adam discovered that Jacob had a Facebook and Instagram accounts. He even used the same cell number for his work. The pictures on Facebook, Instagram, and his work website matched him as well, and not the boyfriend he claimed to have.

Should Adam tell Jacob about this discovery? He thought, “Hell Yeah!”

He didn’t have anything to lose by letting the cat out of the bag. He sent Jacob an email. 


My caller ID app recognizes the full name of any caller with a LISTED NUMBER. Your full name came up on my caller ID app. I didn’t think anything about it because I didn't recognize your name as someone I already knew. Since my caller ID app can also recognize any one’s number that’s linked to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, my caller ID linked your number to all three sites. I even checked them out to see if the number you called me on was truly your boyfriend’s cell phone so that I could move on.

What surprised me is that the name you told me that belonged to your boyfriend, is in fact your name, unless your boyfriend looks EXACTLY like you. I GET IT AND I RESPECT YOU FOR NOT WANTING TO BE IDENTIFIED. I am not part of the Hollywood scene, and from what you said to me about how hard for a sexy guy like yourself to find a top. Hollywood sounds like it’s not a fun place to live when guys there act like kids in a candy store and want to screw multiple new partners. But it is what it is. Isn't it?

But here’s the potential problem for you, and this is why I have taken the time to tell you this. You wonder why? I guess because your Facebook page isn’t set to private settings, as well as your Twitter and Instagram accounts. Thus, anyone can see all of your pix. I can see pix of Halloween parties that you attended. The Mario Bros costume you wore. Also, if you don’t still believe me, you just posted on Instagram a pix of you with your two cute boys on Valentine’s day. On your Twitter account, I read what day your birthday is. Just from a little snooping I was able to find this out by reading your twitter feeds. Now that's scary. You are using the same cell phone as a contact for your business with your designer.  I see your posts and pix on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages to showcase the latest styles your clothing company is selling.

 I was trying to figure out how to tell you (without sounding like I’m stalking you, wanting to be all in your business or making this dramatic) . But using the same number for work to hook up with guys could back fire on you if you, unknowingly, hook up with a client’s boyfriend, lover, or husband, and this person out of anger decides to contact your boss and threatens to sue your company over you having sex with them in return for the clients to buy clothes etc. People will do anything if they can win a lawsuit. But maybe you like the thrill of it.

Even one of my Facebook friends is a mutual friend of yours. I was like WTF. When I saw this, I was like this isn't a coincidence and I need to let this guy know what I  am seeing. I had almost commented on a picture my Facebook friend posted and I saw that the person, who looks just like you, commented on the same pix. So I didn’t comment on the pix out of RESPECT FOR YOU because I am thinking you would have been notified that I replied to the pix even though Iam not your Facebook friend. How awkward for both of us if you recognized my face, and we are both trying to be discreet commenting on the same friend's pix. What gets me is how likely would someone I know on Facebook would know the same guy I casually had sex with. One in ten?

To avoid any possible drama, please UNLIST YOUR NUMBER, star 69 if that still works or use another cell phone when you contact your hook ups so that these crazy mofos won’t try and make your life a living hell. By the way, the clothes you sell are very nice.

In a way, Adam was feeding into the same sick game that he thought that Jacob was playing on him. He shouldn’t have emailed Jacob about investigating who he really was. He knew it was childish, and it appeared as if he was stalking him, which was just out right dumb to do. But he was being vengeful which he knew would, if anything, tick Jacob off or better scare him by letting him know what information he had discovered about Jacob. Also, Adam realized that this sexual encounter could turn into a terrible nightmare, especially after emailing Jacob that he was a mutual friend of his friend on Facebook. What he was hoping could be salvaged in terms of seeing Jacob again was now totally out of the question. Understandably, Jacob didn’t respond to his email. Perhaps Jacob didn’t care that Adam found out who he really was. 

Adam emailed an excerpt of this story to Jacob as a last ditched effort to entice Jacob into remembering the sex that they had together. Jacob didn’t respond to his email.

Two weeks later, Adam was visiting Los Angeles. When reading the gay personal ads on Craigslist, Adam saw that Jacob had posted a Craigslist ad. Adam also, and not by coincidence, posted an ad with the title “Black Bull Visiting.” Adam asked himself, “Would Jacob take the bait?” As Adam noticed how long Jacob’s ad had been up, he instantly knew that Jacob was having a hard time finding a top because he had never seen an ad by Jacob up longer than a couple of hours. So what did Adam do?  

He worded his ad this way: Blk total top looking to unload in a tight hole. I like beefy stocky to muscular built total bottoms. I'm HIV neg average height 178 pounds and 8 inches cut. serious replies only. 

Adam’s ad was direct. Like Jacob’s picture on his profile page, Adam strategically used a picture of his nude body, from the neck down showing off his chest and his eight inches of thick man meat curving to the left, inviting any willing bottom needing to have his ass poked by it. Within a few minutes of posting his ad, his bait was taken by Jacob. 

The email was from Jacob P. that stated, “Latin bottom here. Muscle built. Discreet 36. I’m hiv-/ddf. PrEP’d, masc. gl, 6’0’’, 210, big butt and thick legs, in Hollywood. Looking to get banged, but get into eating ass and sucking too. I have more pics if interested, face/body to swap. Let me know.” Jacob attached to this email the same pictures off of his profile page.

Adam, being nervous and suspicious, wasn’t sure whether or not Jacob recognized his body in the ad.  Giving Jacob the benefit of the doubt, Jacob probably didn't recognize Adam's pix since they only had met just one time. But Adam was tempted to pretend like he didn’t know Jacob, and play along with Jacob. But part of him was thinking what for, and what would he gain out of it?

“Here we go again,” Adam was thinking to himself.  So, he gave Jacob the benefit of the doubt. Adam replied, “Hey we already hooked up. But thanks for giving me some good ass.” He attached his hard cock picture to help Jacob remember that he had already taken his cock. 

What a way to cause Jacob to drool and crave his dick the way he had been craving and drooling over Jacob’s ass. It wasn’t right, but what a sweet way to tease Jacob back. As Adam expected, Jacob didn’t respond, and Adam was sort of relieved that he didn’t.

Adam continued to see and read Jacob's Craigslist ads when he was looking  for potential bottoms to top. On Easter Sunday afternoon, Adam noticed Jacob's Craigslist ad stating how he was  looking to take loads again. Adam, knowing what would happened if he replied to Jacob's ad, replied anyway.  Adam also attached a pix of his big eight inch dick about to slide in one of his fuck buddies with the email. He typed, "All that ass drives me crazy. You found a daddy yet?"

Not knowing if Jacob remembered his email or not, Jacob replied, "Damn. Not yet. Where you at?" The question sounded familiar, and it sounded like the typical Jacob reply to someone he obviously was hoping could top him or so Adam was hoping.

Adam replied, "Bored at my family for Easter. You?"

Jacob replied, "Lol. Just finished work. Heading back to my house. I gave you my number before. Hit me up when you're around."

Adam, not realizing what he just got himself back in again with Jacob thought he would try to do some damage control because, in his mind, he didn't realize that Jacob knew who he was. He was going by his friend's description of Jacob being some what slippery, and if he was meeting multiple guys for sex and getting dozens of emails from guys looking to possibly hook up with him every time he posted a Craigslist ad, how would he remember Adam? But obviously Jacob did, even though his pix was one he had never emailed to Jacob.

Adam, in an effort to sound not infatuated with Jacob, responded, "I didn't open all of your pix. Now I do remember you. I was looking just at the first pix of the six you have attached to your ad. I had got the impression that you were a hit and quit it kind of Hollywood bottom after we met just that one time."

"I'm cool with that but if you aren't a hit and quit it bottom then let me know, and I will hit you up when the timing is right."

Jacob responded, "Ha apposed to a long term LBC bottom..:). I'm real casual about all this stuff. I make no apologies for what I like. I'm always down to connect with cool peeps and fwb."

Adam didn't understand what Jacob meant by long term LBC. He also found it interesting that Jacob misspelled the word opposed. As far as Adam was concerned, LBC could have stood for Long Beach cock. or Love black cock. 

But in an effort for Jacob to understand how direct and matter of fact of a person Adam was. He replied, "I'm pretty used to men who don't act like boys and say what they mean and mean what they say. I'm getting too old for anything else. I like what I like too. I like my bottoms thick beefy stocky like your like your tops. We do seem to have that in common. I'm not looking for a bf. All I'm looking for is casual sex with someone not crazy or into games. Is that you, COOL, if not, then it's not hard for a big dick daddy to find a willing participant."

Jacob didn't respond, and Adam pretty much knew that his infatuation over Jacob was foolish. If he had any doubts that Jacob wasn't slippery or not into games. This last short email exchanged completely erased any doubts about that. 

Adam had to realize the fact that Jacob made no apologies for what he liked, and for the way he behaved with the tops he messed around with. It was just frustrating for Adam who only wanted to continue to casually meet Jacob when ever the timing for the two of them to meet was perfect.

A few days later, Adam began thinking again about his infatuation over Jacob. Ironically a song came on the radio during his workout. The singer sang,“I don’t need you. I don’t need you. I don’t need you. But I want you.”

Wasn’t that the case? We all want what we really can’t have. Adam went “I want him, but I don’t need him.” What a perfect song to express his infatuation over a guy after just having one casual sexual encounter with him.  So what did Adam do to help end his infatuation? He rewrote the ending to this song:

I shouldn’t have gone to your abode;

You had my mind blown;

I even wished we lived in the same area code.

I think I know what this is;

It’s just that we shouldn’t have kissed.

Yeah I know what we did,

But Pa I am grown.


I should have left you all alone;

You didn't have to use a fake name.

Why pretend and have me chase your bone?

I think I get it now.

I played and lost in your game;

I yearned and hoped to see you again;

But I'm good Jacob or is it really Ruben?